Agnus’s Reawakening Ch. 02

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“Hello, Hey mom what is up?”

“Not much, I heard you stopped by Agnus’s house on your way out.”

“Yes she waved me down.”

“Did you have a good visit with her?”

“Yes it was a real nice visit.” There was some noise in background and she comes back on.

“It was just nice! That poor lady can hardly walk. How could you violate her not once, but several times?”

“Well mother if you had not gone around talking to them about my penis and how you saw me naked, this would not have happened. Besides I do not recall any complaints from her, other than being sore. Agnus willingly gave her self to me.

There was a long pause.

“I was just giving you a hard time. Agnus told me all the details you made her very happy. I am glad you both had fun. I had a feeling you had an eye for the older ladies, so I helped steer them in the right direction, seems I was right about that.

“Yes it seem you were very right about that. I did have a good time and plan on having some more if she is up to it.” Thinking to myself this is a little weird talking to my mother about having sex with Agnus.

” Judging from the smile on her face I think you have full access anytime you want it. John I want you to enjoy yourself how ever you want. I want to see you happy.”

“I cant believe you are so open about this mom. I never expected it.”

“I love you John, you deserve to have some fun and if you like older women why not help out and be supportive. You are a grown man. I have to say I am a little jealous of Agnus.”

“Why, your not suggesting you are interested in me are you,” my voice going up a couple of octaves.

“Oh no darling, I just meant that she has someone tending to her physical needs. It would be nice to have the same thing once and a while.”

I can’t believe the conversation I am having with my mother. Here she is telling that she is wanting someone to do to her what I am doing to Agnus. The dynamics of the relationship between my mother and I just changed. I never thought much about her having those kinds of needs.

“Oh ok,” I was all I could muster to say at the time.

“Are you ok John?”

“Yes just trying to process all this at one time. Do have someone you want in mind?”

“No just an old woman talking out loud, that’s all.”

There was a long awkward silence that followed. It was broken when she asked when I was going to see Agnus next?

“I figured I would give her today to rest if she wants it.”

I could hear them talking in the background and mom comes back on the phone.

“I think she wants to see you tonight.”

“Tell her to call me when she gets home.”

” If you come by tonight stop in and see me before you leave.”

“I will, talk to you later. Love you!”

“Love you to dear, bye-bye”

I sit there thinking about what all that has transpired in the last two days. Especially my mothers involvement and new openness to share her desires. I never expected this in my wildest dreams. We are all adults here why not, people have desires, why should she be any different, I thought to myself.

Later that morning Agnus called and we talked, she wanted me to come over that afternoon. I told I her I would love to and hoped she was ready for me. She said she would be.

Well Agnus and I had a great time that night and many other nights together before I went back on the rig. It was a long 4 weeks. Finally my shift was over and I headed home. Once I got back into town I called her up and went straight over to her house.

I was so horny I got hard the moment I saw her. We wasted no time and before you knew it I was in the middle of her bed balls deep in her and had her grunting hard in no time. We were lost in the moment when we hear a voice exclaim!

“Oh My God, get the hell off her.”

I pulled out and spun around to see a woman standing there glaring at me.

“Agnus spoke up and told her to shut up, he is not hurting me. I was just about to have a orgasm until you come in here yelling, what the hells wrong with you, I know I taught you how to knock.

“I did but obviously you could not hear me with all the noise you were making. I thought you were hurt.”

There I am watching these two go back and forth butt naked. My cock is rock hard, pointing right at this woman and still glistening with Angus’s wetness . Agnus stops and then looks at me and smiles.

“I am sorry John this is my daughter Rose. Rose this is John, his mother lives here in the community.”

“Well John, does she know what you are doing to my mother?,” she said with her voice dripping with disdain.

“Well as a matter of fact Rose, she does, she even helped arrange our meeting. Besides Agnus tells her all about it our time together,” I said with a smirk on my face.

She looked to her mom for confirmation, with a look of surprise and disbelief.

“Yes dear I told his mom that he uses that dick of his and makes my toes curl so many times, it is hard for me to walk sometimes when he gets done with me.”

“Oh casino şirketleri Mother don’t be so crude!”

“Well you wanted to know, so I am just confirming I am fine, you can run on home.”

Rose stood there thinking about all that she had just seen and heard. When looking over at John it sinks in that this man is sitting there naked and not trying to cover himself. He is a handsome man and has a real nice cock. Rose could feel her face get warm.

Rose feels that tingle deep in her womb. Watching has her mother’s hand reaches over strokes Johns cock, twisting her little fingers around his purple head. How nice it must feel in her hand, she thinks to herself.

Agnus noticed that Rose was intently watching her hand working that hard cock. She runs her hands to his balls and lightly rubs them and works her way back to the head. Agnus just smiles real big, and slowly works that cock letting Rose see it all, teasing her without saying a word.

Agnus can tell her daughter is getting turned on. Her nipples were starting to show through her shirt and her tongue slips out to wet her lips. Agnus gets an Idea and puts it in motion.

“Rose John is going to put this cock, shaking it, back inside of me now and finish what he started. Now if you’re going to stay, then just be quiet.”

Agnus lays back pulls me to her and whispers in my ear.

“John give her a good show.”

I get back get myself settled between her legs and I aim my cock back at her hole and slide it all the way in. Agnus was still so wet. I think she was even more turned on from being watched. I cant believe I am now fucking her while her grown daughter stands there watching. I feel my cock get even harder.

” Agnus draws a deep breath says oh my your are really hard,” she said loud enough for Rose to hear.

Rose shivers hearing her mother’s words as his cock disappears inside her mother. She could not move, her head was spinning her mind kept saying leave but her body was not responding. I can’t believe she is fucking him in front of me.

My god he has really nice package, he is really filingl her up. I cant believe my little mother can take him. Rose watches as his head pushes through her lips and then disappears over and over. He is sliding into her so easy. Rose unaware licks her lips and thinks how lucky her mom is.

Rose felt embarrassed, but most of all she felt excited, really turned on. She was watching intently as her mom took this gorgeous mans meat. He is so gentle with her and he is driving her wild. That has got to feel so good.

Angus’s starts that all too familiar grunting and rapid breathing. She grabs my ass thrust her pelvis into mine.

“Ooooh yessss right there, yess, yess, hit that spot, ooooh oooh my god I cumming.

I have gotten so hard it is not letting me get close to cumming yet. I am working it deep inside Agnus. I enjoy feeling her pussy working my cock.

“Oooh my John you are so hard,” as another orgasmic wave washes over her.

I push all the way in and holding still, letting her ride it out. Angus’s orgasm subsides and she pulls me down to her ear while I am still lodge deep inside her.

Rose has not taken her eyes off you cock. She is married to this pencil dick of a guy who ignores her and could not satisfy a woman if his life counted on it. John would go over there strip her naked. I would really like it if you would lay her down here and do to her what you have been doing to me.

The Idea really intrigued me.

“You sure she will go along with it?”

“Oh yes, just look at the front of her yoga pants. She has a nice wet spot forming.”

I pulled out and walk over to Rose, who was standing just inside the room. Agnus was right her eyes never left my cock, watching it sway as I walked. Sure enough she had a wet spot growing between her legs.

I walked over and reached out pulling her to me and kissed her deeply. My cock pressed into her stomach rubbing her mothers wetness into her shirt. I pulled her shirt over her head and had her bra off before she realized what was going on. I was taking one of her light brown nipples into my mouth.

Rose still dazed from the events that just happened, now realized this man has her half naked and is sucking on her nipple.

I a weak voice she says, “I can’t do this. I am married.”

I am still working on her nipples and rubbing her body with my hands. I slide one hand between her legs and she is soaking wet.

Agnus walks over to her and leans into her ear.

“I know your husband sucks In bed, you have said it to it many times over the years. You’re safe here, John will take very good care of you. So relax and let him show you how a woman should feel.

“It is not right I am married!”

I suck her nipple hard and push her pants down to her ankle along with her panties. I run my fingers along her slit.

“Oh god that feels good!”

“Relax and John will take good care of you. You need this Rose, even more than I did. Enjoy all that he has to offer. No one will ever know but us three,” casino firmaları said Agnus

Rose no longer willing or able to fight her desire. All she can think about is letting this man do what he wants to her.

Rose has larger breast than Agnus but their nipple are made the same just different color. I have Rose step out of her pants and I stand up and kiss her. She reaches for my cock and feels every inch.

Her pussy was covered in dark brown hair that was wet and matted to her lips. I lead her to the bed guided her to the center. Agnus stood at the foot of the bed and watched me get her daughter into position. Normally I would go down on a woman first to get her good and wet, but there was no need to with her.

I get above her and she slowly opens her legs.

“John you wont need the lube for her, she is dripping wet!,” said Agnus

Rose’s mind is racing, can this be happening. She hears her mother urging John on to take her, which just adds to her excitement.

I lower myself down and my head runs down her slit. Rose gasp as it comes to rest at her hole. She put her hands on my chest and I push forward and my head goes in with a pop.

“Ohh my!”

I push about 3 inches in and let her get use to the size. She draws a deep breath.

“Ooooooh my god you’re so hard.”

Agnus leans in to my ear and says, “Give it to her good big boy,” and plays with my balls and pushes on my ass with her other hand forcing my cock to go deeper into Rose.

Did not think I could get any harder but I do. I thrust forward and drive my cock all the way in. This is the first time I have been with two women at the same time. I hope I can get her off shortly, because I am not sure how long I can last with all this stimulation.

“Rose squeals, fuck it is deep, oh god it is deep!”

I start slow but build up speed. I bottom out on every down stroke, grinding into her pelvis

Rose is panting yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me, oooh my god, oh John don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

Agnus says, “Good boy won’t be long and you will own another Green pussy.”

I am laying it in her, half dozen more thrust.

That is it right there, right there, I cuming, oooh shit, fuck!”

Her pussy cranks down on me hard. I slam it all the way in and start shooting rope after rope deep into her her pussy. This is the load that has been building for days. Rose is laying there with her eyes closed and her pussy still quivering around my cock. My cock still sunk deep in her as it starts to deflate, Rose gives it one last squeeze and it flops out.

I get up off rose and sit on the side of the bed. Agnus come to me and kiss me and thanks for taking care of Rose. Rose gets up quietly and goes to the restroom. I got dressed and was in the kitchen with Agnus having a cup of coffee when Rose came in.

She sat down and said I am sorry, I am not normally like this, jumping into bed with someone I just met. I just got carried away.

I sensed she was feeling a little guilty.

“Look Rose, I know what it is like to have a need and no one to take care of it. Don’t be sorry. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a good sex life. I am not going to tell anyone, it is our secret.

Rose looked at me and smiled and said, “Yes I am good, your right . I have tried everything at home to make it better. I have been thinking about getting what I needed on the outside, but never had the nerve to follow through.”

“When I came over today I never expected any of this. I have to admit it is a little strange sharing a man with my mother. Frankly, I thought she gave up sex a long time ago. How long have you two been doing this?”

“It has been about 3 months now. It started the first day I came to visit my mother. Like you, I never thought anything like this would come about.”

She looked at her mother and raised an eyebrow and said, “Really!”

Agnus just smiled and said, “I did not want you over reacting and making a big deal out of it.”

“John if you don’t mind me asking how old are you?”

I smiled and said, “I am 46.”

“Holy shit mom he is 32 years younger than you. and 9 years younger than me.”

Rose thinks about it while sipping her coffee.

“Well mom I hope you don’t mind sharing John on a regular basis.”

“If minded I would have thrown you out when you walked in on us. Besides John needs a younger woman every now and then so he can let go and pound away. I figured that you need this outlet as well, god knows you were never going to go find it on your own.

“Well you can count on me coming back for more if you are ok with it John.”

I smiled at them both and said, “I really enjoyed it and I am ok with it. This is a first for me. I have never had this happen before. Y’all being mother and daughter really increased my excitement.

Agnus chimes in, “I could tell it felt like you were driving a piece of steel into me.

Rose laughs and says, “I concur, I can’t remember ever having a man so hard and deep in me.”

They both stepped güvenilir casino up to me and placed their hands on my crotch and each kissed a cheek. I put my arm around both and squeezed their butts.

“Thank you ladies I aim to please and we all laughed.”

“Rose you can come and use my house to meet John so your husband won’t find out. John has a key too, so y’all can meet even when I am not home.”

“I will be taking you up on that offer soon,” she leans in to me and kiss me.

“So John how many other women are you providing services to here?”

“Agnus and now you. God only knows what your mother and my mother have planned out. I am sure all of this was thought up by those sneaky devils!”

Rose says, “Thank you for making me feel alive again.”

“It was truly my pleasure Rose. You are a very sexy woman.”

We sat and chatted for about an hour and had breakfast.

Rose looked at her watch and said, “I have to get going.”

So we got up and she hugged her mom and kissed her cheek. Then Rose walk over to me and she put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. We held our embrace for several minutes.

“Damn you are one sexy man! Wish I did not have to leave, I am getting so wet.”

Agnus looked me in the eye and winked and motioned toward the bedroom behind Rose’s back. I nodded and reached down and scooped her up and took her to the bedroom.

“No John, I have things I need to get done,” she pleaded as I carry her away.

I kissed her and said,”It can wait.” I set her down onto the bed.

Agnus says, “You two have fun,” and pulled the door shut.

“Well I guess another hour won’t hurt,” said Rose in a raspy voice.

Rose sits on the edge of the bed and starts removing my pants. It doesn’t take her long to get me stripped down. She takes hold of my cock runs her fingers around my head, licking it and kisses the tip.

“John you have a beautiful cock! I feel it coming to life in my hand. I want you to give this to me hard.”

She takes the head into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it. I am get fully erect now and I pull her up and kiss her as I as I pull her pants down. We are both naked in no time at all. I lay her down and go to work on her hard nipples.

Rose moans and says, “Suck them baby, suck them hard.”

I move on down across her stomach to her pussy, she keeps it trimmed neatly. What hair is there is brown with a few strands of grey starting to show up. I drive my tongue between her lips and she moans loudly.

“Oh yes John eat my pussy!”

I start licking her from hole to clit and back again driving it in as far as I could. Her pussy working, trying to get ahold of my tongue. I can tell she is getting so close. I stopped and moved up between her leg. I get my cock lined up with her hole and I shove it into her hard, making a loud slap has our pelvises slam together.

Rose grabs my shoulders and yells, “Oh my god John, sooo deep, sooo fucking deep, fuck me fuck me now.”

I start making long strokes going from tip to balls each time. Thrusting hard into her making my balls slap her ass.

Rose grunts, “Oh yesss, fuck me hard John!”

I pick up the pace and start drilling her good. She is grunting and breathing hard. I was slamming into her so hard we made the headboard bump into the wall with each thrust.

“Oooh fuck yes, fuck me!”

Moving her hands to my ass, she pulling me into her on every down stroke.

“That’s it, ooh my right there, oh my, oh my, I am cumming.

I feel her pussy clamp down so tight I bury my cock all the way in and grind her pussy. Rose is so loud.

I encourage her by saying, “That is it baby, cum on my cock, cum all over it girl. Ooh yes your pussy is so good and tight.”

“You like me shoving my cock in you?”

“Oh yes, I do, I love your cock baby. Give it to me!”

Rose finishes riding her orgasm out. I pull out and lay down beside her and have her roll on her side and tuck her legs up in a fetal position. I put my cock to her pussy and shove it in.

“Oh yes, take it big boy, that pussy is all yours.”

Ooh you are so fucking tight and wet. I push all the in and start working it in and out fast moving it back and forth only inches keeping it deep in her. Rose begins to pant quickly.

“Oh that is so different.”

Her hand goes to her clit and starts rubbing it. She takes no time to cum hard again. I don’t stop I just keep fucking her fast.

“Oooooh fuuuck,fuck yess,fuck yes ooh yess!”

Her orgasm just keeps going. I finally slow down and shove it in and let her ride out her orgasm. I lay there behind her letting her catch her breath while my cock throbs inside her. I reach around and take her breast in my hand and roll her nipple between my fingers and feel her pussy grabs my cock as she moans.

“You are such a bad boy”

I tell her to get on top and fuck me good. I pull out of her and get on my back. She gets on her hands and knees and slings a leg over and get her hands placed. She raises her ass up and I grab my cock and get it in place.

She lowers herself down and I push my hips upward. She settles down onto me. I start sucking her tits and make her moan. Rose starts riding me and I help push up into her as she comes down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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