Blood Passion Ch. 05

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“A monster?” Viktoria asked, confused. “Why are you a monster?”

“Look at me! Look at you! I sucked the life blood from mom, and while she is half dead upstairs I’m too busy fucking you rather than being by her side making sure she is okay. I cannot control these urges,” he cried out, manic.

“No, baby, this is normal.”

“Fuck normal! This is not normal. You don’t even know what normal is. You already said most of the information is lost, burnt in that tome which I never even read a page from.”

“It just is normal; can’t you feel it, Nik?” Viktoria answered, getting closer.

She hugged him, stroking his hair as he cried into her large bust. Instinctively he grabbed hold of her and held his aunt tightly, making sure she could not break away, not that she wanted to.

“I’m not supposed to hurt you. I’m supposed to protect you,” he proclaimed through his tears. “It is my job. That is what I feel, Aunt Viktoria.”

“Shhhh, it is okay, baby, just relax. Calm down. Your mother will be okay. Veronika is a tough woman. She popped you out of her no problem.”

“Don’t go, don’t leave, we…I…need you,” Nik asked. “I need you to help me.”

Viktoria heard the desperation in his voice. Tomorrow afternoon she’d have to go on a plane back to the west coast, far away from here and him. The one part of her plan she could not fix was where she lived. Years of trying to convince her husband to move east had failed. She stayed for the money, needing the safety net.

While Veronika looked after Nik, Viktoria made sure to look after the clan finances for when Nik reached of age. They would never need to worry about money as long as she did what needed to be done.

“Why isn’t Aunt Krystal here? She was supposed to come, wasn’t she?” he asked, the manic condition returning once his mind clued in.

“Yes, Nik, she was supposed to come. Don’t worry about her. Forget about her for the moment. I’ll be here. I’ll help you through this but you need to be strong. Cry when you need to, baby, but you’re the man of the family. You’re to lead the clan. It is your right as the man,” she said in a soothing voice, calm and self-assured.

“I want you to stay…”

His voice began to calm down again, breathing slowed, and he remained nuzzled in her bust like a boy who scrapped his knee for the first time.

“I want that too, Nik. Just be patient. Aunt Viktoria is already working on it. And you’re not a monster,” she added at the end. “You’re our big, strong, boy who is learning what it takes to be a man. We’ll always be by your side because we’re family, and blood is all that matters. Remember that.”

Nik closed his eyes, feeling tired again. This time fatigue set in, not bloodlust, Viktoria’s bust acting as legitimate pillows for him to sleep on.

“Sleep, baby, let mo…Aunt Viktoria take care of you.”

She almost said mommy, correcting herself regrettably. A small, red tear slid down her cheek. It hit her deeply in the pit of the stomach. Here, she acted as a surrogate mother to her nephew, unable to birth a son of her own. Viktoria had a daughter but it did not feel the same as having a son. Words could not express the feeling. People speak of the Oedipus Complex like it is a one-way attraction of a perverted son towards his mother. They do not realize the mothers want their sons just as badly.

Using her newly enhanced strength, she easily picked him up, cradling him in her arms like a baby. No doubt the sight of it would appear laughable to some due to his larger frame, but the motherly feeling in her heart lit on fire. Viktoria carried him gently to his bed, laying him down and pulling the covers up for him to rest. With a light kiss to the forehead she left to go do a lot of thinking in the kitchen.


An unknown time later, Veronika woke up, groggy, wondering what had exactly happened to her. Looking around, she saw her bedroom and her naked body. No blood, no markings, and especially no cum, simply laid down to rest.

She stumbled out of bed, moving toward Nik’s room. The first thought that came to mind was his safety, despite being the one that got drank dry. Peering inside, not wanting to disturb anything potentially happening, she only saw her baby boy resting, naked, on the bed. Her eyes also brightened at seeing his huge cock sticking straight in the air, inviting her over to ride it.

However, Veronika bit her lip and backed off. She did not know what had happened to him, and as much as her cunt immediately got wet at the sight, she hesitantly walked downstairs to find Viktoria.

“You don’t look any worse for wear,” Viktoria commented, noticing Veronika enter the kitchen.

“I feel like I got hit with a sledgehammer. Nik okay?”

“Your baby boy is fine. I put him to bed and fed him for you. You’ve raised a fine man, sis,” Viktoria complemented.

“What do you mean?”

She looked confused, unaware of the previous, naughty events.

“We had to have a small chat. He thought he was a monster for doing what casino şirketleri he did…and fucking me once we got home. His first thoughts were of protecting you.”

Veronika blushed, never knowing her own son held such protective thoughts.

“He going to be okay?” she asked.

“Just fatigue. All the events from today just cascaded and overloaded his system.”

Viktoria sat at the table, writing in a large notebook as she talked. Veronika walked to the fridge to get something to eat, hungry and thirsty for something other than blood.

“I guess we cannot live on blood entirely,” she observed. “We’re not exactly movie vampires.”

“Vampires are fictional creations, sis. Anyone can make up any rules they want and they will be true. As long as we do not sparkle, I’ll be happy.”

The joke caused Veronika to laugh. Taking the coffee already made, she poured two cups and went to sit with her sister.

“Do you think he can handle all the responsibilities and changes? We’re lucky his hunger hit on the weekend.”

“I think he can handle it as long as we support him. I’ll need to bitch Krystal out. She should be here, and it is her responsibility too, whether she likes it or not,” Viktoria replied. “What I’m concerned about is you.”


“Yeah, Nik’s hunger wanted to drain you dry if I wasn’t around to intercede. That, and the little chat with Nik I had, made me realize how vitally important it is for me to be living closer than the west coast.”

“How are you going to swing that, especially with your daughter going into her senior year?”

“I’ll…make it work somehow. I know I’d hate myself if you two got hurt, or worse, while I’m living it up on the west coast. There is also the matter of his sperm. Unless you bottle it and ship it to me, we don’t know what’ll happen if I’m not drinking and absorbing it.”

“It escaped my mind that you’ll be dry over there. It is not like he can visit you either.”

“Dry in more ways than one, sis. I’ve got a plan. It’ll be a stop gap, but it’ll be the best I can come up with on short notice.”


The hours ticked by and Nik woke up, groggy, pulled to the light from his deep slumber. He felt better though, his mind clear, and the fatigue vanished.

“Oh shit, mom!” he said to himself, jumping out of bed completely naked.

He rushed to Veronika’s room, his cock flapping in the air, and poked his head in. Empty.

“She must be downstairs.”

He rushed down to the kitchen. Empty as well. He finally found her in the backyard, sunbathing on a blanket, head resting in her arms.

“Mom!” he called out.

“Nik, you’re awake,” she replied, lifting her head and smiling.

Running over, he immediately hugged her tightly, trying not to cry again. He cared not that his naked body got exposed to the world.

“Don’t worry, baby, mommy is okay. Aunt Viktoria told me everything that happened. I’m touched you want to be my knight in shining armor,” she cooed, stroking his hair.

Again, his face immediately went for his relative’s tits. Something about them made him feel safer, calmer, than snuggling into a shoulder. Considering he fucked both women, there should not be any complaints where he snuggled his face.

“We need to be careful, baby. Once Aunt Viktoria leaves, we’ll have to make some changes to how you feed,” she told him.

“What kind of changes? I need your blood to survive.”

“Right, you need the blood. We are going to try storing the blood to see if it works the same. I can slit my wrist and pour the blood into jars, vials, anything, and put in the fridge for you.”

“Do you think it’ll work?” he asked.

“We do not know. We have to hope. If you cannot learn to control yourself then we’ll all be in danger, not to mention if you have to go away for soccer games.”

“Yeah, I never thought about that. I guess I got caught up in all the lust and excitement. It is more complicated a situation than we thought.”

“Viktoria went out to get some supplies and we’ll start on it later.”

“Wait, there is something I do not understand yet. Why are you two fine?”

“What do you mean, sweetie?” Veronika asked.

“You two drank less blood than me. You do not need it too in order to live?”

“We were so focused on you; it escaped our minds. That much we know from the clan tome. Women only need the male’s sperm to retain our youth. The blood enhances our abilities. Yeah, I know, it is annoying the damn thing had to be half-charred.”

“Wonder what kind of abilities you’ll have other than being a lot stronger than before. Aunt Viktoria had to have carried me to the bed when I passed out. You were still asleep.”

“We will have to wait and see. Hungry?” she asked.

“I think I’ll be able to wait until Aunt Viktoria gets here. I do not want to risk it. Sucks she could not stay longer.”

“The world of adults, jobs and other commitments, it is also what kept your Aunt Krystal away. Do not worry, baby, mommy is not jealous you lusted casino firmaları after Krystal even before knowing any of this. I found the magazines,” she revealed, stroking his hair.

They laid there on the blanket in the backyard. A high fence kept any walkers from peaking over, and they had lots of yard space to buffer out any nosy neighbours unless they were packing binoculars.

“Oh…yeah, guess I did not hide them very well sometimes.”

“Maybe I’ll tell her you splashed her face with cum, hoping for her slender lips to suck you off,” she whispered in his ear, tempting the eighteen year old’s imagination.

It did the trick. The thought of his mother telling dirty secrets to Krystal made his cock twitch immediately to life.

“I know this will fuck her straight,” she cooed.

Her gentle hand ran along the length of his chest and abs, all the way to his cock, grasping it firmly between her fingers. Soft, yet firm, she stroked her son’s massive cock. He groaned, instinctively nestling deeper into her tits and sucking on her nipples. The pleasure made his mind go blank, simply going with the flow Veronika set forth.

“I’ll tell her how badly you want to fuck her and rail her holes open wide, sink your teeth into her neckline, and fulfill the family tradition.”

“Your hand feels so good, mommy,” he squirmed, sucking on her tits greedily.

They long since stopped lactating but that did not stop him from trying to suck out the glorious liquid from their warehouse. Each suck sent a deep, pleasurable sensation down Veronika’s spine, feeling enriched sexually and emotionally.

“Suck on mommy’s tits all you want, my big boy. I want to suck your cum from my fingertips. Will you cum for mommy in my hand like a good boy?” she asked, playing the role of dommy mommy

He replied with a positive sounding noise; too busy sucking on her glorious tits.

“Drink up, baby, we’ll have lots of fun. I want to feel you inside me again, and we need to share with Aunt Viktoria too.”

Hearing about the threesome made his cock twitch and prematurely squirt in Veronika’s hands. She cupped the top, letting each hot, creamy stream blast against her palm. Using her fingernails, she slid them gently along his shaft to scoop up any spillage. The large, thick pool of incestuous cream looked divine in her hand. Tongue out, she licked it like a cat at the milk bowl, savouring the exquisite taste. Nothing could compare to her son’s sperm.

“It tastes delicious, Nik, so thick and creamy. How about I go inside and make you a snack now?” she said, softly, stroking his hair with her free hand.

“Sure, mommy, but I want you to kiss the tip first,” he told her.

“Anything for my big boy,” she smirked.

She moved down to the rock hard cock, post-cum oozing out the tip. Her ruby painted lips kissed the head, gently, teasing her son. One kiss, then a second, a third and fourth, and finally she opened them up wide to engulf the cockhead for a small suckle. All the remaining cum happily escaped to her awaiting mouth.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” she moaned, before pulling her head back with a plopping noise. “I spoil my boy so much, but that means you’ll always be my good boy.”

The dommy mommy approach thickly lathered the mood. Despite her lusting for him to dominate and take control of her at any given moment, she had an important role to play as a mother. He still needed tender loving care, and not be treated as a cold, soulless, fucking machine.

She kissed his forehead and led him inside so she could make him a meal. She stood there in the kitchen in her bikini, having strung it back up now that the MILF no longer felt the tanning room sun shine down on her.

“One big plate of bacon and eggs coming right up for you. I need to remember to go and get groceries tomorrow after I bring Viktoria to the airport. When is the season opener?” she asked him.

“Next week, a home game at least. Girls play first and then the boys, just like last year, mom,” he replied, staring at her firm ass. “I’m hoping Coach Rodriguez is no longer pissed by then.”

“You stood your ground and didn’t let that bitch intimidate you,” she commented about Tiffany. “I do not know what has gotten into her. You two used to be so close.”

“Pressure on getting a scholarship and going pro, mom.”

“Here we go, eat up; you’ll need your energy for tonight. I want it to be special.”

Veronika sat next to him, stroking his hair as he ate.

“Hard to believe it has been 18 years since you came out of my womb. I could feel your kicks and knew you’d grow up to be a strong man. Mother’s intuition, you know,” she smiled.

“What would have happened if dad had lived?” he suddenly asked out of the blue.

Veronika looked shocked, not expecting the question, nor did she even think about it recently. She pondered it, leaving the air heavy with silence.

“I do not know. I know it would be difficult. He did not know our history. None of us spoke of it. Your uncle does not even know. Viktoria güvenilir casino made sure your cousin kept her mouth shut tight. I guess we would be sneaking around a lot more, hiding things from him, but I do not think any of us would like that. He was a good man and he would not have deserved it.”

“Did they ever catch his killer? You always changed the subject whenever I asked before. I think I’m old enough to know now.”

She hesitated again, stroking his hair softly, reassuringly. No words could express the sorrow she would reveal to him.

“No, no one found his killer. Shot dead in his squad car. Him and his partner were gunned down, randomly. It was horrible. They had to be cremated because there were so many bullet holes. They wouldn’t even let me see the body. An officer in his precinct identified him to spare me the horrid image.”

Veronika began to cry a little, red tears streaking down her soft cheeks.

“That is why I helicoptered around you and will still do that even if you tell me not to. A week before he died we had sex for the final time. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until later. I thought it was grief; Viktoria had to fly-in to help take care of me for weeks. But then morning sickness came, and well, you know the rest. You were born later in the year, my bundle of joy, born under a special star.”

“You never told me any of this,” he replied, head sunken downwards, processing it all. “You’re telling me I could not have even been born?”

“Yes, baby, it just happened to be that time of the month and that one, magical sperm pierced the egg. I won’t lie, I had it planned to get pregnant, but did not think it would work the first time we tried to conceive.”

Nik rubbed Veronika’s cheer with the back of his hand, wiping away the blood tears.

“Thanks, mom, I know it must have been tough raising me all alone for eighteen years.”

“I had a lot of support from your aunts, yes, even Krystal. She helped out in ways never talked about. We’re giving her a lot of grief for not showing up now for your birthday but she should not be vilified.”

“What did she do?” he asked, curious.

“I’ll fill you in another time. I need to go take a bath and get myself looking good for tonight. Rest, and no touching yourself. Don’t let Aunt Viktoria seduce you either before tonight.”

She placed a tender kiss on his forehead before walking off to take a bath. Nik sat there with his thoughts. After placing the dish in the sink, he flopped down on the couch to watch TV and rest. Part of his mind kept returning to the practice game. He felt so alive, so into it compared to previous practices.

“The awakening definitely gave me an extra burst of speed. I could always keep up with Tiffany but I’ve never chased her down that quickly before. Next game will be the litmus test. I’ll know exactly which hidden potentials were unlocked,” he thought to himself.

Even though he tried to watch the TV, he had his phone with him, browsing the internet. News, media reports, big trades in sports leagues, just random stuff to pass the time.

“Hey asshole, you’re lucky I only got a bruise,” a message from Tiffany popped up on his phone.

“It is a rough sport. Are you going to bitch about it when Westland High play us and those butch girls play it rough?” he sent back.

“This is my senior year and I’ve got scouts looking at me. Don’t ruin my shot because you’re jealous I stripped you clean.”

“I’ve got scouts looking at me as well, Tiff, so get your head out of your ass. I’ve not started a war here. You made it up in your delusion mind.”

“Delusional! Fuck off, I am not delusional. Watch where you slide next time, asshole.”

“For fuck sake, where did the stick come from that is lodged so far up her ass…” Nik mumbled to himself.

“Lover’s spat?” Viktoria randomly called out, standing in the doorway to the living room.

“Huh? When did you get home?” Nik asked, surprised.

“A moment ago. You were too engrossed with your girlfriend there to hear me walk in. Help me with some bags.”

“She is not my girlfriend. She hates my guts,” Nik answered, climbing over the back of the couch to follow.

“You say that but she keeps messaging you. Young love is so complicated these days,” Viktoria smirked.

“What did you get at the store?” he asked, changing the subject.

“Some bottles, jars, a couple quality of life objects. Through some talking I have come to the morbid conclusion that you, my sweet nephew, might end up killing your mother with that bloodlust of yours if we do not get it under control.”

She opened up the trunk and handed him a heavy box of glass jars with ease.

“What does jam have to do with it?”

“We’re going to perform a small experiment, and buying jam was cheaper than just empty jars…plus I like strawberry jam. It’ll be quick and messy but hopefully it’ll help until I can move closer to you permanently.”

“I get it,” Nik clued in, lugging the box, “you’re going to bottle the blood.”

“Smart and handsome,” Viktoria teased him. “No clue if it will work but if I can give you as much of mine as possible, it’ll lift some of the burden on Veronika.”

“You two are blood dolls,” he observed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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