The Workout

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The Mid-Town Gym is one of those bright light, loud music, and hi-tech equipment places. It was big with separate rooms for cardio, aerobics, tanning, and an enormous weight training area. Mirrors lined the walls, and dark blue rubber matting covered the entire floor of the weight room. Hard wood covered the floors of the aerobic room.

All types of people work out there, from the hardcore bodybuilder to the older woman looking for that fountain of youth. Then there are the girls! The tight bodied spandex wearing variety. They traveled in-groups too. Men would watch them like a pride of lions would watch a herd of Thompson’s gazelles.

The amount of people in the gym at any one time depended on a lot of factors the time of the day and the day of the week. Mornings are typically lighter than evenings when the yuppies would crowd in.

That is when Scott worked out there, the morning. He would meet two of his buddies there. They were all police officers who worked the evening shift, and used the mornings to workout and go shooting at the range. He and his friends Bruce and Gregg had been using this gym for over a year. It was working out well for them. A lot of girls worked out there, and a lot of those girls go crazy for a guy in a uniform.

The guys actually started doing Tae-Bo as part of their cardio workout, and it wasn’t for the extra exercise! The women who took the classes were the hottest, and the sizes of the classes themselves were small. The guys would take the back row where they could get the best view of the whole scene. The workouts were intense, and the body positions demanding. The guys stuck with it though, and became good friends with the head instructor and her two assistants. Tina, Jamie, and Suzie are all young women in their early twenties. Tina and Jamie both have long dark brown hair and eyes, and a great tan from the tanning beds. Suzie has dirty blond hair and green eyes. All three are in great physical shape, and dress in the hottest aerobic outfits.

The six of them worked out doing the Tae-Bo, but they also lifted weights together. The gym was lightly filled in the morning, and they were able to work out freely on all the equipment. There was always a lot of good-natured flirting going on, and plenty of opportunity for some “innocent” physical contact.

The girls were the number one topic of discussion with the guys in and out of work. They were determined to get with them. It was going to happen it was just a matter of when…

* * * * *

Scott Belek travesti showed up to the gym a little early Monday morning to get in a little extra cardio before his buddies showed up. There was only old lady Taylor on the treadmill, and the fruit drink slinger behind the counter. Scott changed into his running shoes and put on his Walkman. He started walking on a treadmill, which stood in a row of identical machines slightly elevated above the other cardio machines. He slowly increased his pace to a brisk jog.

About 15 minutes into his run, Suzie entered the gym and noticing him on the treadmill gave him a friendly smile and wave. She was wearing street clothes and proceeded to the women’s locker room to change. In about five minutes she came back out and was wearing a pair of dark pink spandex shorts with a bikini type top that left her stomach and back exposed. She walked over towards Scott, and mouthed “hi” to him. She got onto the stair-climbing machine directly in front of Scott, and proceeded to work out on a brisk pace on the machine. Moving her legs up and down in exaggerated motion. The spandex of her shorts filling every crevice of her hot ass, and her long brown hair swinging from side to side.

Scott’s eyes were riveted to that site, that stunning ass. Ever once in awhile she would sort of glance over her shoulder to see if he was watching her. Of course he was, and along with the jogging his heart was ready to explode in his chest. Not to mention that a large part of his supply of blood was now in his dick, which was threatening to rip it’s way out of his running shorts. Luckily he was also wearing spandex type shorts under his running shorts, and that helped to conceal the monster a little.

Suzie was working up a little sweat now, and there was a line of sweat outlining the thong she was wearing under her shorts, and rivets of sweat running down her back. She was really working the steps now, pumping harder than ever. After about ten more intense minutes she slowed down, and eventually got off the machine. She grabbed a fluffy pink towel out of her gym bag, and wiped her face and neck off. She glanced over at Scott and smiled, and looked straight at his crotch and smiled some more.

Scott stopped walking, which is what he had slowed down to cool off as Suzie slowed down on the stepper. He got off the machine, and grabbed his own white towel out of his gym bag. He stepped down next to Suzie “Well that was a good little warm up”, he said to her.

“You Kemer travesti too”, she replied. “Where are your buddies?”

“Oh they’ll be here later. I just wanted to catch up on my running.”

“Well what are you going to do now that you are all warmed up?” asked Suzie.

“Well, I’m not sure. I don’t want to get into our chest routine until the boys get here”, relied Scott.

“You look pretty sweaty right now, and I think you ought to clean up a little,” suggested Suzie.

“What do you suggest Suzie?” asked Scott.

“How about a quick shower?” replied Suzie.

“Sounds good to me,” replied Scott.

Suzie grabbed up her gym bag and motioned with her head for Scott to follow her. She headed out across the still vacant gym and towards the locker room area. She walked into the women’s locker room, but Scott hesitated at the door. She came back to the door.

“Come on Scotty don’t be afraid. Nobody’s here”, she said teasingly.

Scott followed Suzie into the locker room. It was a large room with several rows of large lockers with benches in front. The showers and bathroom area were at the far end. The shower stalls like those in the men’s locker room were for individual use with heavy vinyl shower curtains covering the fronts.

Suzie went two rows of lockers over, and unlocked her locker. She put her gym bag in it, and motioned Scott over. Scott came over, and put his bag down on the bench next to her. He was still a little nervous in case someone should come in.

“Don’t worry. Be a little daring. I thought you liked me,” said Suzie.

“I do like you!” replied Scott. “Let’s go!”

Suzie gave a breath-taking smile, and reached down and pulled her top up over her head. Her breasts were two perfect firm and tan globes. Than she kicked her sneakers off. She bent over to put the sneakers in her locker, and stayed facing that way as she bent over to pull down her shorts, and thong.

Scott was wasting no time, and almost ripped his own clothes off. Suzie grabbed her pink towel, and headed for the shower with Scott following. Suzie’s hips swaying in that inviting way that makes men go crazy.

The shower stall was just big enough for the two of them to move around. The water was hot and steamy. Suzie grabbed her soap and started to lather up Scott’s front and back, paying special attention to his now rock hard cock.

Than it was Scott’s turn, and he soaped up her compact hard little body. She was a lot shorter than he was, and he had Konyaaltı travesti to squat down a little to get low. Than he started to lick the running water off her belly, and her breast while squeezing her firm ass. He works his way up her front kissing her neck and shoulders, and finally her mouth.

After a few minutes of heavy kissing, he works his way back down her front all the way to her shaved pussy. Suzie spreads her legs quite a bit to allow Scott access to her hot wet slit. She leans back a little against the wall further pushing her pussy forward.

A few minutes of this goes by with A LOT of moaning from Suzie. Scott reaches up for her hips and slowly turns her around so her ass is right in his face. He licks the running water off her ass and backs of her legs, and she leans forward to enjoy the feeling. He quickly flicks his tongue across her tight little butt hole, and Suzie almost jumped through the roof.

Scott quickly stood up behind her, and guided his swollen member to the opening of her pussy running the head of his cock back and forth. Than gentle pushing it into her sopping wet pussy. Suzie pushed back with each thrust, and soon Scott’s cock was deep inside her. He grabbed her hips, and began pumping fast and hard.

Suzie was really moaning now, and crying out quite loud as Scott pounded away at her hot hole. She reached back between her legs and rubbed his balls. Scott slid his hands up to her firm little breast with their rock hard nipples. Suzie’s body was shaking now, and she was pushing back steady and hard against him. She was squeezing his balls harder now, and he was ready to cum.

Suzie pulled away, pulling her pussy off Scott’s cock. She spun around and kneeled down in front of Scott taking his cock into her mouth. She began to lick and suck it like a wild woman, and squeezed his ass while doing it. Scott grabbed the back of her head.

“I’m gonna cum baby,” said Scott.

“Cum baby cum,” replied Suzie.

Suzie took Scott’s cock in her hand and started to jerk him off hard and fast, and it only took a few moments for Scott to start to explode all over her. She kept jerking him off until he stopped pumping, and than giving him a final suck she stood up.

“Well I think we had better shower off, and get to that work out. Our friends should be here soon,” said Suzie.

“Yeah. But this was just part of my warm up you know,” replied Scott with a mischievous grin.

Scott stepped out of the shower and grabbed his towel to dry off. He spotted old lady Taylor at the end of the row of locks just finishing changing into her street clothes. She gave him a wide grin, and grabbing her bag headed out of the locker room.

“Oh yeah,” thought Scott. “This is going to be some workout.”

To Be Continued…

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