Xi High’s Dangerous Darling Ch. 06

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This is the final chapter of me Xi High School’s Dangerous Darling series. If you made it this far, I appreciate it and hope you enjoyed the series.


Outside the hotel, eighteen-year old Chang Zhuo handed money to a seated bearded man dressed in a shirt with tears in it, blue jeans, black shoes.

An empty food can sat beside the man.

The man was homeless.

“Thank you. Thanks so much,” the homeless man said to Chang, who was eager to head to Sa Sa’s apartment for sex. “What’s your name? And are you a student?”

Chang flashed the homeless man a grin before saying, “I’m Zhuo Chang. I go to Xi High School. Goodbye.”

Chang turned, resumed his walk to his girlfriend’s home.

“Hey, baby. I need you now.” Sa Sa said to Chang after she opened her apartment’s front door.

She took a few steps back, let Chang enter the home’s living room.

Chang removed his shoes. He was now as shoeless as Sa Sa, who donned white socks.

Sa Sa lunged to Chang after closing and locking the front door.

The couple exchanged passionate kisses as they remained alone in the apartment, comforting each other, pleasing each other with sweet but fierce kisses.

Chang moved his hands to Sa Sa’s ass, his mind filling with the moment he recorded Ivan thrusting his Russian cock into Mei’s ass.

Chang had recorded a person who wasn’t him having sex with Mei.

A Russian’s cock had been in Mei’s ass and her warm pussy.

Chang stopped kissing Sa Sa, gritted his teeth.

He turned Sa Sa, making her back face him.

“My baby’s eager.” Sa Sa said when Chang yanked her shorts and panties down. Sa Sa kicked her shorts and panties away while Chang dropped his pants and boxers. The boy forced his girlfriend onto her stomach. Chang pointed his nine-inch long cock at Sa Sa’s ass, spread her ass cheeks. “Come on. I can’t wait anym-“

Chang thrust half his cock into Sa Sa’s ass.

He slapped Sa Sa’s mouth, kept it covered as the girl screams in pain.

Chang moved his cock in and out his girlfriend’s ass.

It was the first time they had anal sex with each other.

As Sa Sa lied on the living room floor, screaming as pain radiated across her rectum, Chang panted, relished the warmth surrounding his cock.

He stopped caring about the fact Sa Sa longed to have Chang a million miles away from her.

He stopped caring about the fact his first time thrusting his cock into his girlfriend had happened inside her living room and not her bedroom.

He stopped caring about the fact his pants and boxers were still around his ankles.

“Fucking bitch!” Chang said, Mei’s face in his mind while the asshole belonging to a girl who wasn’t Mei remained tight around his hard cock. “I’ll fucking kill you, you hear me?!”

An aroma resembling a flower’s accessed Chang’s nose, moving past his flaring nostrils.

The aroma rose from Sa Sa, emitting from her perfume.

Chang filled his mind with the moment Mei was against him during the dance competition. She had flower-scented perfume on that day.

Chang gritted his teeth, scowled, warm rage flooding his body.

He yanked Sa Sa’s hair, making her head jerk back.

Sa Sa emitted a scream, as if a person pressed an steam-emitting clothing iron against her stomach.

Chang’s hand muffled the scream.

Sa Sa closed her mouth.

Gripping Sa Sa’s long black hair harder, Chang breathed at an quicker rate.

He prepared to fire huge cum jets into the ass he thrust in and out of.

“Take this, you fucking bitch!” Chang said before cum spewed from his cock, warm, aggressive. “Take it!”

Chang’s cum kept shooting into Sa Sa’s ass, which Chang squeezed with viciousness.

The boy moved his hands to Sa Sa’s shirt, tore it open.

Ivan had rubbed cum against Mei’s face.

Chang had the deep urge to make Sa Sa less clean.

He removed his pants and boxers from around his ankles, grinded his cock against his girlfriend’s back, dragged his cock’s cum-soaked head along her back.

Sa Sa didn’t acknowledge the fact Chang placed his cum on her back, the girl’s face against the living room’s carpet.

Chang stopped.

He stood, kneeled beside Sa Sa’s head, lifted it.

Sa Sa’s eyes were closed.

She didn’t seem to be conscious.

Later, Chang was dressed in his clothes while he sat on Sa Sa’s bed, a geography book in his hands.

Sa Sa stepped into the bedroom, dressed in her pink bra, shorts, socks.

She sat beside Chang, delivered a brief kiss to his neck.

Chang smirked.

“The last thing I felt you do was cumming inside my ass.” Sa Sa said in amazement and not anger. “You turned into a complete maniac. I loved it.”

Chang nodded, not speaking as immense pride filled him.

He closed the geography book, tossed it onto the nearby nightstand.

He lied on the bed, resting his body against the blue sheet covering the bed.

Sa Sa pressed her body against Chang’s.

They exchanged four quick kisses.

Chang shut his eyes, grateful he released polatlı escort his frustration on Sa Sa in an amazing anal sex session.

In his dream, Chang pushed Mei into a speeding truck.

Chang woke up when a metallic object rubbed against his exposed cock.

He turned his head to his cock, which had a switchblade’s flat side against it.

Sa Sa gripped the switchblade in her right hand, held Chang’s soft cock with her left hand.

Chang’s eyes widened.

He trembled in terror.

If Sa Sa chopped his penis off, Chang was aware he would kill himself at one point during his life.

He would rather die than live without his penis.

“Hey, ba-” Chang started saying.

“Shut the fuck up!” Sa Sa said in a furious tone, interrupting Chang. Chang never seen her that furious. Sa Sa had a scowl on her face. She stared at Chang as if she had the deep urge to yank his eyeballs from his skull. “I got on your phone, because I wanted to take a couple nudes of myself with it, so you had something great to look at. But then I seen your lock screen picture and wallpaper picture both show a bitch who isn’t even me!”

Chang’s teeth chattered.

He was aware Sa Sa could slice his cock off with her switchblade before the next day.

Chang took a trembling breath. He said, “Look, I was forced to keep those pictures in my phone like that. The girl who put them there is the one in the pictures. She’s really evil, though. A monster. And in the men’s restroom at s-“

Sa Sa pulled the switchblade off Chang’s cock, seemed as if she intended on swinging it into Chang’s warm cock.

Chang gritted his teeth, shut his eyes.

“Stop fucking lying!” Sa Sa said in an loud tone, louder than her previous yells that day. “I’ll cut your cock off! I’ll do it! But if you shut the fuck up, promise me you want be around that girl anymore, I’ll leave your cock attached to you!”

Chang opened his eyes, nodded. He said, “Okay. Okay. I promise I’ll stay away from her. I promise, baby.”

Sa Sa took a trembling breath. She closed the switchblade, lied beside Chang, planted a kiss against his cheek.

“Good,” she said, rage no longer occupying her voice.

Chang didn’t speak, longing for a person to rescue him from Sa Sa.

The next morning, Chang left his bedroom, dressed in a blue shirt, black shorts, white socks, white shoes.

“Good morning, Uncle.” Chang said to Rou in the apartment’s kitchen.

Seated at the table, a glass filled with water in front of him, Rou gave Chang a nod before saying, “You doing okay? You didn’t sound like your usual happy self just now.”

Chang released a heavy sigh, pressed his palms against the table’s wooden surface.

Sa Sa filled his mind.

Yesterday, Chang almost lost his penis. Before that had happened, he recorded Mei having sex with a Russian boy.

Chang shook his head. He said, “Honestly, no. Everything is crazy and horrible. I… I’m going through a lot of misery, Uncle. And I don’t know how to get it to stop. I don’t even know how to start trying to get everything to be better, good again.”

Rou nodded, grabbed his water-filled glass.

Chang pulled his palms from the table, hoped his uncle could assist him, help him with his plight.

“When your mom died, and I had to take care of you, I was scared and didn’t know if I could do it.” Rou said before gesturing to Chang. “But look at you now. I did a great job raising you. If I could do that, I am extremely sure you can fight through your problems and keep moving forward. I believe in you, Nephew. I know you won’t ever disappointment me or yourself. You’re too strong for that.”

Rou sipped his water.

Chang nodded, smiled. In a grateful tone, he said, “Thanks, Uncle.”

At school the next day, Chang sat in class while he was the sole person in the room.

Rou’s words Chang had heard Sunday morning delivered confidence and hope to the boy.

He was aware he had the potential to beat the problem involving Sa Sa. How he was going to solve the problem was unknown to him, but he filled his mind with the fact a person stopped Wei’s thugs from beating him. He had the potential to save himself from Sa Sa’s wrath.

Chang flipped a page in the textbook on his desk.

Footsteps sounded in the room, but Chang did not raise his head to view the arrival.

A hand forced Chang’s textbook closed, moved the book to the desk in front of Chang’s.

The person placed a eggroll-filled small container on Chang’s desk, dropped the container’s red lid on the desk’s wooden surface.

“Cayi wanted me to give that to you.” Mei said before placing her palms on Chang’s desk. “And come with me to the men’s restroom.”

Chang shook his head. Not bothering to train his eyes on Mei’s face, he said, “We’re done. Do whatever you have to do.”

Chang took a trembling breath.

He turned his head to the window.

Sa Sa stood outside, viewing Chang through the window, her slim arms crossed.

She flashed a smile at Chang, scowled pursaklar escort at Mei, left.

“She found out.” Mei said.

Chang stood, slammed his palms against the desk before saying, “Of course she fucking did. And because of you being with me, she’s probably going to cut off my penis. It’s all your fault. I wish I never fucking met you!”

Chang brushed against Mei while he walked towards the classroom’s open door.

Warm rage coursed through his body.

He stopped walking. The schoolboy said, “Either way, I’m fucked. Sa Sa’s going to take away my cock. And since I’m no use to you anymore, you’re going to make me go to prison. I should just hang myself.”

Tears leaked from Chang’s eyes, warm, like his rage.

He took a deep, trembling breath.

“So, tell everyone what I did to you. I’m not going to cooperate anymore.” Chang said before clenching his fists. “And one last thing, I hope that Russkie you were with dies from alcohol poisoning.”

Chang took two steps towards the open door, ready to ignore Mei as best as possible.

“Ivan’s great. And Sosong is too.” Mei said, causing Chang to stop walking. Mei released a shaking breath, the eighteen-year old girl sounding as if she was close to sobbing. “They’re like you, but they could never be as great as you.”

Chang faced Mei, who had tears in her eyes.

“Just shut the fuck up. Make me go to prison. Stop pretending like you’re not a rich bitch who hurts everyone in her path!” Chang said, not caring if a person outside the classroom heard his words. His fists shook. “You know what’s funny? Before the Russkie, I actually was starting to love you a bit. But each time that happened, you ruined it, like you ruined my life. I hope you had fun with me. After today, you’ll never see me again. Bye.”

Chang turned.

“You started to love me?” Mei said in a sorrowful tone.

Chang’s lips trembled. He gritted his teeth before saying, “I… I…”

He faced Mei.

“I did love you.” Chang said. He turned, took a step towards the open door.

“I loved you too.” Mei said, which made Chang shut his eyes. “Please, don’t leave, Chang. Please.”

“Sorry.” Chang said, wiping at the warm tears descending his face.

“I still love you!” Mei said before Chang left.

Inside a hall in the school, Chang approached Cayi, who stood against a wall with her cellphone in her hands.

“Hey, Zhuo Chang. Did Mei give you the eggrolls?” Cayi said when she turned her head to Chang.

Chang nodded, silent.

He bowed to Cayi, straightened. He said, “Thanks for that.”

Cayi grinned. She said, “You’re welcome. You don’t sound okay, though.”

Chang took Cayi’s cellphone, placed it in his pocket.

He wrapped his arms around the girl.

Cayi hugged him back.

“I’m not okay, but I hope you’ll be.” Chang said.

After school ended, Chang moved towards the street bordering the school’s grounds, filling his mind with what time he should kill himself.

He trained his eyes on Cayi and Lu, who linked arms with each other while they walked.

Chang sighed. He said, in a low tone, “I’ll never see you two ever again.”

He gripped his backpack’s straps, closed his eyes, took a slow, deep breath.

“Zhuo Chang!” a familiar voice said.

Chang opened his eyes.

A man dressed in a black suit jogged to Chang, holding a backpack in his right hand.

The males bowed to each other, the man in the suit giving a deeper bow.

“It’s me-Jiang Ram. I’m the homeless man you met the other day, but I’m not homeless anymore, obviously. Can you believe I won the lottery and managed to reconnect with an old good friend of mine? I’m staying with him, until I find a new home and a new job. But it’s all thanks to you. I want you to have this,” the man said before handing Chang the backpack. A gust rippled the man’s short black hair. He no longer had the beard Chang saw on him the other day. Ram gave Chang a card with his contact information on it. “Keep in contact with me, my friend. Okay. I’m going now.”

Ram grinned.

Chang nodded, smiled.

He kept his eyes trained on the Ram’s back while he left, appreciation and pride in his body.

Chang shifted his focus to the backpack, unzipped its largest pouch.

“Wow,” he said in amazement and joy.

Chang went to visit Fu.

Fu’s parents were on vacation in Paris, France, which Fu complained about as he sat at his apartment’s kitchen table.

Chang stood near his closest friend, holding a soda-filled glass Fu gave him.

“Fucking pricks just had to make me stay here. Lame fucking China.” Fu said before slamming his right fist against the table’s wooden surface. In the apartment next to Fu’s, it sounded as if five people argued at the same time. Fu emitted heavy sigh. “Hey, shut the fuck up over there!”

Chang chuckled. He said, “Don’t worry. I know what will cheer you up. I just need to have you get rid of someone.”

Fu stood, ready to murder a person, as if killing someone would give ankara escort him infinite knowledge.

“Who?” Fu said in an serious tone. “As pissed off as I am, I’m ready to take someone out.”

Chang turned his head to the backpack Ram gave him.

He intended on paying Fu to murder Sa Sa, even if Fu decided he would murder Sa Sa for free.

“My girlfriend. Her parents are usually working at this time. I have a key to her place, too. I’ll pay you for it. Making you take her away for free would make me feel an even bigger prick.” Chang said before placing his soda-filled glass on the counter. He lifted the money-filled backpack from the floor. “Will you do it?”

Fu nodded.

That night, Chang lied in his bed. He kept his arms crossed as he stared at his bedroom’s ceiling.

No lights glowed in his room.

The blinds covering the window closed, Chang turned his head to the wall.

When Chang would become aware Sa Sa died, he would no longer have to agonize over the fact Sa Sa could chop off his penis with her switchblade.

At a point in the future, Chang would no longer have to deal with a person preventing him from associating with Mei.

Chang laughed, aware he had the deep urge to kill Mei and have Sa Sa stay alive. Now, Chang had the deep urge to kill Sa Sa and have Mei stay alive.

He smiled before shutting his eyes.

While the sun rose in the sky a couple hours later, Chang sat on the sofa in the living room as a news reporter explained how Sa Sa’s corpse was found in her home by her mom’s mother with stab wounds in her body. Sa Sa’s grandmother had entered the apartment using the unlocked front door.

“Thanks, Fu. You’re a true friend.” Chang said in a low tone. He bowed his head, slammed his palm against his forehead, sobbed. “I still wish we could’ve done things differently. Dammit!”

But Chang’s chopping-off-penis threatening problem was dead.

Mei was alive.

Mei had told Chang she still loves him.

Chang gripped his shirt, longed to have Mei next to him.

Near Xi High School’s grounds, Chang spotted a girl with waist-length, black hair kneeling on the sidewalk with her open backpack in front of her.

Chang smiled, stepped to the spot beside the girl.

“What are you looking for?” Chang said in English, excited as he relished the fact his dangerous girlfriend was dead and he was next to the girl he longed to have as his new girlfriend.

“That old special paper of ours, Politician.” Mei said in English. She pulled out the paper sheet she had taped to the men’s restroom door the previous Monday, handed it to Chang. “Let’s have some real fun again. Nothing will go in your ass this time, but I can’t say the same for my ass.”

Chang’s cock hardened.

Mei sighed before saying, in Mandarin, “And I know what happened to Sa Sa. I’m not going to lie by saying I wish she was still alive.”

Chang turned his head to Mei, who placed the paper sheet in her backpack.

The girl zipped her backpack.

“Be my girlfriend, Mei.” Chang said in Mandarin, now attempting to be dominating towards Mei. “If you accept to be mine, kiss me right now, in front of everyone.”

Mei turned her head to Chang.

She grabbed the back of his head, shut her eyes, moved her face close to Chang’s.

Chang’s heart pounded at an quick pace as Mei pressed her warm lips against his.

The two students moved their lips against each other’s, kissing as they remained kneeling on the sidewalk while Xi High School students walked past them, while cars and scooters moved the street’s length, while three Xi High School teachers watched them.

His eyes closed, Chang stroked Mei’s face with affection.

After Chang separated his lips from Mei’s, Mei slipped her warm tongue into Chang’s mouth.

Chang had the deep urge to remove his clothes, remove Mei’s clothes, thrust his huge cock into her pussy on the sidewalk.

“Ciao, you two.” Lu said, resulting in Chang and Mei separating from each other. The couple turned their heads to Mei, who had her right arm linked with Cayi’s left one. “You both going to fuck right here?”

A tall boy whose name was unknown to Chang, Mei, Cayi, Lu patted Cayi’s head and patted Lu’s head while standing behind them. The boy said, “Zhuo Chang, I see you found a rebound girl.”

Cayi and Lu stopped linking arms, slammed their elbows into the tall boy’s stomach.

“Fuck you.” Mei, Cayi, Lu said at the same time.

Inside the men’s restroom Chang and Mei had sex with each other for the first time in, Chang stood in front of Mei inside the toilet stall the girl first gave him a blowjob in.

Chang lifted Mei off the floor, held her.

He stared into her brown eyes. A couple days ago, Chang longed to yank Mei’s eyeballs from her head.

But now warm joy flooded the boy’s body as he stared into Mei’s eyes.

Chang smiled. He said, “I love you.”

Mei pressed her lips against Chang’s for a brief moment.

“I love you too.” Mei said, honest.

Chang moved forward until Mei’s back pressed against the toilet stall’s wall.

“I’m really glad you made me your bitch.” Chang said before he kissed his girlfriend with a furious intensity.

They kept their eyes closed while kissing each other.

After Chang placed Mei on the floor, they groped each other while kissing.

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