Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 05

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“You’re a Mother Fucker! Literally!” Makayla screamed at me.

“Just listen to me! I can explain.”

“Oh really, you can explain why you had your mother over the couch and were fucking her like a crazy man? Please, I’m all ears!”

It had taken a week for Makayla to return my calls. Another two for her to agree to meet me and talk about what she saw. Both Mom and I were terrified. We both expected Makayla to tell someone and for Dad to find out. We even stopped our arrangement until we knew how this would end. It wasn’t easy for either of us, not after the weekend together but we didn’t have much choice. So far almost three weeks had passed and Dad hadn’t said anything or seemed to act differently. I told Mom Makayla had agreed to meet me finally. She still didn’t find comfort in that.

We were sitting in Makayla’s car, parked behind a Walmart after we both drove to the store.

“It’s my father,” I began.

“Your father! What about him. Let me guess he likes to watch! You disgust me. Ever since that night I can’t stop feeling gross like ants are all over me,” she said, shivering and flinging her hands.

“No, it’s not like that. He’s… well he’s impotent, has been for years.”

Her head turned toward me, seemingly more interested now.

“Mom’s been going without for who knows how long and well it started when she caught me masturbating to porn. She came up with an ‘arrangement’ to help us both and…”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! This was your mother’s idea? Because she’s not getting any! And you went with it? Fuck, David you’re just as responsible!”

“I know, but do you understand?”

“No! I don’t fucking understand! She’s your mother! What the fuck is wrong with you!”

“She has needs,” I said.

Makayla turned green, “I think I’m going to be sick,” she said, her hand coming up to her mouth. “Needs? She should have found other ways to fulfill those needs, not fuck her son!”

“So you don’t understand, fine. What are you going to do?”

I thought maybe Makayla would see some logic in what Mom and I were doing but it was a vain and foolish hope.

“What am I going to do? You’re more worried about who I might tell, than the reality of what you are doing. It’s like I don’t even know you.”

“Look, Makayla I don’t give a shit what you think of me. What’s it going to take to keep your mouth shut,” I said, realizing I might have overstepped.

I needed her to keep this a secret and the worst thing I could do was piss her off enough that she blabbed to everyone what Mom and I had done.

“What’s it going to take? What… you going to buy me off; bribe me to keep my mouth shut?”

“What do you want?” I said, staring her in the eyes.

“That’s just like you… throw your dad’s money around, you and your big trust fund! It’s bullshit!” she turned away.

“How much?” I asked.

The repetitive asking finally shut her up and she turned to meet my eyes.

“I wanted you. I wanted to get back together. I came over that night, to surprise you. I was all dressed up, hoping… well hoping to get in bed with you again and make you want me. I thought for sure I could make you forget that new girl. When I showed up to you house there was only one light on. I walked up the walk and heard screaming and looked through the window. I saw you plain as day, just going at a woman on the couch. I was so jealous. I thought this was the woman you said you were with now. At first I didn’t see that it was your mother until she called out your name and I recognized the voice. David, I couldn’t look away! I can’t stop thinking about what you and your mother were doing it’s burned in my head. You never did that to me. You never fucked me like her. You never fucked me like your fucked your own mother!” she screamed turning and slugging me in the face, knocking my head sideways.

When I could see again, I notice she was rubbing her hand. My face hurt. She hit me hard. “I’m sorry; you were never supposed to see that.”

“Well I did and now I can’t stop seeing it. Why, David, why your mother?”

“She’s amazing, Makayla. I’ve never felt anything like when I’m with her. She brought things out in me I didn’t know existed.”

“I’ve never seen such passion and unadulterated sex before. I’m disgusted but I’m also jealous as hell. I want that, what you have and I want it with you.”

“What?” I asked, thinking I didn’t hear her correctly.

“That’s what I want. You asked how this could go away, what you could do. That’s it. I want you. You come with the money, you come with that passion, and I want it all.”

“But, what about M…” I stopped short; knowing what I was going to ask would horrify her.

“What? You can’t believe, you and your mother can continue this. That you have any future together! It’s over, David. Forget about her and be with me and I won’t tell a soul,” she said, reaching out and taking my hand.

I knew if I said no, Makayla would ruin my life and my mothers. She had my balls in a vise. I was bahis firmaları trapped and destined to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I had no choice.

“Okay, Makayla… If that is what you want.”

A huge smile spread on her face, “It is! Oh, David I’m so happy!”

She lunged across the car, embracing me. I wanted to choke the life from her small body but hugged her back instead. I had to get out of this somehow.


Mom’s mouth felt heavenly around my cock, she had me deep and fingered my balls as I felt my eruption surge forth….

The climax woke me up. The load in my shorts was massive from the wet dream. The memory made me want my mother. I got up, changed my shorts and lay staring at my ceiling worried about how my life was so fucked up now.

I had returned from meeting with Makayla to tell Mom what she had said and wanted. Her reply surprised me.

“It’s for the best. We really couldn’t continue what we were doing.”

“What? No. I don’t want her. I won’t be stuck with someone like that. I want you.”

“David, you know that is impossible. Makayla’s a very pretty girl. She’s a good match for you.”

“Pretty? She’s not you.”

“She’s young; she may come into her own. She seems to have the desire.”

“No, there has to be another way. I want things how they used to be with you and me, before that bitch spied on us.”

“David, you’re acting like a baby. You will fulfill your agreement with Makayla. It’s the only way.”

“What if she were to disappear?” I asked.

“Absolutely not! I can’t believe you would even think that. Let me talk to her, maybe Mother can rub off on her, make this work for you.”

I didn’t know what she meant, or what she could do. I mean, Makayla wasn’t horrible in bed and she was very pretty with a stellar body but she was not anything like Mom and I doubted she or anyone could ever be. Mom was pretty adamant about her decision and all I was left with was my thoughts and dreams of her.


The next day Mom invited Makayla over to the house while my father was at work. I didn’t think she would come but she did. Right on time. Mom welcomed her in and I was surprised to see Makayla acting normal toward her and cordial.

“Thank you for coming, Makayla. As you know I’ve always like you. I was saddened when you broke up with David. He has discussed with me what you saw and what you want. I make no excuses for my or my son’s behavior. We have an open relationship, we talk bluntly around here and we need to discuss a few things about your demands.”

Makayla was sitting across from my mother in the sitting room I was off to the side adjacent to both of them. Makayla listened to my mom, with her hands in her lap. She wore a pencil skirt, with her long legs crossed and a tight blouse forming around her breasts. She looked really good.

“David has concerns… I seemed to have had an effect on him, jaded him if you will towards other women. Again I make no excuses. If you intend to be with him you must be able to make him happy. Does that sound reasonable to you?”

“Yes, I’m prepared to do that… I thought I did that, but now after what I saw and what he has said, I see I lack, shall we say your talents. I can improve and will.”

“Good, Dear. I’m glad you are open to this and I’m willing to help you to please my son.”

“Help me? How?” Makayla asked.

“Tutor you.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I will show you what he likes, how to do things. I will fashion you into me, for him.”

I have to admit, I was hard. This conversation had me so turned on; my cock was throbbing in my pants as I listened to the two women converse.

Makayla was speechless; she turned to look at me as did my mother following Makayla’s lead. I remained quiet, looking at both of them in turn.

“You said you will improve. I’m guaranteeing that, Makayla,” my mother added.

“What exactly are you suggesting?” Makayla asked, wide eyed.

“David, if you please?” my mother said.

I stood up, just as planned and undid my pants, letting them drop over my raging hard cock. Makayla squealed, gasped and looked away.

“Please, don’t act so innocent. I know full well what you and my son have done and how inadequate it was. That’s about to change. Now, stand up, go to him and pleasure him with your mouth the best you know how.”

“I most assuredly will not!” Makayla hollered, standing in disgust.”

“You will or the deal is off. You’ll get nothing.”

“You’re prepared for your husband to know everything?” Makayla asked, cocky and assured.

“We are. Don’t test me! David deserves the best, you know that. I will give him the best and if not you than someone else. Make your choice young lady!” my mother yelled.

Makayla looked torn. Her resolve wavered, her confidence left her face. Mother called her bluff. Makayla broke. She turned toward me, walked over and fell to her knees in front of my cock.

“Fine, I’ll do it but I know I’m not very good,” she kaçak iddaa said reaching out and grabbing my oozing cock.

“That’s okay, for now. Show me what you know. I’ll instruct you.”

She leaned forward, opening her pretty mouth and took my engorged head inside. I was excited. This was hot, this was crazy hot, having my smoking hot mother instruct this young woman to pleasure me and turn her into something I wanted. A copy of my mother.

Her lips closed on my cock, the heat was nice, she sucked gently and stroked. She knew how to stroke, she had done that a lot to me in the past but not blowjobs.

“Too much hand. More mouth. Deeper, and let go of him completely,” Mother explained.

Makayla obeyed, letting go of my cock and sliding her head down further on my shaft but ended up gagging and coming off me.

“I can’t, he’s too wide and long,” she said frustrated.

“Yes you can. Try again.”

Makayla hesitated but my mother gave her a stern look and she turned back to my cock. She tried again, successfully getting further down but gagged again.

“It’s impossible, not even you can do it.”

“I promise you I can, now start again.”

“No, not until you show me,” she said crossing her arms.

Mom was going to yell at her again but I stopped her, “Mom… it’s okay, show her how, she’s trying I promise.”

Makayla seemed happy I took her side, smiling up at me and Mom came over and kneeled next to her.

“Fine, now pay attention. It’s all about relaxing and opening your throat to him.”

I turned toward Mom and she rose up, taking me in her mouth and pulling me horizontal. Slowly she began engulfing my cock all the way to my balls like she had done many times before. She even held it there, humming and pivoting her face for emphasis before taking me back out. Strings of saliva and pre-cum came off my cock and she twirled them on her finger and back onto me as she spoke.

“See, I told you. Very possible.”

Makayla looked stunned, her mouth was open, her eyes wide in unbelief.

“Again,” my mother said, making her jump.

“How… I can’t… I don’t know if I…”

“I don’t expect you to be able to do it all today, but in time you will, now try.”

Makayla took me back in her mouth, looking up at me with her big brown eyes. She looked like she wanted to please and downed more of my cock and held me longer fighting the urge to gag.

“Good, now use what you have learned and make him cum,” Mother said.

Makayla slowly turned her head, came off my cock slightly and I could feel her tongue working the underside of my shaft. She kept good pressure around my width and slid up and down with her mouth.

“Good, now suck the head, before sliding back down. Repeat, pivot, repeat. Very good,” Mother was coaching.

If felt amazing. Makayla was learning fast and I even saw her nipples pressing out in her tight blouse. I think she was getting turned on as well.

“Enjoy it, savor his cock, love it. Want to please him, desire him to cum, so you know you have succeeded.”

Makayla reacted to her words; she sped up on my cock, getting into what she was doing. My balls lifted quickly since it had been a while since I had cum again. The pleasure increased and she had me at the verge of orgasm.

“Good, he’s getting close. Prepare yourself for the rush of his seed; swallow as fast as it comes.”

I erupted with no warning other than my mother’s. Makayla squealed on my cock and tried to swallow as fast as she could but I overwhelmed her with a huge load of semen. She finally had to come off my cock as I was still spraying, sending semen all over her blouse and face.

My cock continued to spasm, jerking in the air unencumbered by her mouth or hand, shooting forth my load onto my new ‘mom in training’. By the time it stopped, Makayla was a mess, her pretty brown hair had streaks of cum, her blouse was soaked and her face dripped with my load.

“Too much…. I couldn’t swallow it all.”

“Yes, my David has an unprecedented potency, all the more reason for you to learn to keep him pleased. It’s not good to let it build up.”

I sat down in the chair behind me as Makayla seemed afraid to move or touch her face with all the semen on her.

“I’ll get something to clean you up,” Mom said. “But first, tell me how you felt when you manipulated David and when he was ejaculating?”

“It was exciting. It turned me on to do that and I felt… proud when he began to cum,” Makayla explained.

“Good, very good.”

Mom got up, and left the room. Makayla looked up at me, not really knowing what to do or say.

“Mom’s an excellent teacher; you’re going to learn a lot.”

“Why are you letting her do this to me?” she asked.

“You did this to yourself, Makayla with your ultimatum. You can leave any time, keep your mouth shut and this can all go away.”

“No, I want to be with you, David, and if this is the only way then I’m going to learn everything I can from your mother. I will learn kaçak bahis to make you as happy as she has. I promise.”

The look of determination on her cum covered face was staggering. She had a stubborn streak and when she said something she stuck with it. I still had my doubts she could replace my mother. A blow job is one thing but learning how to cum and have a pussy like Mom was something else entirely.

Mom returned, handed Makayla a towel. She cleaned herself off, stood up and sat back down on the chair.

“Are we finished for today?” Makayla asked.

“No, Dear. To please David you must first learn to please yourself. You must learn what you like, and what your body is capable of. You must not have any inhibitions about yourself, and learn to let go and become one with the pleasure. You’re a very pretty young woman. You take good care of yourself and should have no self-image issues. Is that correct?”

“I know I’m pretty, I work hard to be so and I like my body.”

“Good, that is a wonderful start.”

I could see the confidence she maintained. Makayla was taking this task on head first. It kind of surprised me. I really thought she’d shy away and never come back. I remained in the chair with my pants around my ankles and my cock shrinking.

“Do you know how to cum?” Mother asked.

“I have orgasms, yes.”

“Do you? How do you know?”

“How do I know? I guess, because it feels good,” Makayla said looking confused.

“Feel’s good? Quite. Do you masturbate, Makayla?”

She turned a little red, looked away before catching herself and regaining her confidence. “Yes, on occasion,” she said boldly.

“Show me,” Mother said.

Makayla’s eyes darted to me and back to Mom. She was hesitating and that wouldn’t make Mother very happy.

“Don’t make me ask again, Dear.”

Makayla stood up and began to undress. I’ve seen it all before but it was still lovely to see her young tight body standing before me by the time she finished removing her clothing. She had shaved most of her bush away, leaving only a one inch by two inch patch above her clit. It was sexy as hell and I loved her breasts, very firm, round and perky. The nipple was high on her orb and she had small areolas, dark pink. Being uncovered they puckered up and raised her nipple off her breasts as she stood shyly before my mother and I.

“Please, Dear. Don’t be shy, enjoy yourself,” Mom motion to the sofa no one was using.

Makayla walked over, sat down and laid back. Life was returning to my cock before she even started. Her tight ass, sexy legs and toned body was a huge turn on, especially since I knew what she was about to do.

Makayla’s hands found her breasts, teasing the nipples with her fingers until they were fully erect, breaking her out in goose bumps. Sliding both hands down her flat stomach, she lightly brushed her sex, causing my cock to jump and fill with new blood. She closed her eyes, pulling back the folds of her pussy to reveal her clitoris. She licked one finger and began to circle her clit with the saliva, holding herself open with the other hand. It was fucking hot and her legs fell open as a moan escaped her lips. I was pretty impressed.

I looked at Mom and raised my eyebrows to show this and she returned a questioning glance like she hadn’t seen anything impressive yet. Another moan turned my attention back to Makayla. She had begun to press harder on her clit, which was now engorged and standing prominently. Suddenly she dug two fingers into her pussy and used her palm to stimulate her clit, arching her back and pressing hard with her hand. Her sexy legs scissoring, brushing her feet as she grinded down on her clit and pressed her fingers in deeper. My cock was quickly approaching its apex and Mom came over to me.

“She pleases you?” Mom whispered.

“My cock seems to think so.”

“She’s very pretty, David. I think I can work with her and mold her to perfection but it’s going to take time.”

Makayla moans increased. She worked harder on her body, returning to her clitoris with wet fingers from her sex. She may have forgotten we were even in the room for all I knew. Her nipples had remained hard and from what I saw it looked like she was going to cum soon. Her body rocked side to side as she pleasured herself, moaning and keeping her eyes closed.

“I’m willing to take that time, Mother.”

Makayla tightened up, her arms flexed and her legs shook. She was experiencing an orgasm, on my sofa, in front of my mother and me. I looked real, sounded real and had me throbbing at full attention.

“Go to her,” Mom said.

I stood up, kicked off my shoes, pants and took of my shirt before walking across the room to the sofa. I looked down at the climaxing woman. She was beautiful, aroused, wet and biting her lip now. I let her continue, not wanting to interrupt. Slowly she eased down on her clit and her eyes fluttered open to see me standing over her with my hard cock. She reached out to me, taking my hand and pulling me onto her. The heat from her body was intense, her tight young frame felt wonderful under my weight. My hard cock fell against her pubic bone and her wet sex gave off the most heat.

“Take her, David. Take her now.” Mother said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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