Widower Takes Lovers Ch. 03

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It was Saturday night and Penny arrived just after 6pm. She was wearing a tight t shirt and short skirt with knee length boots. We kissed and gave each other a hug and I could feel her hardening nipples through her top and my cock was already stirring.

“Jill said she would be here about 6.30, you haven’t said anything to her have you?”

“No, it will be a surprise. Hope she likes the idea or it could get awkward.”

Penny went upstairs to check everything was ready and then came down and we had a small of glass of wine while we waited. Jill arrived and was surprised to see Penny opening the door.

“Oh, hi Penny, didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Come in, we’ve planned a surprise evening for you. Let me take your coat.”

Jill took her coat off and I saw she was wearing a silk blouse and knee length skirt with sensible flat shoes and accepted the offered drink.

“Jill,” I started, “Penny and I have talked things over since you told us about you enjoying both of us and we think its about time the three of us got together.”

I was starting to get lost for words but Penny took over.

“What he means is we want a threesome, the 3 of us enjoying ourselves, lots of sex and such like. No pain or anything too kinky but, well, adult fun, almost anything goes.”

“Jill looked at both of us and licked her lips seductively before speaking,

“Well I suppose I have been getting the best of the deal so far enjoying both of you so why not.”

“Just to set the record straight, Mike and I have seen each other since and we have been having fun together .”

Jill nodded and sipped her wine. I’d thought about buying the women some exotic sexy lingerie hoping they would humour me and start the evening with a bit of fun, but chickened out. They were after all experienced mature women who probably wouldn’t dress up in a kinky maids or nurses uniform.

Penny had said we ought to have something to make the evening memorable so I left it to her. She’d arrived with bags but wouldn’t let me see inside as it would spoil the surprise.

Penny produced 2 bags, one each, “Mike was going to buy us something to wear but in the end he got me to do it so why don’t we go upstairs and get changed?”?They looked in the bags and giggled and went upstairs . As they went I hurried into the kitchen and took a blue pill with a glass of water to help me satisfy what I hoped would be 2 hungry women.

There was a lot of laughter from upstairs and they came back down after a few minutes both looking ravishing and both a little flushed, I think I missed the start of the fun. They walked in wearing silky knee length kimono style dressing gowns. And paraded themselves in front of me.

Penny ran her hands over gown and looking at me teased me as her fingers lingered on her breasts and her tongue licked her lips provocatively. She undid the belt slightly and revealed something red underneath before she did it up again. Jill walked past me and she ran a hand up her leg stopping to touch halkalı eve gelen escort herself through the gown smiling. They walked up to each other and kissed. Their lips touched and then their tongues and they pulled each other closer for a few seconds. They parted and Jill pulled the belt on Penny’s gown and let it fall open. She was wearing a low cut red silky bra just covering her nipples which I could see through the lace were hard and a thong which was pretty invisible when she did a twirl. Penny undid Jills robe and she was wearing a one piece body stocking, very lacy, cut to the waist so it showed the fullness of her breasts and high cut so the outline of her pussy was clearly visible. The girls kissed each other and held each other and ran their hands over each others bodies. I was hard and as they looked at me I stood up and pulled my t shirt and my shorts off to show that I was wearing a skimpy pair of briefs which could hardly contain my bulge.

Looking back at Jill and Penny their mouths opened and tongues touched before disappearing into each others mouth. Their hands moved across each other and I watched as Penny stroked and caressed Jills nipples. Her mouth now free she lowered her face and took a nipple between her teeth as Jill moan with pleasure.

I’d never watched 2 women before in real life and I was finding it very arousing, definitely better than watching it on a porn site. I watched for a few minutes stroking my manhood as they were getting more aroused until they looked over at me and they kissed me in turn. Their hands moved across my body and Jills hand touched my cock through the flimsy material and I felt like a bolt of lightning passed through me. Penny reached out as well and then knelt down in front of me and started to kiss. My cock twitched as she did and she pulled the briefs down and let it bounce into view. Just over 6″ long, quite thick and very hard. She greedily took the tip into her mouth and started to lick and suck.

Penny was now kneeling behind Jill and fondling her breasts while she gave me attention. Penny whispered something to Jill which I didn’t hear but they both stopped and stood up. Jill took my hand and led me upstairs followed by Penny. Once in the bedroom Penny lay on the bed her legs apart and I needed little encouragement to kneel on the bed and start giving her the attention she needed.

I could just about reach her breasts from my position and I kissed and licked them as my cock nudged against her thong I eased the bra down and took the full nipple in my mouth as she moaned. Jill was at the side of the bed and she joined in taking Penny’s other breast. Jill reached behind Penny and unclipped the bra and took it off and then returned her attention. I moved slowly down kissing and caressing as I did until I reached her lacy thong which was quite wet, I enjoyed her through the material feeling her wetness and easing her lips apart as I licked. Then holding both sides eased it down and off halkalı grup yapan escort savouring the deep musky smell as I did. My lips gently touched her and she sighed as my tongue played with her and tasted inside her engorged pussy. Deciding that Jill needed some attention I slowly stopped and stood up, walking round the bed with my cock bouncing as I did. Jill had stopped as well and we stood facing each other as Penny watched, her fingers delicately playing with herself.

Jill reached down and caressed cock as my hands gently touched her. I eased the sides of the bodystocking to show her full breasts and gave them my full attention. My cock had slid between her legs and she was squeezing it with her legs. Penny’s hands appeared and she swiftly stripped Jill so that all of us were now naked. She firmly took hold of my manhood and guided it towards Jill and she unsurprisingly took the tip into her sopping hole. I had rarely fucked a woman standing up and was surprised how easily Jill moved to accommodate me. She wriggled slightly and I found half of my dick inside her with her pushing against me for more.

Jill moved again and suddenly I found my entire length in her, with Penny rubbing Jills clit making Jill moan even more. It was fun but none of us were ready to come. Jill eased off me and I looked at my juice covered cock with pride. It was hard and I knew I was going to enjoy both of these woman.

I was pushed back onto the bed and Jill positioned herself over my face and gently lowered her pussy over to encouraging me to kiss, lick and suck her. Penny straddled me and took my cock into her very easily as she was very wet and I was rock hard and covered in Jills juices. We spent ages like this taking it slowly none of us wanting to be the first to explode but we all knew that one of us would climax quite soon. I was eating Jill hard and deep by now and Penny was getting faster. Then I came, almost without warning my cock jerked and poured cum into Penny in 5 glorious thrusts bringing Penny off as well and Jill realising what was happened quickly fingered herself and joined in. Jill leaned forward away from my face and rested with the top of her head almost on the headboard while Jill lay across the bed with my cock still deep in her. Penny was first to move and she eased herself off me and lay back on the bed her breasts heaving. Jill climbed off me and I looked at these 2 ravishing ladies.

I moved as I saw that Penny had her eyes closed but still had a lovely cream pie and I had no problem with cleaning up after myself. I kneeled at her side and started to gently lick. Penny opened her eyes with a bit of a jump as she realised what I was doing then totally relaxed as I licked her clean finishing with a final lick between her pussy lips which made her moan again. Jill had watched and then she opened her bag which she had left by the bed and took out a vibrator, about 7″ long and reasonably thick . She lay back on the bed and gave me the halkalı masöz escort vibrator and I switched it on and teased Jill with it. The noise made Penny open her eyes and she watched with a smile as I slid it between Jills lips and twisted it as I did. Jill moaned as she took all of it and I was glad for a bit of a rest for my cock. It was still hard but needed a bit of time before I could perform fully again.

Penny moved and took over and showed me how to make it even more interesting for Jill by alternating the speed and, angle and penetration. Somehow I knew it wasn’t the first time they had played with this toy. After a few minutes Penny eased it out of Jill and quickly rammed it into herself. I went over to Jill and positioning myself between her legs I slid my manhood into her. There was little foreplay this time, she was wet and had just enjoyed 10 minutes of vibrator and my cock was desperate to fill a love tunnel. My cock disappeared into her and I started to increase speed. She just lay there and enjoyed it until I looked at Penny who was pounding herself and wondered which of them needed the most attention. Penny had already received my man gift so I stayed with Jill.

I withdrew and turned a very compliant Jill over onto all 4s and I spread her legs and guided myself back in. “Come on lover boy, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me deep, don’t stop until you fill me.”

The words made me even more randy and I held her hips and started to shag her. I got quicker and quicker and the noise of my cock enjoying her pussy was fantastic and I knew that I had soon passed the point of no return. Jill quivered as I came and she climaxed 2 or 3 times in a couple of minutes as I filled her with 5 loads deep into her. I held her for a few seconds then Penny was there and pushed me out and away. On her back she wriggled between Jills legs and licked her. Jill lowered herself and I watched as Penny licked and sucked and fetched her off again as she cleaned her. I looked at Penny’s body, she was glistening with sweat and she was lying on her back on the bed with her legs apart as she enjoyed Jill. My cock was still hard thanks to the blue pill and I knelt on the floor and guided my cock into Penny. She stopped for an instant when she realised what I was doing but quickly returned to Jill while letting me enjoy her once again. I knew I couldn’t physically come a third time I was just pleased that I could still enjoy a pussy with my still hard cock. Eventually Penny pushed herself up, and away from Jill and my cock slipped out and we all looked at each other. We were all sweaty and dishevelled and in need of as shower. My shower can take 2 people but definitely not three so I let the girls go first. It wasn’t long before they reappeared with towels wrapped round them, it had obviously been a ‘get clean’ shower and not ‘lets have some more fun’ kind of shower.

I went in and cleaned myself up and when I reappeared they had both gone downstairs and had wine in their hands and offered one to me. Apart from the still damp hair they looked like they had just arrived for the evening.

I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that we had spent almost 3 hours in the bedroom and that my cock had managed to stay hard for the entire time.

Penny and Jill kissed me with passion before they left with a promise that another fun evening would happen soon.

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