Good Guys Can Win Ch. 01

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NEWLY EDITED -This is a work of fiction. The characters within are at least 18 years old, and have no connection to real people. The action is slow to build, and this chapter does not include actual intercourse. There is a good bit of playing though. Thanks to editors Mistress Sam and The Seeker for your input and fantastic suggestions!

Please let me know what you think, and if you have ideas on where future installments should go. I have the next 3 chapters mapped-out, but I’m open to suggestion, and possibly even parallel story lines that go in a different direction. Please do enjoy!


There’s something very different about Candice. That difference isn’t easy to describe, probably because it’s a symptom of some significant mental or emotional issue that she doesn’t want to discover. This one thing has turned into something fun for her to play with, and learn about.

She’s a woman who appreciates the sexual drives and desires of men, and very much appreciates the joy that her sexuality can bring to them. More specifically, as she’s recently learned, she feels extremely gratified when in a position to bring out the sexuality in a deserving somebody. It feels like she’s bringing something positive and beneficial to someone in need, and to the larger world to some degree. She doesn’t feel like a slut, although that would be a common description for some of her activities. She feel more like an enlightened and enthusiastic sexual explorer than a “user”.

Onto some fun stuff…. Candice is 28 and trying like hell to make an actual living with her degree. Fitness is important, but not any kind of obsession, as fun food and fruity craft beers are also important. She very much enjoys sex, and put those vibes out there pretty frequently, so she’s an active dater. She’s a proud “average” size 12, which isn’t bad for 5’8″. Her figure lets her jiggle away, up top and behind, if she dresses a certain way and feels like getting attention.

Candice didn’t realize she was about to start a completely unexpected adventure until her doorbell rang one day. Calling were two late teenage boys with a clip board and a few yard tools at their feet. This was perfect! She’d seen them around and was meaning to ask about occasional yard service. She doesn’t mind doing the mowing and trimming for the most part, but more frequently than not, it just didn’t fit into her schedule. Besides, it’s good to support young entrepreneurs…right?

Like her, these guys seemed just about average physically: one was about her height and the other slightly shorter. Both dressed for yard work, and nothing else really noticeable. They weren’t overly slick with their sales pitch, or stammering about either; just right in the middle. Candice was dressed for a calm and casual day of rummaging through her basement: older sweatshirt cut into short sleeves and knee-length jean shorts.

They spoke for a few about her needs, as she wasn’t interested in the set weekly appointment. More like an “I’ll call when I need you” thing. The one with the clipboard didn’t seem to like the idea, and he mentioned their difficulty keeping the schedule straight as is. She offered to be flexible with their schedule and pay a bit extra for the consideration. That got her a quick and firm handshake, which of course caused some braless jiggle in her shirt, and a couple of quick and awkward glances.

She knew that pushing the issue, flirting and jiggling with a purpose, she probably could’ve had her way with this deal; maybe even gotten a discount. That’s not her thing though, using feminine powers pointedly against others. She might do that occasionally for certain reasons, but she prides herself in NOT going down that road very often.

VISIT 1 Candice got a text that the first lawn visit was a “go”, so she planned to hang around and make sure they were on the same page with expectations. The guys were professionally early, open to whatever preferences she had, and quick to get started.

At some point they took a seat under a tree at the side of the house for a break. Down in the basement Candice could hear them talking pretty clearly if she moved near the small upper window. She wasn’t trying to listen, not really, until she heard something about tits. That got her attention stuck to the window. They were quietly going on about a party, and some “tits” that must have been there. Apparently one of them has a thing for this one girl, her body is ridiculous, and it’s driving him crazy.

Guy 1- “…cares. Fuck that guy! What an asshole…”

Guy 2- “Lifestyles of the rich and popular. Just forget her, dude. Hey, my art class has four or five decent chicks in it. Come by man, we can try talking with whoever is around after class. Ms. Roland couldn’t care less.”

Guy 1- “But dat ASS!! She’s so stacked back there…..just saying. Man, I would never mistreat her. I would even do like random poems and stuff. (Sharply exhaling) If only she knew what I was thinking, but how do you say all of that without sounding crazy. casino şirketleri All Dude is gonna do is blow his wad and work his way out the door. Lucky shit head!”

Guy 2- “This chick today is pretty fuckin’ cute. You should take your shirt off or something. It might be her fantasy to watch you get sweaty in the yard. Hey; then I’ll watch from the window while she seduces you.

Guy 1- “That no-bra thing the other day was pretty cool. How about taking your fuckin shirt off. My dick has other women on his mind. It’s YOU, my man, who needs to get in the game.”

Guy 2- “I probably would take mine off if not for these furry man-boobs. I ‘m thinking about getting back into tutoring or something. I should be able to slowly grow on some college chick. Math makes people desperate. God forbid they ace a test; then I’m a God.”

Guy 1- “Good luck with the slow road. One day you’ll have a good story for me…two fuckin’ years from now. Vamanos!”

They gathered some things and headed back to the equipment around back.

“Wow, my braless tits are pretty cool, huh? Most likely any braless woman is pretty cool, probably even a lunch lady, but it still felt great to hear!” Candice thought. She gave “the ladies” a slow squeeze. Followed by a little tweak of each nipple…they earned it. She already decided not to wear a bra next time for good measure. That exchange got her going a little, and she decided to play with herself a little later.

At this point she knew that one guy was probably obsessed with some “hot chick”, who’s dating an asshole, and the other guy hates his man-boobs but needs to get in the game. She didn’t see any man boobs on either of them; they’re both pretty darn skinny. Candice decided she liked these guys so far. They reminded her of some “loser” friends from high school. One in particular was a really nice and fun guy. He happened to be painfully awkward around women, and was also completely obsessed with a hot girl. He missed out on so much decent action because he wasn’t looking at the girls standing right next to him. She knew for a fact that he kicks himself in the balls for those missed opportunities, including Candice herself, to this day.

The guys wrapped-up the work quickly, and even cleaned the clippings from all the walkways, which Candice expected to do herself. Again, these seemed like good guys, which she very much appreciates as she gets older. Young ladies don’t often connect those dots, which must suck pretty badly for willing and able “nice guys”.

She decided to find out if these guys would enjoy having a bit of fun. She wasn’t exactly sure just what kind of fun yet, but she sure started picturing things. Candice often thought she had more “man” in her head than “woman”. She wanted to stroke and suck a flaccid penis till it grew to full size, stick her naked ass up in the air, feel her boobs bouncing away, lightly press her pussy down on one of their faces as they lay on her bed, finger herself in front of them…..all kinds of fun things!

Visit 2 Wouldn’t you know it, she needed them to come back exactly a week later, which was contrary to the previous request. This time she wore very tight jeans, to see what glances may come, but a pretty standard girl-cut T shirt. Candice walked them back one more time to restate the preferences. Completely unnecessary, but she was hoping for glances. Most women have a normal “getting from point A to B” kind of walk, and another kind of walk where their curves will be nicely highlighted. Women can walk to make their breasts bounce or make asses swing hypnotically. She put a touch of emphasis on her hips, about 80 percent of the full show, and caught some good glances.

Candice might feel like a tease if she wasn’t planning to put it all out there before long. She just wanted to test the water a little. The last thing she’d want to be is the half-drunk “cougar” that wouldn’t leave them alone, while they daydream of Miley Cyrus. Certainly 28 isn’t cougar territory, but who knows what these guys were really thinking?

Next on the list, Candice decided to fold laundry in the dining room, which is close to a big back window. If she could get someone’s attention by moving around in the room, maybe she could whip-off one shirt and quickly put on another without looking to obvious. She’d have a bra on, so it wouldn’t change their lives or anything. She really wanted to get them to look in the windows more often, to open up my options.

Sure enough, Mark was mowing in such a way that he would be walking a good 20 feet toward that window for the next several rows. Her clean clothes were already piled on the table, and she made a little show of folding. Candice faced the TV in the other room, turning her side to him, and picked a shirt to change into. A spark in her belly signally “go time” so she quickly pulled her shirt off, focused her eyes on a pretend stain on the newly removed shirt collar, scratched it and threw it aside. She was in one of her showier bras (on purpose of course) so she felt casino firmaları good about taking a few seconds finding a replacement shirt.

It was a “too small” bra, which most ladies keep one of two around, in case they want to mash the ladies together for quick attention. So her boobs spilling out of the top, jiggling as expected. Then she found and quickly wiggled into a similar shirt.

She didn’t want to let on that this was on purpose, so she purposefully did NOT look to see if anyone was watching. Worst case, she’d try again later. Now she just had to see if anything changed outside with the guys.

Mark, pretty damn ecstatic, but trying hard to look natural, mowed another whole row. He then released the bar and bent to twist-off the gas cap. Afterward, he replaced the cap and started walking toward Tom whispering “Holy shit! HOLY shit!”

Tom looked a little confusedly at Mark. “Ahhhh, did you break something? What?”

Mark: (taking a deep breath) “Ha- no! It’s a good day, man. …. Just one of those good, enjoyable days!”

Tom: Ohh, I get it…’re an idiot. Great, see ya! (Starting to walk away)

Mark: Hold on man. I got some news for ya. Shit just got real!

Tom: I knew it…fuck! What happened to the mower?

Mark: I said GOOD DAY, man. Walk to the shed with me, and act normal. (walking toward a shaded area near a small shed) Ok, you stand facing the house, and I’ll talk. DUDE; I just saw chick rip her top off! Then mess around with her laundry in just a bra. It was pretty awesome. (nodding with this eyes closed, with a big smile)

Tom: Yeah…sounds good, man.

Mark was continued nodding with a weird look on his face

Tom: Seriously- Holy Crap! Oh man….just now! WHERE…you serious?!

Mark: (loudly whispering) Fuck yes, and it was awesome. She has a great rack! I’m mowing down the row behind me, and notice her doing laundry through the window. Then two rows later, of course I’m looking now, and she rips off her shirt, messes with it for a while and puts on another. Pretty big tits, man! Lots of good jiggly cleavage!

Tom: Oh my god! Did she see you…. should we get outta here?!

Mark: No, no. She never looked near me. I just kept on keeping on with the mowing. Had to adjust the old trousers, though. Fuck me that was fan-fucking-tastic! Stop looking at the window!

Tom: My bad; Ok. Back to work I guess. I need to hear more later on.

Mark: Yessah- Good fuckin’ day!

Candice was watching that exchange pretty intently, and he MUST have seen. The other guy, Tom she thought, stared pretty hard at the window in question, before quickly turning away. The one who saw, Mark, looked pretty jazzed. Candice was having fun and getting herself worked up.

“What to do next?” She thought

She decided to calm things down till the next visit. She’d like them to be excited about returning, and for them to notice and appreciate any bones she threw out there. She wondered how many women would put themselves out there like this. Hopefully a lot.

When they were done Candice came out, and thanked them with the new shirt on, trying to gauge reactions. She was wearing Brazilian-cut brief undies, which are somewhere between a regular brief and a thong, adding a very alluring touch of panty line to the tight jeans package. She feels that it adds to the mental undressing process, and that’s exactly where she wanted their minds….slowly pulling those jeans down over her ass, watching these little panties appear. A friend of hers in college mentioned that he loved seeing panty lines, once when he was drunk and happy, so she liked to work them in in now and then.

Of course there was a good bit more staring as she looked around. Neither was capable of much conversation, although Mark did make solid eye contact. Tom, though, seemed a little out of it. She loved where this was going. With some patience, and a few mutual orgasms, she’d help Mark get over his unrequited crush and maybe help Tom calmly and casually approach women in no time!

She led them from the back to the edge of the front yard, allowing more than ample time for ogling.

“See you guys soon!” Candice said

“Yeah, just call when you need another…just give me a call.” Said Mark

Visit 3 It was 3 weeks later now, and she decided to let things simmer a little. Lots of clumsy disguised looking into the windows this time. No matter how many times she saw it, it made her tingle everywhere. They were basically stalking each other through the windows. She was again in jeans and a t-shirt.

Candice decided to skip the BS and just put an offer out on the table. She definitely appreciated drawing things out, savoring each new thing, and pushing each other, mutually, to one brink or another. BUT, she wasn’t trying to get into a normal sexual relationship. She was hoping more for quickly beneficial, mentor-mentee type of thing. She did want both of them to suck on her tits at the same time, but she was also going to push them güvenilir casino to find more appropriate girls to hit on and date.

During a quick break in their work, she asked the guys if they’d like to come in for some water. They thanked her and followed behind, allowing her to work in that attention-getting walk.

She poured a few glasses and set them on the counter. Right after the first sip, she decided to come right out with it. She explained “accidentally” overheard them talking about girls, and how they reminded her of guys she knew in school. They looked at each other a few times, and she had to ask Mark to stop for a second, when he started to interject.

“Look, you guys seem really nice, and I’d like to get …..”

“What do ….” She stammered

“I’d like to help you guys out, sexually, if you’re interested.”

They looked like they might run out the door, or pass out! It could go either way.

“I’m not crazy, or desperate or anything. You guys just strike me as nice and respectful, and very full of hormones and desires. I’m also nice, respectful, and full of sexy thoughts. I also happen to know what it’s like for a quiet and nice guy to get WAY less play than they want, than they deserve. I also know how shitty it is to get out of your way, sexually, for a guy only to find out he’s married or still dating several other girls without telling you. That sucks!” she explained

Something tells me that we can have fun a bunch of together, and everyone can walk away happy! Now…I don’t know what ‘fun’ means to either of you, but we can talk about that now if you want.” She continued

Nothing silence from them at this point.

“Here you go…to show I’m serious.” Candice decided to go for it, and take her shirt off, leaving her in a thin bra and jeans. This bra had no padding or underwire, which meant LOTS of movement, increased visibility, and easy access.

They both said “Holy shit!”

“I’m pretty sure Mark saw me like this earlier. So I figured why not let you see also, Tom.” She said

“Yeah, why not?” Tom said, looking very serious and focused on her chest.

“What do you guys think? These are pretty decent boobs, right? Sure, they could be bigger or perkier, but they could also be flatter, or smaller, or not as full, so I’m happy!” she added with a smile

“Yeah, you have great tits. No doubt.” Said Mark

“It’s true…thank you? I mean, thanks for showing us.” followed Tom, nodding.

“Ha, You’re welcome. It’s fun showing them to you. I’d like to show more, but; I just need to know that we’re in this together. I mean; I want to see stuff too.”

“Uhhhh, yeah. Well, I’m not sure I want to whip anything out with another guy here. I mean, I get it; I just don’t know…” Tom was interrupted by Mark.

“Tom; she wants to show us more, too. You see those tits. Let’s be reasonable! Don’t forget, no one is gay here, so there’s no danger in showing her our…stuff. She’s the one with the nice boobs, and she’s asking to see something, so we need to play along.”

Mark said, then paused, desperately thinking. She decided to push a little and squeeze her breasts together. Then, with one hand on each, she bounced them around a little, alternating bouncing one up and then the other. The thin cloth bra easily allowed the movement, and couldn’t hide her nipples.

“How about we don’t look….or…maybe we can go to different rooms?” he continued

“Look, let’s get this outta the way. I just want to see your stuff real quick, then we can talk about whatever “more” can be. Is that cool?” she said

They both nodded.

“Just look at my chest and whip them out. I know you’ve been working, so I don’t care about dirt or sweat. That’ll probably make it better for me, actually.”

Mark was more determined to see where this would lead, so he was the first to unveil. Unzipping and reaching in. He decided to coax a little extra length by milking himself with a couple of quick pulls.

He then unbuttoned his jeans, and reaching back in, fished the length out of the opening in his boxers. The head caught on the boxer material, causing it to bend against the hand pulling it out, which caused skin to pull tightly. It felt nice, and looked impressive, so he released the tension and redid the same action again. The veins bulged with the added pressure and the shaft grew fatter from the stimulation. He looked up and saw Candice staring with a shocked look on her face.

Candice took a second to take it in, stepping closer. “Wow, that was really sexy.” she declared, then clearing her throat.

“Do you mind if I touch little? Trust me, unless something crazy happens, you’ll get to touch a LOT, very soon.”

“Holy shit” he muttered. “Ahhhh, feel free! I may; um. I may finish, if you do.” Smirking, his eyes darting around the room.

“Well, that wouldn’t be a first, and would also make me super horny! Seriously, if I made you finish that quickly, I’d float on air for the rest of the day. So, don’t feel bad.” Candice knew a large part of the sexual equation for a man is confidence, and she was willing to dish out honest compliments all day long if it meant these guys would benefit, and her in turn, from feeling relaxed and assured.

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