Fucked in the Backyard by Wendy

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I was just waking up when the bathroom door opened and Wendy walked out wearing nothing but her cock, stockings and her new high heels.

I watched her cock bounce as she walked over to our toy draw open it and start moving things around. Finally she found what she was looking for,her bare as you dare harness.

The only time she has a problem holding her share in is when she fucks me really hard. So watching her put the harness on I knew that sometime during the day today I was going to get fucked long and hard.

I watched her adjusting it, she stood sideways and looking in the mirror she made sure her share was nice and tight and pointed just right.

Watching her, all sorts of sexual adventures started running around in my head.

Wendy saw me in the mirror as I got out of bed and walked up behind her. She smiled as I put one arm around her and cup her tit, pinching her nipple at the same time. I kissed her neck and listen to her moan as my other hand grasped her cock and started stroking it.

I nibbled on her earlobe, she closed her eyes and started pumping her hips to match my strokes. Suddenly, she pushed me away telling me to leave her alone, she wasn’t ready for me yet.

Disappointed and with a half hard cock I walked into the bathroom to pee and take a much needed cold shower.

Half hour later I had showered and shaved, I went into the bedroom and dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of shorts that were way too big for me but were comfortable. Then I went looking for Wendy wondering what kind of kinky delights she had planned for us today.

I found her in the kitchen making breakfast, when I looked at her eating was the last thing on my mind. She was still dressed in stocking and heels but had added a wife beater tee shirt and a pair of white cotton hip hugger panties.

When she heard me moving around behind her she looked over her shoulder at me and her eyes went right to the tent my cock was making in my shorts. Laughing, she smiled and winked at me, then she told me to put that monster away, it wasn’t even close to that time.

I sat at the table and watched as she finish making breakfast, at the same time I tried to get my cock to settle down, without any luck.

I was looking at her back but I knew she was still wearing her cock because I could see the straps of the harness under her panties. She turned my way and leaned against the counter, what I saw made my cock pulse. She had neatly tucked her cock to one side in her panties, I had to fight the urge to touch myself.

She slowly walked over to the table, the tap, tap of her heels driving me crazy. Putting the plates on the table she stood in front of me and smiled. She reached down and took my hand, placing it on her cock she put her hand on top of mine bahis firmaları and together we slowly started stroking the outline of her cock thru her panties.

My right hand was under the table stroking my cock, she let me get worked up a bit then pushed my hand away and lightly slapping my cheek. Seeing my disappointment she laughed and told me later, but for now leave her and myself alone then she sat down.

As we ate, I could feel the sexual tension building between us, by now the front of my shorts had become soaked with my precum and I could smell the pungent odor of her excitement.

We were sitting next to each other and every time we touched her arms would erupt with goose pimples and her eyes would close. She kept taking a deep breath trying to calm herself as her body shook.

When we finally finished eating she stood up, taking hold of my hair she pulled my head down and rubbed my cheek up and down the length of her cock thru her panties. I could feel her wetness and smell the pungent odor on her panties.

I reached behind her and cupped her ass with my hands, pulling her towards me I put my mouth on the tip of her cock and sucked it thru her panties.

She reached down and pulled her cock out of her panties, holding my head by my hair she lined up her cock and roughly forced it past my lips. When it was halfway in I started gagging, she stopped just long enough for me to relax and catch my breath. Then taking hold of my head with both hands she pushed and pulled at the same time. I gagged again, she stopped and said, ” relax bitch, just take a deep breath and swallow”

I closed my eyes and tried to relax, it was hard to do with her holding my head and pumping her hips as she tried to force her cock down my throat. I looked up at her face, the look of lust and excitement made me want to please her, I pushed back on her hips, it broke her trance and she looked down at me.

Our eyes locked I pulled her forward until her cock stopped. Looking in her eyes I took a deep breath, she moaned as she watched her cock slide down my throat. My nose touched her tummy and she pulled tight and ground her pussy hair into my face.

She held my head tight and started fucking my mouth, her soft groan grew louder and louder as her orgasm grew.

Suddenly, with a sharp intake of breath her body started convulsing in pleasure and she screamed out, “AHHHHH FUCK I’m CUMMING” She was out of her mind with lust, fucking my mouth harder and harder until I was rewarded with her cum washing down my chest leaving me soaked with her cum .

After a moment and with one final thrust she let go of my hair and pushed me away, turning she said, ” I have to get dressed”

I watched her walk away in disbelief, I had just giving her an orgasm and she kaçak iddaa was leaving me so excited my cock hurt. Pulled my shorts to one side I started stroking my cock, I was just about too cum when I heard her yelling from the bedroom to leave my cock alone.

Her final warning was, “if you cum before I say that’s it for the day”

I was a little frustrated, fuck I was ready to explode. But not knowing what she had planned for the rest of the day there was no way I wasn’t going to follow her instructions. So reluctantly I let go of my cock and started cleaning the kitchen.

Half hour later when she came out of the bedroom I was floored, fuck she looked hot. She was wearing her high heels and thigh high stockings with one of those high school dresses. She was wearing a black see thru top over her wife beater, but now she had cut it off just under her tits. As she walked towards me I could see she had cut it so short I could see the creamy white skin at the bottom of her jiggling tits.

She spent the next couple of hours teasing me, driving me crazy. Every time she caught me looking she would lift the front of her shirt. At first her cock was tucked neatly in her panties, by as the morning wore on it worked it way. By ten half of it was poking out of the top of her panties.

I bent over to pick the paper up off the floor and she walked up behind me. She put her hands on my hips and held tight as she ground her cock into my ass.

Ten minutes later she lifted her skirt, pulled her cock out and asked me, “how’d you like to suck my cock bitch” then she put it back in her panties and walked away.

I couldn’t take it any longer she was driving me crazy so I went outside and turned on the sprinklers on in the front yard. Sitting down on the porch I tried to cool off a bit but she wasn’t having it, ten minutes later she walked out the door.

Standing in front of me she slowly lifted her skirt until I could see the tip of her cock poking out the top of her panties. A car drove by and honked, I jumped up and pushed her skirt down, looking around I hopped no one had seen her. She laughed and went back into the house, I was pissed now and went around the house to the backyard trying to hide my hard on.

I was so fucking hot now I couldn’t stand it much longer I turned on the hose and soaked my head trying to cool off in more ways then one. I put the hose away and I noticed her garden needed weeding and figured it was a good way to cool down.

As I worked in the hot sun my sexual frustrations started to go away, half hour later, after I had almost managed to loose my hard on I heard the back door slam.

I looked up and see Wendy is still dressed like she was this morning, except now she had traded her stockings and heels for a pair of knee pads kaçak bahis and tennis shoes. I had to admit she still looked fucking hot. She started walking towards me and I could see her cock bouncing with each step. I smiled now because I knew my time was coming close.

Watching as she started down the stairs I figured she’d grab me by the arm and drag me in the house, boy was I wrong. Instead she walked up behind me and knelt down between my legs. She pushed on my back as I tried to get up, my hands were on the ground and she pulled my shorts to one side.

I felt the lube launcher pushing in my asshole and the cold lube filling me, she save enough for just outside to lube the tip of her cock.

I suddenly realized what she had planned and tried to stand up. She pushed on my back and slapped my ass telling me to settle down. She leaned over my back and said, “you’re about to get fucked, whether you like it or not”

Looking over my shoulder I watched her lift her dress and lay it on my butt, then leaning forward I felt her cock slide past my cock as she bent over my back again and whisper in my ear, “don’t worry no one’s around, it’ll be fun”

I looked around, as horny as I was and not seeing anyone I figured what the hell, what’s the worst that can happen, we get arrested.

I took a deep breath and relaxed, Wendy patted me on my ass and said “good boy” One hand on my hip and the other holding her cock she lined her cock up and pushed, I was so excited it just slipped in.

When Wendy’s hips hit my butt she pulled hard and I heard her let out a moan, she shudder and her hot cum washed down my ass, she kept giving me these short little strokes that were hitting me just right.

With a shudder she came a second time.

By now my shorts were soaked, I could’ve cared less, I was really close to exploding.

She sensed I was close and started giving me long hard strokes that made her hips slap against my ass and push me forward. I told her to fuck me and she picked up speed really pounding her cock in my ass.

When I yelled out I was going to cum she reached under me and squeezed my balls, I exploded and came in a mind blowing orgasm. When she felt my hot cum hitting her hand she had her third and most intense orgasm of the day.

She just kept cuming, she’d pull really hard on my hips and grind her hips into my ass, I’d feel her wetness and she’d cum again. She must have done this ten times, one after the other, she kept at it until she couldn’t hold herself up any longer and collapsed on my back.

As I started to calm down I suddenly felt really exposed. I told Wendy we should go inside before someone drove by and saw us. She agreed, but we were both so drained we could hardly move and had to help each other up. Right about then, one of our neighbor’s turned the corner in his truck and honked as he drove by. Wendy and I looked at each other and had a good laugh as we helped each other in the house. We were both so drained we went straight to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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