An Erotic Moment of Trust

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Taking your hands in mine and pulling you, laughing, into the bedroom, turning out the lights as we wrap our arms around each other. Your hands move over my face and your fist is gripping my hair, holding it back, sucking at my neck and biting softly. I push you back onto the bed, our clothes falling from our bodies… down upon your back, laying beside you and reaching up under the pillow, pulling out the leather straps I left there earlier. A glimpse into your eyes, questioning your trust, and see only a smile in them. Now tying your arms above your head, wrists bound, and placing a blindfold over your eyes.

I light a candle to see your body, the light flickering across your chest, watching your excited breath. Leaning down, lightly licking at your lips, slowly parting them with my tongue, tasting you… with my lips now pressed against yours, and my hands lightly tickling your chest, playing in your hair. Breaking the kiss and licking down your neck, nibbling softly as I go, slowly tracing my tongue down to a nipple, sucking it into my mouth, biting softly, holding beylikdüzü escort it between my teeth as I flick back and forth

I reach toward the candle, liquid wax now collecting around the flame, and silently bring it above your chest. My mouth releases your nipple, leaving it wet, and I start to drip the wax slowly. Your body jerks sharply, then relaxes, feeling my breath blowing cool across you. As the wax hardens I begin licking along the edges, until finally I peel it off of your skin and begin to suck the reddened nipple softly. Hands moving over your body, to your waist… slowly taking you in my hand and squeezing, feeling your softness growing harder.

Releasing, squeezing harder, releasing… until I finally bring my lips to the head, stroking you now, resting my lips without opening over the tip. Slowly spreading my lips, barely… sliding down with my tongue working under, back and forth, until my mouth is at the base… then… humming low… not moving… slowly moving my tongue, feeling you vibrate. büyükçekmece escort Then… dragging back… and then forward… and then back… my hand stroking now, with my mouth meeting each time… tasting your pleasure. Sucking harder now, using my tongue to press under and up. I reach for your hand, and guide it to your shaft, silently closing my fingers over you as we start to stroke you into my mouth. Your grip is tight as I suck ever harder while still methodically humming. My teeth flashing in the light as I pull my lips back and delicately nibble on the sensitive head. Tongue tip working against your hole now, and I can taste the droplets dripping out as I lick it down. Closing my eyes and continuing, loving the control over your ecstasies and wanting it to last.

I pull my face away, feeling that you are swelling larger and throw my leg over you, your arms still tied above you. Slowly, carefully, guiding you into me, rising and falling only an inch or two with you barely inside of me. I finally push down hard, cevizli escort impaling myself, sliding down until you are fully in me, then grinding down with my hips, not rising, just rocking back and forth, squeezing you in me tightly. My nails are on your chest, dragging down, digging in just a little… listening to your breath come in quick gasps, begging.

Placing my hands on either side of your chest and leaning forward, I begin to rise and fall against you, pushing harder each time. Feeling your hips rising each time… meeting me… rocking harder and faster, feeling myself getting close, wanting to come with you. Changing my thrusts downward by leaning side to side, coming at you from different angles, rubbing different areas inside of me. I fall forward farther and feel your hands move around my hips, holding me up and in place as you start to slam into me. Our mouths open together, tongues dancing, and we are both moaning with each thrust.

Leaning back, my hair covering my breasts which you cannot see through your blindfold, my back arching… rising and falling, and suddenly you cry out and grow bigger in me, exploding inside, and I am screaming my pleasure, my head thrown back, joining you in sweet agony, our bodies shaking in unison. Grinding down, rocking, laughing, loving it all and you, and wishing it could never end, finally collapsing against your chest, breathing in your scent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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