The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke

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Emilia Clarke sighs as she waits in a waiting room. Today she is meeting with Ryan Oakhill a Hollywood executive that has connections throughout Disney. She hopes that by talking with him she can get a Disney role of some kind.
She doesn’t care if it is Star Wars, Marvel, or even a Disney Channel original. Emilia Clarke wants to be in a successful franchise outside of Game of Thrones. A franchise where she doesn’t have to be nude all the time.
Right now, she is alone in the waiting room. Oakhill’s secretary went to use the bathroom right after she singed Emilia in.

This wasn’t her first option of getting a role. She considered going to his son, Cyrus Oakhill for the role but he was apparently working now. Emilia finds that as a blessing and a curse. She heard stories from Sophie Turner on how Cyrus will only convince his dad of movies deals if he gets to fuck her and Sophie told her he can be very rough. But going directly to the father could potentially backfire.


Emilia heard loud moans coming from Ryan Oakhill’s office and she decides to take a peak to see what is taking him so long. The Game of Thrones actress walks up to the door and peek through the window.
The sight is Zendaya Coleman bent over a desk with Ryan Oakhill pounding her from behind. Zendaya’s face is one of discomfort with her biting her lips to stay silent. But Oakhill is just pounding her hard, with no regards to her, with a look of joy on his face.
Emilia Clarke in shock turns straight back to her chair and sits down. She suspected she had to do some sexual favors with Oakhill’s reputation. But it didn’t register in her head until she witness it for herself.

The celebrity scrolled through her phone until the door to Oakhill’s office opens and a ravished Zendaya walks out with a face of shame on her face. She is sweaty and Emilia notices some cum still placed around her lips.

Zendaya hesitates when she sees Emilia Clarke but a firm slap on the ass by Ryan Oakhill sends her out of the waiting room. He then looks at Emilia Clarke and smiles.

“Ahh Emilia. It is good to see you. Please come in” said the Hollywood executive.

Emilia Clarke reluctantly stands up and walks into his office. Right when she enters her office the smell of sex fills up her nose. Ryan Oakhill nods to the chair in front of his desk and she sits down. Oakhill sits down on his chair in his desk.

“So, Emilia, how can I help you?” asked Ryan Oakhill.

Emilia Clarke almost asked what was the deal with Zendaya but she stops herself and clears her throat. “If you don’t mind. I was wondering if you can set up casting me into a movie.”

Ryan Oakhill’s nods, he is not surprised and expected she would show up to his office eventually. He is only surprised that she didn’t go to her son. Looks like more female celebrities are now going directly to him when his son started working.
Ryan smiles and says “Hmmm. I understand your desire for a Disney role miss Clarke. But you must understand it is highly competitive and well you aren’t exactly known for Disney material.”

Emilia gives a quick sigh. He is referring to her role in Game of Thrones. She suspected that the nudity would bit her in the ass eventually.

“I get what you are saying but you hired Game of Thrones actors before. If Ian McShane offered to star in a Disney movie, you would throw money at him.” Said Emilia Clarke defending herself.

“Yes, you have a point.” He said getting up and he slowly walk towards Emilia Clarke. Her heart beats loudly knowing what is about to happen. But she is in to deep to stop now. He sits in the chair next to Emilia.

“Alright Emilia. I might have something for you.” he said as he moves his hands-on Emilia’s knee and slowly move his hand up to her thigh. Emilia Clarke squeeze her thighs together to prevent Oakhill’s hand from going up higher.

“Be a good girl to me and you’ll get your role.” Said Ryan Oakhill as he pushed up his had despite Emilia’s effort to stop it. “You know what you’ll have to do. Right?”

Emilia looks down and nods, biting her lip. She knew this was coming. Her legs moved apart, and Oakhill’s hand went immediately up to caress her pussy.

“So, you do understand” said Ryan as his fingers lightly traced around Emilia’s panties. He slowly moved the panties to the side with his fingertips and brushed Emilia’s pussy up and down.

“I’m going to assume you know how to give head?” asked Oakhill as he slid his middle finger into Emilia’s pussy. She let out a high-pitched gasp. Ryan pushes his finger up Emilia Clarke’s tight little cunt all the way and waited. “Well, have you?” Emilia nods.
“I knew it you dumb cunt.” Emilia face went as he started to curl his fingers back and forth, massaging Emilia’s insides. Her knees gave away for a moment when Oakhill scraped her g-spot.

“Do you spit or swallow?” asked Oakhill.

Emilia doesn’t answer so Ryan uses his other to hand to firmly slap her on the cheek. Emilia immediately answers, “Sometimes I swallow.”

“Well today you won’t have a choice.” Said Oakhill as he pulls Emilia Clarke onto his lap. He gropes her body while saying “You will now show me what king of a cocksucker you are.”

He slaps her ass and Emilia gets on her knees in front of him. She was willing to do this for her Hollywood role.

Oakhill unzip himself and pull out an above average dick, he pulled Emilia by the back of her head, guiding her mouth to his cock.

Emilia slipped in the tip of Oakhill’s cock between her glossy lips. She held up Oakhill’s cock and started sucking, bobbing her head up and down. Oakhill leaned back into the couch and looked down as this famous actress sucked his cock. Oakhill placed his hand on Emilia’s head and pushed her head down whenever she bobbed on his cock, making Emilia take his cock in deeper into her mouth.

“Suck more you little cocksucker, Mmmm, yeah, just like that.” Oakhill groaned as he felt his cock press against the back of Emilia’s throat. He held Emilia’s head in place firmly and savored the feeling of her little mouth surrounding his cock. After fighting down Emilia trying to pull back, he let go of Emilia. The sound of Oakhill’s cock leaving Emilia’s mouth made a loud pop sound. Emilia sat back on her heels and catched her breath as she wiped away the saliva around her mouth that had drooled down to her chin. After letting Emilia catch a couple breaths, Oakhill placed his hand behind Emilia’s head again, motioning her to continue. Emilia hesitantly scooted forward and resumed sucking.

“No hands.”

Oakhill placed both his hands behind Emilia’s head and guided her as she sucked. Hitting the back of her throat each time. Oakhill slapped Emilia across the cheek, and leaned forward.

“I said no hands, you little whore.”

Oakhill sat at the edge of the couch and angled his cock into Emilia’s mouth, making it hit the back of her throat and slip its way into her throat. He disregarded the gagging and choking sounds Emilia made as he pushed his entire cock down the little cheerleader’s throat.

“Mmmm. Yeah you little whore, I bet you like having a throat full of my cock. LOOK UP AT ME, WHORE!” said Oakhill as he kept pushing his hard cock at Emilia’s mouth, grinding his hips against her face. He grinned down at Emilia as he grinded against her face. Emilia’s face was flushed red, and her eyes were full of tears. Oakhill wrapped Emilia’s long hair around his hand and pulled her back, making her tilt her head back. Emilia started gasping to take in air. Oakhill rested his cock on Emilia’s face and kept grinding, sliding his wet cock against Emilia’s face.

“Open your mouth for me baby, gerçek porno open it wide.” said Oakhill as he rubbed Emilia’s lips with his thumb. Emilia took a big breath and opened her mouth for Oakhill again. Oakhill leaned down and spat into Emilia’s mouth and stared. “Swallow for me baby. Let me see you swallow my spit.” said Oakhill as he caressed Emilia’s cheeks. Emilia closed her eyes and took a big gulp down. Grinning again, Oakhill fell back into the sofa.

“Spin for me slut. Show daddy what a sexy girl you are.” said Oakhill as he stroked his cock. Emilia stood up and slowly turned around. She felt even dirtier from the way Oakhill closely inspected her body. Once Emilia had her back to Oakhill, she felt his hands on her thighs. She stopped turning. Oakhill moved his hands up underneath Emilia’s dress and cupped her ass in both hands. He kneaded it around and played with it for a while, admiring its smoothness and softness, and how perfectly shaped and sized Emilia’s ass was.

“Very nice…” murmured Oakhill. “Bend forward and pull down your panties for me baby… No no, don’t bend your knees. Keep your ass up high. Yes, mmmm, just like that. Bend more… more, there, perfect.”

Oakhill stroked his cock faster as he leaned forward. Pulling up Emilia’s dress, Oakhill dived his nose into Emilia’s crotch and took in the scent of her pussy. Emilia was wet.

“Gonna fuck you now, okay slut? I bet you’ve been fucked before, seeing how much of a slut you are.”

Emilia nodded.

Oakhill got behind Emilia. The view of Emilia on fours from behind was simply art. Her long lean legs and perfect ass made up a sexy peach shape with Emilia on fours. The pulled-up dress was the icing on the cake. Oakhill looked down at Emilia’s two loving pink holes as he aimed his hard cock between Emilia’s pussy lips, making them stretch around his mushroom tipped cock. Oakhill moaned as Emilia’s tight pussy squeezed around his cock. He felt his cock get even harder inside Emilia’s amazing little cunt. He held Emilia’s hips tightly as he slowly pushed his cock in as he enjoyed the feeling of Emilia’s cunt molding around his cock. Emilia bit her lip down as she felt Oakhill’s cock stretching the sides of her tight cunt. She broke down and started sobbing as Oakhill slowly but forcefully fucked her.

“Baby, you were meant for this. Look at how your little cunt loves my cock. You were born a slut, Emilia.” said Oakhill as he slow-fucked the teenage girl. “Beg me to fuck you harder, slut. Beg me for my cock.” Emilia didn’t reply and only sobbed.

Oakhill picked up his speed and started fucking Emilia hard, pulling his cock out most of the way and then slamming it back into Emilia, stabbing into Emilia’s cervix as he ruthlessly pounded Emilia from behind. Emilia cried out loud as she desperately held her position.

“I bet you like this you hot little slut. You like my big cock raping your little pussy? Let me hear you beg for my cock, bitch, or I’m gonna fuck you even harder and then fire your dad. I bet you want me to fuck you harder, that’s why you’re not begging.” Oakhill placed his hand behind Emilia’s neck and pushed her down against the floor as he continued to pound her.

“Fuck me, please…” said Emilia, sobbing.

“Not desperate enough.”

“Please fuck me harder, sir. I want your big cock to fuck me harder…”

“Come on baby, you can do better.”

“PLEASE sir, fuck your hot little slut, ugh, I love your big cock sir, give me more, ughhh… “

“Good slut… you’re such a cheap little whore. You worthless little cocksucker. Look at all that drool on the floor, you little cockloving slut… Ahh you’re such a perfect fuckdoll, Emilia… Such a shame you’re just a worthless whore…”

Oakhill raised his body and continued fucking Emilia downward, pushing Emilia down against the floor every time. Oakhill pushed his hands up under Emilia’s shirt and ripped down her bra, then cupped Emilia’s ample tits. He grabbed Emilia’s tits tightly, using them as handles to keep Emilia in place.

“Keep, your, ass, up, you, cunt,” panted Oakhill as he rammed down at Emilia. But whenever Emilia tried to keep up her butt, it just got pushed back down from Oakhill’s force. Oakhill leaned down on top of Emilia, spooning her from the top as he fucked. He pulled out his left hand and grabbed Emilia’s hair tightly, pulling it to the side hard, making Emilia’s arch back. Oakhill licked all over Emilia’s cheek and ear, groaning. Emilia’s face was covered with tears and saliva. He pulled out his right hand and choked Emilia’s throat several times, then shoved his fingers into Emilia’s gaping mouth, stirring the back of Emilia’s throat.

“You’re such a good fuck, baby.” Whispered Oakhill as he slowed down his pace, thoroughly enjoying Emilia’s pussy around his cock. “I’m sure a good little slut like you is already on birth control, am I right you little cockslut?” Emilia nodded with her cheeks against the floor, her head still held down by Oakhill.

“Then again, I still haven’t fucked your little butt hole…” said Oakhill to himself as he went back to kneeling behind Emilia. He shoved his fingers that were wet from Emilia’s mouth straight into Emilia’s asshole. Emilia shrieked. She cried even louder as Oakhill’s fingers slowly fucked Emilia’s ass. There was no way she’d be able to take Oakhill’s cock in there if just his fingers were splitting her apart.

“Please no sir, not there, it hurts so much even now… Please just cum in my pussy, PLEASE!” cried Emilia as she reached both her arms back, attempting to cover up her little hole. Regardless, Oakhill continued playing with her asshole, testing the tightness of the little ring muscle and the soft texture inside. Emilia became more desperate as it became evident that she’d be fucked in the ass too. She tried to crawl away, but Oakhill simply wrapped his arm around Emilia’s hips, holding her in place as he toyed her. He finally pulled out his cock from Emilia’s pussy and pressed the tip against Emilia’s asshole.

“I’ll let you push yourself down, slut.” said Oakhill sternly. “Pull apart your butt cheeks and fuck yourself on my cock.”

Emilia kept crying as she curled up. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. The tip felt so large pressing into her asshole.

“Should’ve done it when I was being nice.” said Oakhill as he held Emilia’s hips, opening Emilia’s butt cheeks with his thumbs.

“No no, stop, sorry, I’ll do it.” said Emilia, reaching back and stretching her cheeks apart. Oakhill again placed the tip against Emilia’s asshole and waited. Emilia slowly pushed back at Oakhill’s cock. Her little asshole fought back, but soon became stretched around Oakhill’s mushroom tip. Emilia shrieked again. She paused for a moment, but Oakhill held her hips again. Emilia continued pushing back at Oakhill’s cock, slowly inching her way down. Oakhill watched as his cock disappeared into Emilia’s ass.

“Take more, baby. Take my whole cock. Don’t pull at all, just take it.” commanded Oakhill as he held Emilia’s hips tightly, preventing her from pulling away. Moments later, Emilia finally had Oakhill’s whole cock stuffed inside of her tight asshole.

“Now fuck yourself on my cock, make daddy cum in your little asshole baby…” moaned Oakhill. Emilia supported herself on her elbows as she rocked herself back and forth. Oakhill groaned as he felt the familiar feeling in his balls. He thrust into Emilia’s asshole as Emilia was taking his cock in slowly. He fucked Emilia with the same intensity as fucking her cunt. Emilia bit her lip down as she fought to not get pushed away.

“Are you ready for me cum you little anal slut? Daddy is gonna fill you up!” said Oakhill as he fucked gay porno in and out of Emilia’s asshole, his big balls slapping against Emilia’s pussylips. Oakhill pulled apart Emilia’s ass cheeks and pushed his cock inside of her as far as he could, and started cumming inside. Emilia started crying again as she felt stream after stream of cum shooting inside of her. Oakhill groaned as he fucked Emilia slowly, squeezing out each little spurt of cum from his balls.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm…” Oakhill sighed as he collapsed on top of Emilia. He slowly grinded against Emilia’s ass. His cock felt fantastic being squeezed in Emilia’s little ass. “That was a good fuck.” whispered Oakhill into Emilia’s ear. Oakhill stood up and fell back onto the sofa. Little Emilia curled up on her side and sobbed quietly. Despite this, Oakhill kicked Emilia lightly to get her attention back.

“Up now, little slut girl. Come clean this cock with your mouth.”

Emilia brought herself back between Oakhill’s legs. Oakhill’s cock was smeared with cum. She couldn’t bring herself to put her mouth around it. Oakhill grabbed the back of Emilia’s head with one hand, and his cock with the other. He cock slapped Emilia several times, and then pushed Emilia’s face against the cock, rubbing the juices on her.

“Get to work, Emilia, I thought you loved cock.” said Oakhill as he grinned. He rubbed the tip of his cock against Emilia’s soft lips. “Open up now or you aren’t being a good girl to me, and you know what that means for your dad.”

Emilia opened her mouth and slowly licked Oakhill’s cock, sucking up the remains on his cock as she diligently cleaned his cock. Oakhill leaned back and reached for his phone on the desk.

“I think it’s clean now, sir…” said Emilia, looking up at Oakhill. Oakhill looked down at Emilia and lightly slapped her cheek. “Now tell me, are you or are you not a little slut?”

“I am a little slut, sir.” said Emilia, starting to sob again.

“And little sluts like you are only good for getting fucked?”

“Yes sir, I’m a cheap little slut.”

Oakhill nodded as he placed his cock in front of Emilia’s lips. Emilia immediately opened her mouth and started sucking on Oakhill’s half-hard cock.

“Swallow it all. Don’t lose a single drop.” said Oakhill. Emilia didn’t know what he meant. Oakhill shot a little spurt of piss into Emilia’s mouth. Emilia forced herself to swallow Oakhill’s piss. Immediately, another longer spurt of piss filled her mouth. Emilia drank Oakhill’s urine as Oakhill refilled Emilia’s mouth, pissing more and more each spurt, and he finally just peed without stopping. Emilia drank as much as she could, swallowing as fast as she can, but streams of piss escaped her mouth and dripped onto the floor. Oakhill pulled his cock out of Emilia’s mouth and started pissing on Emilia’s face as Emilia opened her mouth open, following the stream, drinking down as much as she could. By the time Oakhill was finished pissing into Emilia’s mouth, there was a small puddle of his piss on the wooden floor.
“Clean up that mess, you dumb slut.” said Oakhill as grabbed Emilia by her hair and pushed her face into the puddle of piss. “Slurp that up. Yeah you little whore, slurp up my piss.” chanted Oakhill as Emilia brought her lips to the dirty floor and cleaned the piss. Oakhill placed his head on the back of Emilia’s head as he brought the phone to his ear.

“Hey, son. Sorry but I’m going to have to cancel lunch. I have something to deal with.” He then hangs up and put the phone on his desk.

Oakhill could not have a bigger grin. He shoved two fingers into Emilia’s ass and stirred inside. He then brought his two fingers down to Emilia’s lips. Emilia opened her mouth and sucked them clean.

“So now that we have couple more hours…” said Oakhill as he stood up, “we can have more fun. But first, go take a shower.” He pointed to the bathroom inside of his office.

Emilia, worn out and defeated, slumped the way toward the bathroom that Oakhill motioned to. Oakhill watched her from behind with a wide grin. He had more plans.

Emilia wrapped herself in the big soft towel and walked out of the bathroom. She had dried her hair as well, as Oakhill requested. As she stepped into the office, she saw Oakhill standing up, with a rope and leash in his hand. He motioned for her to come over as he waved the items in his hand. Emilia’s heart raced as she shuffled toward Oakhill.

Oakhill wrapped the collar around Emilia’s neck tightly, and attached the leash to it. He bent Emilia over the sofa and pulled together her wrist to her back, and wrapped the rope around.

“You sexy little fuckpet,” said Oakhill as he pulled the towel away. He grinded his hard cock against Emilia’s naked, moist buttocks. Emilia bit her lip, knowing what was coming. Oakhill pushed his cock into Emilia’s clean pink asshole and leaned on top of her back, nibbling and licking Emilia’s ear.

“I hope you don’t mind, fuckpet, I called over a couple of coworkers to share you.”

Emilia immediately squirmed under Oakhill, trying to get loose, but she was too weak to get anything done.

“You can’t do that… I didn’t know you’d bring other people…” cried Emilia. Oakhill chuckled and slowly started to fuck Emilia’s tight asshole. Perhaps because Emilia had just showered, but her asshole felt softer and wetter than before.

“So you want to go home? And not work in Hollywood again?” said Oakhill. He had thought this through already. Emilia’s sobs got louder as she felt even more hopeless. She furiously shook her head no.

“That’s what I thought, slut. Besides, I know you’re enjoying this, so shut up until I tell you to talk.” said Oakhill as he got off Emilia’s back.

Oakhill sat back on the couch as he pulled Emilia over him. Once she was between his knees and had assumed position, he shoved his hard cock into Emilia’s mouth and held it down. Emilia had no way of fighting back, and hopelessly swallowed for the nonexistent air as Oakhill’s cock stuffed her throat. She could feel Oakhill’s cock thicken harder against her throat. Oakhill was just beginning to fuck Emilia’s throat when there was a knock at his door.

“Come in!” Oakhill shouted as he held Emilia’s head and fucked her face. Two men walked inside, and stopped, watching Oakhill facefuck a little tied-up teen.

“This is Ryan, and this is Bob,” introduced Oakhill as he continued to facefuck Emilia. “And guys, you know who this is. It is Emilia Clarke.”

“Damn, Oakhill, I thought it’d be some call girl, not Emilia Clarke…” said Bob as he took a seat on the sofa. Emilia looked up and was very surprised. Bob was a writer for Game of Thrones.

“You might not know this, Emilia,” said Oakhill as slowly dipped his cock in and out of Emilia’s throat, “Quite a few of us at the studio are very interested in you… Why don’t you show Bob how good of a cocksucker you are?”

Bob stood up and walked over to Emilia, unzipping his pants. Oakhill stood and gave his seat to Bob.

“This must be a dream,” said Bob as he sat, his cock already fully erect. Emilia hesitated for a moment but then started sucking on Bob’s cock, wrapping her lips around the hard rod and bobbing her head on it.

“I’m taking this hole,” said Ryan as he sat behind Emilia. The film director admired Emilia’s sexy view from behind as he pulled down his pants. He spat into his hand and rubbed it around his cock, his other hand forcing the thumb into Emilia’s asshole. Once ready, he gripped Emilia’s hips, two thumbs inside, roughly pulling apart Emilia’s pink asshole. Emilia’s shriek was muffled by Bob’s cock. Bob stuffed his hard cock into Emilia’s gaping asshole, forcefully. Once he was fully inside, evli porno he immediately started fucking Emilia hard. Ryan figured it was what any man would do when given once in a lifetime chance to fuck a pretty celebrity with no repercussions.

Bob petted Emilia’s head as she did her best to suck his cock while getting assfucked. He had always admired Emilia when he was writing her character in Game of Thrones. Numerous times he had sex with his wife imagining he were fucking Emilia’s brains out. Now the little whore he lusted after for last couple years had her lips around his cock with a cock stuffed up her ass.

“Does anybody know you are here?” said Bob as he played with Emilia’s hair. Emilia looked up and shook her head. Bob grinned as Emilia looked up. Her eyes were so beautiful and innocent even though her lips were stretched around his wide cock.

“Mmmmm…” moaned Bob as he pulled Emilia’s head closer, slipping his cock down into Emilia’s throat. Behind Emilia was Ryan giving her his all, raping her little asshole brutally.

“How’s her ass Ryan?” said Bob as he pushed Emilia’s head down harder, making her head move side to side and rubbing his cock inside her throat.

“Top shelf, all I gotta say.” said Ryan as he picked up speed and fucked Emilia even harder. He grunted and moaned as he held Emilia in place and pulled her hips back as he continued to pound it. Bob let go of Emilia’s head and let Ryan have his full fun with Emilia.

“Fuck yeah you nasty little whore, I’m gonna cum all over you!” Grunted Ryan as he spanked Emilia hard, making Emilia spasm lightly as he hit. Ryan stood up, took a couple steps forward, and jerked his cock hard. As he came, he pressed his cock against the back of Emilia’s head and shot load after load of his cum into Emilia’s hair, his knees shaking as he came.

“Tightest. Sexiest. Asshole. Ever.” said Ryan as he grabbed a handful of Emilia’s hair and wiped his cock on it. Out of nowhere, he gave a nice loud slap to the back of Emilia’s head. Emilia started crying again immediately.

“Little whore, lemme see your face better.” said Ryan as he roughly pulled Emilia’s hair and made Emilia turn her head. Ryan spat right in her face.

“Jeez Ryan, be nicer to the girl.” said Bob as he got off the sofa and got behind Emilia. His cock was wet from Emilia’s sucking. He brought his hand between Emilia’s legs and felt between her pussy lips. Emilia was wet as well.

“Well well well…” said Bob as he fingered Emilia. “Looks like our Emilia is enjoying herself very much…”

Emilia only sobbed and dropped her head in shame. She didn’t want to be wet, but her pussy was reacting to all the name calling and the fucking.

“What would your costars think if they saw you like this?” said Bob slyly as he pushed his cock into Emilia’s clean pussy.

“Are you a slut Emilia?” said Bob, laughing with Ryan and Oakhill silently.

“Yes… I’m a slut…” said Emilia, and hung her head again from shame.

Bob slowly fucked Emilia’s cunt, angling his cock against Emilia’s g-spot, letting Emilia’s wet pussy slowly squeeze around his cock. Ryan sat in front of Emilia and cockslapped her cheeks over and over.

“Clean and suck, Emilia whore.” said Ryan, pulling Emilia’s head back by her hair. He slapped Emilia’s face again, and shoved his cock into Emilia’s mouth and started double teaming her with Bob.

Bob was already near cumming when he started fucking Emilia. He started slamming into Emilia as he felt his balls pulsed. Ryan was matching the force and fucking Emilia’s mouth just as hard.

“I’m gonna fill up your cunt baby,” whispered Bob as he gripped Emilia’s buttocks harder. Emilia shook her hips to get Bob’s cock out of her, but it was no use under Bob’s strong grip.

“Take it baby, take my cum… Mmmmmmm you little cum dumpster, I’m filling you up so good…” sighed Bob as he slowed down, still fucking Emilia’s cum-filled cunt.

“No… just a little more…” begged Emilia as soon as she got a little chance to breathe.

“A little more what, whore?” said Bob as he grazed his fingertips on Emilia’s pussy lips. “Are you gonna have an orgasm Emilia? You really love being fucked like this, don’t you?” Bob pushed his finger into Emilia and stirred her cunt.

Emilia moaned loudly as her hips bucked on its own. Ryan held Emilia’s head down all the way, making Emilia choke as she shook and moaned from the orgasm. Grinning, Bob spanked Emilia hard as Emilia went through orgasm, punishing her.

“Little fucking slut.” said Bob as he delivered the final slap to Emilia’s reddened butt.

“Well, I’m done. My cock is clean.” said Ryan as he stood up.

“I guess I’m done too.” said Bob, “except I need to piss.”

“Not for Emilia,” interrupted Oakhill, “she still needs a piss shower to get cleaned up.”

Oakhill stood above Emilia and undid the rope around Emilia’s wrists. He then picked up the leash and pulled as he walked. Emilia obediently crawled, following him to the bathroom. Oakhill motioned Emilia to get into the shower stall. Bob and Ryan followed their boss to the bathroom.

“Open your mouth, piss slut.” commanded Oakhill as he pulled his cock out and started pissing on Emilia’s face. Emilia opened her mouth, catching her master’s piss with her mouth and drinking down as much as she could. Chuckling, Ryan and Bob looked at each other, then too started pissing on Emilia. The three men pissed all over the celebrity, letting their urine run down from her hair to her toes, her tits and face. Once they were done, Emilia was a wet mess.

“Watch her lick up our piss. Won’t you, Emilia? You’re going to slurp up all that piss from the shower, right?”

Emilia hesitantly lowered herself and licked the cold, wet shower stall floor. The three men watched as the ruined co-worker’s daughter cleaned the floor with her mouth. Ryan grabbed the toilet plunger and pushed Emilia’s face down with it, making Emilia’s face press against the piss floor.

“Lick this too, whore.” shouted Ryan as he rubbed the rubber suction of the plunger on Emilia’s face. Emilia had given up a long while ago. She licked the plunger, not caring what she did anymore.

“What a nasty whore,” said Ryan as he zipped up his pants.

“That, was worth missing the football game.” said Bob as he turned around to leave. “See ya, Emilia.”

Oakhill sat on the toilet seat, watching Emilia attentively.

“So, Emilia, I think I got you a role.”

Emilia looked up, choking as she teared up again. She cried so much today that she didn’t have any tears left.

“You were a good girl,” said Oakhill as he turned on the shower. “Get cleaned and dressed.”

And with that, Oakhill left the bathroom. Emilia cried even harder, curling up on the piss covered bathroom floor as the cold water hit her body.

When Emilia came out her contract was on the desk. The clocked showed 7pm. She had been getting fucked for four whole hours. She quickly signed the contract.

“Take this,” said Oakhill as he handed Emilia a small jar. Emilia looked at Oakhill quizzically, and then looked at the jar in her hand.

“You need to fill that jar up with cum by tomorrow night.” said Oakhill as if it were common sense.

“But…why” Emilia was getting speechless.

“It is in the contract you signed you dumb bitch. by my house tomorrow night and we’ll talk about your potential role there” said Oakhill, standing up.

“But I can’t… I can’t do it…” said Emilia as she sank to her knees. She thought it was all over, but she still had so much to do.

“You got enough time,” said Oakhill as he stood in front of Emilia with his hard cock. He pulled back Emilia’s hair softly, and watched as Emilia sobbed uncontrollably on her knees.

“You can start with me, babe.” said Oakhill as he pressed his thumb into Emilia’s mouth. Emilia complied and opened her mouth, letting Oakhill inside.

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