When They Met

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Angel Emily

Not too long ago, a friend introduced two more of his friends to each other online. The woman thought he was charming but somewhat shy…but, she decided to learn more about him anyway. “What could it hurt?” she asked herself. They spent alot of time together and as several days passed, it soon turned into weeks and then months. The woman, now totally and completely in love with this man, decided it was time they meet in person.

As the time grew closer for his plane to arrive, she was extremely nervous, twirling her curly brown hair around her fingers. “Will he be all that I think he is? Will he love me still, once we meet? ” she muttered to herself. A few brief moments passed and she set her eyes upon her love for the first time…he walked down the runway from the plane, hurrying as he did so, eager to meet her. They glanced at each other, their eyes meeting. And then she saw it, the love…it was there. With tears in her eyes, she embraced him closely and entwined her hands with his. Not a word was spoken between them as they walked hand in hand to her waiting car.

The silence bahis firmaları was more then she could take, but when she tried to speak, nothing came out of her mouth. So, she just looked at him with a smile, and quietly drove home.

Setting his luggage down, he approached her timidly. They hadn’t spoken a word since they met…”Was she nervous? Had he done anything wrong?”, he pondered. “For that matter, I didn’t say anything either!”, he thought to himself “I know what to do”. He walked briskly to her and took her into his arms and gently kissed her on the lips, parting them gently with his tongue. Hoping for a response, he got one rather quickly as she melted in his arms and met his embrace and she kissed him with fervor.

Taking him by the hand, she led him up to her bedroom. Decorated in shades of green and with lace curtains on the windows, it was the perfect setting for their first time. She layed down on the bed and gently pat a spot next to her, inviting him to join her. He approached her and gently removed her clothing, exposing her full breasts to him. His mind was wandering kaçak iddaa at full speed “this is what I’ve always fantasized about, and it’s about to come true.”

Nervously, she undressed him, staring at his wonderfully sexy body. Trying not to shake, she touched his chest and let out a quiet moan. Inching back on the bed, she pulled him closer to her. Kissing even more passionately then before, he pressed his firm body onto hers, letting her feel how hard he was. Smiling, she took hold of his dick. Knowing what he has always desired, she placed her plams on each side of her breasts and made a cave for him to enter. With a huge smile on his face, he edged up closer to them.

Thrusting his cock inbetween her large breasts, he began to pump back and forth with rapid motions. His breath became more shallow and a low gutteral grown emitted from his mouth. His pace quickened and sweat built up on his brow. Smiling, she gently blew on his face to cool him off. With his eyes closed, he tilted his head back and groaned loudly as his juices came forth from him and spilled onto her breasts. kaçak bahis Panting heavily, he smiled down at her like a Cheshire cat…happy as could be.

Without a word, he slipped his fingers into her, probing her inner body. Lowering himself down, he flicked her clit with his tongue, tantalizing her and driving her insane. “What is he doing to me!? He is going to make me cum so fast! No, I want this to last!” But not knowing how to stop him without saying anything, she just let him continue playing. He sucked and flicked, each time pressing onto her spongy G-spot. She knew she wouldnt be able to contain this pleasure much longer. Clutching her muscles tighter to make her orgasm stronger, she finally let out a scream of pleasure as wave after wave of her orgasm hit her.

With a smile, he came kissed her on her mouth, letting her taste her juices. As they layed on the bed hand in hand, the fan above their head whirring quietly, she turned to face him. And finally, they spoke…”I love you Ryan”, she said with love and adoration in her eyes. He smiled and for what seemed like a lifetime for a response to her, “I love you too, Paula”.

He held her in his arms, her back to his chest. As he breathed onto her neck, he realized he could never go home again. He was here to stay, with the woman he loved.

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