It Is Her Turn

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Walk Her Home and It’s Her Turn

The day after Buddy’s birthday I called Debbie and we agreed to meet at the local coffee shop for a coke. I arrived a few minutes early, picked a booth and order a couple cokes. Right on time, Debbie walked through the door. She was wearing a nice summer dress. Spaghetti straps on the dress showed she was not wearing a bra. The body of the dress fit her quite nicely and the skirt portion swayed nicely from side to side as she walked. It was mid thigh in length so showed considerable sexy leg.

Deb asked what Buddy and I did after dropping her off. I told her we got a 6 pack of beer, went out into the country, sat under a tree and drank the beer.

“I bet you guys talked about me the whole time.”

“Actually no. I think Buddy was scared to say anything and I didn’t want to talk to him about it so we talked about everything except what happened.”

We finished our cokes and we left. I was going to walk Debbie to her home.

“Buddy and I sure enjoyed ourselves yesterday but what about you?” I asked Debbie without looking at her.

Looking at the ground in front of her she replied “Oh, I had a good time. It was fun. Are you jealous? Are you upset that I touched Buddy?”

“No, that is not what I mean. I am not jealous. Well, I was at first but it was so sexy I quickly got over it. No I am not upset that you touched Buddy after all, it was his birthday.” I paused before going on. “What I mean is that Buddy and I really blew our load. Twice actually. But what about you? Don’t girls get horny too?”

Debbie blushed and said nothing for a long time. Finally she said “I really enjoy men’s cocks. I like the shaft, the head, the balls. I just love playing with them.”

“Some time ago you asked me if I jerked off when I got horny and I said yes. Do you play with yourself when you get horny?”

“Yes girls get horny too. Not as much as boys do but yah they get horny.”

“And what do they do. Do they play with themselves?”


“Do you play with yourself sometimes?”

There was a long silence then Deb replied “Sometimes.”

“I could feel you were getting horny yesterday. Did you play with yourself after you got home.”

Deb blushed red and she whispered şişli escort “Yah.”

We walked in silence for a couple minutes before I asked “How do girls do it? I mean, I know how guys do it but how do girls do it?”

Deb slapped me gently on the arm “Good grief, you are getting very personal now.”

“Well?” I was not going to let her away without answering.

“Girls rub up against something.”

“How do you mean? What do you rub up against?”

Again she slapped my arm and laughed. She then whispered “I use my teddy bear.”

We were walking up the; steps to her home and I asked “Will you show me how you do it?”


“Come on Deb. I showed you.” I countered. We went in her house. No one was home as both parents work.

“Can I see your teddy bear?”

“Why do you want to see my teddy bear?”

“I want to see who is lucky enough to rub up against you.”

“Ok, you can see my teddy bear.” We went into her room and there on her bed, propped up against the pillow was a nice brown teddy bear. We sat on the bed and she handed me the teddy. I look the teddy over very carefully. I put the teddy against her breasts and gently rubbed.

“Is this how you do it?”

“Well not exactly.”

I lowered the teddy to her stomach and rubbed it in. “Is this how you do it?”

“Mmm … not quite.”

I lowered the teddy into her lap and rubbed. “Is this closer?” Debbie semi reclined to her elbows to expose more of her lap.


With my other hand I took her hand and put it on the teddy. “I think you should show me.” Without saying a word, she lay down flat and rubbed the teddy firmly into her mound. I put my hand on top of her hand as she rubbed the teddy into her mound.

Deb spreads her legs a little as the teddy slips between her legs more. The rubbing is lifting her dress up and soon the teddy is rubbing against bare inner thighs. She spreads her legs further and now the teddy is rubbing against the panties covering her panties.

She slips her hand off the teddy leaving my hand rubbing the teddy against her. She slips her hand under the teddy and I can see her fingers rubbing up and down along the strip of panties covering her pussy.

I let the teddy slide fatih escort to the side and I put my hand again on top of hers. Now my hand is only separated from her pussy by her hand. Deb has closed her eyes and she has a far away look smile on her face. Her fingers are very slowly sliding the full length of her pussy from her mound to her butt. She spreads her legs wide apart. My fingers are now brushing against the bare flesh of her legs adjacent to the panties. Her hips are squirming under her touch. I can tell she is feeling horny. Me too. My cock was hard as nails and feeling very confined in my pants.

She slides her hand up and out from under my hand. She leaves her hand rest on her bare belly button while I continue to rub her panty covered pussy. She twitches when I contact a certain spot. Her panties are getting very moist and definitely warm.

Slowly I see her hand slide from her belly button down under the waist band of the panty, over her mound and onto her pussy. I can feel her fingers through the panties. I try to follow the fingers on top of the thin material.

Very carefully and slowly I slide my hand up onto her belly button and after a few minutes I slide my fingers under her panty waist band, under her hand onto her mound. I can feel a tiny amount of soft curly hair. Her pubic bone is quite pronounced. Maybe it is just the lying position, I don’t know. After a few minutes I slide my fingers further under her hand down onto her pussy. She groans out loud as my fingers graze over what must be her clit. I rub my finger slowly and gently back and forth over this little knob. The groaning and wiggling increases a lot. I sense that if I continue rubbing her clit, she will cum very soon. I was not finished exploring this uncharted territory so I slid my fingers further down and could feel considerable warm wetness on her pussy. Soft swollen flesh that tingled upon my fingers. My finger easily separates the two lips in the wetness. I let me finger slide down between the wet lips. I know there is a hole nearby that is every boys dream target. I wonder how close it is? I slide my finger back up between her pussy lips. My finger is now very wet. When I come in contact with her clit she raises her hips pushing against my hand. I escort levent am amazed at how swollen and firm this little clit is. It is almost like a miniature cock coming our from between her pussy lips. It is super sensitive and it drives her crazy when I rub it just right.

I concentrate on her clit and she is humping my hand. Debbie slides her hand out, leaving my hand alone in her panties.

Harder and harder she bumps and grinds into my hand. She starts to spasm just like us guys do. Her muscles went hard. She pushed hard against my hand and she groaned as about three waves of orgasm swept through her body.

I loved playing with her clit and I did not ease up. She stopped spasming but continued to squirm in pleasure. She spread her legs as far apart as possible. I could see half of her pussy lips on either side of her panties. With my hand I moved the panties to the side so I could see my assault on her clit. Suddenly it came into view. It looked huge. It glistened from her juices.

She was quickly approaching a second orgasm. I took the clit between my thumb and pointer finger and slid my fingers up and down along its length. Debbie began to orgasm again. She clearly enjoyed this.

When she was finished her second orgasm I rubbed along both her pussy lips. Her panties were now well off to the side leaving her pretty youthful pussy completely exposed to my inexperienced fingers. Peach fuss was all that covered her mound and pussy lips. Her lips separated enough that I could see the entrance to her virgin hole. The wet flesh at its entrance was a brilliant pink colour. My fingers slipped back up along the lips and the clit stood out begging to be touched. I rubbed along its length and again Debbie instantly began to shutter in pleasure. I pulled her lips apart to expose the sheath of this clit. I rubbed its full length and in less than another minute Debbie was caught in yet another orgasm. I was surprised yet pleased with the discoveries in the uncharted territory.

Again I repeated my caressing of her lips, never attempting to penetrate her hole. I would always come back to the clit and sure enough, she would orgasm again and again.

I lost count of the times she went off but it was fantastic. Finally Debbie was completely played out.

“You are going to have to stop. I can’t take any more.” She said through panting breath. Reluctantly I slid my hand away from her pussy and she closed her legs. She eased her dress back down and she rested, catching her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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