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This is a rewrite of an earlier story of the same name. Hopefully it’s a better version now that we know a little more about the technical aspects of non-technical writing. Content wise it is what it is and it’s 99 44/100 percent true. We may have misremembered some things and we changed the dates and some proper nouns for some “plausible deniability.” (San Mateo “in the Caribbean” — February 23, 2020)

I’m Lisa and this story starts out when I was 23. Other characters in this installment are Paul O’Conner who fathered my two children. Sisters Eva Deveraux and Lillian Deveraux-O’Connor who each carried two of Paul’s children. My brother George, his wife Kristin and Jamie Saunders, our adoptive sister. George fathered each of their two children. Gabe and Katherine are my dad and mom. Ethan is my brother. Claire is his wife and the youngest Deveraux sister. (19700ab020)

The House of Ill Repute (2941 words) We bought a brothel and in it conceived ten children. (2/23/20) anal — hetero — lesbian — oral — polyamory — spit-roasting

Now that we had been working professionally for a while and there was a little money coming in, we decided that we needed a bigger place that would be ours. Our plan all along had been to start a family together, so what we really wanted was one place big enough that we could all call it home. We were young and strong, and we weren’t afraid of work. What we found was a truly amazing property. It needed quite a bit of work, but the price was right. We could almost afford it.

It was a historic and mildly decrepit structure right in the heart of old town San Angelo Texas. Originally, over a hundred years ago, it had been built as two properties: a frontier hotel with a saloon, and a livery stable. Then later, or perhaps from the beginning depending on the narrator, it had been a bawdry house. San Angelo, like most towns in the American west, had several houses inhabited by the “painted ladies” before it had a single church or a school. A verifiable fact that is often omitted in textbooks.

Since they had reached agreement with my Aunt Judith, Gabe and Katherine had a growing business. They incorporated the ranch and divvied up shares. Then Gabe traded tractors and trailers around. With up to date rigs that we could market to customers. They drove as a team on a weekly Missouri to New Mexico route. We dispatched them and brought them through town twice a week.

Once the kids were grown, the house was superfluous. We were renting it as a temporary measure, but they really wanted to sell it and reinvest the proceeds. Selling property in a cash-poor economy was difficult. You either accepted a deep discount off what you thought was a fair asking price or you accepted a long process to sell it. Since the real problem was a general lack of credit, by holding the note themselves sellers could make the process work to their advantage.

We became partners in the trucking firm sold the house we were living in and bought the ‘house of ill repute,’ running mom and dad’s business from it. A huge advantage of being young is not knowing what you do not know. We knew going in that it would be a lot of hard work. We just didn’t have any idea how much, or how many official hands would be out seeking bribes to allow us to benefit the community, and obviously ourselves, by improving a dilapidated property.

In a short time, the old brick and timber structure which had been a host of things over the past century was reinvigorated. Eva moved her ministry into what had originally been the livery stable. The rear was a nice space with a new recycled wooden floor and fresh paint illuminated by the original large high windows. The tack room and offices became a meeting space for the church with a small volunteer run coffee shop that benefitted local charitable causes.

We cleaned the hotel out, knocked new holes in some walls and filled in existing holes in others. We installed new doors using period materials and hardware that we had scrounged. Years of old paint and plaster patching were stripped from the walls and they were given a new coat of paint. We completely rewired bahis firmaları the entire electrical system and installed an overly complicated telephone service to dispatch over-the-road trucks from the former saloon space.

A café that was legally required to be completely separate from the coffee shop was created for Kristin in the old hotel lobby and saloon space. The rooms of what had been the hotel and then brothel were divvied up. The largest, the madam’s private apartment was reserved as our playroom and a euphemistic sign “Corporate Offices,” was created and posted on the door.

One hotel room went to George and his wife Kristin. We added a new connecting door into the adjoining room, my room with Jamie. Another bedroom was set up for Paul and his wife Lillian. That room was connected by a new doorway to the adjoining room. A room that in theory belonged to Lillian’s sister Eva, but in fact was simply used as her library. Our partners Gabe and Katherine had a nice two-room suite created by adding another new doorway. It was just off the rear balcony that was shared with our playroom and provided the only access to our swimming pool. Three rooms remained unclaimed.

There was plenty of room to park Gabe and Katherine’s over the road truck on the gravel lot we owned out behind the building. For a small bribe to the police it remained unmolested. Paul and George moved the above ground pool from our old house and made it bigger with additional sections. Being young we misunderstood the building inspector’s odd fascination with the pool until he spelled out exactly how much “rent” we had to pay him to keep it. But once we paid everyone off, we could have used the property for human sacrifices for all they really cared.

It took us a couple of years to get everything sorted out. We didn’t realize that a clock was ticking. That forces outside everyone’s control would conspire to change our entire way of life. Once George and Paul returned from serving in “West Vietnam…” A country known to cartographers and those with less aversion to honesty than the current and former US Presidents as Laos. Our plan was to gain experience flying around Texas and start a business in the field.

But the bills that both political parties had racked up in the last decade came due.

Foreigners who couldn’t be legislated into compliance demanded payment in real money. When they didn’t get it the rise of OPEC and then the Arab Oil Embargo seriously impacted the entire economy. The abrupt rise in the price of fuel nearly bankrupt our trucking business and sent us scurrying up to Alaska to survive. But before then we were able to complete our family at home in Texas.

Our process was all very carefully planned. Months before my big day it had been Kristin’s, and months before that Eva’s. Jamie and Lillian would take their turns in the coming months as well. It was a monumental undertaking, a Holy mission and all were involved in the planning and the execution. Our children were wanted. Years later, when they could understand, we told each of them that they were conceived by all of their parents acting together in “a sea of love.”

Gabriel and Katherine were not there in the room when it happened. But I had talked to mom that afternoon as we sat naked, enjoying the summertime sun, on a pair of chaise lounges. Our chairs sat along the wooden deck behind the tall privacy fence which George and Paul had built for us to enjoy. Everyone had adopted Katherine as their own, but there was something special between us, after all she was my mom.

It was a conversation that had happened a million times before. A mother and daughter discussing the fact that the younger was about to follow in her elder’s footsteps. The great circle of life was rolling on. I was about the same age that mom had been when she had her first child. I was about to take that journey myself. Human beings love rituals, and mom listened with interest as I described some of the preparations that my lovers and I had made together for the journey that I was about to undertake.

After leaving mom I walked from the deck to the kaçak iddaa bedroom that I shared with Jamie. Then to the bathroom, and then to our playroom. I understood the significance of this night and I gleefully took part in each of the several rituals we had created to commemorate it. It was my night to at last fulfil my destiny. To join with Paul… To create and bring a new life into this world… I knew that I was ovulating. My sisters had made all the plans and attended to all the preparations. As darkness fell, they were all were there and ready to begin.

My lover and sister Jamie helped me to disrobe in our bedroom and walked with me to the shower. Lillian who had delivered Paul’s first child four months before assisted me, her lover, her sister-wife, washing my body ever so gently. Jamie, Kristin – newly pregnant with George’s seed, and Eva – hugely pregnant by Paul watched the entire process with love in their hearts. This would be my first pregnancy.

After slowly and quite erotically washing me, her sister-wife, Lillian rubbed me down, massaged me and anointed me with olive oil. It felt so very, very nice. Then five young women walked together, naked, from the bathroom down the hallway to the playroom.

The playroom was a most Holy place. In one corner sat the old porcelain tub that everyone had joined in scrubbing. The tub that sat at a 30-degree angle in a wooden frame that George and Paul had built. The tub in which Eva sat on a soft steam sterilized quilt as her sister Lillian delivered Paul’s first child. The tub that Eva, Kristin and then Lisa would soon squat in to bring forth their children.

In the center of the room was the was the heavily padded wooden table. A very sturdy piece that each of the women had frequently been bound to, bound to and most lovingly fucked. It was the table that Paul had tied both Lillian and Eva to and then pierced their labia major on. The table that my brother George had pierced me, Kristin and Jamie on after binding us to its surface.

Moreover, it was the table that George had impregnated Kristin on four months ago. The table that he would impregnate Jamie in four-months-time on. The same solid surface on which Paul had delivered to Eva his Holy essence eight months ago. That essence having combined with her own and created the soon to be born child that made her belly swell today.

Lillian’s child with Paul had been conceived on the same table. A beautiful little girl who was being cared for downstairs by her adoptive grandparents at the moment. Katherine and Gabe, my mom and dad were with her. They weren’t in the room with us, but they assisted us in the process of adding to our collective joy.

Paul and George were in the playroom waiting. Big handsome men, they were both naked as well. It had been decided that Lisa would be the bearer of Paul’s progeny. But as all were lovers, all would play a role. It was George’s sacred duty to get me warmed up. My six lovers kissed me, held me and helped me climb on top of the table.

As I laid down on its padded surface, Lillian held the sides of my head and kissed my forehead. I was making my final approach, joining with Lillian and Eva that evening in a most select and honorable society. A mother of Paul’s children. It was the real-life culmination of a wonderful game we all had played as teenagers: ‘Mormon sister-wives.’ Within hours the three would be real sister-wives forever.

My naked lovers, my beautiful pregnant sisters-by-choice Kristin and Eva… Eva with her wonderful bulging belly, kissed me all over, touching every part of my naked being. My wonderful brother George positioned himself between my thighs. Kristin and Lillian moved to hold my legs. To fondle, caress and kiss them as his tongue shot into my innermost places.

His fingers delicately moved the stainless-steel studs set in my outer labia around. His tongue wantonly played with the entrance to my vagina. He was happy, drinking in my fragrant ambrosia secretions. His tongue played with my clitoral hood and soon enticed the sensitive pearl beneath to come out and play.

Eva placed her left hand upon kaçak bahis my belly while looking directly into my eyes. She was wordlessly wishing for me, her sister-wife, what she was herself enjoying. Paul took Lillian’s spot and began giving me wet, warm, deep kisses. It felt so nice, having both of them attending to me. My entire body tingled, and as I came, I was seeing a wonderful kaleidoscope of beautiful lights that only existed inside my own brain.

The plan was that after I orgasmed George would trade places with Paul. Once he figured that I was ready to receive Paul’s semen. The literature we had voraciously read said that it should be easier to impregnate a woman if she was well relaxed. Even if that was not medically correct, it was a very nice thought. Besides, how exactly could an orgasm or two hurt things, so George kept on going.

George continued flittering his tongue across my swollen clitoral shaft after I had exploded in orgasm. He just kept on working me as he pushed a well-lubricated finger into my ass. Now I may not exactly-precisely have a male’s prostate. But as he pushed firmly on my engorged Skene’s gland from inside of my anus, I thought that I must have just about the same reaction.

My, oh my, l certainly do just adore the sensation that maneuver provides.

Then my brother called “switch”.

It was a game we all played together. Each of the women in our family gives themselves totally and without reservation to their lovers. The sensations delivered to us women from having both of the men or one of their male lovers and a female lover double-team them was delicious and intensely pleasurable. While double-teaming one of the girls, either man could call out “switch,” and the two would trade places.

My brother went to my mouth and gave me a very deep kiss. Filling my mouth with his saliva and my own savory lubricant he had retrieved from me with his tongue. Paul touched my sensitized mound and I shivered. It was simply electric. Then he ran two of his fingers down the silky valleys between my inner and outer labia.

Bump, bump, bump Paul’s fingers bumped across the little stainless-steel balls on the ends of the barbells embedded in my labia major. My hips were making an involuntary grinding motion, pushing up at him. As if they thought that they could, they would, entice and invite his penis inside of me.

George removed his mouth from mine and gently repositioned my head and shoulders into a position that I knew from experience very well. Knew well and loved even more. He moved the sturdy wooden box that sat on the floor at the head of the table as Paul finally slid his hardness into my soppy wetness.

George stepped atop the wooden box, and he carefully positioned his penis to slide down into my mouth, directly down into my throat. It was simply heaven on earth. I was on top of the world. Filled up at both ends by my two male lovers, one in my mouth and the other in my vagina.

Kristin and Lillian were holding my legs tight as Paul fucked me hard. Jamie was caressing, nuzzling and kissing my clenched right fist. Eva was holding my open left hand to her own beautiful pregnant belly. My brother’s penis was pushing down into my throat and Paul’s penis was in working its magic in my frothy hot vagina.

My lovers were overloading my senses, spit-roasting me, carefully synchronizing their thrusts. George was alternating between fucking my throat and pulling out to let me breathe. In hard and fast before pulling out and then returning to my throat. Meanwhile Paul was pounding me with a steady hard motion.

My lover Paul watched his “brother by another mother” working their sister’s tonsils and he adjusted his timing so that they would both be pushing in at the same time and pulling out at the same time They were maximizing the sensual effect that I felt as they compressed all of my nerve bundles and then pulled back stretching all of the tissues that contained them only to reverse and compress my most sensitive places once again.

I came once from George’s tongue, and once from my brother’s fingers. Then I came again from Paul and George’s combined efforts in spit-roasting me. I was close to a fourth orgasm when Paul exploded and sent forth forty-thousand tiny little swimmers. Single-minded contestants in a race that only one can win.

One did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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