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Carla and I had been at the cabin for a full day all by ourselves. We were supposed to meet our friends John and Alice here, but they had been delayed a few days because of weather. So, we had a quiet dinner together, shared a bottle of wine and talked of old times.

We have been friends forever, well, actually we were born on the same day, in the same hospital, at nearly the same time. Our mothers had become fast friends and so we practically grew up together.

Over the years since childhood we had drifted away, if not apart, from one another. And I had thought about that. Why had her and I never gotten together. I guess I was not attracted to her in that way when we were younger, though I don’t know why not. She certainly was not ugly. well, she wasn’t pretty either, when you got right down to it. But that was not the issue. We were great friends, we knew each other pretty well, and we had shared much of our lives together in one way or the other – just not in a sexual way. In every other intimate way we were very close – or so I thought.

Our birthday was coming up and our plan was to just go to my cabin, do some fishing and boating and hiking and such, have some good conversations and some card games for a couple of weeks – you know just hang out. It had been her idea to invite our friends, Jim and Carol, whom we had known for nearly as long as we had known each other. Jim was my best friend and Carol was Carla’s best friend, and it was weird that when they met, it was as if they had known each other forever. They were inseparable from that point on. The way she had put the idea to me seemed a little out of character for her, I thought at the time and then promptly forgot about it. And so we made our plans.

I had stopped by her house a few hours away from where I lived and she was waiting for me on her front porch, unlit joint in one hand and her suitcase handle in the other. I laughed, then helped her into the car. She hadn’t changed that much from the last time I was her a few years ago. She was a short woman, standing at 5’2″. As i said she had never been pretty, and the years had not been kind to her. her skin was wrinkled and sagging, her overweight body covered by loose fitting shirt an jeans, she had never taken care of how she dressed or really what she looked like. She had never been married and had never had children, and really, as far as I knew, she had never had sex. It had never been discussed between us.

I had been married – for nearly thirty-five years. We had had two children, though our son died when he was 16 in an auto accident. Anne’s health began declining after that and cancer took her a several years later. All that time I watched as her health trickled away, trying to find a way to make her healthy, to bring her back to me. She was my life and I could not go on without her. But I had failed and when she finally passed, I was a mess for some time. But Carla was one of the people who helped me get through and continue with my life. And I do love her for that. I always have loved her, actually.

I had been laying in bed for about half an hour, just waking up. Finally I got up and put on my robe and tied it over my waist, covering my superhero boxers and went down stairs to start the coffee. What I saw when I got to the kitchen has changed my life forever, and i am sure I will never forget a single detail of that sight, or what followed for as long as I live.

Carla was standing at the open fridge with her back to me and squatting down with her fat legs parted and jiggling, one hand at the juncture of her legs and the other holding an 8″ long 3 inch thick cucumber with the tip and what looked like the first inch or so of it in her fat asshole.

It was the most amazing, erotic sight I had ever witnessed. Here was my lifelong friend, whom I had always thought of as sexless, completely naked, her fat sagging body quivering with carnal lust as she pushed that cucumber deeper into herself. Her other hand was busy at her cunt, I assume, fingering her clitty as I watched. I kept quiet. I wanted to see what she was planning.

Almost unconsciously I reached down and pulled out my cock, which was throbbing at this show. As I watched her, she soon had the cucumber completely in her ass and was beginning to fuck herself with it as her other hand worked at her cunt. She began moaning, making sounds I never thought to hear from her throat. It wasn’t long before I watched her body spasm with her orgasm. I watched as her chest heaved to catch her breath. I watched as she pushed the cucumber all the way inside herself and then leaned against the open fridge with both hands, her fat body spasming and jerking from time to time.

I watched for a few minutes before finally deciding to move this along myself. I cleared my throat and nearly laughed, as she jumped, startled and turned around to see me holding my hard cock openly. She gasped, nearly chocking and her eyes nearly bulged out of her head as casino oyna she saw me, her eyes drawn towards my hard, thick 8.5″ cock, then back to my face as I watched her struggle to say something. I have to admit that just watching her like that had really turned me on.

I watched as her eyes filled with tears and she struggled to find a way to explain this. She seemed to reach the conclusion that there was nothing to say and looked up at me with sad pleading eyes. I really didn’t know what to say at this point either.

“So, what? Were you just going to cut that up into a salad later and not tell anybody where the cucumber had been?” I tried to put a humorous note in my voice, to make it a joke, but apparently I was not very successful. Carla immediately lost any control she had and burst into tears, collapsing to the floor in a blubbering fat pitiful heap.

“I am so sorry,” I heard her say through her sobbing. She buried her head in her ample arms and cried hard for a long while. I let her cry for a little before squatting down next to her and putting a hand on her shoulder, trying to offer some amount of comfort. It took a little while, but finally she calmed down to some degree and just started spilling words through her sobs. It was a long and often broken story she told me, and by the time she was done, I realized how badly my choices had affected her life. I felt confused and sad and angry at myself and so many other emotions, that it took me several moments to come to terms with what she said.

Pretty much the gist of it was that for as long as she could remember she had been in love with me, but her own low self-esteem would not allow her to make it known to me in any way. She told me of how she tried to compensate by allowing men to use her in more degrading and disgusting ways as time went on. She had never allowed herself to feel anything towards those many men, only that she had to obey their every whim, no matter what. Of course it took several years for her to get to this point – where she had no regard for her own happiness, only the release of the sexual tension she carried with her as if it were her purse. And what I had just seen was her lack of concern at being caught. I thought maybe she had done this on purpose, just to get caught by me, but she would not admit it at that point.

As she finished her long terrible story, she looked up at me with pitiful puppy dog eyes, filled with some kind of hope I could not define. My head was spinning and I really could not think straight. And then she shocked me even further. Without a warning, without a word, she got to her hands and knees and crawled over to where I was standing, bent down and kissed each of my feet, then looked up into my eyes. With only a little hesitation she said, “Make me yours, Sir! Please?!!?”

I was dumbfounded, speechless. When I didn’t answer for a few moments, she went on, “Dan, I have always wanted you. I have needed you. Now all I have left is my need to be with you in any way you will have me. If you don’t take me, I have nothing left to live for!”

There it was, right out there in the open. This woman, whom I had known since my birth had reached her bottom, the lowest point of her life, as far as she was concerned. I could hear it in her voice and see it on her face. She was just barely hanging on. If I gave the wrong answer now, it would destroy her.

Something inside of me clicked, and I knew right then what I had to do. Smiling softly I walked over to her, cupped her chin with one hand, and offered my free hand to her to help her to her knees. Now, I was not ignorant of the D/s lifestyle. Of course I had read about it and even imagined myself as a Dom. But, other than fantasy, nothing like this had ever come to me before. I was not about to let it slip away, and I loved Carla too much to see her going through the emotional wringer anymore. She had suffered greatly through her life and in a way it had been my fault. She needed me, and that was enough.

The other thing I realized was that our relationship could never be normal – that of two long-time lovers retiring together at the end of their lives. No, it would never be that. I knew that, and I knew that Carla did not care about that. I could hear that in her voice as well. So, with that I stood up tall and looked down at her. “Is this what you want, Carla,” I asked, already knowing the answer.

She looked up at me and I saw a smile that was more real on her face than I had seen in years. Her face actually became attractive as she looked into my eyes, nodding desperately as she said yes over and over. Taking the lead from all the porn i had read, I said firmly to her, “Kiss my feet, slave!”

Immediately she bent down to accomplish that command and I could hear her sobbing with happiness. When she had kissed both feet far more thoroughly than the first time, she looked up at me with eyes made beautiful in their happiness. I reached down and caressed her fat unattractive slot oyna face. “Are you giving yourself to me, slave?”

“Yes, Dan. Oh God yes – I am yours forever. If you want me,” she said, dropping her head at the last statement.

“Look up at me, slave!” I commanded. “I will take you, slave. But do not think your life will be easy under my foot. Do you understand?

“Yes, Dan,” she said softly. I smiled to myself and thought that this just might be fun for me, as I reached down and slapped her fat face sharply. She squealed and fell back, looking up at me in shock. I made the effort to remove any emotion from my face as I looked down on her. Even though I really do love her, I could not let her know that just yet in our relationship.

“You will address me as Master from now on, slave,” I said harshly. I watched her eyes carefully to see the effects of my statement. There was no change in her demeanor, other than acceptance. I continued on, with a cruel, careless tone in my voice, “You are my slave, my property. You will have no thoughts of your own from now on, other than how you can best please me. As far as I am concerned, you are nothing more than an animal! Do you understand, slave?

She nodded her understanding hurriedly, a smile of happy contentment crossing her fat face. I knew i had made the right choice for her at long last.


Carla was in heaven. At last – finally – and she still could not believe it, but yes, here she was – on her knees at the feet of her long-lost love. Well okay, not long-lost perhaps – she had never been his truly. Only in her heart and mind. Carla thought back over her life as she knelt before him the taste of the skin of his feet still on her lips.

The things she had done to try and compensate for not having him! The hurts her heart had suffered as she watched him live his life from afar! Her heart had broken right along with his when first Billy died and then when Anne died, she was at his side, wanting so desperately and so selfishly for him to notice her in that way, to love her the way he had loved Anne.

Through the years, while there was no filling the gulf that had been ripped into her heart so early in life, she sought other ways to find fulfillment. She had given up on happiness. She found herself doing things that normal people would never even think about. She had been the slave of an older couple for nearly ten years, soon after Dan had married Anne. When they tired of her, she found herself in a small apartment they had bought for her, but with no job and no prospects that she could see. After that it was a series of more and more humiliating situations with men and women, including selling her body.

She was not proud of that. It made her feel cheap and worthless, and even now, when she thought that perhaps she had finally found her place with Dan, she knew she was still worthless. Yet now, if she could possibly believe it, she had found the true happiness she had given up on so many years ago.

She had known all through her life she was ugly, that no man would want somebody as unattractive as she was. But she and Dan had been friends from before she could remember. They grew up together, sort of, even though they lived on opposite sides of town. In the back of her mind there was always that hope …

Their mothers had become friends when they had met, giving birth to her babies and remained close over the years. Carla had developed a curiosity about their friendship, though she could not put a finger on the reason why. Then, one day, almost innocently, she had found out just how close her mother was to Eli, Dan’s mother.

She had gotten home earlier than usual one Saturday afternoon and found her mother with her hands tied behind her back, on her knees, eating Eli’s fat pussy. She was so shocked she just stood there and watched as Eli forced her mother’s face deep into her fat thighs and hairy mound. Sometime later, she quietly crept away to her room, where she fell onto her bed, just numb.

That scene had effected her deeply. It had grown in her mind and made a home for itself there. Her imagination, over the years, had enhanced that vision in many different directions. She never said anything to Dan, or anyone else about what she witnessed, ever. The thought quickly crossed her mind of telling Dan – uh, Master, about it now, then quickly forgot that as he commanded her to kiss his feet, words she had been dreaming of hearing from his lips forever.

In her imagination all kinds of kinky things took place after that scene. The more she dwelled on that vision, the darker her thoughts and fantasies became, all of them involving Dan. It was that which had taken her down the road of sexual depravity. If her mother was willing to be that way, then she, who was not nearly the woman her mother was, must be destined for that life.

By the time Dan married Jane and had Billy, Carla had lost all her inhibitions about sex. By the time she turned canlı casino siteleri 40, she was a full slut, she thought, having done things she was sure her mother had not even thought of.

On her fortieth birthday she gave herself a present – she had gone to a dive in the industrial part of town and got drunk and soon began offering herself to the bartender, a skinny old man of about 70 or so, she thought. She showed no shame as she spoke out loud and brazenly, knowing the patrons were listening with rapt attention.

Ben, the old bartender, threw his bar towel at a man at the end of the bar and told him to ‘hold the fort.’ She went willingly into the small, stinky bathroom with him, where he commanded her to strip and get on her knees. As soon as she had done that he took his cock out and she took it in her mouth. She had learned along ago that old men still got as hard as they ever did and she moaned nastily as she took his six inch long, really thick cock into her mouth.

It didn’t take long for him to cum and when she had swallowed his load he grabbed her by the hair and led her to the open commode at the side of the small bathroom. He told her to kneel in front of it and lean her head back with her mouth open.

As she did that, he took off his jeans and underwear, walked over to her and turned around. He looked back and told her to guide his ass hole to her mouth, which she did, her tongue immediately probing his old wrinkled bud. He moaned nastily and then told her to open her mouth wide for her dinner.

At first she was shocked, having never gone this far before. Then it occurred to her that at this point, why should she resist? How could she resist? She realized right then that she was an animal, a pig, and deserved to be treated as such.

With that in mind, she eagerly licked the old wrinkled asshole, encouraging him to give her his gift. As soon as his firm poop hit her tongue she came with an orgasm like she had never felt before, her whole body tingling and quivering as her orgasm took over her being. His nasty shit filled her mouth and he told her to chew it really well and dribble down her chin.

When she had done this he moved his ass away and pushed again letting a long thin stream of wet shit fall onto her sagging chest and lap and mound. He commanded her to lick him clean then stood up and turned around, telling her to rub his shit into her like it was soap. She came again as she rubbed is nasty thin waste into her fat body and listened as he laughed long and hard at her.

Soon he got dressed and picked up her clothes and threw them in the wast basket, then spitting on them for good measure. He told her to just stay there for the rest of the day and service his patrons as they came in. He went to the door and opened it and kicked down the stopper to keep it open.

She heard him clearly as he told the rest of the bar about her predicament in the bathroom and the laughter he received as he told the story.

By the time the bar had to be locked up, she had serviced two more bartenders, two waitresses about her age, and all the customers who came in that day. Most of them wanted only to degrade her with piss and shit. One group of five college boys came in and fucked her three holes non-stop for over an hour, then finished with a golden shower.

As the last bartender came in to tell her to go home, he picked up her clothes out of the trash and ripped them from seam to seam, “or you can come with me, bitch!” She went with him and for nearly two years was his toilet slave and pain slut. A couple of times he had come close to killing her by strangulation and cutting. It was years before the last of those scars faded into her aging, wrinkling skin. He finally kicked her out when he moved away, and she went back to her small apartment and went back to that same bar.

That was her life, up until now. Here, at the feet of the one and only man she had ever loved, that love flooded back into her heart more fully than ever. She bent down to kiss his feet, as soon as he had commanded with that sexy authoritative voice. With those few words, he had her in the palm of her hand, and she was determined to prove that to him in any and every way he desired.

And when he told her that last thing, that she was his property, she nearly came on the spot.

“Yes Sir. Ohhh! Yes Master. Thank You Master,” she heard herself say, and had not one single moment of regret. She looked up into his eyes, eager to hear his next words. Her fat body trembled with happiness as she recalled him calling her an animal. That was just what she was and she knew it. She had come to enjoy thinking of herself in that way. And she knew without doubt that this was right, that he knew exactly what she needed and who she was.

“Suck me!” he commanded shortly. Without batting an eye she complied, taking his hard, thick cock into her mouth and throat effortlessly. She bobbed her head on and off his cock as if it were her cunt for a few strokes before backing off enough to actually suck him as he had commanded. She loved the moans this action had solicited and was eager to show her Master how good she was at sucking his cock.

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