The Video Project

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Anna saw the ad, and was intrigued.

It simply read, “Wanted: mature female for video project. Nudity involved.”

Moving to her full length mirror, she stood naked, giving her body a thorough examination. She could not help noticing her flaws, as women often do. Her ears stuck out a bit too much, poking here and there out of her shining, raven colored hair. Her lips looked too full and pouty to her. Her left breast was slightly smaller than her right one. On her freshly shaven pussy, her labia stood out perhaps too prominently. But Anna also realized that men often overlooked such defects, when presented with naked female flesh.

She decided to call the contact number listed. It was answered by a melodious male voice. “Hello, may I help you?”

“Yes, I saw your ad and I’m interested, but I wanted to know what you meant by mature. How old would I have to be?”

“Oh, I see. Perhaps that is a bit misleading. What we meant is mature in your outlook on life. We are not interested in, for lack of better words, empty headed teenyboppers.”

She smiled. “Well I am certainly not that,” she assured him. She made an appointment to see the man for an in-depth interview.

As she dressed for the interview, Anna decided not to wear a bra or panties. She mumbled to herself, “Those things leave marks on my skin, and I’m pretty certain the man will ask to see me nude. This simple back-zipped dress in a lovely floral pattern might set the right tone for the interview. No stockings, either. Just slip-on pumps.”

Thinking again of the phrase in the ad, ‘nudity involved’ she had a premonition that those words might be a euphemism for something else, so she slipped a certain piece of paper into her handbag before leaving.

The office where the interview was to take place turned out to be a well appointed photo studio. Professional looking lights and cameras were interspersed with a charming, welcoming décor.

She was somewhat surprised to find not just one, but five men present. She addressed the man sitting behind the important-looking desk, “Mr. Johnson? I’m Anna. We spoke on the phone.”

“Yes, Anna. Welcome. Please call me Craig. Did you have any difficulty finding this place?”

“Oh no, your directions were very clear, Craig.” She cast an inquiring look at the other men in the room. “And these other men are?”

“These are the other participants in our current video project. From the left, please meet Mike, Gary, Jeffrey, and Vince.” Each man gave Anna a lovely smile and a warm handshake as he was introduced.

“Here is a seat for you, Anna,” Craig said, holding it for her. As she seated herself, he continued, “Let’s discuss the details of the video project, shall we? Please be very honest with me, as I ask you some questions.”

Anna settled herself more comfortably in the chair, and smiled at Craig to proceed.

“Do you have any problem with being nude?” he asked.

“No, I don’t. I’m often nude as I walk around in my apartment. It feels very natural to me.”

“Excellent.” Craig paused for a moment, then asked, “Do you ever shave your pubic hair?”

Anna was briefly startled by the directness of the question, but recovered to reply, “Yes, It is completely shaved at this moment, but if you need me to let it grow out, I’m OK with that.”

“No, that will not be necessary, Anna,” Craig reassured her. He cleared his throat, which was a subtle signal that the next question might be problematical. Looking her in the eyes, Craig stated, “Anna, this project involves sex. Does that bother you?”

Anna’s heart skipped a beat, her suspicions now confirmed. Gathering her thoughts, she answered him. “To be honest, Craig, I thought it might. I enjoy sex with the right partner.” Her head swiveled to scan the faces of the other four men, noticing the brightness in their eyes. “Of course, there is sex, and then there is sex, if you know what I mean.” She actually winked at Craig as she made this pronouncement.

“Oh, I assure you, Anna. Everything we do here is consensual. This project is actually a video of a gang-bang. Do you understand that term?”

Anna’s breath caught for a moment, hearing that word. Now she had some idea why the other four men were present for her interview. In a rather breathy voice she choked out, “Well yes. I’ve heard the term. But I’ve never experienced anything like that.” After a pause, she added, “But it sounds intriguing.”

Craig gave her a broad smile, hearing this. “Do you enjoy oral sex?” he asked.


Craig followed up with the question, “Do you enjoy giving it or receiving it?”

Anna’s gaze swept the men as she answered, “Both, actually.” She was pleased to see them squirm in their chairs, some adjusting their trousers at the crotch. They were apparently getting as turned on by these questions as she was.

“Have you ever had anal sex? And if so, did you enjoy it?” Craig now inquired.

Anna blushed a gentle pink as she answered, “Yes, I have. It felt strange Üçyol travesti at first, but it also seemed so naughty and forbidden that I almost felt bad that I eventually enjoyed it as much as I did.” The temperature in the room must have risen a few notches, because Anna noticed beads of sweat forming here and there on foreheads.

“Would being called words like ‘slut’, ‘bitch’, ‘whore’, ‘cunt’, ‘fuck toy’ bother you?”

“Hmmm. I don’t like the word ‘whore’ but the others are probably fine, depending on the person’s tone of voice.”

“Have you found being spanked and/or having your hair pulled during sex exciting?”

Anna cast her mind back to the several times those actions had occurred with her sex partners, and answered, “I’ve had both, and as long as neither is too painful, they can turn me on. If they are too painful, it sort of breaks the flow of arousal for me.”

Craig’s next question confused her. “Have you ever had a double penetration?”

“What does that mean, Craig?”

In a straightforward manner, he answered, “Taking one cock in your pussy, and another one in your ass, at the same time.”

Anna’s pupils dilated as she answered, “No, but it sounds exciting, to be truthful.” Unconsciously, she crossed her legs tighter, pressing her thighs against her pussy. Her breathing became somewhat faster, her heart accelerating to keep pace.

Craig continued, “And a triple penetration is like a double, but you also get a penis in your mouth at the same time.”

Anna’s eyes widened even more with curiosity, visualizing this. She stated, but with a querying tone to her voice, “And you would be filming, er… videoing me doing these things.” She was not actually adverse to the idea of people seeing her have sex, but she wanted their intentions clarified.

“I’ll be very open with you, Anna,” Craig explained. “We video projects like this, and then post them on an exclusive pay-to-view website. It’s quite popular.”

“Ummm. Pay-to-view. Would I get paid to do this?”

“A very good question. We are willing to pay you $500 up front. But you will also get $0.50 every time the video is viewed by our clients.”

“Only fifty cents?”

“Anna, one of our recent videos has been viewed over 100,000 times,” Craig said with a smile.

“That would mean…” Anna’s voice trailed off, disbelievingly. Her mind was trying to compute how much money they were talking about.

“Yes, you could possibly earn 5 figures from this project. There are no guarantees about that, though. The hotter and sexier the video, the more it makes, of course.”

“So these men would be the ones having sex with me if I do this?” she asked, gesturing. She mentally licked her lips in anticipation.

“All of us, yes. Myself included,” he said with a sparkle in his eye.

“Will you all be wearing condoms?” she asked seriously. She had always been careful in her choice of intimate partners.

“We will if you insist, Anna, but we would prefer not to. All of us were tested recently, and we are certified clean of any diseases. Let me show you.” He produced lab reports verifying this fact.

Anna reached into her purse. “I had an inkling of an idea that sex might be involved. That’s why I brought along my own report.” Smiling, she handed it to Craig. “Also I’m on the pill, so I am not concerned about getting pregnant.” She was happy she had the foresight to bring this health report along with her.

Craig’s smile was so incandescent that Anna felt heat building up between her clenched thighs. She was certain that the back of her dress must have a wet spot from the tiny trickle from her pussy that her thighs were unable to contain. Craig continued his series of questions. “OK, if we are not using condoms, there will be semen involved. Do you have any problems with receiving semen in your mouth, pussy or ass?”

Anna gasped visibly, doing her own squirming in her chair now. “No problem at all with any of that.” She heard the other men in the room breathing harder now. The room was electric with a buildup of sexual tension.

“Is there anyplace on your body you would not like our cum to hit?” Craig asked in a matter of fact voice.

Anna thought a moment before replying, “Please avoid my eyes. Cum in my eyes always stings.”

“So the rest of your face is OK? And your hair?”

She was so caught up in visualizing these scenarios that she almost giggled. “Yes, that all sounds like fun to me.” Other lovers had shot their cum onto her skin, and she had always found that to be a sensual experience – but five men doing that? All at the same time? She had a difficult time restraining from reaching up under her dress to rub herself at this moment.

“Fantastic. May we see you naked now, Anna?”

“Tell you what. Let me see you all naked, first,” she said with an impish smile. She felt it was time to assert herself, since the questioning had been so one-sided.

“A fair request. Gentlemen?”

They all stood up and Alanya Travesti began disrobing, including Craig, obviously comfortable with one another.

Anna observed their physiques closely as they opened their shirts, shrugged them off, bent and turned to pull down their trousers and underpants and place them on their chairs. The frank discussion about Anna’s sexuality had aroused them all to some extent. Not a single penis was flaccid. Rather each man was semi-erect and made no effort to conceal his crotch, seemingly proud to display what he had. All handsome, they clearly took good care of their bodies. They had nice chests and butts, and none of them was especially hairy. Beyond that, they were a study in contrasts.

Vince was dark-haired and slender in build, with a long but slender penis. Anna reached a silent instant judgment, “Now that penis would be ideal for anal sex. At least, going first, to open me up.”

Gary was blond, short, and slightly pudgy, but had the longest, thickest cock Anna had ever seen. “Wow,” she thought. “I wonder if that will even fit?” She also noted that, unlike the other cocks on display, his was not circumcised, its bulbous head completely covered by its foreskin. She had always enjoyed such cocks on the rare occasions she’d encountered them. In her opinion, peeling back a guy’s foreskin was like unwrapping a present.

Mike was bald, a well-proportioned body builder type, the most muscular of the lot. “Mmmmm,” she mused. “He can probably pick me up easily. Who knows what might happen then?”

Jeffrey, red-haired and freckled, was the tallest, with long arms and large hands. Seeing the red patch of hair surrounding the base of his penis and covering his balls, Anna said to herself, “I have never seen fiery pubic hair like that. I really want to run my fingers through it.”

Craig, also a blond, was the most average of the group. Average height, weight, cock size. What set him apart was the apparent lack of a single hair anywhere on his cock and balls. Anna stared quite a while at this erotically naked display between his thighs. Subconsciously her tongue moved inside her mouth, almost begging to run itself all over that region and savor its texture.

“Do we meet your approval, Anna?” Mike inquired seriously, but with amused eyes.

She pretended nonchalance for a moment or two, stating, “Oh, I guess you’ll do.” Then, unable to contain herself any longer, burst out laughing. “You are the most attractive men I have seen in a LONG time! Of course, I approve,” she burst out, clapping her hands.

“Then is it your turn to show us?” Gary asked.

Anna’s eyes twinkled. “If you insist.” Stepping out of her pumps, she reached behind herself and lowered the zipper on her dress to her low back. Slipping her arms rather coquettishly out of its sleeves, she held its front in both hands against her breasts, keeping them covered.

Smiling at the naked men in front of her, she slowly lowered the material, gradually uncovering her breasts. She watched their expressions carefully for any signs of disappointment. She saw only looks of lust and desire building. Those looks made her feel like someone was stoking a furnace in her belly.

Her breasts now fully uncovered, Anna turned her back to the men and treated them to a view of her buttocks as she slipped the dress ever more downward. When her hands reached mid-thigh, she began bending over. This gave the men a better view of her bare ass as her dress reached her ankle, allowing her to step free.

Placing her hands over her pussy, she again turned to face them. “Are you sure you want to see this?” she teased. The men, apparently dry mouthed, merely licked their lips while nodding, gazing intently at her hands and what they covered.

Somewhat the exhibitionist, Anna moved her legs and thighs apart slightly, tilting her pelvis back. Removing her hands, she interlaced her fingers behind her head and stood fully on display.

Someone whispered, “She’s amazing!” Anna flushed a hot crimson at hearing this praise, but stood a little prouder and straighter, basking in their approval.

“So, do you think I’ll be an asset to your project, Craig?” Somewhat brazenly, she gently shimmied her shoulders to make her tits dance side to side.

“Believe me, Anna. We’ve seldom run across a treasure like you. Your looks are sure to be a hit with our client base. If your actions come anywhere near matching your appearance, we’re going to have a real winner with this project.”

“Wonderful! I’m glad to hear that! When can we start?” Then she added aloud, “…she said, hoping they would say ‘how about right now?’ and not torture me by making me wait!” After all, she had not had sex in over a week, and here was a fantastic opportunity to experience it in a new way.

Craig’s face lit up. “You want to do it now? That’ll be great! Looking at my fellow performers, I see they all seem to be quite eager.”

Anna looked again at each man’s penis. Konyaaltı travesti Sure enough, their ‘eagerness’ was apparent in the increased rigidity of their cocks.

“Oh, but I just thought of a snag,” Anna spoke with a tinge of sadness. “You indicated this will involve anal sex. Well, I did not prepare for that. I usually…” her voice trailed off.

Gary was quick on the uptake. “You usually clean that area out before having that kind of sex?”

Anna nodded, feeling quite embarrassed in admitting that her rear tunnel might be anything but spotless.

Craig said, “Not to worry. We’re prepared for that eventuality.” He opened a door to what turned out to be a charming bathroom, stepped in briefly, and emerged with 2 bottles of Fleet enemas. Handing them to Anna, he confided, “It’s always best to have these on hand. You can make use of these as the rest of us set up the various lights and camera angles.”

Anna thought a moment. “I’ve used these before, and it’s much better if someone helps me. I’ve been considering that I’d like to have Vince be the first to have anal sex with me, so can he help me get myself clean? He’d be the one reaping the benefits, after all.”

“I’d be honored to help you,” Vince stated. He even offered his arm to lead her into the bathroom.

She laughed merrily at his chivalry, given the circumstances. She saw the other men setting to work with the equipment as she closed the door and flicked on the exhaust fan, giving herself and Vince some privacy. Kneeling on the tile floor, she lowered her head and shoulders onto a fluffy towel that Vince placed in front of her. Reaching back, she grasped her ass cheeks to spread them, giving him clear access to her puckered opening.

Vince carefully placed the enema tip at her hole, and pressed it inward with a gentle side to side rocking action.

Anna bore down slightly on her anal muscles, which relaxed her sphincter, allowing the tip to slid inward. In a moment, she could feel the solution flowing into her bowels – a strange but not unpleasant sensation.

When the bottle was emptied into her, Vince slipped it out carefully, and slowly massaged one of her ass cheeks as they waited the few minutes it would take for the urge to evacuate to build inside her.

“I think I’m ready,” Anna announced.

As Vince helped her to her feet to guide her to the toilet, he asked, “Do you want me to leave while you…” he paused, then continued, “…you know.”

“If you can stand being near me while I do this, I’m OK with it. I’d hate to have to call out to you to come and help with the second dosage.” She smiled up at him from the toilet seat.

“You’re lovely, even seated on a toilet seat,” he said gallantly, stepping to stand before her. OK, he was not completely being gallant, because he really wanted a closer look at her tits.

His still turgid cock was about even with her chin. She held her hand up, gesturing as if to grasp it and asked, “Do you mind?”

“Not in the least, Please be my guest. After all, we’re going to have very intimate knowledge of each other very soon,” he assured her.

Anna grasped Vince’s slender cock and pumped it slowly, distracting them both as her bowels opened and emptied into the toilet bowl. Anna also took advantage of this opportunity to pee, as well. Finishing, she released Vince’s cock and reached behind her to flush the toilet, not getting up until it emptied. She discretely wiped herself, then resumed her shoulders down, ass up position on the floor.

Vince found it easier to insert the enema tube this time – Anna was getting better at relaxing her opening, he found. After the next few minutes, he again assisted her onto the toilet seat, and stood in front of her as before.

This time, Anna leaned forward and sucked his swollen cock tip into her warm mouth. She was suckling him, listening to his gasps of pleasure. Neither of them heard any sounds as her bowels emptied this time. They were too caught up in pleasure.

After a few minutes, Vince begged, “Please stop now, Anna, or you’ll make me cum, and I’ll be useless for the shoot.”

Anna stopped as requested, looked up at him and winked. “Getting you all hot and bothered, huh?”

He leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. “You don’t know the half of it,” he chuckled.

“OK, I’m standing up now. Don’t you dare look into the toilet – just in case,” Anna demanded. Vince averted his eyes as she peeked into the bowl. Nothing but clear water. She wiped and checked. The tissue was clean. “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup!” she quipped.

She and Vince left the bathroom, and found the production area was all lit up and ready, and the other four men waiting for them.

“I have never done this before, Craig. How do we start? How will I know what to do?”

He explained, “We want this as natural as possible. You’re just having sex, and we can tell you what we want you to do as we progress. We’d like to start you off dressed. And we want to establish your willingness as soon as the cameras are recording. Then we’ll help you undress, and start in. Several cameras are stationary, positioned to give us multiple angles for later editing.”

“What are those things?” she inquired, pointing.

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