The Ticket V

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Female Ejaculation

The story line is important to me. And the story line reached an area that that has no sex. There will be more in ensuing chapters.

The Ticket V

Amber looked out front and watched a Cadillac Limo coming up the drive. She opened the front door as the limo came to a stop. The Driver got out and opened both rear doors. Out of the left rear stepped a very business like lady with Raven Black hair …She was beautiful, Amber guessed her age to be in her fifties. On the right a younger woman also with dark hair and a dark tint to her skin. Amber guessed Native American and early thirties. The older woman waited for the younger woman before either started up the steps.

The older lady extended her hand to Amber, “You Must be Amber, Mr Walker’ s description doesn’t do you justice. I am Connie Saunders Senior Attorney With the Native American Council, Texas Division. This, she pointed to her younger companion, is Mr Walker’ s Atty also from the Native American Council from OK City, Celeste Rainwater.”

After the introductions Amber showed them to the office. Most of the talking was done by MS Saunders. In a nut shell She would be staying here at the Manse and no outsider would be allowed access to the manse or the property. The limo would take Celeste to as Mr Walker referred to it as the little house. Then the limo would then be released. Mr Walker told them a vehicle would be available if they needed one.

Amber showed Ms Saunders to a guest room which was on the 1st floor and near the Office. Amber laughed to herself just thinking what the wimps at Fox, Fox & Shari were going to do when they came up against this warhorse. She called Barbara to tell her to expect Celeste Rainwater soon.

Under Barbara’s bed was a cardboard box filled with the files that had been entrusted to her by Night Walker. He had given her instructions for Atty Rainwater to go through the files and see if she could find anything pertinent.

Ellen Met the Limo and took Celeste’s bags to the guest room. She and Mel was sharing the younger brothers rooms. Barbara was in Night Walkers old room. Celeste noticed there was a small room off the office and it contained a twin bed. She told Barbara to just get some sheets and a blanket and she would bunk in there. She said, “ We might need that one later.


Josie and I arrived at the Main Gate of the Graveyard. Oscar Wells was on the swing shift. “Hey man where did you get that truck Sam.”

“Just bought it.” I pointed to Josie and said. “This is Josie might say she is one of my partners. My Grandfather left me half of a ranch and left the ranch workers the other half.”

“Aw don’t tell me you are going to leave us?” I nodded “Hell that’s going to be like losing a family member. Heck Tommy is the babe Bomonti Escort of the family and he has been here 8 years.”

“ I will be here just long enough to get all the paper work done.” I showed Josie to the barracks and to my room. Tommy Jones was watching TV as we entered and I introduced Josie and told him she would be here for about a week or so.”

Tommy says “No problem.”

It was to late to do any thing tonight so I ordered in Pizza and asked Tommy to Join us.. I picked up a key from Oscar and got Josie some sheets and a blanket. She wasn’t crazy about the separation but understood not the time or place.

The next morning we went to the Civilian personnel office. And went through the paperwork the biggest problem was the fact I still had over five months of accrued leave which equaled a bit over $10,360.00 after I ceded 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice. Then we headed for the bank. I told them I would need $ 2000,00 cash and was thinking about a cashiers check for the rest. The banker asked if I had a new account they could transfer the funds direct. I told him that I didn’t as yet.

“Where are you going to move.” When I said Canyon TX He smiled and said , “That is near Amarillo, we have a branch there so you really don’t need to close your account.”

“How much will I have in the account after I take out the $2000.00”
He calculated and said discounting the check you have from your job. “It comes out to $68,000.00”
I guess when you live like I did for the past 15 years, It kind of accumulates.

We stopped by a ATT phone store and I bought a bag phone ( Just a note Cellphones were not common then but car phones were.) I called Amber and gave her the number and she was to pass it on to Barbara.

That night about 0100 there was a gun shot. I leaped out of bed and rushed out side, Tommy was right behind me. We rushed to the guard shack, no one was in sight I opened the door to find Ruben Rudiso on the floor and there was blood everywhere. Tommy grabbed the radio and called the police and told them to send an ambulance. I began to check out Ruben.

I pulled off my tee shirt leaving me in my boxers it appeared that the bullet had hit him in the right shoulder. Ruben had been leaning back which cause the bullet to angle down and exit just above his nipple. I stood up and reached for the walkie to call the rovers. That movement is the only thing that saved me as two more shots rang out.

Tommy reached up and turned out the light, I felt around and found Ruben’s pistol the standard issue
.45 we carried on duty. The moon was on the other side of the shack casting a shadow on the door. I handed the walkie to Tommy and slipped out the door. Tommy warned the rovers of the danger.

I moved along the edge of the street Escort Bayan I heard a whistle and looked across the street and could just make out a figure. A quick light on and off revealed it to be Josie, I was afraid for her but there was nothing I could do about it now. I crawled in to the road side ditch and lay there scanning the ground ahead me.

I caught a slight movement ahead and to the left. Moved the slide and jacked a shell into the chamber and aimed at where I had seen the movement. I guess the loading of the pistol made just enough noise to alert the person ahead of me and he fired the bullet hit the ground to my left splattering dirt into my face. I fired back and he screamed and went down. Then I heard a second shot and another scream.

I felt Josie’s hand on my shoulder. I could hear sirens and told Josie to give me her gun and to get back into her cubicle and not to come out till I called her. She didn’t argue and in a flash she was gone. The flashing lights and sirens got closer. I could vaguely make out a body ahead of me. I couldn’t tell whether it moved or not. The lights stopped near the body and I heard doors opening. I stood and waved my arms. We have an injured man in the guard shack and there is another shooter up there as well. The policeman asked who I was and I told him I was one of the off duty guards.. The Guard who was on duty is seriously injured.

I asked the status of the shooter, “He has a headache you bounced one off his skull.” Another policeman spoke to the one I had been talking too. He turned to me, “ We found blood on the other side but that one is gone.” He walked me up to his car and asked me if I recognized the shooter.

I was surprised … I did recognize him… I explained that I had had a run in a few days ago with him and his partner In Flagstaff AZ the police there should have info on the both of them. He asked if I had any idea why they were coming after me. I said I didn’t know unless it had something to do with my inheritance and I explained about the DNA test.

He took my name and said I would need to come to the police station in the morning to fill out a deposition.

I walked back to the Guard shack. They had Ruben ready to transport to the hospital. One of the rovers would take over Rubens watch. I told him to enter into the log that the police had the Guard shack Pistol and gave him the policeman’s card. I noticed everyone staring at me. I realized that it was the scars on my chest that they were staring at, I smiled and said ‘Vietnam.’

They said they would clean up and for me to go back to bed, Which I did. The next morning I Left Josie in the quarters while I went to the police station. I gave them as much information as I dared. I informed them about the corrupt sheriff’s istanbul Escort Department. The Police departments of Canyon and Amarillo according to my Grandfather were pretty near straight arrows.

I gave them the name of a detective from Grandfathers letter, Jacob Littlestar. No I hadn’t spoke to him. At the time I had no reason too. The policeman I had spoken too last night Dan Jarvis Detective 3 grade told me they had the other shooter. He had gone to the emergency room at the Seal Beach Hospital . His wound was a through and through on his right thigh it was a heavy bleeder and he couldn’t stop it and he got scared.

“They claim they weren’t after you, they were just having fun and didn’t know the guard shack was even there.”

“ Nobody really believes that do they. Next question is this going to delay me leaving?”

“No we have your deposition and we will contact you when the hearing is to be held. Do me a favor and let me know how your story plays out.”

Next I stopped off at the Hospital to check on Ruben. I was told that he had to undergo surgery and was still pretty much out of it . But they expected him to make a full recovery.

I got back to Barracks and spoke with all my co workers and said my good byes. I gave Tommy and Smithy my mobile phone number so they could let me know how Ruben was doing. I told them if they had all the paperwork ready I would be leaving out from there.

And that is how it worked out. Just about the time we reached I-40 my phone rank. It was one of the Guards at the Graveyard, Al Sims, Al was another Disabled Vietnam vet he had tangled with a mine and lost his lower left leg from the knee down. He was a member of a veteran organization mostly devoted to Vietnam Vets mostly disabled. He had one message for me, they are available if they are needed all I have to do is call and he gave me a phone number and a code name ‘Hondo’ and I would have help.

We were having a pleasant drive, no problem at all. We neared Albuquerque And I started looking for a Motel. The next exit was a Holiday Inn that sounded good to me.

We registered, went to our room and cleaned up before going out to eat. We walked to the restaurant and had a fine meal. When we emerged from the restaurant Josie noticed the Shamrock station 2 doors down. “Have you got the ticket with you?” I nodded yes. Josie started walking to the station.

I pulled out my wallet and removed the ticket, I started to hand it to the attendant but Josie stopped me.” I think you should sign and date it first.” The attendant smiled and handed me a pen. I signed and dated it and handed the pen to Josie. She smiled, “Might as well.” and she signed it too.

I handed the ticket to the attendant, he inserted it in the machine. The attendant said you have a winner and printed out a confirmation ticket and handed me both. I looked at ticket and Josie grabbed it out of my hands. I looked up at the attendant and he had a big smile on his face. Josie screamed….

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