The Perry Brothers

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Bobby Perry knew well the sound of someone jerking off while having either phone or Skype sex. In college he had heard lots of the guys in his dorm doing exactly that with their girl friends from back home or at another college. So when he got home a bit late from work and he passed his brother’s bedroom door, he knew what was going on.

It also wasn’t hard to figure out who Grant would be playing with. It was most likely his girl friend, Melissa. They hadn’t seen each other in over three months. Melissa had temporarily moved back to Ireland to take care of her sick parents. The plan was for her to move back to the states eventually, but in the meantime she was needed there. When she moved back she and Grant planned to get a place together.

Bobby smiled to himself at the telltale slap slap sound punctuated by grunts and mumbled dirty talk. He didn’t linger by the door, though he kind of enjoyed eavesdropping on such things. He moved along and went into his own bedroom closing the door softly behind him. As far as Bobby knew, his brother hadn’t had sex since his girlfriend had left. He didn’t blame the long distance couple for needing a sexual outlet. After undressing, Bobby stretched out on his bed naked, and began to stroke himself slowly. He was suddenly feeling a bit aroused himself.

It was a few weeks later; the brothers decided to go out to a bar on a Saturday night. They were still roommates while Melissa was in Ireland, so on occasion they would go out together. They went to an upscale downtown bar that had a more thirties age group crowd. It wasn’t a meat-market like some bars, but more a nice hangout for a mature crowd. Of course hook-ups happened here, but that wasn’t really why the brothers were out. As far as Bobby knew, Grant was faithful to Melissa. As for Bobby, he just wanted to get out of the house for a night. Sex was great, but it wasn’t his reason for going to a bar.

The brothers took a cab so they could both drink. It didn’t seem fair that one would have to be the designated driver. They got seats on bar stools and ordered beers. They both took long pulls from the perfectly chilled bottles as they looked around. There were some very attractive women around for the evening. The two guys made small talk as they both downed two more beers.

“Goddamn, I might be getting desperate with Mel away, but these women are looking damn fine tonight.” Grant said. He turned to the bartender and ordered them each another beer.

“Nah you’re not desperate. There’s some fine looking ladies in here tonight.” Bobby agreed. “While Melissa is away are you allowed to…?” Bobby left his question open ended. He didn’t quite know how to phrase it.

“No way, man! She’d have my balls if I fucked another woman.” Grant paused, contemplating something. “Truth is, I don’t want to fuck any other women no matter how badly I need pussy. I think she’s really the one, you know?”

Bobby nodded as if he knew. He didn’t know. He had never felt that way about anyone. “That’s great, man.”

“Before she left she told me not to cheat. She said…” Grant’s voice got lower so only Bobby was likely to hear. “She said, that if I really need to fuck someone I could fuck another dude.”

Grant laughed at his admission, so Bobby did as well and then he asked, “Wow, do you think she meant it?”

Grant shot Bobby an unreadable look. Bobby immediately felt self conscious. He didn’t want his older brother to think he was some kind of freak.

Grant finally shrugged. “Don’t know, but she said it.”

That statement hung in the air between the brothers, and then they went back to drinking their beers and people watching. An hour later they had both had plenty and were feeling pretty good. Grant called them a cab and they went outside to wait for it.

It was a nice summer night. There were some smokers hanging out nearby talking too loud like drunk people tend to do. The brothers stood a bit away from them. “I’m pretty drunk.” Grant admitted.

Bobby laughed, and Grant joined in. “Me too.” he agreed.

The cab didn’t take long to arrive, and the drive back to their place wasn’t long. The brothers stumbled in their front door a little after one on the morning. They were both drunk and making racy jokes in an attempt to one up the other. The cab driver had ignored their crude talk, and Bobby had tipped him well for it.

Grant flopped onto the sofa and grabbed for the remote. “I’m fucking starving.”

“Yeah, me too. I’ll make us some sandwiches, what do you say?” Bobby asked.

“Sounds good.” Grant was already flipping channels. “And maybe another beer.”

Bobby didn’t think either of them needed more beer, but he opened two and took one to his brother. As Bobby rounded the corner into the family room he could hear the distinct sounds of porn, so it wasn’t a complete shock when the screen came into view and there were two men double penetrating a brunette with a generous round ass.

“Oh good, you found something to watch.” Bobby’s voice was light, casual, and teasing. However, konyaaltı escort he wasn’t sure what to make of his brother putting porn on.

Grant looked up and smiled distractedly. He reached for the beer, and Bobby handed it over. “All those fucking hot bitches at the bar have me all keyed up.”

“Oh.” not knowing what else to say, Bobby just shrugged. He was feeling pretty horny himself.

“Doesn’t bother you, does it lil bro?” Grant asked over his shoulder.

“Nah…no…no way. It’s cool. I am just going to make the sandwiches and I’ll be right back.” Bobby turned on his heel and went back to the kitchen. He was semi hand in his jeans. He and his brother had never watched porn together. Sure, they had talked about sex occasionally, but they kept it light and easy. They were brothers after all. It was just awkward.

He made them turkey sandwiches and placed some chips in a bowl. Bobby carried it all back to the living room. Again, the sounds of the porn movie reached his ears even before he rounded into the room. So, the movie was still no shock, but the new scene was. One of the men was fucking the woman. The other had his face right down near the action, and as Bobby came into the room he watched the porn star pull his dick out of the woman and push it into the other man’s awaiting mouth.

Bobby felt his face flush hot, and his breath catch in his chest. Maybe he made a sound too, because Grant swung his head around to look at him. He stared at Bobby again for a long moment.

“Hand me my sandwich. I’m hungry.” Grant said finally. His voice sounded different to Bobby. Lower, and clearly aroused. Yeah, that was it for sure. Grant sounded thoroughly aroused. Bobby handed over the plate and then joined Grant on the sofa. They ate in silence, both watching the dirty sex scene play out on the large screen TV.

Bobby felt his cock grow hard. He made a point of not looking at his brother. He chewed and swallowed and watched. Finally there was no more food to consume, and no more beer. “I’ll take this all in the kitchen and grab more beer?”

“Year, sounds good.” Grant agreed. He sat back and stretched his arms over the back of the leather couch. Bobby glanced at his brother as he picked up their plates. Grant was clearly hard inside his jeans, and making no effort to conceal it.

Nearly dropping the plates on the way to the kitchen, Bobby commanded himself to get back in control. He was rock hard in his pants that suddenly felt too small. Dumping the dishes into the sink, Bobby stood and took several deep breathes. He was drunk, horny and about to continue watching porn with his own brother. This was weird. Turning on the cold water he splashed some on his face. After drying his face he got two cold beers out of the fridge and popped the caps.

His hard-on was subsiding as he made his way back to the living room, but it was brief respite. Grant was still watching porn, but now he no longer wore his jeans and he was stroking himself through his white boxers. Bobby’s throat went impossibly dry. His brother’s cock appeared to be bigger than his own from what he could tell.

“Thanks, man.” Grant said, reaching for his beer. Bobby handed it over and then sat gingerly back down on the couch.

Bobby didn’t look at his brother. He sipped from his beer and turned his attention to the screen. The woman was now sucking the one man’s cock, and the other male porn star was licking the guys asshole. The scene was hot, and it had Bobby’s cock hard again instantly. This was ridiculous. The scene played on, and Bobby felt his stomach do a butterflies kind of thing it hadn’t done since middle school when a girl had agreed to be his date to a school dance. It was Grant’s soft grunt beside him that had him suddenly all twisted in knots. He couldn’t help himself and chanced a glance in his brother’s direction. Sure enough, Grant had his cock out of his boxers and was stroking himself.

“You don’t mind, do ya?” Grant asked. Their eyes met and locked. Neither flinched or looked away, and Grant didn’t even pause in stroking himself.

Bobby shook his head, “No.”

“Why don’t you…?” Grant asked softly. Their eyes were still locked.

Bobby swallowed thickly. “I dunno.”

“It’s hot, right?”

Did Grant mean the movie or him stroking? Bobby couldn’t be sure, but both seemed exceedingly hot to Bobby.

“Yeah, very.” Bobby sounded unintelligent even to his own drunk ears. His blood was elsewhere, and there didn’t seem to be enough oxygen in the room for some reason. Grant nodded encouragingly.

Bobby stood and unzipped his pants. He tugged them down his narrow hips and then shoved them the rest of the way down until he could step out of them. He glanced over his shoulder at Grant. He wore boxers as well, and figured he should probably keep them on the way Grant had.

“Take them off.” Grant whispered huskily.

Bobby didn’t have to be told twice. He shoved the boxers down and stepped out of them as well. He kicked them out of the way. He was hard and throbbing, kültür escort and felt breathless and excited beyond words.

“Let me see.” Grant whispered. Bobby turned to face his brother. He stroked his cock while watching his brother watch him.

“Mine is bigger, but yours is nice.” Grant said. Bobby agreed that Grant’s was decidedly bigger. “You should suck this.” Grant instructed as he held himself firmly at the base.

Bobby had sucked cock before. He would never had confessed this to his own brother. He liked pussy, but he also liked cock. He had discovered that in college. When Bobby was being brutally honest with himself, he more often found himself attracted to other men instead of women. He looked at his very own brother’s cock and his mouth watered. He wanted to suck it. Bobby licked his lips and then slowly lowered himself to the carpet in front of the couch.

His hand shook as he reached for Grant’s cock. The head was thick and almost purple. He wrapped his warm fingers around his brother’s cock and felt it pulse in his hand. He decided he needed to get his mouth on it before Grant realized what they were doing and called a halt to the whole thing. Bobby wrapped his lips around the head of his brother’s beautiful cock and licked it lovingly.

Grant’s skin tasted slightly salty with pre-cum. Bobby licked it all up and then placed a kiss right on the pee hole. Bobby used the tip of his tongue to gently lick at the hole. It didn’t take long to be rewarded with a fresh dribble of pre cum. He licked it all up. Grant tasted so good that it made Bobby’s own cock leak.

Bobby licked and sucked his brothers cock as he had licked and sucked cocks before. Grant moaned and grunted with pleasure. He even placed his hands on Bobby’s head to push him down more on his cock occasionally.

“You’ve done this before.” Grant said breathlessly.

“Mmhmm.” Bobby mumbled around cock, even though Grant had made a statement not asked a question.

“We never tell anyone, deal?”

“Mmhmm.” Bobby agreed.

“I want to fuck you.” Grant’s admission came out on a breathless whisper, as if he was too scared to say it any louder.

Bobby felt pure unadulterated excitement slide through his veins. He pictured himself on his knees with his own brother behind him. The idea of surrendering his ass cherry to his very own brother excited him more than any other sex act ever had. He knew how fucked up that was, even drunk he knew, but it didn’t matter. He wanted his brother’s cock inside him.

Bobby pulled his mouth off his brother’s cock leaving it glistening. “Let’s go upstairs. I have lube.”

The brothers left the porn playing and raced up the stairs. They passed Grant’s room and went into Bobby’s room. They closed the door behind them despite being the only people in the small house. It almost felt like a secrecy barrier between them and the world that would surely judge them harshly for what they were about to do.

Grant tugged off his boxers, while Bobby dug around for his anal lube in his side table. He had never had a real cock up his ass, but he had had plenty of dildos, strap on and butt plugs. “Here’s the lube!” he declared. He turned and tossed it to his brother.

“Have you ever done this before?” Grant asked. His voice was shaking with excitement.

“No” Bobby confessed. I have sucked cock, but never been fucked by a man. I have also never fucked a man. I think I am more of…umm…you know…a bottom.”

Grant smiled. He seemed to like Bobby’s confession. He glanced at the bottle of lubricant in his hand. “Do you want me to wear a rubber?”

The brothers eyes met and they both remained silent for a second. “No.” Bobby finally answered.

Everything happened so fast. Grant took charge, and Bobby gladly followed orders. “You’re my bitch, got it?”

“Yes.” he agreed.

“Say it.” Grant growled. The lid on the lube bottle made a pop sound as Grant flipped it open.

“I’m your bitch.” Bobby repeated. His blood felt as if it was on fire. He had never been so aroused before in his life.

“I want you first on your knees. Face down and ass up like a good girl.”

Bobby nodded and moved into position on his own bed. He pressed his face to the clean sheets and pushed his ass up in the air. He could feel the cool air on his exposed asshole. He felt shameless and dirty, but he loved it. Grant didn’t come closer right away. There was a wet sound of the lube being stroked onto Grant’s still very hard cock.

“Do you want this cock, Bobby?”

“Yes!” he was panting with need now. He had never needed anything more than he needed his brother’s cock right this second. He sent up a silent prayer that Grant didn’t come to his senses and pull the plug on this whole crazy encounter.

Grant moved closer, and Bobby’s heart tripped hard in his chest. The bottle made a rude sound as Grant tipped it and squeezed a generous amount down Bobby’s crack. The slippery lube felt very cool as it coated Bobby’s asshole. “We have to make your pussy good markantalya escort and wet for my big cock.”

“Mmmm yes.” Bobby moaned. Grant tossed the now closed bottle of lube onto the bed next to Bobby. He held his breath waiting for his older brother’s next move.

Grant’s index fingers slipped between Bobby’s crack and over his asshole. This caused a jolt to course through Bobby and made his cock jerk once with a small jet of cum. He couldn’t hold back the sounds of excitement that escaped him. He sounded like a female. He liked it, and judging by Grant’s grunt he liked it too.

“Please…” Bobby begged.

“You’re so fucking needy. You need this asshole stretched and fucked, don’t ya?”

“Yes…please…I need you to fuck me…”

Grant’s index finger was very slippery as it pressed against Bobby’s asshole. His tight pucker actually held very little resistance for the intruding finger and then Grant was fingering Bobby’s asshole and spreading the lube inside him. It felt amazing, and a shudder ran through Bobby’s entire body.

“I can’t hold back.” Grant said with desperation and need pounding in his deeply aroused voice. He climbed onto the bed behind his own younger brother and lined the thick head of his cock up with his brother’s pucker. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yessssss…” Bobby hissed.

Grant applied pressure against Bobby’s asshole. Unlike with his finger, this time his asshole did resist the intrusion of such a large cock head. Bobby took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. He wanted this, and he wanted his body to co-operate. As he exhaled he felt his asshole relax enough that the head of Grant’s cock was able to slide beyond the tight ring of muscle.

Bobby felt stretched, and uncomfortable, but he knew this was always how it was when something entered his asshole. The uncomfortable sensation wouldn’t last, and as his brother went deeper things would feel much better. He took deep breaths and grunted as he allowed his body to adjust. His brother’s thick cock was holding him open wider than any toy ever had.

“More.” Bobby pleaded. Grant heard the plea and gave his brother what he asked for. He pushed more of his cock into Bobby’s ass.

“Is that what you want, slut?” Grant asked. His tone was almost harsh, but his hands placed on Bobby’s hips stroked gently, lovingly

“Mmm yes.” Bobby actually pushed back now. He wanted all of Grant inside him.

Grant took the hint and pushed the rest of the way in. His hips were now flush with his brother’s ass. He was buried deep. Bobby’s eyes rolled back with pure bliss. He had never been so stretched and so full. Grant’s cock hit all the best spots, and now he wanted to…needed to be fucked. He didn’t have to say the words. As much as Bobby needed to be fucked, Grant needed to fuck him.

Grant pulled back and his cock very nearly came out of his brother. They both groaned in unison, and then Grant went back in deep. Bobby let Grant set the rhythm and he matched it as best he could. It felt incredible and with almost every single stroke in, Bobby felt his cock leak cum. They fucked like this for several minutes. Grant was being gentle, but they were both feeling good. The room smelled of sex and they both moaned, grunted and groaned.

“I want you on your back now.” Grant said. He ran his hands over Bobby’s back and his ass cheeks. He was making short strokes in and out of Bobby that were driving him mad. He had never pictured his brother fucking him on his back, face to face, with his legs up and spread like a woman. The idea appealed. He nodded.

Grant pulled out and added more lube to his cock, while Bobby moved into position on his back. He immediately lifted and parted his knees. He exposed his stretched asshole to his brother again. Grant looked into his brother’s eyes as he squeezed a generous amount of the clear lube onto his finger and then reached between Bobby’s spread legs. Bobby made a soft sweet sound of pleasure as his brothers deft fingers spread the soothing cool lube over his gaping hole.

“You ready for more?”

“I am ready.”

Grant once again climbed onto the bed, but this time climbed between his brother’s legs. This time his cock slipped it with more ease. Bobby was quite stretched from the first fucking and very wet from the lube.

“You’re cunt feels so good.” Grant mused softly. His face was so closed to Bobby’s face. Bobby felt his cock sandwiched between himself and his brother. He also felt it leak when his brother pushed deep into his asshole. Grant’s eyes were hooded but they opened enough to look into Bobby’s as he went deep.

The strokes were slow and gentle at first. Both men panted. Bobby wanted to watch his brother, but felt that might be weird so instead he closed his eyes and concentrated on how amazing he felt. This was why it was such a shock when Grant’s mouth came crashing down on his and then they were kissing with a heated passion as they made love.

Bobby’s hands were all over his brother’s skin, and then made their way to his neck and then into his thick dark hair as they kissed. The kiss took amazing sex to incredible new heights. Grant tasted of beer and lust. His tongue danced in Bobby’s mouth, and then Bobby’s tongue chased it’s way into Grant’s mouth.

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