a night with my neighbor 2 -the morning after

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I lay awake on the floor, the soft carpet caressing my naked body. Claire slept peacefully next to me, cuddled up to my side. Her naked form was so beautiful, so perfect, i felt almost pure guilt for having to move her. My arm had fallen asleep with her, leaving it all tingly and numb.
As i eased her off me, a soft sigh left her. Claire was even more beautiful on her back. Her breasts stood out, pure white. Her scrumptious nipples her so inviting, that i just had to taste them. I took her left breast in my mouth, rolling her nipple around with my tongue. It hardened as she began to moan, apparently still asleep. I smiled, shook my head, and sucked on the right. Her hand found the back of my head, and pushed me deeper. She was awake.
“Good morning, this is a pleasant wake up call.” She gave me a smile, and pushed my head back onto her tit. I sucked and bit her left nipple and squeezed and pinched the other. Her breathing began to pick up, and i knew she was close. I picked up my pace, giving it everything i had. With a sharp breath, she came. Her juices leaked out of her pussy, and she smashed my face into her beautiful tits.
“Oh, wow. I havent came like that in a long time. Its your turn.” She pushed me backwards and got in between my legs. Grasping my hardened cock, she began to stroke it up and down. The feeling was amazing. Her hands were so london escort agency small, she couldnt touch her fingers around it. She smiled at me, kept eye contact, and took the head of my throbbing cock in her mouth.
It was like fireworks went off. Unlike last night, where she did everything she could to make me cum fast, this time she went slow. First just the head, not moving her head, just sucking on it. Soon, she shot down my shaft. I thrusted up with her as she deepthroated me over and over again. I had to make her stop. Her body was going to be mine.
I put her on her back, and pulled her legs apart. I roughly pushed my fingers in her, making her scream out in ecstasy. I pumped into her, faster and faster. Stopping just before she came again. I placed my cock, at her entrance, and thrusted in. I just pounded and pounded into her. Never giving her a chance to breath, i rolled her onto her stomach. Laying flat on top of her, i destroyed her tight just deflowered pussy. She squirmed under me, loving every second of it. I felt her body tighten as she came for the second time.
“Oh my god chuck, your fucking awesome. Im so tired now.” She laughed and layed in the couch. We just talked for a few hours, about her life. Her studies, and her parents. She told me how she just broke up with her boyfriend. A man who had hit her and wouldnt independent escort girls have sex with her. He had forced claire to suck his dick for a year, never giving her anything in return.
“So what about you chuck, whats your life story?” How could i resist that pouty lip.
“Well, there isnt much to me. Born in raised in canada. I grew up with the big city life, still trying to get used to the small town life. Played football and canada. Decided that i would become a doctor. Medicine always interested me. Figured it was the way to go.” The whole time i talked, she was running her fingers across my chest and arms. I couldnt help but smile. She looked at me with a seriousness on her face that worried me.
“Claire, is something wrong?” She just looked at me. When she finally spoke, i was taken aback at what she said.
“Chuck, i want you to fuck my ass. Hard. Ive never had it before, and i want my first time to be with you.” After the shock of the request left my body and mind, i really thought about it. Her ass was amazing, and i would love to fuck it. And if she wanted it…

“Ok, under one condition. You let me take you to dinner tonight.” She laugh nodded, and got on her knees on the couch. Leaning over the back of it. I got behind her, and rubbed her wet pussy. Using her own juices, i moistened her asshole, getting it nice Escort in dubai and wet. She jumped when i touched her hole, but got used to it fast. I lined up, and eased into her.
Ive done anal before, but her ass was so tight and warm. Everything about this girl was a new experience. I started slow, fucking her only with the head. She cooed out, and moaned deeply, biting her lip. I pushed deeper in, not stopping til i bottomed out. I just sat there for a bit.l, letting her get used to it. Once she nodded at me, i began again. Still going slow, i pulled almost all the way out, and pushing all the way back in. I kept this up for awhile. Claire loved every second of it.
“Harder chuck, fuck me hard. Slam that cock in me.” I was only too happy to oblige. I bent her farther over, opening her ass up a bit, and began. I rammed my rod so far up her ass that i was slapping my balls against her pussy, hitting her clit. This sent wave of pleasure through her with every thrust. Over and over again i bottomed out in her. I soon felt my balls tigten, and i knee i was close. Feeling me getting close, claire said
“Cum in my ass chuck. Fill me up.” I nodded and pounded her harder. She screamed and moaned my name. She came, sending wetness down my balls and legs, and it pushed me over the edge. I came, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into her ass. The feeling was glorious.
I pulled out of her, watching my cum leak out of her asshole. She sat next to me, and layed her head on my shoulder. I was spent. My breathes coming in long, deep draws.
“So, about dinner.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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