In the Caucasus Ch. 01-02

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This is a story I’ve worked on, on and off, for several years. Here are the first two chapters. Yeah, it’s gone a week and they haven’t had intercourse, but they’re having fun. Things get hotter in the next couple of chapters, and she’s one are a couple more ‘interludes’ I could add if there’s much interest. Not a lot of sex in them, but with those two, it was never far under the surface. Comments are appreciated, but if you have criticism, give me reasons. I won’t add anal or get them pregnant, so don’t ask. For the censors, everyone involved in any sex episodes was over 18, if just barely.


In the Caucasus

Ch. 1 – The Beginning

Several years ago – after the breakup of the Soviet Union, when Eastern Europe opened up to the US – I was offered a job at a mine in the Caucasus Mountains. The money was good, especially since I would be working out of the country for two years, and being out of the United States for two years with a good idea at that time for me so I signed up. I got the things I would need, and showed up at the mine in the late spring.

I had taken a crash course in the essentials of the language on the trip over, got an explanation of the job I was going to do, which wasn’t a problem, and settled in. They had a barracks for the workers and it even included some single rooms, which I was entitled to because of my rank, and a mess hall (they didn’t even try to dignify at with the term ‘cafeteria’) where I could eat. It was okay but I thought I’d like something better.

I asked what was available and was told that I could buy a house for a reasonable amount, and there would be no problem selling it when I was ready to leave. I looked around what was available and settled on a small house on the edge of the ‘company town’. It was partially furnished and I picked up the other stuff I would need and moved in.

One of the women I worked with suggested that I might get a housekeeper, and even one who could cook if I didn’t like the food in the mess hall (she said with a laugh). But where would I find one, I asked. Of course, she just happened to have a cousin, in fact a couple of cousins, who could handle the job if I didn’t mind girls who were still in school. I looked at her: she looked to be in her mid-30s, about 5’8″ tall, and fairly slim. She was blue-eyed blonde (after all, this was the area that gave the name ‘Caucasian’ to our language and to a racial type) and I assumed that her cousins would look similar so I asked her to ask her cousins come around when they could.

I got back from work that evening to find two young girls waiting at the house. They explained that they were the cousins of Evenge, the woman I worked with. I was still learning the language, and they spoke only a little English, but I invited them in, made us all a cup of tea, which everybody drank instead of coffee, and tried to explain what I wanted. I asked which one of them wanted the job, and they explained that they were twins and did everything together, so they would both be my housekeeper. They were in school so would work after school and in the evenings until they had gotten everything done. Since they weren’t working full time, but there were two of them, it would be reasonable for me to pay them as one housekeeper. They could also make breakfast if it wasn’t too complicated and they could make supper for me. This would be part of their duties as housekeeper. It seemed like a reasonable deal, so I said I would try them for a week and then decide if I wanted to hire them on a longer term. They agreed to that. The house plus the housekeeper was still within my allowance, with plenty left over. (I got a small allowance of my salary; the rest was deposited in the Chemical Bank of New York to be invested as I instructed.)

The girls were attractive and looked enough like Evenge to be her daughters. They were about 5’7″, 130 pounds, strawberry blonde with blue eyes and freckles. Their hair was straight and reached almost to their waists.

I had given them the key so when I got home they had supper waiting for me, and had straightened up the house pretty much. I asked if they wanted to eat with me and they explained that they had eaten earlier but if I wanted them to, they would eat supper with me in the future. I said that would be a good idea, I would enjoy the company and they could help me with my language. After supper, they cleaned up, washed the dishes, and then worked more on the house while I went into my office and did some things. The mine had a satellite link, so they had Internet access, and I had had a line run to the house. I was working when the girls came in and Anja, the older (by 10 minutes) explained that they had to leave so they can get home before it was too late.

“But you don’t have very much here in your office, and if we could rearrange your bedroom and move your office into there, we could make a bedroom here and we could spend the nights during the week.”

Tanja broke in, “That way we could bahis firmaları work later, and it would be more convenient to make you breakfast in the morning.”

“But would that be all right? I mean, you’re two young girls, and I’m a man – wouldn’t your parents complain? I don’t want to get in trouble and I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Tanja continued, “Oh no. We don’t live with our parents; we live with an uncle here so we could go to the school here at the mine. Aunt Evenge could tell him that you’re a nice man, and besides, there’s two of us. It would be all right.”

“It would be fine with me, as long as no one has any objections. Go ahead and do what you want.”

I told them they didn’t need to come and make breakfast for me in the morning if it would be a problem. I knew they had to go to school, and the school was pretty much in the center of town, several blocks from where I lived. They thanked me and said they would see me tomorrow, then left.

The next day, Evenge asked me if the girls had showed up and if I thought they would work out all right. I told her that they had come by after school, had started working on the house, made supper for me, and seemed like they were going to be just fine. When I could get her alone, I told her what they had said about fixing up a bedroom in the house and staying there during the week. “Would that be all right? I don’t want it to look like there’s anything questionable going on.”

Evenge laughed and said, “They’re big girls, they can do what they want. If they want to spend the night there, or if they want to live with you, no one will say anything. Their uncle is one of the mine directors after all.”

“And he doesn’t mind? I don’t want to get into trouble and I don’t want them to get in trouble.”

“He’ll probably be glad to have them out of the house. If he has a problem with you, you’ll hear about it. If he doesn’t want them to do it, he’ll tell them not to do it. So don’t worry about it. Enjoy them – they’re really sweet girls.” And that was the last I heard about that.

When I got back that evening, the girls were there. They had made supper and sat down to eat with me. They wanted to talk with me, but wouldn’t allow me to say anything in English – I had to speak in their language, then they would correct me. They had gotten what they needed for their bedroom – “We told the shopkeeper it was for you, and you would pay for it later.” – but would need some help moving my office and setting up some of their furniture. They hadn’t done more because they spent some time after school and their uncle’s house, using their aunt’s sewing machine to make dresses for themselves.

I had noticed the dresses but hadn’t said anything. I’d never seen anything like them except in the Orient. These were a soft, light gray cloth. It looked like they were just a wrap-around with a seam at the right shoulder, leaving a hole for the right arm. On the left shoulder there was a flap that folded over with two large buttons. Down the left side, about every 6 inches, there was a strap from the back that fastened with a toggle button so the left side was open, except for the straps. On the right side there was “V” cut out of the bottom up to the hip, which wasn’t very far, as the dresses reached barely to mid thigh. They weren’t tight, but they were fitted, and looked cute-sexy. They were obviously not wearing anything under them.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like those. Where did you get the idea?”

Tanja said, “I saw a picture someplace and I remembered it today. Then Anja made some changes to it, and this is what we ended up with. How do you like them?”

“I think they’re cute.” Some of the sparkle in their eyes died away. “I mean, I really like them. But aren’t they awfully short? And that opening on the left side…”

Tanja said, in the little girl voice, “We thought you’d like them. We wanted something that would look sexy.”

“Oh, they’re sexy all right. But is that what you really want around here?”

“We’d only wear it around here, but we wanted to look sexy for you.”

“You certainly do that, whether you’re wearing those dresses or not. I’m not sure I can keep my hands off you, looking like that.” I smiled at them.

They both grinned back. “That’s okay, we won’t mind.”

Tanja cleaned up and washed dishes while Anja and I went to look at the bedroom. At the doorway, I stopped to let her go through first. As she did, I reached out and squeezed her butt, squeezing it gently. She looked startled.

“You said it would be okay.” She looked puzzled, then grinned at me.

We moved the office stuff into my bedroom. “We’ll straighten this up tomorrow”, she said. We went back and assembled the bed. By this time, Tanja was through and came in to help us. Anja went over and whispered something in her ear. Tanja looked back at me and said, “I’m jealous!”, then grinned. We worked for a while, then when Tanja was bending over doing something kaçak iddaa I reached over and patted her butt, saying, “Now you’re even!”

I went into my bedroom/office and arranged things, hooked my computer up to the Internet, and settled down to do some work. I lost track of what the girls were doing until I turned the computer off and started to go to bed.

On the bed was Anja, lying there looking like she was asleep. I said, “Anja?”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Hurry up and come to bed, it’s time for your language lesson.”

I got ready for bed, pulling on a pair of shorts since I didn’t think it would be a good idea to sleep in the nude as I usually do. When I came back into the room Anja looked as if she might be disappointed, but didn’t say anything. She moved over so I could get in bed, and I could see she was still wearing the dress/tunic. I lay down, and she moved over until she was almost touching me, looked straight in my eyes, and begin to talk, telling me to repeat what she said so she could correct my pronunciation. It seemed like only moments until I woke up spooning with Anja, with my arms wrapped around her.

As with most men, I woke with an erection, and it was pressed firmly into Anja’s ass. I tried to disentangle myself and move away from her, but she woke up when I moved. She pushed back against me, then turned over and looked at me.

“You seem to have a problem there. Let me take care of that.” She sat up, pulling my shorts down. My erection immediately sprang up. She wrapped her hand around my prick and began stroking. It didn’t take long for me to reach my climax. I came hard, and she caught it in her hands.

“You go and get ready for work, and I’ll wake up that lazy sister of mine.”

I went in, took a shower and got dressed, and went into the kitchen. They had made tea, toast, and something like oatmeal but with a different grain. Pretty similar to what I could get in the mess hall, but the company was a lot better. There was a lot of giggling and more language training, then they sent me off to work while they cleaned up and got ready for school.

Evenge caught me as soon as I came in. “How did your first night go the girls? You look like it wasn’t too rough.” She laughed.

One of the guys overheard. “So the foreigner comes over, takes our jobs, and now takes our girls? Who’s he got?”

Evenge laughed, “Who else? Anja and Tanja!”

“And he made it to work the next morning? He’s a man, the foreigner! Eh, who are Anja and Tanja?”

“They’re two of my cousins. They live with Viktor; they’re going to school here.”

“Eh, the foreigner is robbing the cradle. You know you can’t trust them!” They all laughed. It didn’t seem like I was going to have any problem with the guys I worked with, at least. There were jokes about ‘getting two girls’ and ‘robbing the cradle’, and by the end of the day they had combined into ‘you have to take two, they’re small’. But I’d rather have them laughing at me then mad at me, and none of it seemed serious.

When I got home, the girls were waiting for me with supper. They had new dresses; these were very pale green with small straps at the shoulder (a button on the left one) and a deep scooped neckline, but otherwise the same. I looked at them, then slapped one of my hands with the other. They laughed and Tanja hurried over and took the hand that I slapped and kissed it, then turned around and put it on her butt. I motioned Anja over and reached around her, cupping her butt with the other hand. I walked them to the table giving them squeezes, caresses, and pats until I had to turn them loose so they could sit down.

After supper, I went into my office and worked a while before Tanja came in.

“We’ve straightened up everything, do you mind if we work on our homework from school?”

“Not if you’re all finished. But I thought you needed to sleep here so you could get more work done. What happened to that?”

“It made it easier to make breakfast for you, and we thought it would be more fun to live here with you than with uncle Viktor. And we couldn’t dress like this if we weren’t staying here at night. Doesn’t that make it worthwhile?”

“I guess it does, at that. Okay, work on your homework.”

“Thank you. And could you help me with some of it?”

“Anything I agree to, you want more. This is like my daughter, coming in and wanting me to help her with her homework.”

“I guess I better not ask for help then. I don’t want you to feel like I’m your daughter.” She gave me a sexy grin and rubbed against me.

“You keep doing that and I won’t think that you’re my daughter. What do you need help with? I don’t know that I can help you.”

“Maybe not, but I’m desperate for this. I want to get a job as a technician at the mine, and one of the courses I have to take is chemistry. Do you know anything about that?”

“You’re in luck. I actually have a degree in chemistry, from back in my early years. Let me kaçak bahis see if I can help you.” She actually had a question, and I could actually help her with it. Then she went away and I went back to work.

When I finished and stood up, I was only a little surprised to see Tanja in my bed. “More language lessons?”

She laughed, “If we can’t find anything else to do.”

I changed clothes and got ready for bed. When I came back in, I saw Tanja was lying on the other side of the bed from where Anja had been last night. I asked her, “Is that your side of the bed?”

“If it’s all right with you. I like to sleep this side; Anja likes to sleep the other.”

“I usually like to sleep on my left side but I guess I can make an exception tonight. Let’s hope I’m not attacked so I need to get to a weapon.” She laughed, not realizing it was only partially a joke. I got into bed and she snuggled up against me, only leaning back so she could see me, and we began the language lesson.

I woke up the next morning just like before, spooning with her, but with one difference: since we were turned the other way, the open side of her dress was up and my hand had slipped inside it and was cupping her plump little titty. Her nipple was just like a little rock against my palm. I wasn’t fully aware of what I was doing as I rubbed my hand over it.

“Um, that feels good. Anja didn’t tell me about this. But she told me about this”, and she pushed back wiggling her ass against my erect prick. I immediately moved back away from her. “Oh, don’t take him away. Can I play with him, like Anja did?”

“Yesterday morning I had an erection, and Anja volunteered to take care of it for me. That was all.”

“That’s not much, but it’s better than nothing. Are you going to let me take care of it?”

“If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it. It feels better than when I do it myself.”

She didn’t say anything else; she sat up, pulling my shorts down and begin stroking. I expected to get off even more quickly than yesterday, but it didn’t happen. What she was doing was good, but just when I thought that I was ready to go (or cum, more correctly) she would pause just long enough for me to lose it. Finally, after about the third time, I said, “Never mind.”

“Do you want me to stop? Don’t you like it?”

“I like it, it feels good, but something’s wrong – I just can’t cum. And I need to get dressed and go to work. So just forget about it.”

“I didn’t know you were in a hurry. If you want to get off I’ll get you off.” She began stroking again, and this time didn’t stop until I came with even more than yesterday. She tried to take it in her hands but was having trouble. “Go on and get dressed.” As I walked out of the room, I glanced back and thought I saw her raising her hand to her mouth.

I was a little bit late so I had to eat quickly, but it seems that the girls were sharing some kind of joke, Anja acting a little pissed and Tanja giggling about it. I hurried through breakfast and got away leaving the girls to get ready for school.

There were still some jokes, though it had gotten old. I asked Evenge about Tanja’s chemistry, and she said yes, Tanja wanted to be a technician, and needed the chemistry course. She said I could probably expect Anja to ask for some help with her computer course, and that she was glad that I could help the girls. I didn’t say how I was helping the girls but then I couldn’t guess how much help they were going to need, starting that night.

Ch. 2 – Friday night

It was Friday, and even though it hadn’t been a week, it had kind of been accepted that I would tell the girls if I wanted to keep them on as my housekeepers, and it was pretty well understood that I would. So I wasn’t really surprised when I got home and found that supper was more of a party. They had fixed a nice meal, and had even baked a cake. When I saw the efforts they had gone to I hurried back to the commissary and picked up a couple of bottles of the local red wine that I have found to be pretty good. I wasn’t sure about the legal drinking age, but if it was like the rest of Europe, having wine with a meal, or even after meal, wasn’t considered ‘drinking’. And besides, who was going to know?

So we ate and drank, and had the cake, which was pretty good, and drank, and then just drank. The girls wanted to play some games which I didn’t understand, but since the prize, or the penalty (I never could understand which was which) ended up being kisses, I wasn’t complaining, though I was a little surprised when sometimes it was Anja and Tanja who were kissing. We finally finished off the second bottle, and I got a laugh by turning it upside down and pretending to milk it like a cow to get the last few drops out of it, which just shows how drunk we were, and the girls pulled me to my feet and led me out of the kitchen. They always cleaned up and washed the dishes, and I said something about it. Anja, who was usually the serious one, stopped, swinging us all around, and turned off the light in the kitchen.

“There! All cleaned up and everything washed!” That got another big laugh, but at that point anything would. We staggered into my bedroom and fell on the bed.

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