All I Want for Christmas

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Ava Addams

I was alone on Christmas Eve. Shit. I poured myself another glass of wine, and flopped down on the couch. Flipping through channels on the TV, I settled on a romantic movie that was playing on the women’s channel. It made me cry, and I threw the remote on the floor in disgust.

I looked at the clock, again. It was only 7:30. A long, lonely night lay ahead of me. There was a yellow legal pad and marker on the coffee table in front of me. An idea formed in my head and I giggled.

“I must be a little drunk.” I said to Bubbles, my pet goldfish. He didn’t answer, he just swam in an endless circle, oblivious to my distress. Picking up the pad and pen, I set to work.

“Dear Santa,” I wrote at the top. The end of the pen found its way into my mouth and I chewed on it while I thought about what I wanted to say. Then, I continued.

“All I want for Christmas this year is a night of really hot sex with a nice, cute guy. If he had big muscles and long hair, that would be great. Oh, I wouldn’t mind if he had a decent sized dick. Not too big, though. Let’s say eight inches. And an earring, I like guys with earrings. Maybe a few tattoos. You know the kind of guy I like, sweet, but a little dangerous looking.”

Since I was making a list of demands, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to be really specific.

“Can he have dark hair, and blue eyes? With long eyelashes and nice full lips. Make him a really good kisser, too. Gentle, but strong. Tall, let’s say around 6 feet, with six pack abs and a tight butt. Please make him the kind of guy who can look past the fact that I need to lose twenty pounds. If he shows up with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, that would be fine with me.

I have been a pretty good girl this year. I volunteered at the food pantry a few times, and I helped my next door neighbor shovel her walk yesterday. Well, I did steal a few pens from the office, but that hardly seems a reason to put coal in someone’s stocking, right? If you are looking for someone to put on your naughty list, please consider my ex boyfriend, Brad, who cheated on me with my best friend Mindy. Can you believe I caught him fucking her in his car? The rat bastard.

Thanks for listening, Santa. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and that Mrs. Claus gives you a really good blowjob when you get back home.

Love always, Grace.”

I folded up the paper. A tear rolled off my chin and left a small wet stain on the letter. For extra luck, I gave it a kiss, then found an envelope and stamp. Once I had it ready to go, I pulled on my winter boots and walked to the mailbox that was on the corner. I sighed, then dropped the letter into the slot.

A light snow was falling, covering my neighborhood with a layer of sparkling diamond dust. It did nothing to lighten my dreary mood, however, and I trudged back to my townhouse. I poured myself another glass of wine, and watched a rerun of House. As I fantasized about Hugh Laurie, I must have drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to a soft, jingling sound. I sat up with a start. My ears picked up the sound of a small thud by the fireplace, and then I heard a tiny voice.

“Damn it, people need to watch where they put these fucking extension cords.”

“Who’s there?” I demanded. I scanned the room for a possible weapon. All I had was a black Sharpie. Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

“Grace?” the tiny voice answered. I shrieked behind my hands. “Don’t be afraid, I’m from the North Pole.”

“What?” I figured I was dreaming. Or drunk. Or both. There was a half glass of wine sitting on the coffee table and I chugged it down. A pair of tiny hands appeared, they were gripping the edge of the coffee table. Then, a tiny face appeared.

“Little help?” Stunned, I reached out my index finger. The little guy hoisted himself up on to the table and waved at me. “H! I’m Trip. Nice to meet you.”

I closed my eyes, then opened them. He was still there. “I’m dreaming.” I said to him.

“No, you’re not. Santa got your bostancı escort letter. You wanted a night of really hot sex with a cute guy, right? Well, here I am!”

“Um, wow, that’s great, but, I don’t know how to say this, but, you’re tiny. I wanted a guy with an eight inch penis, emphasis on the word penis.”

He scratched his head, then pulled my letter out of his tiny pocket. His lips moved as he read it over. “Oh. My bad.” He put the paper back in his pocket.

“One second.”

He very dramatically pushed a red button that was on his belt buckle. The air in front of me wavered and shimmered, and suddenly, there was a normal sized man standing on my coffee table.

I leaned back and stared at him. “Got a button that makes anything else bigger?” I asked.

“Oh, honey, I don’t need a magic button for that.” he said with a smirk.

He grinned at me, and my insides turned to jello. He was just what I’d asked for. Tall and fit, with long dark brown hair that fell around his face in perfect waves. He had sparkly blue eyes, framed with thick lashes and full lips. He was wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots and a dark green sweater that hugged his chest. Perfectly yummy in every way.

“Check this out.” He pulled his hair back and revealed a diamond stud in his left earlobe. “Just got this today, I’ve always wanted one.”

“Sexy. Very sexy.” I suddenly felt very self conscious in my ratty sweatshirt and fleece pajama bottoms. He seemed to read my mind. With a wave of his hand, my outfit turned into a sexy red nightie with white fake fur trim and crotchless panties. It barely covered my boobs, and I felt like a wanton sex goddess. It was very awesome.

“There, now don’t you feel more festive?”

“Yes, thank you.” I ran my fingers through my hair and it was perfectly curled. I even had lipstick on.

“Oh, one more thing.” Another wave of his hand and a bottle of champagne and tray of chocolate covered strawberries appeared on the table. He poured a glass for each of us. “To Christmas wishes.” he said as we clinked glasses.

“This is the best dream I’ve ever had.” I said as I sipped my champagne.

“Not a dream, Grace, this is real. Santa has a weakness for broken hearted horny girls.” He sat closer to me on the couch. “Speaking of which, how horny are you?”

“I’m so wet I’m leaving a puddle on the couch.” I said.

Trip chugged his champagne and threw the glass over his shoulder. It disappeared before it hit the ground.

“Let me feel.” He flashed a wicked smile, then ran his fingers over my crotch. I spread my legs and he grazed my clit with his thumb. I shivered. He leaned over and licked my bottom lip, then kissed me. I put my fingers in his silky hair and pulled him close. We tongue kissed while he fingered my wet snatch. “Yeah, that’s nice and juicy.”

He leaned over and brushed his lips over my nipple, making it firm up. He teased it with his tongue, then sucked it gently. I moaned in the back of my throat, softly, as hot lust spread over my body. I slid my ass down a little to make it easier for his fingers to play with my pussy. He rubbed my clit with his thumb, and massaged the inside of my vag with his index finger. Slowly, firmly, it set me on fire. His mouth found my other nipple, and he pulled it against his tongue.

“That’s so nice.” I moaned.

“You’re so sexy, Grace. Cum for me, right now.” He rubbed a little harder and I felt my climax build. I threw my head back as a throbbing orgasm shook me to my core.

“Oh, yes, Trip, yes.” I shuddered as I came, and his mouth moved up to mine. He kissed me until I relaxed again.

“Well, that was a nice beginning.” He moved his fingers from my snatch and licked them. “Tasty, baby, very tasty.”

I pulled at his clothes. “Take them off!” He snapped his fingers, and he was instantly naked. To my great delight, his upper arms were covered in beautiful tattoos. He also had a wreath tattooed around his belly button. ataşehir escort His right nipple was pierced, an extra treat I couldn’t help but get giddy over.

“Holy shit, you’re hot! Come here, I need to suck that big, beautiful dick.” At my instruction he knelt on the couch, straddling my thighs so that his delectable cock was right in front of my face. I grabbed his firm ass and ran my tongue all over his cock and balls. He tasted sweet, with a faint hint of peppermint. The head of his prick felt so good under my tongue and I licked it like a candy cane.

“That’s fantastic.” Trip moaned. “Your tongue is magical.”

“Sweetie, I’m just getting warmed up.” Having such a delicious cock in my mouth was enough of a treat, but when it was attached to such a scorching hottie, well, let’s just say I was pretty fucking happy. I lifted his shaft and sucked his smooth scrotum into my mouth, and massaged his balls with my tongue. The smooth area between his ass and cock got a nice rub with my greedy fingers. He was so clean, and smelled so good, I even slipped a finger further back and teased his asshole.

“Fuuuuuuck! You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”

I blushed, and then sucked his long dick into my mouth, still teasing his ass with my fingers. His cock was heavenly, smooth and hard, I loved the feel of it as it slipped in and out of my mouth. Spit was running down his balls, I was drooling over him so hard.

“I could suck you all night, you’re so delicious.” I said.

“You’re making me cum, angel.”

“Cum in my mouth, let me taste you.” His balls twitched beneath my fingers as his cock erupted against my tongue. It was the perfect amount, and I lapped it up hungrily. His cum tasted like gingerbread. “Yummy.” I swirled my tongue around the head, making sure I found every delicious drop. A tiny stream dribbled down my chin, I scooped it up with my finger, then licked it off while I looked up at him.

“You are so fucking sexy, I’m going to die,” he said. I put my hands on his lower back and hugged him. My face was against his rock hard abs. I couldn’t help but lick his adorable belly button, and suck the pierced nipple.

“My turn,” he said and in a blink, we were in my bed. He pushed me back against the pillows and kissed my lips. I gripped his strong shoulders and then stroked his back with my fingernails, softly. He was making low, breathy sounds in the back of his throat.

“Trip, your body is so gorgeous, I can’t get my hands on it fast enough.”

“Take you time, baby, we have hours,” he said. I giggled with delight and wrapped my legs around him as we tongue kissed. He moved his lips over to my neck, and kissed down to my shoulder. He slid the nightie off over my head.

“You are so beautiful, Grace, your skin is perfect. I have a weakness for redheads, and those green eyes, oh, man. This is my lucky fuckin’ day.” He cupped my breasts and kissed each one. “Did I mention how incredible your boobs are? So full and round, with these perfect nipples. My cock is so fucking hard. Damn.”

Shivers went up my spine as he nibbled on my skin. Lower and lower, his mouthed moved slowly, until it reached my hips. His tongue licked over my hip bone, as his thumbs massaged my inner thighs. Inside, I thanked myself for giving my pubic hair a nice trim that morning. I felt very neat and tidy.

Trip put my legs over his broad shoulders and slid his hands under my ass. He lifted my clit up to his mouth and sucked it firmly. The sight of his handsome face between my legs left me breathless. I watched in fascination as his tongue flicked over my throbbing pussy. My back arched and I moaned loudly. His thumb slid up inside my snatch, sending waves of pleasure all the way down to my toes. I got lost in another strong orgasm as my clit vibrated under his talented tongue. He smiled at me, then kissed the inside of my leg.

“That was amazing.” I could barely get the words out, I was in such rapture. He slid my legs off çekmeköy escort his shoulders, then laid next to me. Leaning up on my elbow, I slid my fingers up and down his muscular chest. I couldn’t help but notice his cock was hard and pointing straight up. He saw me looking at it.

“Yeah, I’m hard again. It’s your hot body, baby. I could go all night.” My fingers gripped it and I stroked it.

“I want you to fuck me with this big dick. You ready for that?”

“Fuck, yeah! How would you like it?” I had him sit up with his back against the headboard. I straddled him, and slid my pussy down on his long, hard pole. It fit perfectly in my snatch and I slid up and down on it, savoring the silky hardness as it massaged me inside.

“Oh, that’s so fucking good. Fuck me, baby,” he said as he put his head back and groaned. His eyes were closed in ecstasy, and his lips were so wet. I ran my thumb over his bottom lip, then sucked it into my mouth. We kissed as I rode his cock like a carnival ride. I pulled away from his lips and directed my nipple into his mouth. He nibbled on it, then sucked it hard. My fingers tangled themselves in his hair.

He pushed me back so that he could get at my clit with his fingers. My pussy clenched around his cock, making him moan louder still. I squeezed and squeezed him inside me, until he was crying out my name.

“Grace, oh, Grace, don’t stop, it’s so good.” I leaned back on my hands, and he pumped his hips, pulling his dick in and out at a perfect pace. I felt my orgasm building, and felt his cock throbbing inside. We both came at the same moment, in a burst of heat. I swear I saw fireworks. It was amazing.

“Oh, Trip, I needed that so much, thank you.” We stretched out on the bed together and I put my head on his chest.

“No, baby, thank you. I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun. Man, I really owe Santa one for sending me here. Damn, he must really have appreciated all my hard work in the toy factory this year. How else could I have scored such an awesome assignment as this?”

“Do you really look like this all the time?”

“Yeah. Except for the earring. Funny story. I was checking over the sleigh, and Santa was looking at me, with a funny look on his face. Then he asked me if I had any tats. I was like ‘yeah, lots.’ Then he smiled and broke out into a ‘ho, ho, ho’ and patted me on the back. He said he had a special assignment for me, in Chicago. Then he said ‘But, you have to get your ear pierced first, is that okay?’ I said ‘Yeah, that’s cool’, so Mrs. Claus took care of it. Then, I borrowed one of the mini sleighs and flew to your roof. I had to shrink to fit down the chimney.”

I giggled, and kissed his sweet lips. After a brief rest, I leaned over the bed and he fucked me doggy style. We did it again on the stairs, then once more on the kitchen floor. I was so spent, I could barely move. Trip carried me back upstairs and laid me in my bed. He pulled me into his arms and played with my hair.

Between his gentle fingers, his body heat, and the sheer exhaustion from having so many orgasms, I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I was wearing brand new red silk pajamas. I sat up and stretched. There was a note on the bed. It said:

Dear Grace,

I couldn’t bear to wake you, you were sleeping so peacefully, and looked so pretty.

Last night was amazing! I can barely walk today, but it was worth it! If you’re not busy New Years Eve, I would love to bring you up to the North Pole for a scorching party. Nobody rings in the new year like a bunch of drunken elves. I can pick you up at 8:00, dress warm!

Love, Trip

PS: Look under your tree!

I hugged the letter to my chest and squealed with joy. Then I leaped out of bed and ran to the living room. There were at least a dozen packages under the tree, all with beautiful ribbons and bows attached. My phone rang, and I checked the caller ID. It was Brad. I let the machine get it.

His voice came over the tiny speaker. He sounded pissed.

“Grace, I can’t believe you would stoop so low! Sending me two hundred fruitcakes by UPS was one thing, but then having my car buried under a pile of coal, you went to far! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer!” I laughed until my sides hurt.

“Thank you, Santa!” I shouted.

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