Kat and Savannah’s Deal Second Half

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POV: Kat

I brought Lena into my bedroom with me and had her sit down. “So, what do you say about some real step-mother/daughter time?” I asked, before kissing her.

“What, you want to have sex again?”

“Yes, I remember the kitchen all too fondly. You know I love your mom incredibly much, but I still think of our time together all the damn time. It’s making me go nuts at times, and I just need some relief if that’s okay. Your mom and step-sister are spending some quality time together, and I thought, what better way for us to bond a bit more than to get naked?” I pondered, prior to sitting next to her and feeling her leg. “You’re a beyond stunning young woman, Lena. I swear, I probably would’ve still married your mom if you weren’t in the picture, but you’re one giant perk, though. I’ve loved having a daughter for Rosalyn’s entire life, but I finally got another one to enjoy. Well, I never enjoyed her in the way we pleased each other in the kitchen, but you get me.”

“I do, but you can’t cheat; it’s wrong, step-mommy.”

“I know, but we love each other, and I’m sure she’d be okay if we got closer in any way. I mean, we’re still technically newlyweds, so there’s still plenty of time to get in on the ground floor before we get too used to each other. I only met you like a year ago now roughly, so I’d love to get closer to my adorable step-daughter,” I explained, before kissing her. “I won’t force you into something you don’t want, but I’d love to see you naked again because you are truly dazzling, Lena. Since we met, you’ve only gotten prettier. If you think I’m full of shit, then knock my eyeballs out and insert yours into my head. You can see you and find out just how beautiful you are.”

“What, are you charming me now?”

“Is it working?”

She looked away and bit down on her bottom lip. I caressed her leg softly, but after a moment, she glanced at me again. I saw her still biting down on her bottom lip, but I smirked at her.

I placed my hands on the back of her head. “I love you, Lena. If it weren’t for Rosalyn, you’d be my favorite young woman. Your step-mommy won’t ever judge you, I swear. It’s not like you’d hate the idea of getting into my panties again, so what do you say? I promise I won’t guilt trip you, but I’d love to get those clothes off you,” I confessed before kissing her. “If not, we can just chat if you’d like.”

“I love you, Kat, but you suck,” she made clear, before kissing me and wrapping her arms around me.

“You love me, though, so while you’re thinking about how much you think I suck, just focus on getting closer, stunning woman,” I mumbled while kissing her.

We made out like lovers for over five minutes, and we certainly felt the step-mother/daughter spark again. Needless to say, I felt the thrills going throughout my body, and she seemingly did as well.

She calmly parted her lips and brought her hands down to her top. She slowly took it off herself, and my eyes feasted on the eye candy known as her boobs.

“Yes, you two decided to knock when both Rosalyn and I were underdressed suddenly so that I couldn’t put on a bra,” she divulged, before pushing off her shorts too.

“Or any underwear, you dirty woman,” I giggled, before setting my hands on her butt and kissing her.

Then she couldn’t resist, but to help herself to take off my top as well. She tossed it and immediately to my back. She got my bra off and went to my boobs.

“You see, young lady, it’s always good to listen to your step-mom. I might be a horny floozy, but you can trust me.”

“Those are your words.”

“I know,” I whined, setting my hands on her head. “You could’ve disagreed, but I’ll forgive you. The sensation of your tongue makes up for it.”

She nodded and began licking my nipples. Needless to say, I already had trouble keeping myself on my knees, but it was for a good reason. She kept her eyes on mine and held my jugs somewhat tightly.

I caressed her head and neck slowly, but indeed as she let her freak flag fly with me and have some taboo fun. It was wrong, but yet so pleasurable too. I slathered my lips and surely made it clear that she was loved.

“Oh, yes, any woman or man you ever fuck is gonna be one lucky bitch or bastard, or ‘bitchard’ if you hook up with a tranny, I guess,” I giggled, before a gap. “You see, your step-mommy can make you laugh too. There are a shit ton of perks that come with having a step-mom, and I’m sure Rosaylin would agree. Only your step-mom has big black hooters like these, though. I’ve never seen Rosalyn go after any ladies, but if she did, I’m sure your mom wouldn’t mind having your step-sister take them for a ride. That’s not weird, is it?”

“Yes, it is, but shut up now, step-mommy.”

“I love you, Lena. Maybe a distant third to your mom and step-sister, but I still have a huge soft spot for you, so don’t push it too much. Just enough to know when to stop.”

She nodded and kept going on me. My panties were getting wetter each passing second, and juice escort london even came out onto my legs. I still had my shorts on as well, but she was a force to be reckoned with indeed.

She switched nipples several times and kept her tongue and lips moving ever so slowly. She titillated me and felt the vibrations she caused, even more, when I pushed her face on my tits some more. She didn’t mind and kept the pleasure going.

Neither of us said a word for over five minutes as she got reacquainted with my melons, so I gave her all the time she needed. We looked at each other in such a loving way yet again, but not quite like that since our time in the living room.

She let both of my nipples fling up and down, and she just slathered them all over as well. Regardless of how she pleased those sensitive nipples, she had me sold on her indeed. I loved her dearly, even if she was behind Rosalyn and Savannah.

I swallowed and paced myself the best I could for her thrilling, but of course, I was prepared for an uphill battle. I kept my hands on her head and pressured it a bit, but surely didn’t force her to stay down.

She was undoubtedly content on pleasing me then, and I even felt her hands come down to my shorts. She pressed them on my crotch, and she made me giggle some more. I had to laugh and giggle at that, and I saw her grin back at me too.

After another moment, she blindly pushed down my shorts, but not my underwear. Nevertheless, she couldn’t resist feeling my twat even through them, and she felt my juice, so she needed to jerk a bit too.

“Yes, you like your step-mommy, Lena. There’s no shame in admitting it; I’m not judging you, I swear. I love you like how I love cheesecake, and you know how much I love that.”

She nodded and let her hand down into my panties. I felt her hand on my pussy, so I needed to jolt yet again. She wasn’t shy either; she pushed those fingers hard on my slit and even let a finger dig into it.

“So, I unleashed that hot side, huh?”

“Don’t gloat, step-mommy.”

“Sorry,” I apologized, before leaning down to peck her forehead. “Although, it will happen again.”

Then she leaned up with me and kissed me. “Just don’t stop loving me or my mom, got it? My mom already lost one woman she loved very much, don’t be another one unless you pass too, understand?”

“Yes, Lena. I wouldn’t have married her if I wasn’t in it for the long haul. If anything, you add my lighter fluid to the fire, so burn with me,” I encouraged her, before kissing her.

“I will,” she added, before pushing me down on my back.

She grabbed my panties and got them off me. So, she wasted no time before leaning down to my slit and going down on me.

“So, yes, that’s the first side I’m talking about right there. Yes, you remember how to lick pussy; I guess it’s like riding a bike, right?”

“Yes, step-mommy,” she moaned, taking a break, before she blew me a kiss.

We looked at each other yet again, but she was the ringleader as she dispensed out the pleasure. She couldn’t lock eyes with me because I could only figure. After all, she was having too much fun doing it even after a minute.

I grabbed my tits as hard as I could and used them for leverage as she already had me shimmering nonstop. Needless to say, it was the mental jolt that really wooed me, and I am certain it did the same to her.

She licked my lips both inside and out, which tickled me and made my juice plummet out like a water faucet. I also tried to keep my eyes on hers, but I pushed my own head back several times as well.

Nevertheless, as I finally got to feel her lick me down there again, I had to make sure I paid her a lot of attention. I moaned and breathed heavily, but kept myself together as I got the sexiest gratification I could imagine.

It was like a different fruit considering she was a much younger woman than Savannah, so I needed to prep myself the best I could. Nevertheless, the forbidden fruit she gave me then was as sweet as it could be.

I felt her tongue sliding up and down on my lips mostly, but she indeed got in between them several times. So, she teased me a bit that way by pushing me more, but I knew she wouldn’t make me wait forever for something more.

Nevertheless, anything she did down there was gonna wow me and make me want to yelp in due time. Although, I kept my mouth shut the best I could and already began sweating up a storm too. She kept her fingers at a distance, but yet she still wanted to massage me too.

“Oh, that’s good, you sexy young thing; I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about this even once. I might be a sick step-mom, but I own it, Lena. You’re one dazzling young woman, so what sexy MILF wouldn’t want to get back into your panties again? What MILF wouldn’t want you back between her legs, whether you had a shit ton of experience or barely any, huh?”

She didn’t answer that, but she didn’t need to, though. She proved that the answer was quite evident. I could only dubai escorts gather that she must have thought about this very thing as well because as she went down on me, she was golden.

“Oh, fuck yes, you sexy woman. That feels so damn good, shit, yes, I love feeling a tongue down there, but you have a very slick one. What’s not to love about that? Especially from a novice pussy-eater like you?” I asked before I arched my back. “I hope you don’t think it’s weird, but I’d love to date you if something happened to your mom. I love you dearly, and Rosalyn might think it’s fucked up, but she’ll see how much I love you.”

She closed her eyes and failed to respond, but I didn’t push her to reply. I just rubbed her head yet again and witnessed her doing the sexiest thing possible once again. I breathed as steadily as possible and shed more tears in celebration of something so great happening.

“I love you, I love you, and I love you some more. Again, just don’t hurt my daughter or wife, and you’re good to go, I swear. I won’t hurt you, and you do the same for me, got it?”

She nodded and shed her own tears.

“You can take a break for a second to tell me you love me, Lena. It’s not a crime.”

“I love you, step-mommy.”

I brought her up to my face and kissed her with both hands on her cheeks. “I love you too.”

She smirked again before going back to my slit yet again. I fought through the difficulties to stay upright, but seeing her up close and personal like that was mindblowing, to say the least. I surely didn’t know if I’d get the chance to feel her again, so I tattooed the image of her in my head.

She kept it slow again and made it somewhat easier on me, but it still wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. She let her tongue into my twat a bit deeper and pushed myself further once again. She was daring me to scream by then, but I wasn’t gonna give her the satisfaction so easily.

“There’s no need to hide your lust for your step-mommy, I understand why you needed to bury it, but I’m happy that I made you dig it up again. Taboo sex is underrated. You need to take a walk on the wild side now and then, don’t you? It’s alright to admit; I’m already enjoying my step-daughter being in between my legs so that you can be honest with me. I love you, and that love is as stiff on steel now, so you’re going to do something terrible to soil it. Tell me, Lena, is it hot as hell to be between your black step-mom’s legs?” I asked, before a gap. “Yes, nod, and don’t even take your face away. Shit, I feel like I’m working out, and you’re just depleting me now, but keep going, I want to remember this as fondly as possible, and I’ll have it so much better the more I’m just out of it. Have you had a man eat you out before?”

She didn’t respond for a few seconds, but then she shook her head no. Then I reached down to her back and massaged it for her. I made her slightly uncomfortable, but she kept going on me ever so slowly, playing that long game to make me go nuts in due time.

Whether she even wanted to or not, she did it for me and didn’t look back. She moved her face back and forth a bit, too, so she could please me a bit more. So, after another couple of minutes, I felt like my heart had come to a standstill, but I still loved the gratification.

I had to jerk around somewhat, but I failed to let go of her. She proved that she was in it for the long haul, so to speak, and showed her commitment. She made it clear that despite how wrong it was to cheat on her mom, she still loved me and would pleasure me like nothing else if given a chance.

She kept her eyes closed, though, but I didn’t mind. I continued to watch her closely as she finished the job and felt her head again too. Once I did, then she couldn’t turn down the chance to look at me again.

As she did again, she moved that tongue effortlessly; it seemed all over my pussy walls, ensuring that she was pushing me so easily that it was like pushing over dominoes. I couldn’t help but let her do it too.

“Call me a sucker for stunning women, Lena. How could I resist doing it with your mom on the first date? It was like dangling a huge steak in front of a tiger; how could I not dig my claws into her?”

She laughed again, but then she rose to me once again. She kissed me and took my hands. She transported them to her cherry and had me finger her. She quickly helped herself to do the same and kept her face close to mine.

“Tell me you love me, step-mommy.”

“I love you, Lena.”

Then she brought her fingers to her mouth and took them in her mouth. I couldn’t help, but do the same. After that, she pushed me down again, but then she turned around and crawled backward, so she got right over me.

Once her twat was right over my face, she peeked at me. “Get your step-daughter’s pussy,” she suggested, before going down on me from that position.

I couldn’t turn her down for a second, so I grabbed both of her butt cheeks hard and began licking those glistening lips Escort Dubai too. We fucked each other in the sexiest way possible and undoubtedly intensified our step-mother/daughter relationship too.

We couldn’t fuck each other as well as possible in that position, but it was still quite sexy, though. I let my tongue go all over her lips ever so slowly and made her juice leak out all over my face and tits too.

She helped herself even to spread out my lips down there and fucking me again with that lovely tongue. So, we made it more difficult for each other to get the job done, but of course, we were both encouraged to push ourselves.

We rubbed our bodies together as well and definitely made one another feel even better that way. Needless to say, we both made one another jiggle even more, but we were still up for the challenge to keep each other in place.

As I tasted the sweet nectar of her juice yet again, it was no surprise it’d be challenging to keep her in place. She ate me out too, so we transported each other in taboo heaven, it seemed, and we could only attempt not to scream.

“You like that young pussy, step-mommy?”

“Yes, it’s young and hot, dear, step-daughter, now hold still, I’m trying to please you.”

“Don’t worry, step-mommy,” she said, lifting herself somewhat so we could see each other. “I’ll give you another chance down the road if you really want to fuck me again.”

“I’ll take you up on that, hot stuff.”

She lied back down on me and fucked me again. I grabbed her butt cheeks as hard as I could and gave myself leverage to make sure I got her the best I could. I wasn’t used to fucking her mom like that, but I was still ready to give it my all.

I let my tongue all over those lips and feel her jiggle in the process. All the while, I had to do the same, but of course, in that position, she had a better way to suck my lips into her mouth as well. So, she was dealt a better hand, but I was still the MILF there, so I needed to make her feel even better.

So, in addition to holding her butt cheeks hard, I also made sure to stick my fingers into her cherry as well. I couldn’t hold her cheeks as hard that way, but I still got it done and let them thrust ever so slowly.

“Oh, you got a big leak down here, Lena.”

“So, plug it, step-mommy, it’s not gonna fix itself.”

So, I stuck my fingers as deep as I could into her snatch and made it happen for her. Then I got back to licking those lips once again. Needless to say, I got her to jerk around once again, but she wasn’t about to let me win so easily.

She kept her tongue moving on my lips down there too, and sucked them into her mouth from time to time as well. So, I kept her committed to making her step-mommy happy. No one argued that that us fucking was right, but we both still weren’t regretting it, though.

I let my fingers move around inside her pussy, and still dig in there deep. With her juice coming out nonstop, it was easy to move around in there effortlessly. She failed to copy me with her fingers and only used her lips and tongue on my cunt.

So, I praised her for that, just not with words. I fucked her as hard as I could and left nothing to chance in support of making her the happiest step-daughter in the world. Judging from all the juice she was shoving out, I knew I made it happen, but I pounced on her, so to speak.

“Oh, yes, I love this MILF cherry of yours, step-mommy. You might be older, but you’re still hot as hell,” she complimented me, rubbing it.

“And yours is quite sexy too, now get my lips back into your mouth.”

She listened to me and grabbed my thighs as hard as she could. She prepped herself and me to get me as hard as possible, and sure enough, she was still gonna fuck me into taboo heaven yet again, come hell or high water.

I kept my fingers moving around inside her slit along with my tongue on those lips down there and even on her bush as well. I had to moan as I was sure she sucked some of my bush into her mouth as well, so she did distract me, but in a good way.

She also licking my lips as they were inside her mouth, so she came at me with a good strategy and had me already wondering how long I’d last. Nevertheless, every second which I managed not to go nuts was a pleasurable second gained.

After a few more minutes, I extracted my fingers and let my tongue all over her lips once again. That got her to moan quite a bit and even make her body move around like she was trying to do the worm with the top half of her body.

“Is your step-mommy making you feel good now?”

“Yes, do you love my vagina too?”

“You could say that, and not just because you’re white either.”

She calmly leaned up off me, moved backward, and kissed me. “Had you ever been with a white woman before my mom?”

“No, she’s my first white woman, but I’ve been with a few black ladies, though.”

“And my mom was your favorite?”

“I guess, yes.”

“Good to know,” she added, before turning herself around and getting on her knees.

She sat down and lifted her leg a bit so she could bring her twat onto mine. “Trib with your step-daughter, step-mommy, it won’t hurt; in fact, you might like it,” she added, grabbing my knee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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