Venus Ascending Pt. 05

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Chapter 15

During the next week, John’s work kept him hopping. The water’s chemistry and the excessive waste continued and even the “Sewer Rats” were unable to locate the source. John moped around unable to really focus on water. While he was still doing a good job controlling all the liquids in Venus, his enthusiasm for water seemed to fade, and instead Lisa was his focus.

Like John Lisa still enjoyed her job, but John was the center of her attention and her love. However, she could see that she was pushing away the one man she trusted with her very soul. Her heart had never been filled with this much love before, and even her wildest dreams didn’t compare to the way he made love to her. Her mind, body, and heart all exploded with ecstasy she never knew existed. John was the perfect man for her, but why was she holding back?

She freely gave him her body, and he made her feel things she never knew were possible. There were times, she thought her heart would explode with love for him or shrink to the size of a pea when she was alone. Her heart ached with love for him, and her body ached to be filled by him. From the very beginning, he had given her wild, screaming, continuous orgasms that took her into a foggy bliss she had never known.

The intensity of her ecstasy had given her squirting orgasms and even made her faint with crazy bliss. She had read about this kind of passion, but thought it was all fiction, and it was something she could never feel. However, she did feel it with John. With him she had found not only wildly exuberant passion, but the kind of heart rending love that only existed in stories. Despite all of her dreams coming true, she still held something back and couldn’t figure out why.

Whenever they were apart, her heart, mind, and body couldn’t think of anything else except him. The minute she heard his voice, smelled his scent, saw his silhouette, or touched his body a fever came over her. Her nipples would harden; her pussy weep, and her legs tremble every time he came close to her. He had truly taken control of her. She was an addict that could not go without her man-fix. She needed him to be able to even breathe, but she still held back.

She couldn’t figure out what it was. Why she couldn’t let go? Truly love him with all she has. He was sweet and kind, while at the same time being masterful and dominant. He was hunky and sexy, while at the same time being smart and geeky. He made her think and feel, while at the same time making her laugh. He was the perfect man and roused a fiery passion in her that she had never known existed. Still she held back. Maybe he was just too perfect.

Lisa treated John like her Master, adhering to all the rules that he had laid out. She greeted him every day from work naked in a slave presentation position. She enticed him to dominate her and take her, showing her the unbelievable passion that only he could rouse inside her. Her nights with him were a passion filled foggy bliss that took her away from her daily grind. Her work was becoming more of a drudge. All she really wanted to do was be the object of John’s fantasies. He made her feel like the rest of the world didn’t matter. It was only them, and the passionate bonfire they created together.

There were nights when he slowly and methodically made her his. There were nights when he dared her to show her petulant and sassy side, and when she did he turned it into the most scorching ecstasy she had ever felt. He stripped her spoiled and impudent side from her and turned her into his willing love slave. In the end, she would do anything he ask, if he just kept loving her like this.

Sometimes she felt as if she was losing who she was, but then she remembered that she didn’t really like whom she was before. She had been a hard, bitter tease before she met him, and no one could make her do anything she didn’t want to do. Her ex-husband was the only exception, and he had proved that she had been right all along. Love was something for everyone else, but not for her. Love made you vulnerable. Let people take advantage of you, but then John came along, and she liked being vulnerable to him.

After he stripped her of all her pretense, he showed her the kind of love she had been missing. When he held her after they made love, she would lie limp and boneless in his arms and purr as he gently caressed and cherished her. She trusted him as she had no other. She knew he would never hurt her. He gave her security and freedom, so she could give herself totally to him.

When his eyes fondled her while he tied her up and caressed her, she would quake with anticipation. His hot hungry gaze let her know how he was going to take her, and she was his for the taking. As he spanked her, teased her, and drove her passion to the brink; she always saw the love and pride in his eyes. Her struggles only served to excite him further with her final submission being her gift to her master. What they had was deep, raw, primitive, fulfilling, and nurturing like nothing else bedava bahis she had ever felt.

For the first time in her life she felt the innocent purity of love, but being that vulnerable terrified her. Nothing had ever captured her the way his love did, and while that exhilarated her it also scared her. She knew he was going to take what he wanted from her, and she craved what she knew he was going to give her in return. Thoughts of him made her squirm, her heart pound, and her knees tremble with anticipation. As she lay staring into his eyes, she wondered if he felt the same.

He did. John was consumed with his love for Lisa. He had never had a woman affect him the way she did. She was smart, while at the same time extremely sexy. She gave herself body and soul to him while she made him want to do great things and be a better man. He wanted her to be proud of him, laugh at his jokes, and hang on his every word. He wanted to feel her throw her love, body, and desire at him. Mostly as he saw the heat build inside her through her eyes, he wanted to hear those words from her, “I belong only to you.” The touch of her heart beating with his was a feeling, he knew he could never find with anyone else.

Her fiery desire and passion drove him crazy whenever she was around, and he was addicted to seeing her face contorting in rapture. He found new ways to tease her; just so he could see her body clinches and contortions as powerful waves of furious ecstasy gripped her. He loved to see her eyes explode wide open with her mouth agape, hanging open as if surprised by her frenzied elation.

Every time she gave herself to him, he felt a pride deep inside him. To know that she was really his, well, it overwhelmed him. He could take her, rouse such feelings inside her, and make her feel things she had never felt before. Every time he held her soft body in his arms, he felt sustained as if he were home, but there was also something primal about claiming his woman, and it seemed to fill his primitive soul.

His heart was dazed by her. Their long talks or even just holding each other shook his deepest long held insecurities. She made him feel strong and powerful, capable of anything and everything. Then when she gave him a submissive look, he had to prove he was strong, powerful, and her master. He had to show her that she was his and always would be his. He loved her as he had no other, but she also fueled a primitive hunger in him. It was a hunger that could only be satisfied with her ecstasy under his control.

Watching his red hand prints appear on her tight, little tush was fuel for his hunger. Watching her muscles ripple beneath her skin as she fights the passion flowing through her was staggeringly erotic. Her whimpers, moans, and pleas for more, or even for him to stop being like gasoline on the fire. There was something very primal and satisfying about taking her and making her his woman.

What they had went way beyond sex or even making love. Yes, they loved each other from the bottom of their hearts, but their bondage play created a trust and a bond that went far beyond mere love. They were part of each other, and John knew he could no longer exist without her.

However, despite it all he could feel something was still missing. She was still scared, or for some reason couldn’t give her love completely. He knew he couldn’t give her up. She owned his heart, so his only option was to be patient and keep giving her all his love. If he could somehow break through, he felt they would both have what they had always searched for. John knew she was worth fighting for, and he intended to do just that.

Chapter 16

As with any casino, rooms are retasked for different shows. The Westworld room was being changed into a Kasbah style room, internally titled the Aladdin room. Lisa had heard they were looking for harem dancers; and more specifically, a feature dancer for the dance of the seven veils. She still held out hope that she could break into one of the feature dancer roles and quickly ran down to put in a request for the role.

John knew how much Lisa loved to perform, and how much she loved dancing in front of an audience. Having everyone watch her every twist, turn, and pirouette was all very stimulating to her. She said she could feel every eye caressing her as they watched her moves and shimmies on stage, and it was all very exciting and powerful. Being a feature dancer and having the entire audience focused on her dance would be the pinnacle of her dancing career.

John had been talking too many of the entertainment management staff about diversifying their dancers, but he had not talked to anyone about this particular offering. Within a week after applying for the feature dancer role, Lisa was informed she did not fit the requirements, and once again she was crushed. John knew the manager and the VP over the Aladdin project and vowed to do something about this decision.

He once again talked to them about their Mono chromatic choices bedava bonus in dancers. He started telling them that not everyone is attracted to the same look, and all their dancers have the same look. He also told them that for a Middle Eastern setting they needed a more Middle Eastern looking dancer. He did know of a waif of a girl with darker hair who was shorter and more petite than the Swedish models they always picked, and she would be perfect for this role.

When they ask what he meant, he held up Lisa’s picture saying, “This is whom you should be hiring for harem girl, not a blonde Amazon. Think about it, the Sultan in the middle of the desert is not going to have a Swedish Amazon as his harem dancer.”

They nodded their head in agreement, and then they talked for several minutes about other options. John left Lisa’s phone number and picture with them telling them that they would not be disappointed if they chose her. The next day Lisa ran breathlessly into John’s office with excitement written all over her face.

“I got a call back for Aladdin. I’m one of three girls they are considering for the feature!” She screamed with joy as she ran into the room and jumped into his arms.

John tried to act excited like this was new and great news, but she saw through him immediately. She pulled her head away from his and looked into his eyes as she queried, “Did you have anything to do with this?”

John looked a little sheepish and tried to look contrite as he said, “Well, I did happen to point out the error of their ways. I did tell them of this dazzlingly beautiful and terrific dancer they were overlooking, but that’s all. They made all the decisions and I didn’t know you got the job till you came in here.”

Lisa’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. Her smile brightened the room, and her eyes glistened with joyful tears. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times before she chokingly said, “Oh my God John, this is because of you! Oh Master, you are indeed the best thing that ever happened to me, and I love you so very much. Thank you for doing this!”

She was still in his arms with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and her arms tightly around his neck, as she started smothering his face with kisses. As her kisses started getting deeper and more sensuous, Lisa also began rubbing her hardened nipples against his chest. His hands filled with her taut, butt cheeks as he held her against him. Then he felt the cheeks of her ass tighten and release as her hips did a sexy shimmy against his belly.

She climbed up his chest until her lips were nibbling on his ear lobe. Then in a deep, sultry tone filled with loving emotion she said, “I’ve never had anybody look out for me before. Oh John, where have you been all my life? You make me so unbelievably happy. Can my master take his slave home and fuck her senseless … you know, like only you can do?”

It was times like these that John was very happy they lived in low gravity. Lisa had always been light as a feather, but in the low gravity, he could hold her in his arms almost forever. He held her with one hand. With his other hand, he caressed up her body until he could pull her face from his neck. As he looked into her eyes, they were filled with loving emotion as well as tears of happiness. He could tell the bonds of love and trust had been strengthened by his gallant action.

John didn’t think he had done anything special; it was something he would have done for any friend. Lisa was far beyond just being a friend, and he would do anything for her. Love flowed between their eyes, and they were oblivious to the spectacle they were creating in John’s office. Their lips merged in an affirmation of the love they were feeling.

As her lips parted, Lisa could see a twinkle in John’s eye as he said, “Baby, let’s go celebrate tonight. Go home and get into something ultra-sexy, and let me take you out and show you off. Better yet, go to the store “Sinful”, they have a fishnet and a shred dress that I’ve been thinking about getting you. Try them on and see which one you like, and if you like them, get them both. Then figure out which one you want to wear tonight but remember my sexy, slave girl you’re not allowed to wear anything underneath.”

The emotions in Lisa’s eyes morphed from love, to gratitude, to even awe, but as he began to speak fiery passion took over. Her lips kissed his cheek and nibbled over towards his ear as she asked, “Master, could I wear the Ben-Wa-Balls underneath the dress?”

John gave a devious little chuckle as he responded, “Yes, my sumptuous pet those would make a great addition, make it the vibrating ones.”

He felt her shiver as she pulled herself tighter against his body. With her nose nuzzling his ear she whispered, “Master, I’m already quivering and wet imagining what you’re going to do to me tonight. I love you so much. John had never known this kind of blissful happiness.”

With that her arms began to loosen, and she slid down his body gathering her feet underneath deneme bonusu her. Her hardened nipples raked down his chest followed by sensuous, little kisses until she was finally standing on her own two feet again. All too quickly, she was back on her feet with her face and body glowing with happiness. Beneath all her happiness smoldered her greedy anticipation of surrendering her body to him tonight.

Suddenly, she stood on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek. With a glint in her eye, she scampered off her radiant smile lighting the way. John admired her tight backside and svelte body, as she disappeared through the door. As she bounded away, he thought about what a lucky man he really is. As Lisa finally disappeared from his sight, he finally took one look around through the windows of his glass office and realized work in the whole, engineering section had come to a complete stop. Every person in the engineering section had watched their loving display. They were all smiling at him right now. Unlike Lisa, John was not used to being the center of attention and blushed as he tried to get back to work.

He tried to wrap up all of his paperwork and get home quickly. He knew what was waiting for him. Thoughts of Lisa naked in slave presentation position kept intruding into his thoughts and kept him distracted. However, things were just not to be, as he was shutting down his office five of the “Sewer Rats” showed up.

He had asked them to keep an eye out for unusual things, and they had. Dominic spoke up and told him that they had found what they thought was the source of all the problems. In all the sewers coming from the Medieval room, they were finding huge amounts of blood and tissue. They went so far as to test the floor in the medieval room stage area with luminal and found remnants of huge pools of blood. It looked like the entire floor had been cleaned, but the remnants remained. They found multiple pools of where blood had been.

They had installed some special filters in the sewer lines, and besides much blood also found particulates of tissue. All the information was very circumstantial. They had felt as if it was not the time to bring John in, so on their own, they installed some hidden cameras in the medieval room. What they discovered shocked everyone. Late at night, the Medieval room was being used for private shows at least every other night. During these private shows, people were horribly tortured, and in some cases killed. They were creating and broadcasting snuff films.

Dominic brought out some of the film and showed John snippets of what their hidden cameras had uncovered. In the part they showed him, two teenage girls and one teenage boy had been tortured to death in front of the cameras. At the end of the film, John and his men sat in silent contemplation of what they had just seen. They had known the council that managed Venus had no morals, but this went way beyond anything they ever contemplated.

John hid his face in his hands as they continued to tell him how they gathered the information. He was already on information overload and didn’t really want to hear anything else, but he knew he needed to hear it all. He told them to make multiple copies of everything and to continue their surveillance. He also asked them to try to gather tissue and blood samples if they could for later DNA identification.

Then it struck him that they hadn’t seen near the volume of bio matter that these films were suggesting. He asked the “Sewer Rats” to continue and expand their surveillance to see if they could figure out how the bodies were being disposed of. They promised they would try to find out, as they all left his office with their marching orders.

John sat in his office for a few minutes, his mind still spinning trying to get a grasp on what he had just found out. Anybody that he would normally report this to, like corporate security, had to be involved in the whole deal. What was he to do? He closed his office and took a walk to see if he could find some of his fellow, engineering managers.

He found Ken and George still in their offices, and he told them what he had found out. Afterwards, all of them sat stunned in silent contemplation, but they slowly started talking over what to do. They knew that somehow they had to stop this, but how? There were no laws being broken except the law of humanity, and there was no law enforcement to report this to.

George had a couple of contacts in law enforcement on earth, and said he would use private communications to see if anyone had any suggestions. They all wondered if Interpol or the world court would have any jurisdiction here. Because if they didn’t, who would? They all agreed that they needed to find out what options they had and how far they could go, so they could make some kind of intelligent decisions.

It was hard to be logical with the films still in his head. Everyone’s visceral reaction was that someone had to pay, and they had to find a way to stop this. However, the reality was, this was perfectly legal in Venus. They all agreed that they needed to get more information and agreed to meet back together in a few days as soon as they gathered additional information. Hopefully at that point, he could come up with some kind of plan of action.

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