Black Erotica and Race Play Rock

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My name is Rose Anderson. I’m a five-foot-eleven, chubby and big-bottomed, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the city of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I work as a Dentist by day and at night, I am a whip-smart Dominatrix. Guess which job I love more. Anyhow, welcome to my world. It’s going to be a fun ride, folks. I’m the most politically incorrect Dominatrix out there. Just ask my very willing Black male and Black female slaves. They’ll tell you exactly how awesome I really am. I’m the only White female BDSM practitioner in the Province of Ontario who is into Race Play. That makes me kind of a rare treasure for kinky people of color who are into that sort of thing.

What is Race Play? It’s the most arousing yet politically incorrect form of sexual play. It is practiced by men and women of all races and sexual orientations. The most common form is that seen in so many interracial porno movies. You have probably seen it a million times but I will tell you about it anyway. The scenario goes something like this. A Black stud fucks a blonde White slut while her limp-dick White husband watches. Yeah, that’s the most common form. Did you know that the reverse is also practiced? Some Black couples have invited White guys into their bedrooms and there have been Black husbands who get off on watching White men fuck their very Black wives.

Just like there are Black couples who are into the reverse cuckold thing, there are lesbian couples into Race Play. I met a Jamaican woman whose Dutch girlfriend loves to call her some racially insensitive names during sex and also dominates her in the bedroom. The most ankara ucuz escortlar shocking part is that it’s the Jamaican woman who asks her Dutch girlfriend to try that sort of thing. Yeah, the Jamaican lesbian gets off on being sexually dominated by her bossy Dutch girlfriend. Now you’ve seen everything. Well, almost.

Other couples like to practice Race Play too. It’s not all about interracial lesbian couples or Black studs fucking White women. Some gay couples are into it too. I know a macho gay Irishman who loves to get fucked by nerdy gay or bisexual Black guys. And I also know a Black male bodybuilder who gets off on being topped by weak-looking White guys in the bedroom. The contrast between their physiques and the power exchange along racial lines turns him on. There are some interracial heterosexual couples who play along similar lines. I’ve met White men who get off on being sexually dominated in the bedroom by their bossy Black girlfriends. I also met some Black women who love being dominated by their White boyfriends in and out of bed. What you won’t read anywhere is the fact that lots of supposedly macho Black studs love being sexually dominated by their White girlfriends. If I had a dime for every Black man who secretly gets off on having his White girlfriend fuck him with a strap-on dildo, I’d be a rich woman. Yeah, the world of human sexuality is a fascinating one, folks.

Right now, I’m dominating this very willing and totally sexy Black couple. They’re good-looking, educated and accomplished. The common features shared by the freakiest members of North American society regardless of race. ankara üniversiteli escortlar Jerome and Cynthia Etienne. Jerome Etienne is a big and tall Black man of Haitian descent living in the Orleans suburb not far from Nepean. He’s a Carleton University graduate and Government worker married to a schoolteacher. And they’re both kinky. They’re new to the world of BDSM and they’re exploring their submissive side together. Cynthia is a chubby, dark-skinned Black woman of Haitian descent. This big-booty mama is hot as hell and I wanted to fuck her the moment I laid eyes on her.

Anyhow, these two are in my basement, buck-naked, and we’re having fun. Presently, I’m fucking Cynthia with my strap-on dildo while Jerome watches. I always wanted to fuck a Black woman in front of her husband. Face down and ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck my Black sluts. I spank Cynthia’s big Black ass while slamming my dildo into her pussy. The big Black slut squeals as I fuck her. Jerome watches, feeling quite aroused. I have a rope attached to his long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock. If he gets hard without my permission, I will put him in a world of pain. I am the dominant White mistress and both this Black stud and horny Black wife are my slaves. And I won’t let them forget that.

I smacked Cynthia’s big ass while fucking her. The big Black slut yelped. Laughing, I pulled on her hair. While fucking her, I berate her. I tell her that she’s an inferior Black slut. I mock the fact that she’s wearing a weave. I tell her that she is full of envy. That she wishes she could have naturally long and silky hair ankara vip escortlar like mine. I tug at her tough, stringy Black hair. I also smack her face while mocking her and fucking her. I flip Cynthia on her back so I can look into her face while totally dominating her. I repeatedly smack Cynthia’s face and slam the dildo into her pussy. I pull the dildo out of her snatch and shove it into her asshole. I plunge it into her asshole. The big Black woman’s eyes widen in shock as I fuck her in the ass. Laughing, I spit into her face as I fuck her. I lean over and whisper a word into her ear. I won’t write it here but you can guess what it is. Then, with a wicked smile, I pull the dildo out of Cynthia’s asshole. Later, I will make her lick my dildo clean and taste her pussy and asshole on it.

However, before I do that, I must fuck Jerome. I put him on all fours and slam my dildo up his ass. I love fucking Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. I love to make these macho Black studs feel dominated. Lots of them secretly want to get fucked by White women wearing strap-on dildos anyway. They won’t admit it, though. That’s okay. I smack Jerome’s ass while slamming the dildo up his ass. I make his wife watch as I completely dominate him. I get off on humiliating others sexually, folks. It’s what turns me on the most. I fuck Jerome’s asshole until he begs for mercy. I fuck him some more, then pull my dildo out of his ass. Then I order him and Cynthia to kneel before me. They do as they are told like the slaves they’re supposed to be. I make them clean my dildo. The same dildo which just fucked both of their asses. Obediently they clean my dildo with their tongues. I shrieked in victory. Then I told them to get the hell out of my sight. And they do so happily. I know they feel abased but more alive than ever. Every submissive yearns to find a truly dominant Mistress. And that’s me in a nutshell, folks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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