Management Skills Ch. 02

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For the second time that night, Molly woke up in the darkness of Jake’s bedroom and felt the swooping thrill in her stomach caused by the touch of his body adjacent to hers. Shifting slightly, she read the alarm clock display. A quarter to four. As she listened to Jake’s slow, regular breathing beside her, her mind played back over the past few hours. With a smile dancing across her lips, she revelled in the way Jake had made her feel and the mind-blowing climaxes he’d pushed her body through. She knew the sensible thing would be to go back to sleep and rest until they both woke up naturally in the morning, but Jake had promised a reciprocal arrangement and so far, events had been unfairly one sided.

Smiling to herself, Molly gently shuffled herself around, ensuring she didn’t wake Jake. As she moved, she felt the slippery mess between her legs which remained from when Jake had turned her on beyond all comprehension a few hours previously. Slowly, she wriggled her way down the side of his body until her face was level with his groin. She needed to at least partially start to redress the balance. Levering herself up on an elbow, Molly tenderly held Jake’s relaxed cock in her hand. Dropping her face down to him, she began to carefully lap her tongue across his smooth, velvet skin. As she eased his soft head into her mouth and began to gently suck and flick her tongue, Molly felt Jake’s body twitch very slightly. It took only moments for him to start hardening within her mouth. By the time he had groaned and begun to escape from his slumber, Jake was sporting a very impressive erection.

‘This is the best wake-up call I’ve had in my life. What exactly do you think you’re up to?’ he murmured, still half asleep.

‘Enjoying myself,’ grinned Molly, swirling her tongue around the smooth head, enjoying the discovery of all his sensitive ridges and curves. Molly spent some time building Jake’s pleasure so that by the time she had finished, his foreskin had completely retracted and the tip of his cock was incredibly swollen and taut.

‘You make me feel so incredibly horny,’ he groaned, as he pulled Molly up the bed. ‘Now, what did I promise you?’ he sighed as his lips dropped to her neck and he began to nibble gently, causing Molly to gasp. ‘Oh yes, I remember. That I’d make slow, tender love to you. Are you sure you want to choose that over sleep?’

‘Any day,’ sighed Molly, as Jake’s hand migrated down her body and slipped between her legs.

‘God, you’re so wet,’ he sighed, relishing Molly’s body as his gently stroking hand caused her to cry out with desire. ‘I’m so grateful it’s the weekend.’

‘Why,’ groaned Molly, her internal muscles clenching around Jake’s long, knowing fingers.

‘So I can make love to you throughout the night, without the guilt of having to pull a sickie in the morning because I haven’t got the energy or the inclination to go into the office.’

‘That would be a bit of a giveaway if neither of us turned up,’ sighed Molly.

‘I’m turning the bedside light on,’ murmured Jake, detaching himself momentarily from Molly’s body. ‘I want to see the beautiful woman I’m making love to.’ As the dim light flooded the room, Molly’s eyes adjusted slowly. A zing of lust passed through her body to see Jake’s gorgeous naked form. He laid himself back down on the bed and, pulling Molly gently towards him, guided her to straddle his body. As Molly slowly lowered herself onto Jake’s thick cock, her eyes rolled backwards.

‘Jee-zus,’ she groaned as Jake’s width stretched her to the very limits of her endurance. Once he was entirely buried in her body, Molly began to gently rock her hips, causing delicious sensations for both of them.

‘Mmmm,’ sighed Jake, as he surreptitiously moved the pad of his thumb between their bodies, so that at the most forward point of Molly’s movement, her clit would just be impacted.

‘Oh!’ cried Molly, as she realised what Jake was doing and thrust further forwards, in order to meet his delicious touch.

‘Kiss me,’ sighed Jake. ‘Please, kiss me.’ Groaning in protest at the stampede of her approaching orgasm, Molly bent down and gently suckled Jake’s lower lip into her mouth. As their tongues began to entwine, Molly’s internal muscles tightened sharply around Jake. When her body collapsed into her climax, Molly lost all rhythm. Grasping his hands on either side of her hips, Jake firmly rocked Molly along his length, forcing her to ascend the scale of intense pleasure several times before he let her rest.

‘I know I promised slow and tender,’ growled Jake, manoeuvring himself away from Molly and flipping her onto her hands and knees. ‘But that might have to wait for another time.’


‘Because right now, all I can think about doing is fucking you,’ he replied.

‘Oh,’ shuddered Molly.

‘Hard,’ continued Jake, pushing Molly down onto her elbows, so that her ass was lifted high in the air. ‘Ready?’

‘Uh-huh,’ groaned Molly as Jake quickly buried himself inside her. Pulling out completely, he then plunged back inside her again, relishing the sound of her fraught moans. Immediately, he found a rhythm of slow, hard thrusts which caused Molly to spiral towards another orgasm as she rocked back against his body. As Molly’s cries became increasingly desperate, Jake moistened his right hand with his tongue and then placed his fingers around Molly’s nipple, applying pressure and then twisting gently.

‘Oh fuck!’ Molly cried as her muscles squeezed down on Jake’s thick, plunging shaft. Coming loudly, Molly was still gasping for breath when she realised that Jake’s hand was migrating down her body.

‘Again,’ he growled as his fingers slipped across her swollen clit.

‘I can’t,’ groaned an exhausted Molly, her body having been pushed to its limits of endurance multiple times already throughout the night.

‘You can,’ replied Jake. ‘I’m so not finished with you yet,’ he added, as his thrusts deepened and he began to try and clasp her slippery clit between his thumb and forefinger, using the same technique as he had on her nipple before.

At that point, Molly seemed to ascend into a different world, another existence, where all she could do was feel the overwhelming sensations which Jake caused within her body. With a thrill, she simply handed control over, opened her body up to him and accepted everything that her amazing lover was giving her. Never had she been fucked so hard; so thoroughly, so vigorously. Jake was effectively opening up a whole new dimension of sex to her. She was bubbling over with desire, pleasure and need. And it felt…beyond amazing.

‘Oh God!’ cried out Jake eventually. ‘Oh God,’ he repeated before slamming into her one final time and spilling himself deep within her. As Molly collapsed onto the bed and Jake pulled out of her, she rolled onto her back. Jake’s mouth immediately fell onto hers.

‘You are fucking incredible,’ he groaned when he eventually broke their kiss. ‘I’ve never experienced anything like that.’

‘Me neither,’ murmured Molly, her eyes already closing. ‘But I’m completely and utterly shagged. I’m sleeping now…’


The next time Molly woke, it was Saturday morning. Song birds were chirruping in the trees outside Jake’s bedroom window and a warm orange sunlight bathed the room. Turning her tired body over, she realised Jake was no longer in bed with her. Stiffly, she shuffled to the bathroom, noticing on her way that it was already past ten o’clock.

Returning to the bedroom, Molly dropped back into bed. She could hear Jake’s footsteps creaking their way up the stairs. As he entered the room, Molly felt her stomach swoop, both at the sight of her lover and the unembellished memory of what they had shared together.

‘You’re up,’ he grinned.

‘Barely,’ she giggled.

‘I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed,’ he explained, nodding down at the large tray he was holding. On it, Molly could see tea, orange juice, warm croissants, butter and jam.

‘Thank you,’ she smiled, admiring his body which was clothed only in a pair of lightweight cotton shorts. ‘Can I make a slightly strange request?’

‘I wouldn’t expect anything less,’ joked Jake. ‘What’s your request, sweetheart?’

‘Can we sit out in the garden and have breakfast? It looks like a perfect morning.’


‘I shouldn’t want you again, should I?’ asked a beaming Jake, finishing the croissant on his plate and licking his fingers contemplatively. ‘But I do.’ Molly watched him out of the corner of her eye, dumbfounded at how sexy he was.

‘Are you ever satisfied?’ teased Molly, taking in a long, deep lungful of fresh country air. Sitting on the patio, the sun’s warmth felt delicious against the bare skin on her legs and face.

‘Believe me, I’ve been satisfied a number of times in the past twenty-four hours,’ grinned Jake. ‘Although, I have to say…’

‘What?’ queried Molly, as Jake got up and dropped to his knees in front of her.

‘My satisfaction levels might need a little top up,’ he smiled, dropping a tender kiss to the knee which he had previously covered with a plaster. Pushing apart her thighs, he began to kiss along the length of her leg, starting from the knee and heading upwards. His stubble had grown razor sharp now, and Molly jumped at the shocking feeling of his face moving along her inner thighs and grazing her pussy lips.

‘You’re insatiable,’ she breathed.

‘We don’t have to, if you’d rather not?’ murmured Jake, looking up at her, his mouth hovering above her clit.

‘I didn’t say that,’ groaned Molly.

‘Oh good,’ smiled Jake, unexpectedly standing up and pulling off her dressing gown. Grabbing her hand, he marched them straight across the back lawn.

‘What are you doing?’ giggled Molly, desperately looking around to make sure nobody could see them, using her spare hand to try and cover her naked breasts.

‘You’re fine, we’re not overlooked,’ said Jake, looking down appreciatively at her body. They reached a covered outdoor swimming pool. Jake pushed some buttons on a panel and the cover began to automatically retract.

‘Wow,’ sighed Molly. ‘You obviously get paid more than me.’

‘Not that much more,’ chuckled Jake. ‘Come on, it’s heated.’ Removing his shorts, he led Molly into the deliciously warm, salt-water pool. Pulling Molly into his arms Jake then kissed her gently. ‘At last, I think I’m ready to make slow, tender love to you. If that’s acceptable?’

‘More than acceptable,’ sighed Molly, wrapping her legs around his waist. As Jake drifted towards the deep end, Molly bit his shoulder lightly as he slowly entered her.


‘Thank you for bringing me home,’ murmured Molly, suddenly encompassed with a feeling of unexpected emptiness, as Jake pulled his car up in front of her house.

‘You’re welcome,’ said Jake. ‘But you don’t have to go.’

‘But I really ought to go home and leave you in peace,’ smiled Molly bravely. Having made love yet another time, Molly and Jake had then shared a delicious bubble bath, followed by a late lunch. It was now mid-afternoon and Molly’s lack of sleep was starting to catch up with her.

‘Of course, you want to be at home and have some time to yourself,’ agreed Jake. ‘I’ve been commandeering far too much of your time.’

‘That makes the last twenty-four hours sound almost innocent,’ giggled Molly.

‘When in reality, we know it was a no holds barred shagfest?’ queried Jake dryly.

‘Something like that,’ she laughed.

‘Molly?’ said Jake quietly.

‘Yes Jake,’ she smiled.

‘I’d really like to see you tomorrow.’

‘I’d really like that too.’

‘Good. Why don’t you come over just before lunch and we’ll walk to the local pub. They do a great Sunday roast.’ Molly nodded and brushed her lips across his.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow then,’ she said, smiling shyly. Jake watched her walk up her driveway to her front door. As she turned to wave, Jake had a desperate desire to race up to her side, wrestle her into the house, kiss her indulgently and then hold her close until they both fell asleep. Instead, he raised his hand, smiled and drove away.


By the time Molly pulled up in Jake’s driveway on Sunday morning, she was bubbling over with excitement to see him again. The night they had spent together had become almost dream-like in her mind, to the point that she had to keep pinching herself to believe it had happened at all. As Molly walked towards his front door, Jake stepped out of his house and pulled the door firmly closed behind him. Molly noticed he still hadn’t shaved and, to her amazement, his stubble made him look even more shaggable than ever before. Grinning at each other, Molly walked straight into his open arms. As their lips collapsed together, Jake gathered her into a tight embrace and there they remained for some time.

‘Hey you,’ murmured Jake, eventually breaking their kiss.

‘Hey back,’ smiled Molly.

‘Sorry about the stubble. I always refuse to shave at the weekend,’ explained Jake.

‘Don’t apologise. I love it,’ sighed Molly. ‘It’s extremely sexy.’

‘I’m glad you approve,’ he twinkled.

‘Sorry if I’m late.’

‘You’re not late,’ chuckled Jake, taking her hand and leading her in the direction of the pub. ‘I was listening out for you. I thought it was probably best not to invite you into my house.’

‘Why?’ asked a confused Molly. ‘I didn’t realise I was such a bad house guest.’

‘Isn’t that obvious?’ asked Jake, sending a cheeky gaze in her direction. ‘Do you seriously think we’d have made it to the pub for dinner, yet alone lunch, if you’d got as far as my hallway?’

‘I’d like to think we could try,’ smiled Molly.

‘Dream on,’ said Jake, shooting her an incredulous look.

‘If we can’t, that could make being at work rather complicated.’

‘Yeah,’ groaned Jake, stroking the ball of his thumb across the palm of her hand. ‘That’s not going to be easy but let’s not worry about now.’


The pub was a short walk from Jake’s home, tucked along a quiet rural lane. Sitting outside, beside a gentle stream, the sun shone deliciously down upon them. They happily chatted and laughed their way through a bottle of wine and a three-course meal, ignorant of the existence of anybody else in the world, except themselves.

‘Tell me more about yourself,’ murmured Molly. Jake remained such an enigma to her. Such a mystery.

‘What do you want to know?’ he said playfully.

‘I don’t know,’ she sighed. ‘You decide.’

‘OK,’ smiled Jake. ‘But I expect you to reciprocate.’

‘Deal,’ replied Molly.

‘Well, I grew up in a little English seaside town on the South Coast,’ began Jake. ‘The youngest of three. My Dad worked for the Home Office and my Mum was a maths teacher. My happiest memories are being on the beach with my family and our dog, Bessie. Me and my brothers were seriously into windsurfing so we spent a lot of time by the sea.’

‘That sounds idyllic,’ sighed Molly. ‘Are your family still nearby?’

‘Yeah, mostly. Mum and Dad are retired but still live in the same place I was raised. You can still see the pencil marks on the utility wall, which they drew each year to record all of our heights as we grew,’ smiled Jake fondly. ‘My brother Zach’s a cardiothoracic

surgeon in London so I see him pretty often. In fact, you’ve already met.’ Molly looked slightly vacantly at him. ‘My running partner?’

‘Oh. Right. I thought you looked similar.’

‘Both very handsome you mean?’ chuckled Jake. ‘My other brother, Chris, emigrated to Australia. He’s a lecturer at Sydney university, married with two kids. Living the dream,’ he grinned.

‘Sounds like you’re all very high achievers.’

‘You wouldn’t say that if you spent any time with my family,’ replied Jake. ‘Between the five of us, I’m not sure we could change a car tyre. So, your turn.’

‘Well, I grew up in Surrey. An only child. Probably spoilt rotten by my parents, if I’m honest. We had dogs and horses and I grew up wanting to be a vet but didn’t get the grades. I probably didn’t try hard enough. I always wanted to work with animals but somehow fell into computing instead.’

‘I miss being around animals. I’d love to own a dog again,’ said Jake abstractedly.

‘So, what’s stopping you?’ asked Molly.

‘Well, I can’t at the moment. It doesn’t seem fair to have a dog and then go into the office five days a week.’

‘Fair point.’

‘I was planning to get a working cocker spaniel some years back, but my ex wouldn’t hear of it.’

‘Oh,’ said Molly. She was desperate to hear more about Jake’s life, but equally, the thought of him with another woman made her feel faintly queasy.

‘Yeah. I was married for five years. Been divorced quite some time now,’ explained Jake. ‘She said pets made the house untidy, which is probably true. But I’d rather have a dog in a messy house than live in a clean house which has no soul.’

‘I know exactly what you mean,’ smiled Molly. ‘Dogs just seem to have an innate ability to make a house a home, don’t they?’ Jake nodded appreciatively at her comment.

‘Anyway, one day. Soon,’ sighed Jake.

‘Why did you break up?’ asked Molly shyly. Jake looked off into the distance, failing to conceal an underlying melancholy.

‘Because monogamy wasn’t her thing,’ he said sadly. Molly stared at him in disbelief.

‘She cheated? On you?’ she asked, eyebrows knitted in confusion. This woman must have been stark raving mad to let Jake go. She fulfilled Molly’s every possible requirement, and then some.

‘More than once. I guess one man was never going to be enough for her,’ he said sadly. ‘Anyway, that’s all very much in the past. Back to you,’ said Jake, gazing deep into Molly’s eyes.

‘Me?’ she croaked, her body’s physiological systems being sent into overdrive by Jake’s undivided attention.

‘You,’ he confirmed. ‘How are you enjoying your work?’

‘Are you asking as my boss?’

‘No, as your friend…hopefully more than just your friend.’

‘Oh. Um. I guess I’d be lying if I said it was a passion. But it pays the bills and I enjoy parts of it.’

‘Which parts?’

‘I like the freedom and autonomy I have to progress my own projects.’

‘I don’t find working for a company gives me anywhere near enough freedom,’ explained Jake. ‘Owning my own company again is my next goal.’


‘Yeah. I sold my old company about a year ago.’

‘Was it successful?’

‘It did OK, yeah.’ Molly realised this probably went towards explaining why he could afford such an amazing house and a top-notch car.

‘So, why return to an office job, then?’

‘Can I trust you to keep my secrets, Molly?’ teased Jake, stroking her hand contemplatively. ‘Both in and out of bed?’

‘You can trust me,’ she sighed, his touch sending shock waves of energy up her arm.

‘I believe I can too,’ said Jake, a small smile playing on his lips. ‘But you’re not to repeat this to anybody.’

‘I won’t,’ breathed Molly, suddenly experiencing an unaccountably strong urge to drag him into bed.

‘Well, I only plan to be in my current job for a finite period of time. When I sold my company, it seemed logical for me to return to the employed commercial sector for a short while. Being in my current job provides me with abundant networking opportunities as well as valuable insight into the current problems companies are facing. From that, I can gauge where the industry is likely to head and ultimately, which areas should be exploited next.’

‘And then you’ll start to build up your business, based on what you discover?’ asked Molly.

‘Pretty much,’ said Jake. ‘I’ve got a few irons in the fire at the moment so things could head in a number of directions. But my long-term goal is to quit my job and set up a new company. That statement probably makes me sound much shrewder and more calculating than I actually am.’

‘Sounds like a sensible plan to me,’ smiled Molly. ‘During which time, as an added bonus, you get to have forbidden sexual relations with your female employees?’

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