A Girl Called Sami Ch. 21

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Sami and Jena did venture across the river that following week, as planned. Both were dressed to attract, and attract they did. Their plan was to dance and tease with some of the locals that hang out there, at the Loft, but the surprise turned out to be on them.

Even though it was the middle of the week, the bar was crowded with patrons; drinking at the bar, sitting in the darkened booths, mingling, or dancing on the dimly lit floor.

Jena and Sami squeezed in at the bar and Jena ordered for them both. The bartender looked at Sami for maybe a second or two, but fetched the beers, smiling at Sami when she handed one to her.

They found a spot off to the side and silently sipped at their beers while taking in the crowd. Butches, soccer-moms, older, younger, married or single; If you couldn’t find a partner here, there was something seriously wrong with you.

Jena and Sami had plenty of offers to dance and they took most of them up. Each was having quite the time playing kissy-face on the dark dance floor with their many partners, each getting themselves worked up for what they hoped would be a monster fuck-session later on that night.

It turned out to be so, but not as they envisioned it.

Their eyes met, there, on the dance floor, as they were both being led around by their partners. Sami was dancing with a Butch, letting the Butch nibble on her ear and feel her ass as they danced to the slow soulful tune.

She, Dr. Michaels, Sami’s fine-arts teacher at the college, was in the arms of one of the soccer-moms who was having quite the time kissing and licking Dr. Michaels’ long, slender neck.

They stared for the brief second or two in recognition of each other, their eyes registering the knowledge, but without saying anything as they passed each other. Sami was thinking about whether or not she was surprised at seeing Dr. Michaels, and decided that she wasn’t.

Funny thing is that Dr. Michaels was thinking the same thing.

Turning down an offer to go to a motel with the Butch, Sami walked back to the booth that she and Jena had finally secured for themselves shortly after arriving. Standing at the table, Sami sipped her drink-they had switched to Mimosas-and scanned the floor, looking for Jena. She found her, locked in a grope-fest with one of the Butch gals, both of them kissing and fondling each other lustfully.

“Well, what a pleasant surprise to find you here, Sami,” the voice said from behind Sami’s back.

Turning, Sami saw that it was Dr. Michaels, and smiling, she replied, “Yeah, well, I could say the same thing, couldn’t I?” Sami jokingly said, adding, “How ya doing, Dr. Michaels?”

“Nope, outside of the classroom, you may call me Nikki; Dr. Michaels is locked in the classroom until eight tomorrow morning,” smiling brightly at Sami as she said it.

“Sit down, Nikki, take a load off,” Sami offered as she slid into the booth, dragging her drink along the table with her.

Nikki did and turning, called a waitress over; “I’ll have what she’s having and bring her another one, okay Bobbi?”

“Sure thing, Nikki, and by the way you look hot tonight, as always,” Bobbi replied and blowing Nikki an air-kiss as she walked away.

“So, I guess this isn’t your first time here?” Sami said jokingly.

“Oh hell no, Sami, I’ve been coming here since way before Katrina, almost from the first opening night,” Nikki replied, her eyes taking in Sami’s classic beauty.

Nikki Michaels was forty-two, single, and held a Doctorate in Fine Arts and had been teaching at the college for ten years. She was a brunette with medium length hair, and was 5′ 7’ish and probably 130 pounds or so. She was dressed in a blouse and skirt that showed off her body nicely, especially her twins.

“You don’t seem surprised to see me here,” Sami threw out onto the table.

“Nor you, me,” Nikki parried back to Sami.

“I sort of suspected that you preferred the ladies,” Sami offered truthfully.

“And I, you,” Nikki tossed back.

Interrupted by the delivery of their drinks, they toasted each other, and sipped, both staring at the other as they did.

“Dance with me?” Nikki asked when she put her drink down.

Sami answered by sliding out of the booth and holding out her hand to help Nikki from the booth. Taking Sami’s hand, Nikki slid gracefully from the booth, revealing a pair of nice looking thighs as her skirt rode up her legs.

They danced close to each other, their arms wrapped tightly around the other. There were no words, no feels, nothing but the sensuousness of each other’s body sliding across their own as they moved slowly on the floor.

Opening her eyes at one point, Sami saw that Jena had moved to a booth in a dark corner and was busily fondling and kissing with two Butches now, bahis firmaları both of them with a hand up Jena’s skirt, Jena’s legs spread a bit to accommodate their play.

Smiling, Sami closed her eyes again, and pulled Nikki tighter to her body, loving the feel of Nikki’s larger breasts as they pressed against her body. Feeling Nikki moving her head upward from where she had rested it on Sami’s shoulder, Sami leaned towards her.

When Nikki’s tongue slowly began its dance along the side of Sami’s neck, Sami’s response was to drop one her hands to fondle Nikki’s ass. Planting her mouth on Sami’s neck, Nikki sucked slightly while flicking her tongue on Sami’s skin which caused Sami to moan acceptance and delight at the feeling.

Breaking her mouth from Sami’s neck, Nikki whispered into Sami’s ear, “Want to step out for some fresh air with me?” then kissed Sami’s earlobe in punctuation.

“Yeah, that sound like a good idea,” Sami agreed, then kissing Nikki on the lips briefly, but full of promise.

They finished their drinks quickly and walked out into the cooler night air together, stepping towards the parking lot, away from the crowds near the entrance.

As Sami followed Nikki to wherever it was they were going, Sami noticed a few of the vehicles had occupants in them, the fogged windows betraying their actions. Sami thought that a bit hot, she admitted to herself as they cut between the two last rows of parked cars.

Pulling a remote from a skirt pocket, Nikki pressed it, resulting in a flash of lights from a Cadillac sedan on the last row. Opening the door and reaching above the driver’s visor, Nikki retrieved a joint, looking at Sami when she did so.

“Join me, or if you’re not so inclined, promise not to report me?” Nikki laughingly asked.

“I am so inclined,” Sami replied with a smile, “and you have to promise not to report me to Coach, okay?”

They both laughed and firing up the doobie, took turns with the herbal treat, savoring its effect to them as it did its magic on them. After Nikki took the last hit, she ground it under her shoe and reaching to Sami with her arms, she kissed her student passionately.

Sami responded by kissing her back just as passionately but coupled it with a slow, sensuous fondling of Nikki’s breasts through the thin material of Nikki’s blouse. Leaning against her car, Nikki sucked on Sami’s tongue, her moans of delight a bit loud in the night as Sami fondled her breasts, both of them now, her fingers kneading hungrily.

Breaking the kiss, Nikki took a breath, and with a voice full of want, asked Sami, “Back seat with me, please?” her voice pleading almost.

“Yes,” was Sami’s short answer, pulling Nikki to the side and opening the rear door of Nikki’s caddie. Closing the door when she got in last, Sami flew into Nikki’s arms, her mouth opened to suck Nikki’s tongue while her hand flew to Nikki’s blouse.

When Sami had unbuttoned Nikki’s blouse, she then pulled down her bra; Sami’s mouth sucked on Nikki’s breasts and nipples while Nikki held Sami’s head between her hands, her head thrown back and eyes closed in desire and delight at what Sami’s talented mouth and tongue were doing to her ‘girls’.

Sucking hard on Nikki’s tits, Sami slipped her hand under Nikki’s skirt, her fingers sliding her panties to the side and finding a bare, naked pussy that was moist and warm, begging to be touched.

Sami continued to suckle Nikki’s breasts as her fingers expertly pealed back the folds of Nikki’s pinkness, and slipping two of her fingers into Nikki, she began a slow, rhythmic fucking motioning which drew loud moans of contentment from Nikki’s mouth.

Sami’s thumb rotated slowly over the swollen love-bud of her teacher as she sank her fingers deep into the warmth of Nikki’s snatch. Lifting her mouth from Nikki’s breasts, wet and red now, from her mouth, Sami kissed Nikki hard, driving her tongue far into her teacher’s opened mouth.

“Mmmph, oh yes,” Nikki murmured between her gasps for breath, her desire for more overtaking her completely, making her dizzy with lust for Sami-girl.

“Sami, let’s go to my place, baby, what’d ya say, sweetie?” Nikki gasped as she spread her legs even more to Sami’s fingers which had not stopped playing.

“I came with a friend, Nikki, I can’t just leave her,” Sami replied though she wished she didn’t have to, because right at the moment, Sami wanted to be between Nikki’s legs in the worse way.

“Why don’t you speak to her while I sorta dress myself, and I’ll pull the car up near the entrance and wait for you, okay?”

“You’re sure that I’ll be able to, are you?” Sami replied.

“Oh yes, baby, I am; you want to fuck me as badly as I want to fuck you,” Nikki replied as she pulled her bra-cups back over her breasts.

Well kaçak iddaa hell, Sami thought, she wasn’t wrong.

Win-win as it turned out for both Jena and Sami. When Sami found Jena, she was walking towards the restroom after leaving the table where her two butch friends were eyeing her ass as she walked from their table.

“Jena, got a bit of a situation,” Sami said as she stopped Jena with a hand on her arm.

After explaining the situation, Jena just smiled and said, “Whew, that’s a relief, Sami; I was trying to figure out how I could not leave you here alone while I finished entertaining my new friends.”

“Entertaining?” Sami asked.

“Well, for me it’s entertainment,” Jena explained, “but for them, it’s a threesome with a ‘curious’ married chick; they think I’m just another curious housewife whose husband is out of town and that this is my first time ‘fooling’ around with other women.”

Sami smiled at the revelation and kissing Jena on the cheek, she said, “Have a good time, you curious wench,” laughing afterwards.

“You too, baby, and let’s do plan a night for just you and me, real soon, okay?” and off she went, waving to Sami over her shoulder.

“Slide closer, Sami,” Nikki said when Sami had jumped into the front seat and they had driven off, heading for the bridge to take them back to the City. Smiling, Sami did as asked, hiking her skirt around her hips, revealing her thin, laced panties. Grabbing Nikki’s right hand from the steering wheel, she placed it between her now, spread legs, right on her honey-pot.

Squeezing Sami-girl’s moistness with her hand, Nikki glanced quickly to Sami, and smilingly said, “I like a girl who anticipates my wants,” sliding a finger under Sami’s panties, now, to rub the swollen clitoris of Sami’s womanhood.

Driving into the garage of her townhouse, located near the University, Nikki parked her car and removed her hand from inside of Sami’s panties and sucked it of Sami’s juices while looking into Sami’s eyes. Leaning towards each other, she and Sami kissed lustfully, both hornier than hell for each other.

“Follow me, sweetie,” and taking Sami by her hand, Nikki led them from the garage, through a very comfortable, though small, garden-patio, and into the rear door of the townhome.

“I’ll give you the nickel-tour at some other time, Sami, but for now, let’s show you our playroom for the evening,” and pulling Sami along with her, Nikki mounted the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms.

Nikki’s master bedroom was huge; large enough to accommodate a loveseat, as well as a couple of reading loungers, besides all of the massive bedroom furniture. Lighting several candles quickly while Sami’s eyes took in the hugeness of the room, Nikki suggested that they shower the humidity and bar smells from their bodies.

“I’ll go first, baby, then you, okay?” Nikki said, adding, “Make yourself comfortable; there’s some reading material you might find interesting by the lounger and bookcase.”

Sami turned on a small reading lamp and looked at the several books that were on the table next to the chair. They were all books of photography, the subject matter all women. Sitting and picking up one of the books, Sami relaxed into the lounger and gazed upon some of the most incredible, artful, photographs of gorgeous women that she had ever seen.

As she took in the photos, Sami found that she was becoming even hornier, as if that was possible; when she came across a section dealing with lesbian women, Sami felt her juices start to flow.

“Your turn, baby,” Nikki’s voice said, breaking the silence; looking up from the book, Sami was greeted by the sight of Nikki’s nakedness, her body glistening in the candlelight, and a sweet smell of Azaleas faintly reaching her nostrils.

“I won’t be long,” Sami said as she stood and started unbuttoning her blouse, but her eyes taking in all of Nikki’s body.

“Don’t be; we have things to do to each other,” Nikki replied seductively.

When Sami emerged from the quickest shower of her life, she was greeted with a kiss and a Mimosa. Silently, they clicked glasses and drank while eye-fucking each other. Setting the empty glasses down, they held hands as they walked to Nikki’s bed. On a table, near the bed, there was an array of various sex toys out, and which caused Sami to pause a bit.

“For later, you know, to mix things up a bit; but for now, I want you straight up,” Nikki explained as she climbed onto her huge king-sized bed, bringing Sami with her.

Sami quickly took control of the situation and while they kissed on their knees, in the bed, her hand dropped between Nikki’s legs and began a slow, rhythmic stroking of Nikki’s pussy. Pulling Nikki onto her back while still kissing her, Sami’s fingers began rubbing and teasing, kaçak bahis bringing moans of delight from Nikki’s mouth.

Slowly, teasingly, Sami kissed a trail down Nikki’s body while Nikki threw her head back in ecstasy and her hands gently encouraged Sami’s downward movements. Nikki was butter under Sami’s touch and kisses, her level of arousal far higher than it usually was with these undergrad students.

And there had been an awful lot of undergrad students that had been in Nikki’s bed over the past ten years. And, God willing, thought Nikki, there’ll be more for years to come, but Sami was something special, there’s no doubt about that.

Moving between Nikki’s spread legs that now closed behind her, Sami gripped Nikki’s upper thighs and dropped her head to Nikki’s swollen clit and sucked it into her mouth with a slurping sound.

“Ah, Jesus,” was Nikki’s response to Sami’s clit-sucking abilities, and thrusting her hips upward, she tried to drive her clitoris deep into Sami’s mouth. Had Nikki been a guy with a thick, 10″ cock in Sami’s mouth, the motion would have been the same.

But Sami responded and wrapped her mouth around Nikki’s clit and pussy, driving her tongue into the warm, wetness of Nikki’s pussy. Chewing with her mouth and her tongue fucking Nikki, alternately, gave Nikki an orgasm to surpass all orgasms, and a cry surely heard for blocks around her townhome, never mind right next door.

Grabbing Sami’s head with her hands, she pulled Sami deep into her crotch as she ground and humped Sami’s face.

And Sami-girl loved it! She fucking loved it when she made ‘them’ scream.

Crawling up Nikki’s body, taking her time to place small kisses all over it, Sami finally kissed Nikki on the lips, letting Nikki taste her juices on Sami’s tongue before dropping onto her back, next to Nikki.

“My turn now, Sami, my turn to fuck you, baby,” Nikki said slow and seductively as she fondled Sami’s breasts with a hand, squeezing hard enough to be ‘almost’ painful, and pinching Sami’s nipples between her fingers.

Dropping her head to Sami’s breasts, she sucked and licked her student’s firm tits, loving the largeness of Sami’s nipples in her mouth.

Moving her tongue to Sami’s belly, her hand squeezed and teased Sami’s pussy, Nikki loving the feel of a young woman’s pussy in her hands. Feeling Sami’s hands on her head, slightly pulling, Nikki stopped and turned to face a smiling Sami.

“I want you to eat me, I want to feel you there, but when I’m ready to cum, I want you fucking my ass with that,” pointing to the table with the sex toys with her hand. Turning to follow Sami’s finger, Nikki saw that Sami wanted her to use the strap-on, the one with the 6″, slender dildo.

Turning her gaze back to Sami, Nikki moved between Sami’s legs, and said, “Oh, babygirl, where have you been all my life?” and smiling, she lowered her head to taste the nectar of her student.


Nikki dropped Sami off, the next morning, and drove off with a friendly wave; they had already said their goodbyes earlier, in the shower, at Nikki’s townhome.

Running up the stairs to her floor, Sami dashed into her room, moving the notes and letters and crap aside with her foot. As the RA, she had a small slot in her door for residents to leave requests for a meeting, or ask questions and the like. Picking up the several pieces she tossed them onto her desk.

I’ll go through them later, Sami thought as she picked out her clothes for class, and once changed, she headed off to her classes. Ironically, her first class that day was Dr. Michaels’ class. Sami smiled at what Nikki had said on the drive over, earlier this morning.

“It’s a good thing that you’re already an A+ student in my class,” Nikki smilingly said, “I’d have a hell of a time flunking you after what you did to me last night; you do know, I hope, that I’d like to see you on a regular basis, don’t you?”

“Works for me,” Sami said even though her ass was still a bit sore from last night. Though she was not trying for a personal best, Sami thought that three butt-fuckings were just a tad too many; but it wasn’t Nikki’s fault, she had asked her to.

It was a long day for Sami with classes, a team meeting to discuss the upcoming nationals, and a server’s meeting at The Grille, so it was after five as Sami approached her dorm. As she had done a million times, it seemed, Sami started up the steps, glancing over towards her scoot as she usually did.

It was four steps before she stopped dead in her tracks and reran her mind-movie of the last fifteen seconds. Walking back down, backwards, she paused to look, again, at where the scoot should be; only it wasn’t.

Slowly, as if she were in a time-warped, slow-motion, movie, Sami moved towards her parking space; looking, but not believing what her eyes told her, she gazed at the empty bike rack that she always chained her scooter to.

On the ground, with one of its links broken open, was the scooter-less chain.

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