The Bartender Ch. 01

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Inspired by my favorite Lit bartender.

I usually did not do the bar scene but my insomnia and recent loss of companionship led me to the Lit Lounge a few blocks down the street. I had never been in there before it was a locals place and no problems that I ever knew of so I got out of bed slipped into a pair of shorts and a tee shirt grabbed up my sandals and headed out the door.

The night air was warm with a slight breeze there wasn’t much traffic on the street and it was pretty quiet except for a few dogs barking and a car passing by now and then. The walk to the Lounge was nice. I hesitated outside the door for a moment not sure about going in especially alone. What the hell I thought and pushed the door open and stepped inside. Once my eyes focused and I looked around I realized that there was only one other person in the bar, an older man with his nose in the newspaper and a pile of beer bottles on the table. I thought about turning to walk out for a moment until I heard him say,

“Hey come on it we are open believe it or not.”

My eyes followed the voice to the bar and to the bartender sitting on a stool behind the bar.

I walked slowly to the bar and sat down on the stool nearest the center “Thank you.” I noticed what a great smile he had and began to relax just a little bit.

“What can I get you?” he asked?

I had given no thought to what I would do once I got to the bar or what I would drink,

“vodka Tom Collins please.”

He sat the drink on a small napkin in front of me and sat back down on the stool. I avoided looking at the bartender even though I could feel his eyes on me.

A glance his way I was hooked on that gorgeous smile and serious face. He had dark hair and light colored eyes. He was younger than I was I could tell that but something about him drew me to him. The conversation was about the neighborhood and all of the changes recently.

“I’ve never seen you in here before.”

“I’ve not been here before I pass by it everyday but have never stopped in just really not into the bar scene.” We spent the next two hours talking the only distraction being the old man knocking over a couple of bottles when he stood up and staggered to the door.

” Take it easy Oscar.” The old man replied with a “Yeah, Yeah.”

Disappearing out the door onto the street.

In those hours I learned the bartender’s name was Frank he was 37 years old, divorced recently and has three kids from a 9- year marriage. Frank owned the bar and has been behind it for the last 10 years. He on occasion had a drink himself and lived nearby. He looked to be about 6’00 maybe a bit taller and had piercing hazel eyes.

We continued talking and I forgot about being the only one in the bar. My enchantment was broken by glimpses of the sun peeking through the dark mirrored window. It was not a workday for me so it was no big deal really. “I guess I should head home you probably should have closed hours ago?”

“Hey I loved the conversation Cherry I hope you come back again sometime soon.”

I smiled and thought to myself I sure would like to he was very attractive, intelligent so easy to talk to and actually seemed to have some morals to go with his common sense and good looks. I stood up thanked him again turned and headed for the door. I could feel his gaze on my ass and I did not want to turn back.

When I reached for the door I felt his hand on my shoulder and I turned to face him.

“Forgot your purse Cherry.”

I took the purse from his hand opened the door and headed home.

The walk home seemed short I could not stop thinking about Frank and my thoughts were not all innocent either. Truth is my lack of sleep was contributed to by the fact I was horny as hell, then I meet Frank and those feelings stirred up a bit.

Undressed and showered off I decided to try to take a nap even pendik escort though it was 9 in the morning. The sheets felt good and the cool air in the apartment was even better. My eyes closed and my hands drifted to my right nipple lightly glancing over it. My nipple was already hard and sticking out it was very sensitive to my touch. I began to see Frank’s face, and soon it was his touch.

My hands cupped and lifted my heavy breasts as my thumbs flicked across my nipples and it felt good. My hand smoothed across my stomach to the light pubic hairs and my fingers made tiny circles in the downy hair. I could feel the wetness on my thighs even without touching my need was worse now than before I went to the Lit Lounge. A couple of half-assed orgasms and I was asleep.

Three weeks had gone by since I entered the Lit Lounge and met Frank, but everyday I thought about him. I wondered if he would even remember me if I went back to the bar. It was Thursday about 2 in the morning, same as last time when I went in the bar. I was disappointed to see a woman behind the bar. There were 3 or 4 other people in the bar and the music was blues, my favorite. I thought I would have a drink and leave it was silly anyway wondering and fantasizing about a complete stranger.

I finished my drink threw a dollar on the bar and headed toward the door.

“Hey Cherry wait, where are you going?”

I turned around and saw Frank standing there wearing that beautiful grin I remembered.

“See ya Frank,” the bartender said as she went out the door.

“Closing up gang,” Frank yelled out.

“I’m sorry, I’ll come earlier next time.”

The four people in the bar said their goodnights to Frank and to each other and were out the door.

“Not you Cherry, I would like for you to stay.”

Taking me by the hand Frank led me back to the bar.

“I have a little clean up to do Cherry, have a seat is the music okay?”

I told him how I loved blues music and we discussed several blues artists while he rinsed glasses and wiped off the bar. He mixed a vodka Tom Collins and set it on the bar.

“You remembered,” I said.

“Of course a good bartender always remembers.”

We talked a lot and I drank a lot and I was feeling rather aroused once again.

Frank sat on the countertop of the bar next to my stool. I admired his thighs how defined and muscular they looked through his jeans. His long legs led up to a wide leather western belt. Standing up I pulled myself up on the countertop with Frank and I told him I had always wanted to do that.

“Be my guest anytime Cherry”

I could feel my face warming and I was certain I was blushing. I felt Frank’s fingers gently lift my face from under my chin and he leaned over and gently kissed me. I kissed him back. His tongue probed my mouth deeply and I could tell he was getting excited himself.

Pulling me close Frank’s kisses became more passionate. His hand came to the center of my blouse and his hand gently cupped my throat something I have always loved. My hand was on his thigh up high and I could feel him getting hard beneath that denim. I had a need now that had to be taken care of and not by me this time.

Frank jumped down to the floor and stood between my legs and began opening my blouse one button at a time driving me crazy. He folded my blouse back exposing my chest and stomach and bra. My hands moved to the back of Frank’s head and pulled him into my chest between my breasts he kissed and licked his way further down between them His hands open the hooks on the front of my bra and my swollen breasts were visible now. He began licking my nipple with his tongue leaving it wet and so hard, then going to the other.

The wonderful wet trail of kisses and licks he left down my stomach to the waistband of my jeans was stimulating. He opened the button of my jeans and maltepe escort lowered the zipper. He began kissing across my tender skin and probing his tongue between the flaps of my open jeans.

“Lay back Cherry”

I lay back on the bar and lifted my hips as Frank worked my jeans down then pulling them from me at the ankles leaving me only in my purple thong. Frank took my hands and helped me back to a sitting position. “You are beautiful Cherry you know that?” Frank began kissing up the outside of my right leg, slowly and so gently teasing me with combinations of kisses and little nips of his teeth. He kissed up to my hip then across my tummy continuing down the inside of my left thigh.

Frank pulled me closer to the edge of the bar nudging my legs further apart I felt his tongue lick across the crease at the top of my leg. “Lay back baby” Frank said. I lay back on the bar and Frank lifted my legs placing them on his broad shoulders. The heat of his breath sent shivers through my body. Taking a finger and running it along the fabric of my thong pushing it just past the wet folds of my pussy took me even higher. Running his finger slowly back and forth.

“You are so wet Cherry I want to taste you.”

Frank pushed my thong to the side and I could feel the cool air greet me.

I felt his tongue part my folds and press along the length from my clit to my ass he was so slow so gentle. My legs wrapped tighter around his shoulders wanting to make him lick deeper. His fingers parted me and I felt his tongue enter me deeply pushing in and out over and over before going back up and pressing in on my very hard and swollen clit. He sucked it into his mouth moving his tongue back and forth and I could not help grinding against his face his mouth. Frank put his hands under my ass and lifted me higher and probing his tongue in and out of my pussy. Even biting down on my bottom lip did not stop my screams. I could feel the smooth walls of my pussy contracting down around Frank’s tongue over and over. He would stop touching my clit after I would come and keep teasing my pussy and then go back, making me cum again and again.

Pulling me up again I could see the shine on Frank’s face I knew I had drenched him. Wrapping his hand around the hair at the back of my head he pulled my lips to his letting me taste my juices from his mouth.

“Cherry I need you now, I need you real bad.”

Stepping away from me after helping me to my feet he studied me, like he was wondering what I would do as if I were going to leave him that way or that he perhaps had gone to far.

His face was so full of passion and his eyes had a look of hunger, the look I have missed for so long. I reached for his belt unfastened it and then his button and zipper the cloth was pulled tight covering him.

“Please let me touch you, I need to touch you.”

Not taking his eyes from me Frank removed his boots and then his jeans leaving them on the floor. I slid my wet thong from my body and stood before him naked.

Pulling me close I could feel how hot his skin was and the throbbing cock against me. Moving my hands under his shirt and across his back I could feel the dampness of his skin and feel his breath shorten. Frank lifted his arms and pulled his shirt over his head. My hands could not be full enough I just wanted to touch him everywhere feel his flesh I wanted to breath him really, I wanted to taste him.

Frank was as naked as I was and he was beautiful. The way he looked at me excited me it had been a while since a man looked at me like I mattered. Pulling me against him his hands rubbing up and down my back pressing his thumbs into the center as he went. When Frank stepped around behind me and began kissing the back of my neck then my shoulders I could feel my legs begin to weaken. His hands felt wonderful as they touched my skin kartal escort so lightly. I leaned into him closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch.

My arms up and my hands behind his neck with my fingers entwined I felt the back of his hands touching my skin barely touching the side of my breasts and down my waist to my hips back and forth. He was kissing my neck and my shoulder and the feeling of his hard cock pressed against my butt was so arousing.

“I need you Cherry.”

After taking a deep breath I turned to face Frank and saw the passion in his eyes. I did want to please him.

I began kissing his chest placing soft gentle kisses while my fingers lightly pinched his nipples between them then with a firm flat tongue began licking my way down his stomach to his hip cupping his ass with my hands. I felt his cock brush across my cheek. The light salty taste of him was arousing on my tongue. I could feel his fingers in my hair he was touching me so gently. My kissing and licking became more urgent.

Frank reached down taking my hand and I stood in front of him his hands cupping the sides of my face his kisses becoming more passionate. The raw harsh sex I was accustomed too did not seem to have a place in this bar tonight which left me feeling a little confused.

“Come with me Cherry”

Frank almost whispered and I recognized something in his voice it was desire and it was for me. I followed him through the door behind the bar. The small room had a locker a chair and a small bed. Frank walked over to the bed and laid down holding his arms out for me to follow.

Lying across Frank’s body was nice I could feel how hard he was and the way his hands touched my body and the deep kisses made me want him more. I loved kissing the front of his throat, his shoulders and chest. I sat straddled across his thighs holding his cock in my hand. I moved up higher on his body until I could press his cock against my folds.

Pressing the head against my clit. Sliding him between my pussy lips covering him in thick wet juice. As I ran my hand along the length of his cock like stroking him with an open hand and grinding against him I knew I was so close to cumming again.

Moving higher up and raising my body I held his shaft at my opening and lowered myself down. Slowly taking him deep inside. I sat very still careful not to move just wanting to feel him inside, feel my pussy pulsing around him. After a minute or so beginning to move slightly. Lifting up slowly circling my hips then sitting back firmly against his pelvis.

Reaching behind me urging Frank to bend his knees I wrapped my arms behind them so I could press harder and push my pelvis outward enabling me to grind against him harder. Leaning back further resting my shoulders on his knees sliding back and forth along his cock felt so good.

“Come here baby”

Frank’s words were soft as he pulled me forward until my chest was pressed against his. I could feel him slid in and out of me as we moved together. The movements were slow and deliberate I could feel every vein, every inch of every stroke. Franks arms wrapped around me as he held me tighter against his chest his movement quickening.

As I straightened my legs and lay atop him fully I could feel him brushing my clit as I held my legs tightly together.

“Cherry that feels so good”

His breathing became quicker and harder and he held me tighter against him and I knew he was so close to cumming.

I felt his release hot and thick coating the walls of my pussy. The way his fingers dug into the flesh of my back and his loud moans were the reassurance I needed.

“I’m cumming again Frank”

and my body began twitching and I imagined our juices mingling.

The way he held me afterward, the way he kissed me was so different than anything I had experienced. I lay across his body feeling his cock soften and his breathing slow. Frank rolled over onto his side still pressed against me lifting my leg and laying it on his hip as his hand moved between my legs across my wet pussy he whispered

“I need more Cherry I want you to cum for me.”

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