A St. Nicholas Surprise

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In Holland, children get presents from Saint Nicholas instead of Santa Claus. They place their shoe by the fireplace on the three Saturdays before the Happy Evening, which is on December 5th. When they set their shoe they put in a carrot for the horse of Sinterklaas and they sing a few songs about him and his helper, Black Peter. If they have been good during the year the carrot is replaced with a small gift during the night. In the old days naughty children got a bag of salt or a rod for punishment.

Every year it is the same routine. Half November St. Nicholas arrives by boat in a Dutch harbor and lots of parents take their children to welcome him. And when it is finally 5 December most families happen to find a basket of presents and sweets near their front door, left by Saint Nicholas and Black Peter.

She was determined to stick to tradition this November as well. She took the kids to watch the arrival of St.Nicholas. No matter the cold, she took them to the harbor where, together with hordes of other mothers with children, they waited for the gaily-decorated boat bringing Sinterklaas and his helpers.

This year it would be more difficult to ensure the girls had as much fun as their friends. Both kids were still firm believers in St. Nicholas and she had to come up with nice presents. Not only did she need gifts for December 5th, she had to get small things to put in their shoe every Saturday night from the moment he arrived until the evening of the presents. How she was going to do that, she had no idea. Her husband left her two years ago and recently she had lost her job. It was really hard to make ends meet, but she was sure she could find a way for the girls to enjoy the festivities.

The first two weekends she managed to give the children little presents. They set a shoe near the fireplace, put carrots in for St. Nick’s horse and sang a few songs to St.Nick and Black Peter before going to bed. The next morning the kids were up early to see what St.Nick and his helper had left in their shoe. The first time they found colorful mittens. She had found some old sweaters in the attic and re-used the wool. The next Sunday morning both got a drawing book and a box of color-pencils to share. The last weekend they were a little disappointed to find only a mouse of marzipan for each of them.

While the children were in school she had plenty of time to search shops for something nice but not too expensive. The traditional chocolate letters were easy, a ‘C’ for Carla and an ‘A’ for Anna. And it was fun to bake the peppernuts together with the kids. Both the girls had asked St.Nick very urgently to give them a doll. So she hunted till she found a small shop with secondhand toys. She bought two dolls, one with brown hair and the other with blond locks. With plenty of time on her hands, she turned her unemployment into an advantage and managed to sew some beautiful clothes for both dolls. She hid the presents in her closet, wrapped in special Nicholas paper decorated with little Sinterklaasjes and tiny Black Peters climbing through chimneys with presents and sweets.

Finally it was December 4th. The presents and the sweets were waiting for the Happy Evening. She felt really proud that she had managed so well with so little. She had to skip herself with the presents and hoped the children wouldn’t notice but she couldn’t overcome a touch of December blues.

Slicing carrots, she was humming a Nicholas song. Luckily the girls never connected the carrots on their menu with their gifts for St.Nick’s horse. They were five now, next year they would probably start to doubt and maybe the year after that they would know St.Nick wasn’t real. The thought made her a little sad. Together with their faith in St.Nick riding on the rooftops on his white horse, they would lose a little magic. She sighed, but then she started humming again and after a while she switched to singing softly.

“Sweet children get cookies, bad children the rod.
O dearest Saint Nicholas, please visit with me.
Please stop by my house
And give presents to me.”

She grinned suddenly. After two years of separation she’d welcome a rod. Only not the one Black Peter used for spanking naughty boys and girls. She glanced to the children, but they had their eyes glued to the TV. Swiftly she turned her back to them and slipped one hand inside her jeans. She undid the top button to give her fingers enough room to reach inside. The furtiveness of the situation gave her a nice little extra rush. She turned her head and gazed out into the garden. The leafless trees looked like black ghosts in the grey light of the winter sunset. Just as she was getting really hot, the water started to boil and she turned down the gas. She had to leave her pussy alone and the only thing she had achieved was making herself even hornier than she had been to begin with. Biting her lip she quickly rinsed her hands, finished dinner and called the girls to the table.

After dinner, Carla and Anna watched Sesame Street before going to bed. She listened to their excited chattering atalar escort when they were finally tucked in. They were determined to stay awake so they could catch Black Peter climbing down the chimney. At the bottom of the stairs she listened till they were both fast asleep. As softly as possible she got the presents and put them in a basket. On tiptoes she left the house by the backdoor and stepped through the garden to the house on the other side of the back passage. Their neighbor had agreed to assist by pounding on the door and leaving the presents for the girls to find on the evening of the 5th. Before she knocked on his backdoor, she smoothed her brown hair and straightened the green sweater. She hesitated briefly. He had said she could always walk right in, but she never had. She somehow felt a little intimidated by the tall man. Squaring her shoulders she knocked and waited for him to open the door.

She didn’t have to wait very long. He switched on the light in the kitchen and smiled when he saw her standing there with the basket filled with presents. His eyes taking in the slender frame with the long legs and the firm breasts.

“Come in, Eva. Want some coffee?” He took the basket out of her hands.

She shook her head. “No thank you, I don’t want to leave the girls alone.”

The well-muscled torso in front of her, only covered by a tight red T-shirt, affected her in a very unwelcome way. All of a sudden she was reminded of her never finished masturbation a few hours earlier. Nervously she licked her lips and tried to look away.

“Eva? Is something wrong?” The deep voice made her quiver a little. “You look like you have a fever. You’re not getting ill, are you?” He tucked the basket under his arm, reached out and gently stroked her hot cheek with his strong, cool fingers.

She almost jumped back and laughed a little breathless. “Stop that, David. I’m not sick. Just flushed from all the last minute arrangements.”

She was almost afraid to look him in the face, scared that he might see how much she wanted him to touch her. His black eyes were difficult to read and sometimes made her uncomfortable. She never knew for certain what she saw in them. And this time was no different. She thought he was amused, but was not sure.

“Are you laughing at me? Wait till you have children of your own.” She gestured toward the basket he still held under one arm. “That didn’t get filled all by itself you know.”

“Eva, Eva.” Now he definitely was amused. “No need to bite my head off. All I said, was that you looked hot.” He tilted his head a little and grinned. “Come to think of it, you look very hot.” He let his eyes slide from her unruly brown curls to the green sweater where he could see her firm breasts with a hint of her nipples, touching on her nicely rounded hips and coming to rest on the long legs in the tight black jeans. He nodded and let his look linger on her breasts. “Definitely, very hot.”

She couldn’t stop herself from straightening under his appraisal. Too late she realized that in doing so she also kind of presented her breasts to him. David’s obvious appreciation started a little flame in her belly. She blushed and almost stammered: “I ah, I really have to go back.” She pointed to the basket. “Will you bring it around eight? Just bang on the door and leave it. And, ah, thank you again.”

David cursed the basket in his hands as he watched her turn and hurry through their respective gardens. He knew very well that she fancied him, but was too shy to act on it. If he ever wanted some action, he had to be the one to start it and tonight had presented a very nice opening. Damn that basket. Still cursing he waited till she disappeared into her own house before he turned off the light and returned to his study.

Sitting in front of his computer he found it difficult to concentrate. Instead of his screen waiting to be filled with letters, he saw the elfin face of Eva with the large, golden brown eyes and the shining brown curls. Her skin had felt like silk under his fingers. The green sweater had hugged her breasts and those long legs … He squirmed in his chair as his cock started to raise its head. Jesus, he really had no time for this. He glanced at the slender clock sitting on his desk and sighed. He had two hours to finish his weekly column in the local newspaper and he hadn’t even started yet.

Eva closed the backdoor and leaned against it with knees like jelly. It had been almost impossible not to run to the safety of her own home. Lord the eyes of that man. This time the look in them had been all too clear. There was no mistake possible. He had wanted her. He had said so, hadn’t he? She shivered a bit as she walked from the kitchen to the living room.

Settling herself on the couch she tried to concentrate on the news on TV. The girls were fast asleep upstairs, the important household chores were done and she had the whole evening to herself. She zapped through the TV offerings without much hope of finding ataşehir escort something interesting. It was Wednesday night, which meant sports, sports and more sports. The alternative was a film about some real-live family tragedy, yuck, or something called ‘The other side of the moon’. That turned out to be a stupid dating show with silly boys and empty-headed girls. She got up to make some coffee and hunted for the TV guide. Not even Discovery Channel was featuring something interesting. She tried reading a book next, but she was too restless to concentrate for long.

Wandering around the house brought her to the big window overlooking the garden. She was standing in the partly illuminated room, looking out at the house across the two gardens. David’s house was dark except for a window on the second floor. She knew that was his study.

“Probably writing his piece for tomorrow’s paper,” she thought and attempted to picture him sitting in front of his computer. Instead of that she found herself imagining something less demure. David’s body looked a lot like his namesake by Michaelangelo. The biggest difference was the face; the living David had tiny crow’s feet by his eyes and looked a bit more rugged. She licked her lips and wiggled her ass. Picturing their neighbor without his clothes was definitely turning her on.

Remembering the feel of his fingers on her cheek, she imagined his touch on her neck, travelling down between her breasts and… She cupped her breasts and spread her legs a little. Eva stared at the single lighted window and pushed her pelvis forward. “I wish you were here, David. Kissing my nipples, sliding those strong fingers up my pussy.” She moaned and clenched her thighs. Damn, she was getting terribly hot again. For a brief moment she hesitated. The thought in her mind was wicked, more daring than anything she had ever done before.

“What the heck”, she muttered and turned around. In seconds she had switched off the lamps and for a moment she stood listening to the sounds of the house. Apart from a little creaking of the timbers, all she could hear was the wind sighing in the trees and an occasional whine from the dog a few houses down the road. The house felt like a safe screen between her and the world outside. The darkness was warm and reminded her of a velvet wrap. The only light came from the nearly full moon, sailing among the rushing clouds.

She took a deep breath and stepped up to the back window once more, careful to stay out of the patch of moonlight. After all, she had no intention to really show herself. All she wanted to do was pretend that David was looking from his study. That thought was enough to push her beyond her usual boundaries. Her high heels were already lying near the couch and slowly she peeled the tight black jeans off, revealing long, lightly tanned legs and a black satin thong.

Standing in the dark room in only her thong and a sweater, she had to stop for a moment. The feeling was so incredibly sexy; she had to take it very slowly. She was determined to let this last as long as possible. Suddenly she giggled as she imagined St. Nicholas riding the rooftops and stumbling on her little show. One of her favorite songs popped into her head. The one that was about the moon riding the sky and the wind that was howling in the treetops. Eva grinned and adjusted the words to her mood.

She whispered them to the empty garden: “Hear the wind sigh in the treetops, in this house you hear just me. I’m not sighing, I am moaning because I’m horny as can be. Hope the Saint will come to visit…” She stopped there because the idea of that gentle old man did not combine very well with her lustful fantasy. She’d rather have David come to visit her. With that thought she turned her back to the garden and pulled the sweater up over her head while she moved her hips in a suggestive way. The sweater drifted to the floor as she made a turn with her arms stretched wide. For a moment she just stood there as if she really had an audience and she wanted to give the public time to admire her slim body, clad in the satin thong and a black satin and lace bra.

God, she never would have guessed she could get so wet from just taking off her clothes. The thong was already plastered against her pussy and she saw her nipples pushing through the lace of her bra. She closed her eyes and let her hands move over her body, teasing herself by postponing to touch her breasts, skipping the wet thong altogether. She moaned softly when she finally held her nipples between her fingers, pulling and pinching them she felt hot flashes travelling directly to her clit.

She knew better than to touch her pussy right now. She’d come and the fun would be over, and she didn’t want that, yet. With her eyes still closed she pushed the bra down and freed her firm breasts, savoring the touch of her fingers to the naked flesh. She rolled the stiff pink nipples between her thumb and forefinger, tugging at them to make them bigger still. Her mouth opened slightly avcılar escort as she licked her lips and she wished there was something at hand to provide friction for her cunt.

She opened her eyes to look for something, but froze in shock. The moon had shifted a bit and right now she was standing in a patch of pale white light and to make matters even worse, she thought she detected movement in David’s house. The light in his study was out, but she was sure she saw the thin white curtains stir for a moment.

Her hand flew to her mouth and then she darted out of the room, raced up the stairs and almost slammed her bedroom door shut.

After a while she felt her breathing regain some sort of normalcy and she started to get ready for bed. The sexy mood was pushed to the back of her mind. Fantasies were all very nice, but she really had no intention of acting them out. She blushed furiously at the thought of David seeing her pleasuring herself. God, she could never look him in the face again. She brushed her teeth and slid between the covers of the big empty bed. In a matter of seconds her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Eva found herself walking along endless corridors, passing wide marble covered hallways and beautiful sunny gardens with delicate tinkling fountains. She enjoyed the warm breeze and although she never saw other people, she knew for certain that she was in the palace of St. Nicholas. Some of the walls were covered with ancient tapestries and every now and then she saw antique furniture, fragile statues and colored Venetian glasses on carved wooden side tables.

On an impulse she entered one of the small, secluded gardens, lured there by the music of falling water and the scent of the many flowers. She stepped out in the sunshine and was surprised to feel the warmth of the baked tiles beneath her feet. It was only then that she realized she was walking barefoot, clad in nothing but a red robe just like the one St. Nicholas always wore. Except that her robe was not made of velvet but of the sheerest gauze, clearly showing she wasn’t wearing anything else.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, she detected a sense of excitement. There was nobody there to see her and the see-through robe made her feel very, very sexy. She wished she could admire herself in a mirror and turning around she noticed a long slim panel of polished silver, tucked away in the arch opposite the one she came through. The garden was small and with a few steps she stood in the shadowed passage.

A soft ‘ooh’ escaped her lips when she saw her reflection. Her brown hair tumbled to her shoulders and her face was slightly flushed, enhancing her sparkling, golden brown eyes. But the real surprise was her body. It looked gorgeous in the red gauze that hid nothing but gave every curve a soft edge. Her image showed that her pink nipples were almost poking through the thin material and she became aware of the slowly building fire in her loins. Still looking in the mirror she lifted her hands and saw herself touching her breasts. Watching how she started to pleasure herself was turning her on even more. Pulling and pinching her nipples through the thin gauze made them stand out like little spikes and caused the fire between her legs to leap even higher. She could feel the wetness starting to trickle down her legs and in curiosity she parted the robe and looked down. The short brown curls were damp and, in the mirror, she could see the pearly white liquid glistening on her legs.

Looking up again she saw the reflection of the gilded staff of Saint Nicholas leaning at the fountain in the middle of the garden. Turning her backside to the mirror she stepped out in the garden once more. The red robe fluttered in the light breeze since she had not taken the trouble to close it anew. All her attention was focused on that long wooden pole. She planted the bottom firmly in the rich brown earth, taking care the staff had a nice angle so she could rub against it. Eva no longer cared if there were people around or not. She straddled the staff and pushed the robe aside. With one hand she held the golden pole in position and, as she started to slide her cunt up and down the smooth firm wood, her other hand found a now-bare nipple.

“Ooh, this feels good.” She threw her head back and closed her eyes, concentrating on the wonderful feelings travelling from her nipple to her cunt and back up. Her hips were gyrating in slow semi-circles, letting the staff slide over her clit and down between her lips. “Sooo fffucking gooood.”

She wished she had more hands, enough to hold the staff steady, manipulate both nipples and stroke her clit. As if on cue she felt a touch on her other breast and someone took a firm hold of the staff. Eva opened lust-glazed eyes and smiled into the face of a Black Peter bending over her. Within seconds his face dissolved and became that of David, his black eyes burning with desire.

“Yes”, she whispered “ride me like your own white horse.” A loud moan escaped her mouth when she felt his fingers touching her clit, softly circling the sensitive pearl and then exploring the moist folds between her legs. Eva found his biceps, let her hands slide over his shoulders and down his chest, touching his hard nipples. Standing on tiptoe she could just reach his mouth and she started to lick his lips, begging him to fill her mouth with his tongue.

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