Lonely Julie Chapter 2

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Lonely Julie – Chapter 2

Julie was exhausted after her intimacy and then orgasm with 11 year Timmy who she looking after for the 4 week summer holiday of the school of which she was Matron. She was only 29 but the emotion of watching Timmy shit and later cum had tired her out and then when she uncontrollably held him to her breast while she masturbated on the lavatory with him looking down at her hand just a foot away from his face, had left her wondering what on earth came next.

She sent Timmy to the bed in her spare room, where just that morning she had first seen the stain on his pyjamas that started everything.

The next morning she heard Timmy get up and walk to the bathroom in her room at the end of her bed. He was naked. She looked up and he smiled as he urinated and she felt the wetness come between her legs as she watched his piss spurt out. She was wearing a shorty nightie and swung out of bed as he finished. “Don’t flush it Timmy – I have to go” and she pulled her nightie up as she sat down and pissed with Timmy watching open eyed again. “You’ve seen me pee before Timmy” she laughed and she saw that his penis was already stiff.

“Come on now sweetie you can’t cum again yet” Julie said smiling at him as she wiped her vagina and flushed the loo.

They dressed in swim things and walked down to the beach café for breakfast and then wandered around the shops before going back to Julie’s apartment. By then both were ready for their daily poo and Julie waited as long as she could but finally she had to go. “I’ve got to poo Timmy” she said as they sat on the sofa watching the television. He grabbed her hand “You Can’t go you’ve got to stay here with me until I have to go too”

Julie laughed and held his hand tightly. “Timmy I Silivri Escort must go or I’ll dirty my pants” she said. He would’nt let go of her hand and they wrestled on the sofa until she felt her dung beginning to push out of her anus. “Timmy let go I’m doing it in my pants” she gasped. “Let me see then” Timmy said and she stood up and started to run into the loo.

Timmy was behind her and suddenly saw the bulge in her swimsuit as the first turd pushed out into it. As she reached the lavatory she pulled her suit down and Timmy saw the shit squashed up and then another piece came out and they both dropped to the bathroom floor before Julie got her bottom over the pan.

Matron you pooed on the floor Timmy laughed and watched while she did n=more faeces and wiped her bottom. Then she had to stand and wash her bum and drop her swim suit into the basin. “Timmy look what you made me do” she moved towards him and he ran into the bedroom laughing. He jumped onto her bed and pulled his trunks down to wave his penis at her. “See I can hold it better than you can”.

Julie came towards the bed and Timmy fell back onto it his cock stiff and wet on the end. They had both watched the other cum the night before but the last time Julie had been fucked was about four months earlier before her husband went away.

She stood up on the bed standing over Timmy naked and his eyes stared at her bush of hair straight above him. “Now I’ve got you, you little rascal “ she said and dropped to her knees astride him. Her wet cunt was inches from his prick – now sticking straight up. Timmy was silent and staring at her breasts and the down at her open vagina.

She could not help herself. Julie inched forward till her pussy was touching the tip of his cock. Escort Bayan His stiff 11 year old penis slid into her and she gasped as she pushed down on it. “SHIT I’m fucking you Timmy” was all she could say. He instinctively pushed up into her and they began a frantic movement of fucking before, In seconds , they both began to orgasm.

Julie felt Timmys cock jerking and knew he was going to shoot into her any second. She felt her own orgasm starting at her cunt and shuddering up her whole body as she rod e Timmys prick and screamed “Fuck Fuck Fuck me Timmy I’m going to fucking CUM” “AHHHHHRRRRGGGHHH” as she came she wailed and felt Timmys sperm hit the inside of her cunt – hoping too late that she would not get pregnant.

As she rolled off Timmy she felt her own juices mixing with his semen and dripping down her thigh onto the sheet. They both lay silent for a few minutes as they took in what had happened.

“Timmy you must never tell a soul in the world about what we did” Julie said quietly. Timmy put his arms around her and held his head on her breast and promised he would keep the secret. It was just the second day of a four week holiday and everything had happened so accidentally and so quickly that Julie could’nt quite believe it had happened.

That night Julie brought Timmy into her big bed and told him how wonderful sex was and that one day he would find a girl to marry and stay with all his life. She realised that she had to stop him thinking of her in any kind of permanent way but she simply could’nt help herself using his body to comfort her in the lonely weeks her husband was away.

In the night she reached around his body and gently took his penis in her hand and began to masturbate him. He quickly woke and istanbul Escort then jerked and ejaculated into Julies hand. “Darling, that’s called masturbating and you can do it any time you feel sexy” she explained and they drifted off into a long nights sleep.

When they woke Julie was wondering how to make sure Timmy did not become fixated on her and she called her friend Sally and invited her over. Sally was a blond in contrast to Julies dark hair and bush and she and Julie had shared secrets and all their sexual experiences for their whole lives. Sal was also 29 but not married. Julie never cut her pubic hair and she teased Sal who kept it trimmed for her bikini. “I want to be ready and tidy for a man “ Sal would say.

While Timmy was in the garden, Julie told Sall about her two days experiences with Timmy. Sal’s eyes popped out at her. “My God you did all that with him “? “He’ll be like totally in love with you by now”.

“Well that’s where you come in” Julie said mischieveously “ I want you to seduce him too then we’ll be ok”

“Sounds fun” Sally said I’ll take him on a beach walk – but first I have to shit so hang on while I use your loo”. “Don’t go here Sal” Julie said “ It was watching me crap that made Timmy cum the first time so save it up and find somewhere near the beach where he can watch you do it”

“OK but we had better get going cos I can’t wait too long !!” Julie called Timmy in from the garden and told him Sally was going down to the beach with him. “Cool” Timmy said but I may have to poo soon”

“That’s OK” Julie said “You can always go somewhere around the bushes on the beach. Theres no one there these days”

Timmy put on his swimtrunks and Sally borrowed a mini skirt from Julie to wear over her cotton knickers. They headed for the long beach path both wearing flip flops.Sally felt the pressure of her dung beginning and wondered if their plan would work.

To be continued in Chapter three of Lonely Julie

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