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I. Enter Frank

Frank rang the doorbell around 8 p.m. I wasn’t expecting him, thought he’d be out for the night with Amy. It turned out that Amy had left for cheering camp earlier that day and that he had never bothered to mention that plan to me. Which was typical.

He had 2 six-packs of cold beer and some weed. I had an extra pair of trunks that fit him, even though he’s quite a bit bigger than me, so we went up to my room and got changed. We got in the hot tub each with a beer. Frank lit a joint and we settled into the warmth.

The yard and deck were nice and private, and Mom was out on a date so we had the house too. I wasn’t expecting her till around 11. We had plenty of time.

II.Frank and Me

I had been blowing Frank for the last 3 months; at least when Amy wasn’t around and when there was no other girl he could score behind Amy’s back. I wondered if Frank knew that Mom would be out, but didn’t see how he could have. We hadn’t spoken in the last week, which happened to be the last time he needed me.

I’d blown Frank exactly 8 times in those 3 months and was careful to keep track of each time in my diary. The blowjobs started off as a drunken impulse on my part. Frank and I had been partying at my parent’s cabin in the woods together with Amy and this other girl. I knew that he was expecting to get with Amy that day but then her friend decided the two girls had to leave early and he was out of luck. Two hours later we were sitting in front of a fire we’d made on the shore of the big lake.

“Goddam, Billie, you see that bikini bottom she had on?” That was Frank’s review of his girlfriend.

“Dude, the top part wasn’t bad either.”

“Yeah Amy’s got awesome tits, but it was that ass. Really got to me; still got a boner from it.”

I’d never seen his cock before even though I’d known him forever. There was no reason I would have seen it. Different gym classes and different sports teams meant we’d never had those casual looks in a group shower at one another’s equipment. Now Frank shifted on his seat and made a show of adjusting what seemed like a painful bulge.

He paused long enough to take a sip of his beer and said “Damn I need to get my cock sucked.”

We let that comment sit for a minute while we drank. I felt a little buzzing in my head and chest. It wasn’t just the beer. So I blurted out “How about me?”

“Huh?” I didn’t know whether he hadn’t heard me, or didn’t know whether he’d heard me right.

“How about me?” That time he got it.

Frank actually didn’t seem that surprised although I had surprised myself. It was only when I was kneeling between his legs, looking at his bare chest and flat stomach, and then further down to the cutoff jeans he had unbuttoned for me, that I realized that this had been somewhere in my fantasy life for a while.

He was pretty experienced with sex at this point, with Amy and with at least a few other girls. I was totally inexperienced, except of course for my own thoughts and my private, solo sessions. But I already knew that I wanted to be different, wanted to please someone, and wanted to have secrets. I knew that I liked the sexy underthings mom had and knew that I liked the strange noises I had sometimes heard (in the past) coming from her bedroom. I knew that I wanted to experience some of the things she experienced.

When Frank came in my mouth that first time I didn’t swallow. Hell I didn’t even know then that I was supposed to swallow. But I had the warm feeling you get when you meet a goal. It’s even better when you didn’t know in advance that you had the goal. It had felt right. We didn’t need to discuss it afterwards. He zipped back up and we jumped into the water to cool down.

III.A Utility Infielder

I fucked my first girl half way through that time of blowing Frank and did not consider myself gay. Maybe bi. Or maybe just a guy who liked sucking Frank’s cock. Time would tell and I wasn’t particularly worried about it. But not gay, certainly not after fucking Rachel for the first time. Still…. I was embarrassed to realize, a week after getting her, that I had not bothered to record it in my diary, that it had never even occurred to me. Must have meant something. Rachel was now my girlfriend and I’d been seeing her about twice a week, each date ending with sex in her parent’s basement rec-room. Once I’d embarrassed myself I took to recording my times with her too — and invented a new code for girl-sex.

My Frank code was more detailed. Listing everything from the place and time, the circumstances (e.g. ‘Amy sick’, or ‘Amy period’ or ‘Amy away’), my progress (‘licked it’ or ‘deeper’ or ‘swallow’ or…) and his reaction (‘happy’ or ‘pissy’ or ‘dominant’ or …) Most often the place was right here at my house, but I’d blown him twice in his car and once, of course, up at the lake. I was getting better at it — the diary entries confirmed this.

Still, I was pretty realistic about it. I knew that I was sort of a utility infielder on the sex team that starred Amy, a fine replacement when bahis firmaları the starter was out of the lineup but not more. He never compared our blowjobs except to say one time (it was after the 3rd — I just looked it up) that my mouth was deeper. Which made sense compared to the petite Amy. But her advantages were pretty clear: Frank wanted to see a pretty, soft, blonde feminine face on the end of his tool, he wanted her ass and tits and he wanted to be able to fuck her pussy when a blowjob wasn’t enough. Hard to compete with that.

So I was realistic about it but still obsessed. He had Amy and me, I had Rachel and him. When I got too horny waiting for him to show up I could either jerk off or run over Rachel’s in the afternoon to fuck her before her mom got home from work.

Amy wasn’t exactly the love of his life from what I could see. He was having sex not only with her and me but with at least one other girl he had on the side. I know he liked Amy a lot. We both did. We’d known her since the 3rd grade, when she was a skinny little tomboy with braces.

Because of a bad bout of mono Amy had to repeat her freshman year and was now an 18 year old senior while we were off to college. Or junior college in Frank’s case. (Bitchy!) Hence her cheering camp. After that year off from school we watched Amy turn into the hottest girl at school. Gorgeous thick blonde hair, beautiful face, petite frame with large tits, a hot, hot ass, nice legs and a wonderful smile. She was his girl by the time Frank and I entered our junior year of high school.

But she and I were good friends too. I didn’t see her as the competition and she obviously did not see me that way. When she got pissed off at Frank, for whatever reason, it was my shoulder more often than not she would cry on. And there had been lots of reasons for a girlfriend to be pissed at him (even though she obviously did not know about the other girls.) I would help her. Pump her up. Make excuses for him without letting her know that’s what was happening. Get her laughing. Get her back into the game even when it meant I would continue to sit on the bench.

IV.I Am Disappointed

The times I’d blown him here at the house always began like this. Frank would show up unannounced with beer and/or weed, we’d take a soak, shower (separately) go to my room and I’d suck him off. Sometimes we’d watch a show on TV afterwards or listen to music and sometimes he’d be gone 10 minutes after. We used my house most of the time because Mom was out a lot of nights, sometimes on a date but more often with the girls from her book club or with people from her outdoor adventure team. She was president of the adventure club and most of the planning got left to her.

We had settled into the water. Frank lit the joint, dragged on it hard and handed it over to me.

“It’s really good. Just a few hits and I’m off.”

I felt it burn in my mouth and throat. I liked it but didn’t want to get too buzzed for obvious reasons. I mean I’ve sucked him when I was a little high and a lot high and the ones where it was a little were better for us both. So I took a small hit and handed it back to him.

Frank looked great in the tub. He’s already a star football player at the local junior college in his freshman year. Broad shoulders, strong chest and arms, thighs like tree trunks, tight abs, and a beautiful tight ass. Sandy hair, crooked smile, handsome as he could be. Also an awesome (and tasty) cock. Also firm delicious nuts with which to feed me.

I thought I was pretty good looking too. Slender, wiry, a distance runner with strong legs, and dark hair that I wore long and which complimented Frank’s fairer features. Frank sometimes (jokingly, I think) called me his ‘pretty girl.’ I was a freshman at the state university 10 miles up the road.

Frank was drawing hard on the joint and had passed it to me only twice. Which was fine.

I was a little miffed with him though.

“Whyn’t you tell me Amy would be away? We could have made plans.”

“No matter — here we are anyway.”

“I meant like away plans. The camp or whatever.”

“Maybe we will. Make plans I mean.”

“When’s she getting back?”

“Next Sunday. I have to pick her up. Have to drive upstate to get her, which isn’t all bad.”

“Why do you have to get her? What about her parents?” (Whiney, but at least real.)

Frank smiled at some thought but didn’t answer. He toked up while I calculated. It was Tuesday so we would have 4 nights after tonight to get away. I knew it was unlikely but it got the wheels turning. And I didn’t mean all 4 nights, not even in my head. But one or 2 nights? That summer camp of mine was just 2 hours away and Mom hardly ever wanted to go there.

He didn’t respond and I let it drop. No sense in wrecking this evening bitching about stuff that wouldn’t happen anyway.

He started on his 2nd beer and lit another joint. It was still only about 8:30, getting dark. But we had never fooled around in the hot tub. Maybe tonight? Either way was fine by me. We were always kaçak iddaa comfortable in my room too.

V.Mom and Me

Mom and I live together in a pretty well to do suburb of St Louis. We have this nicely landscaped, private back yard with a deck and hot tub right off the kitchen. Dad had been killed in an automobile accident 2 years earlier so we were on our own. Money was no problem — Dad had left plenty of it. But Mom was just starting to get over the crushing grief she’d experienced, and I was too. Her loneliness had been so intense for so long that I found myself worrying about her as if I were the parent. Finally, in the last 6 months she’d started dating, but without much luck so far. I felt mildly guilty that my sex life had taken off while hers was either on hold or nonexistent.

She was out now on a date with Roger Anniston, our high school shop teacher. It was their 3rd date but I could tell that she found him pretty boring. The 2 earlier dates had been to the local bowling alley, which was definitely not her thing. Mom, Dad and I were more outdoorsy and she missed the hiking, running, swimming, rock climbing and sailing that had kept her so trim all these years.

She was only 34, and early widow with an 18 year old son who was the product of a high school fling with a guy I’d never met, and that Mom had not seen in the last 17 years. Dad was actually my step-dad, but he was the only father I’d ever known, and had been with Mom since I was 2.

Somehow I’d always been attracted to secrecy and the breaking of taboos. It started with times when I’d hear Mom and Dad fucking on the other side of the wall my bedroom shared with theirs. They were not extremely loud but loud enough. And I could make out snatches of conversation, mostly her saying ‘Yes’ or her shushing him for being too loud or, ironically, her being extremely loud at orgasm. It made me hot and I fantasized about seeing them at it as well as hearing it. I started visiting Mom’s lingerie drawer around age 14 and became fascinated by the beautiful shear things she had there for dad. Frilly panties and teddies and garter belts and half cup bras. Sometimes I brought her panties and bras back to my room for an afternoon of fun. I found a vibrator she had and learned to suck it, but never got any flavor from it. I became just slightly obsessed with how she would behave sexually.

I got to see plenty of her body in the bikinis she often wore in the hot tub or on vacation. I could tell that Dad liked showing her off and was proud of the looks she got on the beaches in Hawaii. I figured she looked as good as any of the 25 year olds we saw on the beach, and way better than most of them. Not only was she prettier than most all of the other girls, she somehow managed to pack lots of curves into a pleasingly slender frame. She was just hot. And I could also see how pleased she was to make Dad proud of her.

I don’t think he had to force those bikinis on her, but she seemed pretty modest in other ways, especially when she knew I was around. A few times I’d overheard Dad say something to her about ‘cunt’ or ‘her tits’ and she blushed to high-heaven when I’d enter the room right after. I loved her like mad but thought she was even prettier when his language embarrassed her.

And then Dad passed away. Her sex life — with, I imagine, some exceptions made for the vibrator — seemed to cease.

But it was still in my head. I had secrets. I was pretty sure that she had secrets. Now when I had Frank’s cock in my mouth it felt right. I liked being different, and found that I liked being submissive to him. I liked that no one else could know or would know. Because we were very careful about it for both his sake and my own. Then, to be honest, my obsession became a purer obsession: the desire to have him use my mouth.

VI.Frank and Amy

Frank’s face was just an outline in the dark centering the red tip of the joint. He reached over the edge of the tub and grabbed his phone.

“Dude, check this out.”

Frank pressed a few buttons and playback of a video started up on the little screen. He handed the phone to me and I looked. It took a second or two to focus. When I did I made out the image of the back of a girl’s head bobbing up and down. She had short blonde hair and I could see her naked back on some of the shots. The video was no surprise. Frank had shown me other blowjob videos before our times together. I never really knew how to take it. It made him hot to watch me watching a girl give head. Sometimes I felt I was learning from the girl’s technique, but sometimes it sort of grossed me out. I don’t know why. Rachel had only sucked my cock twice and I had never eaten her pussy, but we were both more than ready to fuck on date night.

I watched for a minute or more and handed the phone towards him when the video was maybe a quarter done.

“No, no. You gotta watch the whole thing.” With that big beautifully crooked smile of his.

So I took it back and watched some more but without a lot of interest. I decided to take one more kaçak bahis shot at him.

“Whadaya think about going up to camp for a few nights?”

“You watching?”

“Yeah, I …..” Then I saw it. A bit less than half way through. The girl lifted her face up in the middle of the blowjob and said something towards the phone I couldn’t make out. It was Amy. She was smiling into the camera and then the camera moved to scan her body. She was topless but seemed to have on a bikini bottom. They were at some beach, in clear daylight hours. Amy spoke again while the view was of her tits.

“You like the way I suck your cock baby?”

I heard that one. And Amy was so sexy I swear she gave me a boner. (Defensive.)

“Yeah, girl. You’re doing great. Get on it again.”

The camera swung sort of wildly while the 2 of them got in position again. Then I was back to the view of the top of her head bobbing up and down.

“You see her?”

“Yeah. Hard to miss her. She cut her hair is why I didn’t know at first.”

“Yeah for camp, says it’s a sweatbox in the dorms up there. She cut it about a week ago just before we went up to French’s Pond with her family.”

I was watching with more interest now. Maybe it made my stomach churn a little bit but it was still damned sexy and it gave me that look into Frank’s life with his other lover.

“Her mom asked us to drive her car down to the town for more soft drinks for the kids. So I figured….”

I could see Amy’s head bobbing more rapidly now and saw Frank’s hand come in and grab a handful of hair to help her along.

“You were….”

“Yeah, right in the parking lot. Family walked right by and never saw her down there.”

I’d blown him in a parking lot too. But it was at night and there had been no one else around.

“You had her top off.” I don’t know why I said that (Jealousy I guess.)

“Yeah. Her tits are amazing……You watching?”

I let it play out in front of me. It was near the end and I could figure out where it was going without too much difficulty. I noticed that Amy could bob her head pretty fast on him, faster than me I thought. The camera work got a little shakier but I could still see it pretty well. I heard him moan once. Saw her speed up even more. He moaned again, and then a third time. I recognized the sound. Amy made a funny noise of her own which got picked up and then stopped bobbing. He let go of her hair and rested his hand on her head.

Amy lifted her face to the camera again. A big line of cum ran from the corner of her mouth to her chin. Frank’s fingers came into view and he smudged it over towards her mouth. Her tongue ran out and collected the juice and she show swallowed for the camera.

Then I heard him saying “Hot baby.” The camera scanned to more cum on her tits. I heard her say “We better get …..” and the screen went dark.

“Holy shit!” I couldn’t think of what else to say so that would have to cover all angles of the situation. Jealous, impressed, angry and motivated were all in there. Plus the realization that Frank was the kind of idiot who would show a guy about to blow him a video of his gorgeous girlfriend blowing him. Not so great for my morale.

“Yeah. She’s a peach. First time she let me video her. Won’t be the last I hope. I wanna get one of me fucking her.”

“What’d she say when she first looked up? Couldn’t make it out.”

He looked over at me with the most adorable smile and repeated her line for me: “Your cock is amazing.”

Well I was with her on that one.

“Thanks for showing me.” Pissy but in a way I knew he wouldn’t get. I was wondering if he would want one of me going down on him, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t the point.

“Yeah dude. Listen! Do not mention this to her, or to anyone. I just figured you could see it.”

Frank figured he was doing me a favor. What the favor was in his mind was unclear to me. Did it just reflect how close we were? Was it another training video I should learn from? Was it just so I could see how amazing she looked? I’d never know.

“Yeah thanks.”

He was an idiot but it didn’t change anything. The 2nd joint was gone and I was just about correctly buzzed. I’d had one beer and he’d had two. It was about 9:30 and totally dark. He hadn’t made any move to get me working in the hot tub so I figured we would do the usual. I was slightly angry of course. I was also ready.

And that’s when Mom came in.

VII.Mom and Us

We hadn’t heard the car when Mr. Anniston dropped her off. Hadn’t heard her enter the house or open the slider. Hadn’t heard her or seen her walk towards the hot tub. And yet there she was. I guess that video had really kept focus for both of us.

I almost choked when I saw her. Thought number 1: Thank you Frank for not having me blow you here. Thought number 2: Had Mom heard us discussing the video of Amy? She couldn’t have seen it of course but what about Frank repeating that “cock is amazing” line? Thought number 3: I’m not going to get to suck him off tonight. Number 3 didn’t follow logically from our situation. I mean we certainly could have gone elsewhere if only to his car in a parking lot. But I just felt like now it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen. Turns out I was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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