The Group 2

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“Alright Kerry first let me deal with Mary.”

He then proceeded to untie her hands and feet but then quickly handcuffed her and threw her on the ground.

“You see girls from now on you are now my bitches so basically I control what you do and say. Now even though I have deflowered Mary and want to move on we will still have some fun with her.”

There was one cabinet in the room and I could see he was going towards it. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a vibrator. It was not very large but it could see it would do the job. He also pulled out some panties, most likely Mary’s.

“You see girls I have decided will become a girl who will perform any sex act and there’s nothing she can do about this.”

He then turned on the vibrator and inserted it into her pussy. Once he got it in there she didn’t put much of a fight when he put her panties on. This in effect made sure the vibrator could not escape. He then tied her up to a chair much the same way the rest of us were except he placed her chair in front of us instead of in line with the rest of us.

“I want you girls to watch Mary struggling to contain her now constant orgasms. Maybe watching someone’s enlightenment will enlighten the rest of you.”

Quickly I could see Mary already squirming, trying to break free from the vibrator but also I saw semen dripping from pussy and panties. Hopefully, for her sake, she maybe enjoying this even though she was being tortured.

“Next up we got Kaitlyn so I can just get her out of the way.”

He came behind her and undid her handcuffs and as soon as he did this Kaitlyn took a swing at him. Unfortunately she missed and he quickly punched her right in her stomach which doubled her over in pain. He then grabbed her by her hair.

“Bitch, did you really think that was going to work? Don’t you understand you’re mine now. Let this be a lesson to all of you, do not fuck with me.”

At that moment he swung and clocked her in her face which knocked her out cold. He dragged her over in front of us and laid her down. He then got some scissors from the cabinet and sliced off her shirt and jeans. Her body was better than I thought it was. She was a little overweight but she had muscle in her especially in her arms and legs. Her tits were nothing compared to Mary’s but still respectable. He then sliced off her panties and revealed her unshaven pussy which he then began fingering.

“Hey Mary I think we found a pussy even tighter than yours, can you believe it?”

Clearly she was still in anguish from the constant vibrations. Kaitlyn was still out cold from being decked but that did not stop him from taking her v-card. He stuck his dick in her vagina and began fucking her roughly. He was actually lifting her up and slamming her down on the hard floor while fucking her. I could see her vagina also start bleeding after a little awhile and even though this must have hurt she was still out cold. After about 5 minutes I saw her eyes open and so did he.

“Oh sleeping beauty look who decided to miss their own virginity being taken. Now I’m going to give you what bad girls get.”

He flipped her over on her stomach and stuck his cock at the cusp of her asshole.

“You see girls there will be retribution for misdeeds and for Kaitlyn’s misdeed she is going to be the first one to get a cock in her ass.”

With that he plunged his cock in her asshole and rolled both of them over on their sides. I could tell he was having trouble penetrating her since the hole was probably so small. I looked at Kaitlyn and her eye was welling up but even with that I could see tears streaming down her face, this must have hurt a lot I know it did my first time. Finally I could tell he penetrated and he started to fuck her faster. He gave her the reach around and Yenimahalle Escort started to grab her tits. He was pulling her closer to him so he could get deeper and deeper inside of her and everytime he plunged his cock inside I could see Kaitlyn in more and more pain. Seeing my friend in my pain did not arouse me at all. He finally got up and walked over to the cabinet and grabbed another vibrator but he also grabbed some duct tape and a butt plug.

“Since you were such a naughty girl you’re going to get it even worse than Mary. This will help keep your asshole in good shape to be fucked.”

He then stuck the vibrator and butt plug and actually duct taped them to her pussy and asshole so they could not escape.

“I got to take a piss I wonder where the bathroom is? Oh wait it’s right here.”

He then proceeded to piss all over Kaitlyn’s body. I could see her spirit being broken right in front of me. She was writhing in pain while he was pissing on her and you could see everytime she tried to land on her ass it gave her a lot of pain and she had to move.

“Wait I just got a good idea, why don’t we attach you to so you can experience this together.”

He then unattached Mary from her chair and laid her down next to Kaitlyn. He then unhandcuffed both of them and forced them to hug. He finally removed Kaitlyn’s bra to reveal her B cup breasts. Their boobs were rubbing up one another along with their stomachs and their pussy’s were extremely close. Their vibrators were almost rubbing against eachother. To get them closer he intertwined their legs which brought their bodies basically together as one. You could hear the two vibrators buzzing and it must have stimulated both of them greatly. He then tied up their legs so they could not move without the other one doing so. He made so they could not look at anything else besides each other’s faces, which had to bring some sort of comfort to when another but also some attractiveness since they were looking at each other while feeling orgasms. Both were moaning and convulsing from the vibrations.

“While this exact idea was not planned the idea of pairing you up was. As you can see Mary and Kaitlyn are now paired up and they will be my pair that will do anything they are told and will do any sexual act. Next we got Alex and Ryann who are my petite pairing. While I will enjoy having sex with both you a great deal your specialty will be anal since you both have such beautiful asses. Jordan and Janelle since both of you have almost no bodies to speak of but good looks you will be my blowjob pairing, you should get used to the idea of semen all over your face and in your mouth. Jocelyn and Nadia, while both of you have a lot to offer both of you have large breasts that will be fun to play with, especially together. Kerry, don’t worry I have something special planned for you.”

Now I just wanted to find out what it was and to be fucked. I could feel my pussy dripping and just looking at Mary and Kaitlyn was arousing me.

“Since I actually want to fuck the rest of you, you will be rewarded with some common courtesies. Once it is your turn you will handcuffs will come off as will the duct tape over your mouth. Now we are actually in a house that is very secluded from civilization so there is no point screaming for help, the only screaming you should be doing is when I am fucking you. Also with our seclusion means there is no point in running since I will find you. With these freedoms comes rules. You will do as you are told with no questions asked and if you do not you will end up even worse than Mary and Kaitlyn over there. Is that understood?”

We all nodded our heads.

“Now which pairing wants to go first? If you do rattle your chairs and you could get Ulus Escort rewarded for doing this.”

Each pairing looked at eachother and conveniently each pairing were sitting next to eachother. It looked like everyone was making negative facial expressions but then I saw Alex and Ryann nod their heads and rattle their chairs.

“OK Alex and Ryann way to step up of course your only reward is me knowing you want to be fucked. Now which one wants to go first.” Ryann rattled her chair. “Great lets get started. You will stay seated until you are told otherwise.”

He went to the back of the room and brought the couch that was back there to the center of the room. He then turned on a light which enhanced the light we had in the room since previously there was only a couple of lamps. He next went behind Ryann and uncuffed her and then untied her legs. She did not budge.

“Good girl, now please remove your shirt.” She did and showed that she was not wearing a bra. I don’t blame her since she barely had anything up there.

“You naughty girl not wearing a bra. Next I will remove your jeans. Do you understand?”


He unbuttoned her jeans and began sliding them down her legs and then finally removing them to reveal Ryann’s panties.

“Now go lie down on the couch. You see girls since Ryann has behaved I will not be as rough while deflowering her.”

He then walked over to the couch and removed her panties. “Oh girls these panties are wet and it’s not piss. It looks like someone wants to be fucked, isn’t that right Ryann?”

“Yes it is.”

He slowly lied on top of her and also slowly began inserting his dick into her vagina. It looked like he could only get a couple inches in before he had to pull out.

“Are you ready for the whole thing?”


He then pushed hard and got his dick fully inside her and began fucking her. She began to moan rather loudly from the fucking and seemed to enjoy it. I could not help but be aroused from this, it was basically like porn. He kept on riding her until finally I could tell he had ejaculated for the first time since he had fucked Mary. When he pulled out I could see her vagina dripping with blood.

“Now that was fun wasn’t it? Would you want to be fucked again?”


“Good but first I have to fuck Alex. You performed well Ryann but I have to tie you up for a second. Is that OK with you.”


“What a good girl, since you were such a good girl I will only tie up your hands.” He then brought her over to where Mary was strung up when I first was woken up and tied up her hands but not her feet.
“Ok Alex it’s now your turn, you know the drill.”

The undressing procedure began again and Alex was also behaving well. Alex was also wearing a bra when she removed her shirt. Also he took off her panties and jeans at the same time.

“Alex would you like to leave your bra on or off?”

“I will take it off.”

When she did I could see her boobs were definitely bigger than Ryann’s but not bigger than Kaitlyn’s. Also her boobs were some of the perkiest I have ever seen and some of the smallest nipples I have seen.

“I love your boobs Alex, do you like them?”


He then ordered her over to the couch and quickly followed her. He followed the same procedure with Alex as he did with Ryann but it took him a couple of attempts to get his whole dick inside her. Also the look in Alex’s face while he was fucking her was more pain than enjoyment. She was also screaming instead of moaning.

“Shut up bitch enjoy this shit, it’ll be the only time your v-card will be taken.”

After this she stopped screaming but still had a pained look on her face. After a couple more minutes he stopped.

“Did you enjoy that Alex, I know I did.”


“Well too fuckin bad you’re my ass girl anyway maybe you’ll enjoy that better. I have an idea.”

First he dragged Mary and Kaitlyn to the back of the room as both were still tied together and experiencing orgasms together. Both of their legs were drenched in cum. He then untied Ryann and ordered her to lie down on the ground in front of us.

“Ok Ryann here is your chance to help out your friend. Alex get over and get on all fours with your pussy parallel to Ryann’s mouth and your hands on the ground near her hips. Your going to get fucked in the ass now, understood?”

“Yes but didn’t you say you liked my tits, can I be a tit girl?”

“No and one more statement like that and you will be punished. Now come over and do as your told.”

She got down on all fours and he kneeled down behind her.

“Ryann you will be pleasure Alex’s vagina with your tongue while I fuck her in the ass, understood?”


She began tonguing her while he began to position himself. He then plunged his dick in her ass. Insead of giving her time to recover he kept on pushing until his whole dick was in. At this point she let out a massive scream. This must have killed her and she was in a lot of pain. He began fucking her pretty roughly while Ryann was trying to keep up in her cunnilingus. Both he and I could see Alex begin dripping from her pussy.

“Your enjoying that tonguing aren’t you Alex.”

“YESSSSSSSSS” in a scream.

After a little more of rough fucking he pulled out again.

“Wow Alex you have a beautiful ass and good job Ryann.”

I could see why he enjoyed her ass so much. While it was big for a petite girl it was also very tight and did not jiggle at all during the fucking.

“Alright Ryann its your turn. Would you like Alex to help you out with your experience?”

“No I do not need it.”

“Good for you Ryann. Alright Alex walk back over to your chair I’ll bring over your present.”

He went to the cabinet and brought out another butt plug. He then handed it to Alex.

“You will stick this up your ass all the way and sit down. I will not handcuff you but you may not stand up at any point, understood?”

She stuck the 5 inch butt plug all the way and quickly sit down with a pained expression. I can not imagine the pain she is in right now with the constant feeling of getting fucked in the ass.

“Alright Ryann get up on the couch on all fours.”

He then came up behind her and stuck his dick in her ass. With Ryann he was a little nicer pulling out a few times before getting the full thing in. I could also see why he liked Ryann’s ass. It was a nice change of pace from Alex, while it wasn’t as big as Alex’s it was fatter and jiggler. She also knew how to work it. Instead of simply just getting fucked like Alex did she was helping him out by moving with him. When he pulled out for a second she pushed her ass out, and when he pushed she gave. You could again tell she was enjoying this with her loud moans.

“You love getting fucked in the ass don’t you Ryann?”


A little while after he acually let out a moan and again blew his load, I could tell by the cum dripping out of her asshole.

“Good girl Ryann, ready for your plug?”


He brought out a bigger butt plug for her but she was able to get it all the way in no problem. She then sat down and she finally relented showing pain in her face.

“Ryann performed very well today I hope you all follow her lead. I will give you girls a chance to rest up for the night. Jordan and Janelle we will begin with you tomorrow. Alex and Ryann I have cameras down here so if I see you move and try and help the others there will be punishment.”

He then walked over to Mary and Kaitlyn and again pissed on them.

“Remember you do not want to end up like them.”

He turned off the lights and exited the room, locking the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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