Unicorn Hunts the Hunters

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The day started out like most of our Sundays. We slept in one another’s arms until 11am. The night before, Pooky had just changed her dark red hair to a beautiful platinum as she was ready for something new. We were to meet Andrea at 2:30pm at a wine bar in Tempe to catch up on gossip so we had a little time to get ready and do some errands.

We arrived at the wine bar to a loud football game showing on all the televisions but we were seated at a comfortable booth. We ordered some food, a bottle of wine for the girls, and a water for me. Pooky and Andrea talked about their physical fitness businesses for hours and hours. One bottle of wine disappeared, then the second one disappeared and a third arrived. Pooky went to the bathroom and Andrea and I conversed in a little small talk which led into a conversation about the ramifications regarding families and bisexuality for a little while.

As Pooky arrived back at the table Andrea told a positive story about how she revealed to her teenage daughter that she was bisexual. Pooky lit up and also told Andrea her stories and feelings about women as she is also bisexual. Pooky talked about how she prefers women sexually but has so far only fallen in love with a man… “So Bella’s pretty fem despite her very nice male equipment and so I fell completely in love with her!” Andrea talked about how she likes girls who have “High Testosterone” and is the opposite of Pooky, she gets turned on by women, and falls in love with them, but needs a cock… and she hasn’t been seeing anyone who has a nice, real, hard cock available to facilitate her getting off.

Suddenly this conversation became much more interesting. We had been there three hours and now the girls were talking hypothetical… Because it was soon revealed that Andrea has had a crush on Pooky since they first met at a Pilates class 4 years ago. Pooky was saying how she likes girls and doesn’t fall in love with them so if they got together, Pooky wouldn’t inherently get jealous of Andrea because she doesn’t fall for guys emotionally, she just likes their equipment, and Andrea was saying that she would fall in love with Pooky and doesn’t want to take anything away from her relationship with me… so if she and Pooky were to “get together” then Bella and Pooky would have to be a package deal. Pooky mentioned that I sometimes identify as polyamorous (or at least capable of non-monogamy) and Andrea said she’s the same way.

I started thinking to myself. The unicorn is presenting herself to us… wow. No unicorn hunting required to form a triad!! Let’s see where this might go!

We asked… “Are we actually talking about this now… or is this all hypothetical?” Pooky looked at me and said, “Do you have a problem with this?” “Would you want this?” I think at this point my adrenaline was coursing through my body. I was excited. Andrea is fucking hot. Andrea is 10 years younger than us. Andrea oozes sex like a kitten. What secure, loving bisexual couple in a healthy relationship wouldn’t want two women their bed?

Things officially started going on the negotiation table. Andrea stated that she wants a sexual relationship with Pooky, but there is no point in it if she can’t get off after Pooky turns her on and gets her all warmed up. She said that she has only known herself to get off on penetration with a cock. Pooky surprisingly said that I had to be on the table as well because we do everything together and having a relationship with someone else while I was not present would not work for her psychologically – besides, she’s turned on by the love of her partner. Andrea apologized to me and said that she needs to be completely honest with me, she’s not in it for intimacy and she’s really not attracted to my fem body type as she likes very… well MANLY men (let’s face it, I’m openly pretty petite and soft and girlie) and that she values me as a person, but in the bedroom, I’d be a sex object because even though I look like a girl, I have a cock, the cock she needs to get off. Period. She also admitted that she likely wouldn’t be nice about it because she enjoys getting nasty in bed.

I was so taken aback by this that I was clenching every muscle in my body. I almost completely forgot to put anything on the table… you know… like… oh, Pooky should be bahis firmaları mostly sober before you seduce her in our bed… or like… I have needs too… like I don’t mind being a fuck object to you, however I need to KNOW you a little bit better to get turned on by you… etc.

Look. Andrea is Pooky’s BEST FRIEND. A woman’s partner simply doesn’t fuck their wife’s best friend. I put up so many walls around Andrea that I had previously convinced myself that I was completely uninterested in her as a sexual being. Oh, yes, I fantasized about her and Pooky together many times. I could see it in both of them… they both wanted each other for years… I have photos of them curled up intimately together at Andrea’s home… but intercourse and kissing never happened. So I mentioned as casually as possible that we should be careful about these choices as I understand that friendships and business relationships can get damaged by introducing sex into the relationship, and since we’d been out at least 4 hours and the loud football game was messing with the seriousness of the conversation, we all thought it a good idea to go back to our place and talk about it in the peace of our home. When Andrea arrived she brought a 4th bottle of wine for Pooky and herself, and she bought me a small, super delicious Red Velvet Cream Cheesecake with a mountain of whipped cream on it.

Pooky very excited to get started. In fact, she appeared anxious for Andrea to make her decision to accept that the deal on the table was complete and assumed all the protections for the existing relationship. Andrea was diligently careful and rightfully so. She wanted to ensure that she would get what she needed out of the relationship if she were to proceed. She also wanted to ensure that there would be no regrets and that it would not screw up the friendship or the business relationship or even the relationship between me and Pooky. She also wanted there to be no presumption that if we got together as friends that was simply a masked attempt to get us into bed.

After a while we talked openly about sexual safety, disease and prevention. She wanted to ensure that we knew that she was not on birth control of any kind and that if I were to fuck her, I would have to pull out and cum on her body or face… she said that she absolutely loves cum… She warned that she’s very fertile. I revealed I’ve had a vasectomy and have been tested as sterile. Andrea was very excited by this as she detests condoms and loves cum, especially when a guy ejaculates inside of her. We decided that because we have so much at risk, we’d write up an agreement:

The conditions for our triad mandates that we are friends with benefits with the intention to form deeper relationships. The new relationships are subsequent to the other existing relationships – personal and professional. The relationships may be defined in multiple ways. At first the expectation is that the relationships are simply non-monogamous however it is our intention that we form a (generally) closed “polyamorous” triad as Andrea expects to form deeper feelings for Pooky. While requited feelings are not expected, they are allowed as long as all partners to this agreement are open about their feelings. Bella and Pooky are a package deal. Andrea is not to meet with Bella alone for sex without Pooky’s express permission, and as such requests for Andrea and Bella to meet alone for sex are considered a violation of agreement.

Meetings for lunch or to talk are not to be interpreted as “code” for the presumption of sexual contact (such as an expectation of a threesome in bed). Instead, disassociation (mental code switching) should be put in place to differentiate between professional contact, friendship contact, or a date for sex and intimate relationship building. While all friends may meet one another and contact one another as individuals, sex dates ideally will contain all three parties. While prior knowledge and consent are preferred, Bella agrees that should private sexual contact between Pooky and Andrea occur without him or his prior knowledge, it will not be considered a breach of agreement as long as due open communication occurs within a reasonable period of time. Until this agreement is amended -private sexual contact between Bella and Andrea occur kaçak iddaa without Pooky’s prior knowledge or consent shall be considered a breach of agreement.

I respect Andrea for her honesty. I just wished that I could calm down. Even though I was at home I was unable to relax. I realized that the girls were fairly intoxicated and that there really was too much at risk to move forward immediately. As much as I wanted to see Pooky and Andrea together and get to be with these two women I had to convince them both that it would be best if we continued another night.

We signed off on the agreement and Andrea finally took Pooky’s hand as a leap of faith. She got up and plugged her iPhone into our Sound bar and then song after song of 80’s love songs played… it was a playlist customized to seduce Pooky… and… it worked. Andrea and Pooky started kissing on the couch and touching one another as I looked on. Soon they both came over to our beloved oversized brown chair and the three of us took turns open mouth kissing one another. I have to admit, I like Andrea’s style. She is sensual, intentional, and happy to squeeze extra desire out of us before gratifying us. I got very sexually excited at this point because kissing is sooo intimate. Intimacy is really what turns me on… not power or physical appearance.

Around 8:30pm the girls were tearing at each other’s clothes. In order to preserve the friendship I suggested a firm date and time were we could continue once we had a few nights to sleep on it. The girls reluctantly agreed and started straightening themselves up so that Andrea could go home – just a few blocks away.

Pooky and I were up pretty late that night talking about the possibilities. I was really surprised that she was comfortable talking about me fucking her best friend. Everything that I had ever read in fact or fiction has told me that this is a really bad idea… and that increased communication between the new relationships such a triad would create would be the best way to ensure that the triad had any possibility of success. The sex between Pooky and me was pretty amazing that night.

The next morning Pooky had a lot of questions. It turns out that it was a pretty good idea that we waited. Pooky told me that she enjoyed our foreplay the other night and that it was hot for her as long as the three of us were not only in the room together, but always actively participating so that nobody was left out at any given time. She felt that she could keep any jealousy at bay and was looking forward to our next Sunday together. She also wanted to make sure that everyone would get what they want out of the sexual relationship and we talked about that for the rest of the week.

The next Sunday came very quickly. I had the house immaculate for Andrea’s arrival at 4pm. Pooky and I greeted Andrea at the door together. Andrea came bearing gifts – and this time Pooky had her own playlist going. We hadn’t had much time to talk with Andrea since the following week, so we explained a few of our concerns and preferences to her… especially the one where I said that I felt I needed to get to know Andrea more personally. Pooky invited Andrea to sit with me alone and talk quietly as she went off to pour some wine. Andrea explained to me what it is about Pooky that turns her on… and she said that knowing that we both tend to be a little submissive with others, she agreed to take the lead this time, however; her real attraction to us is how we are in the world – outwardly dominant in our careers, always as equals when together. She also told me that she had played down her attraction to me the previous week. She wasn’t sure that Pooky would bite if she felt that she were after her girlie spouse’s cock.

Andrea’s soft voice and gentle touches were really what I needed to proceed in a sexual capacity. We decided together that we should continue in the bedroom. I also moved the music to the bedroom, and set the lighting so that everyone could see one another clearly. Andrea’s mind games began very subtly. She challenged Pooky to impress Andrea without throwing herself at her. It wasn’t long before the girls were on our bed ripping each other’s clothes off down to their panties and open mouth kissing. Andrea was loving this. She bent Pooky over the kaçak bahis bed, picked her up by the hip bones, and spanked her red with her bare hand. Andrea then showed Pooky exactly how she likes it.

I was sitting in bed with my panties on but soon both the girls came over to me and ensured that I was completely nude with the exception of my wedding ring. I thought perhaps that I wouldn’t be fucking Andrea this time, because I felt that the girls needed time to get comfortable with one another first. I was extremely aroused having two beautiful women grinding on one another in our bed right next to me. Andrea stroked Pooky’s hair and looked her in the eyes – checking in with Pooky about all of this.

Pooky wanted to prove to Andrea that Andrea could get off with the Magic wand, so they asked me to hold the wand as they put themselves together with the wand in the middle while kissing and touching my face, chest, and cock. Andrea did in fact cum – something that she never expected. Next, Andrea was on her back and Pooky positioned herself on top and Andrea asked me to fuck Pooky while she kissed her so Pooky could get off. I slipped my rock hard cock into Pooky’s slippery wet pussy – thrusting into her, forcing her breasts to smash into Andrea’s as they kissed. Andrea mentioned to Pooky that she wants some of my cock too. Pooky liked the suggestion so she announced Andrea’s desire and asked me to please fuck Andrea.

At that point I was extremely aroused – I asked Pooky to sit on Andrea’s face so I could look inter her eyes while I penetrated Andrea. Andrea opened herself wide for me and I slipped into her amazingly tight and wet pussy and started fucking her the way she described she liked it… She was getting very tense and shuttered with another orgasm and then flipped over on top of Pooky’s pussy and asked me to please fuck her that way. I slipped into Pooky as Andrea was positioning herself and I asked her to beg for it. She wasn’t logistically positioned well, so after a few very sensuous requests I picked her up by her hip bones and then guided myself to fuck her doggy style. Andrea was bucking and pushing back on my cock very hard… at one point she forced my cock out… I chuckled and said “Oh, that’ the way it’s going to be huh?” and responded by fucking Pooky again. My balls were getting very tight – I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would cum… and it actually seemed like a contest between the girls about who would “win” by making me cum inside them.

Andrea sensed my mounting tension. She beckoned me out of bed and stood up with me, looked into my eyes and hugged me and asked me to calm down… My heart rate was really up there and she really did calm me down quickly. She had me kiss her very gently and kissed my chest, and kneeled before me, slipping my smooth glistening cock into her mouth and asked me sit back at the foot of the bed and to just let it all go, and enjoy myself. While doing this, she invited Pooky over so that they would take turns. I was turned on seeing Andrea take Pooky’s head by the hair and force her to deep throat me… and then she would let Pooky breathe and Andrea would take me into her mouth.

It was very much like a scene from our favorite porn videos when Pooky and Andrea sucked my cock as a team effort at the same time, licking up and down and swirling their tongues together over the head of my cock while cupping my balls. I warned the girls that I was going to cum… and they both made me feel really good as they exclaimed and giggled as I shot multiple loads between the both of them, getting cum on both of their faces and chests. I was even more impressed when the girls actually licked my warm cum off their bodies, and then Andrea went down on Pooky and didn’t stop until Pooky was cumming.

The three of us slipped under the covers and drifted into a merry slumber. I was surprised to open my eyes and see that it was nearly midnight and two women were still in my bed! A fantasy ours for decades finally realized.

There has been increased communication between the three of us. A few days ago Andrea took me for a walk and shared a few naughty ideas with me about how to take things with Pooky to the next level. Pooky later confided in me that she and Andrea are also cooking something up to blow my mind too. If we were happy before, we’re ecstatic now. I feel more motivated at work, during family time, and when I take Pooky out alone. We are happy that we are taking our time and excited for what the future brings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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