Afternoon Delight

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Lying back in the seat, eyes closed, I was enjoying the sun kissing my bare legs and arms. I felt the wind from the open window rush around my body. My black hair whipped around my face, my skirt over my legs.

I don’t know how long we’d been driving for or even where we were going. I was just relishing being in his presence. I had been dozing in and out of consciousness for a while, occasionally stirring from the feel of his hands as they brushed along my bare leg or at the whisper of cleavage showing out of my cami top.

I must have dozed off again as I woke with the touch of his mouth against mine. I opened my eyes and kissed him back. Pushing him away, I wanted to take in the scenery surrounding us. We were parked at the end of a dirt track, and as far as the eye could see there were fields of grass. We were totally alone.

He had got out of the Ute and was now opening my door and helping me out and into his arms. We kissed deeply, bodies close, hands possessing the other. We had only just started and control was already slipping from both of us.

He took hold of my hand and led me around to the back, lowering the tailgate. His strong arms took hold of my waist and lifted me so I was sitting on the edge of the vehicle. I parted my legs so he could stand between them, I pulled him close, he enveloped me in his arms and once again we were kissing deeply. Our kisses were full of heat and passion as they always were.

He lifted his shirt over his head, exposing his well defined body. I traced my hands from his shoulders down to his torso. I loved feeling the ripples of his muscular body. The sun was warm on his skin and the air was filled with his musky scent. Moving my hands down across his hips my fingers brushed against his cock which was straining against his jeans.

I unbuttoned them, releasing his hardness. He pushed them down over his hips and stepped out of them. And there he stood in front of şişli escort me – naked and beautiful. He placed his hands at my waist and removed my top, freeing my breasts into the warm air. Putting both his hands on my face he kissed me softly.

I just melted. The heat in my body was rising, from my chest down to the swelling of my pussy. Sitting there in the open air just in my skirt was amazing, it was liberating. Almost naked for anyone to see, more importantly for him to see. I placed my hands behind me and leant back, I could feel a blanket underneath me. He climbed up onto the truck beside me and lay down over me.

My body sighed at the feeling of his naked skin against mine. I shifted my hands down to untie my wrap skirt. I wriggled so it was free from my body. His hands followed mine and to his delight I had been naked under my skirt. He slipped his hand between my legs, and lightly fingered my already moist pussy. I moaned out loud, he knew all my good places.

It only lasted a moment then he moved off me. He was now sitting at the front of the tray with his back against the cab. He looked very comfortable, inviting. I parted his legs and crawled between them. I stopped when I reached his cock. I licked the entire length of him, when I reached the tip I took him into my mouth. He groaned out in pleasure.

With my hands on his thighs I continued to work him as only I knew how. With my teeth I lightly bit him, with my tongue I licked the length of him, with my lips I took the whole of him deep into my mouth. He held my head exactly where he wanted me and guided me up and down over his cock. We were moaning together, I loved this feeling, this power. It excited me almost as much as him.

As I was getting completely lost in the moment, I felt him place his hands under my arms and pull me towards him. I straddled him, taking his cock deep into my pussy as I lowered taksim escort myself. And there we were, still, enveloped in each others arms, as close as we could get. The hot sun almost burning our naked skin.

Then once again there was movement, mouths kissing hungrily, hands moving possessively, but our hips still remained as one, pushing against each other….. hard and deep.

The heat in my body was rising rapidly. It was surging around my body; the ache deep inside me was growing till it was almost unbearable. I had to move, get myself from him – even just for a moment. I stood up off him, he sighed in disbelief. I closed my eyes and was enjoying the air rush around my slender body when I felt him grab my ass and pull me close to him once more.

I placed my hands down on to his shoulders. He ran his fingers along the centre of my heat, and spread my lips apart, and then with his tongue he lightly licked the folds of my skin, feeling my wetness. My knees buckled and I couldn’t catch my breathe as he turned his attention to my clit. Using his teeth he gently bit and tugged at me. A scream escaped my lips as I was ready to give in to him.

He took this as his cue to stand up. He took me into his arms and turned my around so I was looking over the front of the Ute, my back to him. I placed my hands on the top of the cab, bent slightly over so my ass was against him. I felt him step back and look at my ass, I knew he loved it. He then stood back against me and I felt his erection hard against me.

He grabbed my ass and pulled it hard against him, letting his cock slip between my legs against my wet pussy. Moving his hips against my tight butt he was stimulating my clit to no end. I started grinding against him. I changed the angle of my hips allowing him to slide into my pussy. My body took him easily, my muscles closing around as he entered me. He felt incredible. topkapı escort

I moved my hand down between my legs to play with myself and to also feel him thrusting in and out of me. Once again the climax started to build in me, my pussy was throbbing and with every movement he hit that spot deep inside which only intensified all my nerves.

His pace was building; I was screaming his name as the orgasm started to take hold. And just as I was ready to fall over the edge into bliss he pulled out of me. He took hold of his erection and rubbed himself along my ass. He was so wet, covered with my juices.

I moved my hips against him. I need him in me again. With his hands on my waist he thrust deep and hard once more. My hands were now back on the top of the Ute, pushing my ass out against him. He filled me up with his delicious cock, pounding hard against me. He moved one of his hands around me so he could tease my clit at the same time.

He started to move quicker, he was losing control, as was I. I heard someone scream, I opened my eyes, then I realized it was me. The pleasure had taken me over. My god – the sensations were out of this world. He was also moaning out loud.

He was speaking my name, I knew he was close. I lost track of it all, the only thing that was going through my mind was how to satisfy this ache. He continued to thrust and I just kept grinding my hips against him. This was it – I couldn’t hold on, I screamed, the orgasms were rolling out of my body like this bliss would last forever.

Then when I thought I could take no more he wrapped his other arm around my waist and pulled me in close and with one final thrust I felt him cum. His body shuddered against mine – I’m sure he orgasmed more than once. Once he was finished he pulled out of me and collapsed over my sated body. We stood there for a moment relishing in our ecstasy.

After a short time we both sat back down on the floor of the tray, taking in the scenery, basking in each others presence. Then we curled up on the blanket in the warm air and fell asleep.

We woke, the sun was down, the sky was full of stars but all we could see was the others naked body, the only thought was how we could please each other this time ………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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