That New Guy Ch. 12

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Note: If you haven’t already, read the previous chapters of That New Guy, which are prequels to this story.


Back in her bikini with the wrap around her waist, Meg strolled through the front door of her place, surprised she wasn’t walking bowlegged after all the fucking the previous night and that morning. Her roommate, Rachel, stuck her head out of the kitchen as she was about to head upstairs to her room.

“There she is,” Rachel said, then got a good look at her, “and it looks like you’ve got an interesting story to share. Where did you spend the night dressed like that?”

“It was sort of a pool party,” Meg started, “but I desperately need a nap. Deb is coming over tonight and she was there, too, so we can tell you all about it then.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Rachel replied.

After a few hours of sleep and another shower, Meg felt not only refreshed but invigorated and was looking forward to Deb’s arrival and their attempted seduction of Rachel. Like the two of them, Rachel was attractive though not necessarily a knockout. Unlike the two of them, Rachel was light-skinned African-American with a more athletic physique and average sized boobs. Meg really hoped that she was bisexual or, at the very least, bi-curious. She’d never seen her naked but pretty close and, though she’d thought about how nice it would be to get sexual with her, she didn’t want to risk losing her as a roommate if she wasn’t interested. With Deb’s plan and assistance, she could probably figure it out and still remain her roommate either way.

As she was dressing, she debated wearing panties and ultimately decided against, pulling on a sundress that showed off her ample cleavage, also eliminating consideration of wearing a bra. She was pretty confident that she didn’t look like she was in seduction mode, just that she wanted to be comfortable. As they were awaiting Deb’s arrival, Rachel was peppering her with questions but Meg just kept putting her off, explaining that she had to hear the entire story and only between Deb and Meg could they completely tell it. Rachel was wearing yoga pants and a tank top which Meg hoped would be in a heap on the floor before too long. When Deb arrived, she was wearing a casual skirt and blouse, which didn’t show off her cleavage but was snug enough to leave no question about how well-endowed she was. She’d also brought along a box of wine from which they’d quickly filled three generous wine glasses. They placed the box on the coffee table and made themselves comfortable then Deb and Meg began to share their tale, starting with how they’d met up with Jake in the first place. Each was completely open so the other learned all of the details of the earlier encounters.

There was more back and forth when they first started, as well as a bit of laughing, but when they got to the previous day and their arrival at the pool, they were telling the tale more as one. They reverently described the physiques of the four guys along with their first thoughts then jumped right into the action. They each filled in the gaps of what had happened when they weren’t together and thoroughly described the details when they were together. By the time they got to where they’d left the men and were heading to their cars, all three of them were well aroused.

“God, I wished I’d been invited,” Rachel lamented.

“We certainly had no idea that things were going to turn out that way,” Deb replied, “We didn’t even know that we’d both been invited.”

“And that’s not even the end of it, yet,” Meg said. She and Deb continued, starting with their kiss in the driveway then describing how they’d spent the earlier part of that day. By the time they’d finished, Deb and Meg each had a hand under their own skirts while still holding their glasses of wine. Rachel had a hand clamped between her thighs, against her pussy, while also still holding her glass.

“I’m completely worked up again just thinking about it,” Deb stated.

“I’m completely worked up and I wasn’t even there,” Rachel confessed.

“How about if we make it up to you,” Meg suggested, “by making sure you’re the first one to cum.”

She set her wine down and stood up from her seat beside Rachel on the couch then slipped the straps of her sundress down off her shoulders and pulled the top down to expose her tits. Rachel was mesmerized as Meg moved over to her, took away her glass of wine and set it down then hung her tits right in Rachel’s face. As Rachel was reaching out to fondle Meg’s beauties, Deb set down her own wine and moved off of her chair. After pushing the coffee table further away from the couch, she knelt on the floor in front of where Rachel was seated on the couch and started sliding Rachel’s yoga pants off, pleased to find that she had no panties on and that she had a nicely groomed bush. Rachel spread her legs, knowing that there was only one thing that could be coming next, as she started licking and sucking Meg’s hard etiler escort nipples. Meg moaned softly but, when Rachel felt Deb’s tongue run along her slit, she moaned loudly. With a smile on her face, Deb continued to lick Rachel’s pussy, lapping up all of the nectar she could. This wasn’t her first time between a pair of brown thighs; she didn’t discriminate when it came to eating pussy, since it was all pink on the inside.

It hadn’t even been twelve hours since she’d tasted Meg’s pussy for the first time and Deb couldn’t recall ever eating two entirely new pussies in such a short span of time. She was thrilled that Rachel had turned out to be bisexual after all, though she would have been plenty happy with just Meg’s pussy to eat. She glanced up as she continued slurping Rachel’s pussy, briefly watching her fondling Meg’s tits and licking her nipples, then returned her attention to making Rachel cum first. She slipped a finger into her hot, wet pussy and, as she slid it in and out, started licking and sucking Rachel’s clit. Rachel let out another loud moan and started rocking her hips toward Deb’s face.

Finally having her roommate’s hands and tongue on her tits had Meg incredibly worked up so she decided that, since she knew Deb was taking good care of Rachel, she’d have her needs taken care of by Rachel. She straightened up, glancing down at Deb eating Rachel’s pussy and feeling herself becoming even more aroused as Rachel’s gaze remained on Meg’s tits. When Meg looked up and saw that Rachel was still staring at her, she pushed her sundress down over her hips until gravity finally carried it to the floor. Rachel’s gaze dropped to Meg’s landing strip so Meg stepped up on the couch and brought it closer, straddling Rachel’s face. Rachel immediately grabbed Meg’s ass and started licking her pussy, causing Meg to moan loudly and embed both hands in Rachel’s long, curly hair.

It felt to Deb as though, as soon as Rachel started eating Meg’s pussy, Rachel’s pussy actually became wetter and more engorged. At the same time, Deb’s pussy was aching for some relief but she knew that one of them would take care of her. She focused on providing Rachel with the highest level of pleasure that she could while also savoring the opportunity to be eating her pussy. Rachel was rocking her hips more the longer Deb ate her, still appreciating the skill with which Deb was applying her tongue and finger even as she slipped her own finger into Meg’s hot, wet pussy. As Rachel focused her tongue on Meg’s clit, Meg started moaning even louder and rocking her hips toward Rachel’s face.

Rachel had often surreptitiously gazed upon Meg’s substantial breasts while trying to figure out how to get a look at them uncovered or how to see Meg naked in general. She loved a good, hard cock as much as it appeared that Meg and Deb both did, and she hoped that they followed through on their promise to introduce her to Tony, Chuck and Byron, but she also had a weakness for a hot babe, which her roommate definitely qualified as, as did her coworker, Deb. She was absolutely relishing the opportunity to finally eat Meg’s pussy, just as she appreciated finally seeing her naked and getting her hands on her boobs. Deb was definitely talented at eating pussy and had her quickly on the verge of an orgasm but seeing, feeling and tasting Meg was contributing to the building level of pleasure she was feeling, too.

Rachel could feel her body starting to tense up but tried to continue eating Meg’s pussy even as the pleasure built up to unprecedented levels. Finally, she took a momentary break from licking and sucking Meg’s clit while still sliding her finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy as she went from tense to limp and her body started shaking. Deb was slurping up a fresh flow of nectar around her finger, continuing to devour Rachel as she was cumming. Meg was just fine with Rachel taking a brief break to enjoy her own orgasm because she suspected she’d come back with a vengeance to take Meg to one herself. Rachel’s orgasm was long and intensely pleasurable and, when it was finally done, she wasn’t disappointed that it was over but incredibly happy that it had happened. She did go back to licking and sucking Meg’s clit with renewed enthusiasm and Meg started moaning louder and longer. Deb sat back on her heels, sucking Rachel’s flavor off her finger as her attention went from Rachel’s trim bush and pussy up to see her tongue and finger working on Meg while Meg’s ass was aimed at her. Whoever ended up taking care of her, Deb didn’t think it would require much effort before she’d be cumming.

Meg was humping her pussy toward Rachel’s face, relishing the pleasure her roommate was providing and her building orgasm. She was so happy that they’d taken this step and, although she still felt Jake had turned out to be a giant douche, she appreciated that he’d put these wheels in motion. She could feel her body tensing as fatih escort she was right on the verge of cumming then, suddenly, she was crying out and her body was shaking. It was another long and intense one but, because it was Rachel’s tongue and fingers that had provided it, it was a different level of pleasure. She didn’t think there could be so many different shades of sexual pleasure but she’d definitely experienced many over the past day or so.

When her orgasm finally tapered off, she stepped away from Rachel’s tongue and fingers and down off the couch. Deb was sitting on the floor, still dressed, and Rachel was still wearing her tank top. While looking at Deb, she sat beside Rachel and started to raise Rachel’s tank top up, revealing her brown tits and dark nipples because she was braless underneath. Deb’s eyes went wide so Meg gestured for her to come closer as Meg lowered her head to lick one hard, dark nipple. Deb got up on her knees again and started to lick and suck the other nipple as Rachel started moaning again. Meg hadn’t experienced Rachel’s pussy yet, so she dropped her hand into Rachel’s lap and slipped a finger between her lips, finding her overflowing with juices, which she intended to devour.

“Rachel, how would you like to see Deb naked and eat her pussy,” Meg finally said, raising her head.

“Oh God would I,” she moaned in response so, as Meg remained beside her on the couch, Deb stood before them and started to raise her blouse over her head. Her impressive tits were restrained within an incredibly sexy bra, which she didn’t immediately remove. Instead, she slipped her skirt over her hips and let it drop to the floor, revealing that her panties matched the bra. Deb spun as she stepped out of her skirt and kicked it away to show that she was actually wearing a matching thong.

“You are so fucking sexy, you bitch,” Meg said as she leered at her.

“Holy shit, yes,” added Rachel, “If I had a locker, I’d hang your photo in it.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Deb demanded, though she was smiling over the praise.

“Why don’t you make me?” Rachel continued with a smile, “Stick something in my mouth and shut me up.”

“If you insist,” Deb replied and reached back to unfasten her bra. Rachel and Meg both were rapt as the bra slid down her arms and her succulent tits were revealed. Deb stepped closer and leaned forward, allowing each of them to lick a nipple briefly before she stepped away again. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her thong panties and started to slide them down. Of course Meg knew what she wouldn’t be seeing but Rachel was surprised when no bush came into view and she realized that Deb’s pussy was smooth. Meg was watching Rachel’s response and, when Rachel’s eyes went even wider, she turned back to see Deb leaning forward to slide her thong panties down, her tits swinging. Meg knew that Rachel’s pussy had to be dripping and she was anxious to devour it so she stood.

“Lie down,” she told Rachel so Rachel stretched out on her back on the couch. Meg and Deb both admired her body, her brown skin, her trim bush and how her tits stood straight up then Deb moved up to straddle her head. Meg watched as Rachel grasped Deb’s ass and started to lick her smooth pussy, causing Deb to moan. She found it hard to tear her gaze away but did end up refocusing her attention on Rachel’s body laid out before her. She took a moment or two to admire the landscape and, in particular, her neatly groomed black bush. She pushed Rachel’s legs apart so Rachel put one foot on the floor and the other up on the back of the couch, wanting to give her roommate full access to her pussy. Positioning herself between Rachel’s legs, Meg gently kissed around Rachel’s pussy before running her tongue along Rachel’s slit, tasting the pungent nectar that was accumulating between her lips.

Before that day, Meg had never considered what it would be like to eat her roommate’s pussy and, although she had wondered how Rachel would look naked, it wasn’t like she lay in bed at night fantasizing about it. Given all of that, Meg was absolutely savoring the opportunity to slurp up her roommate’s pussy juices while gazing up at her gravity-defying bosoms. Likewise, Rachel was savoring the opportunity to lap at Deb’s smooth pussy. She loved eating all kinds of pussy but, while a neatly groomed bush like hers was hot to look at, a hairless pussy was always more of a joy to eat. She thought she could go on all night if given the chance but she could also tell that Deb was already building up toward an orgasm. She slipped a finger into Deb’s hot, wet pussy and focused her tongue on Deb’s clit.

Since Deb’s pussy had been the last to receive any attention, she was on the verge of cumming very quickly and only in part due to Rachel’s talent for eating pussy. She wasn’t even aware of what else was going on because she was so focused on the pleasure she was feeling. It was ridiculous fındıkzade escort how much pleasure she’d experienced, and how many orgasms, over the past day and yet it never got any less enjoyable. She was tensing up pretty soon after Rachel slipped a finger into her and started sliding it in and out while licking and sucking her clit. She wanted to enjoy Rachel’s oral talents for longer but Rachel was just too good and she was just too fired up. She fully expected that this would not be her only opportunity, however, so she was going with the flow rather than trying to hold back. Right before she started cumming, she held her breath for a moment then let out a cry as her body started shaking. It was a momentous orgasm, which was saying a lot given how she’d spent the previous twenty-four hours.

Rachel continued to devour Deb’s pussy through her orgasm, stopping only when Deb moved off of her face. They both looked down at Meg as she was licking and sucking Rachel’s clit while sliding a finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Facing toward Meg, Deb straddled Rachel’s head again and reached down to caress Rachel’s boobs. Rachel went back to eating Deb’s pussy, first slurping up her juices then licking and sucking her clit while sliding a finger in and out of her. Rachel’s orgasm was building quickly due to Meg’s efforts and, as much as she was enjoying the opportunity to lick Deb’s smooth pussy again, she wished she could have also continued watching Meg eating her pussy at the same time. She knew, however, now that the door had been opened, there would be plenty of opportunities for the two of them to enjoy together.

Even though Rachel couldn’t watch Meg eating her pussy, Deb had the perfect view and it was incredibly arousing. She wouldn’t have far to go before she was experiencing another orgasm, not only because she’d just had one, but also due to Rachel’s skill when it came to eating pussy. Adding the view of Meg eating Rachel’s pussy and Deb was on the verge of cumming again very quickly. Of course with Meg skillfully eating her pussy while she was eating Deb’s, Rachel was also building toward another orgasm of her own. The only one not receiving any stimulation at that moment was Meg but eating Rachel’s pussy while watching Rachel eating Deb’s had her so fired up that it wasn’t going to require much effort once someone was finally available. Rachel finally had to take a break from eating Deb’s pussy, though she continued to probe it with her finger, as she approached her orgasm. She briefly tensed up then cried out as her body started shaking.

There was no question that the orgasms that Rachel was experiencing due to Deb’s and Meg’s tongues and fingers were far superior to the ones she produced for herself and miles above any time she’d cum with a guy licking her pussy. Of course she wasn’t planning to give up on guys but she suspected that the days of providing her own orgasms would be limited from that night forward. Even as she was still experiencing aftershocks from her momentous orgasm, she went back to devouring Deb with a vengeance, savoring the opportunity to enjoy her smooth, wet pussy some more. Meanwhile, Meg raised her head once Rachel’s body had stopped twitching and it was clear she’d finished cumming. She caught the look on Deb’s face that made it clear just how much pleasure she was experiencing and she smiled. She still needed some attention herself but she was just thinking of stroking her own clit while staring at Deb’s and Rachel’s naked bodies.

“I can take care of you,” Deb suddenly said, as if reading Meg’s mind. Deb had opened her eyes as Meg was getting up and, even though she was on the verge of cumming, she wanted to taste Meg’s pussy again. Deb was leaning forward, as though she was going to sixty-nine with Rachel, so Meg just stood with one foot on the floor and the other on the other side of Rachel with her pussy close to Deb’s face. Deb started to lick Meg’s pussy and Meg immediately felt impending relief. Deb somehow managed to support herself with one hand down on the couch as she slipped a finger from the other hand into Meg’s pussy while licking her clit. She only paused briefly, when she suddenly let out a cry and started cumming herself, but continued sliding her finger in and out of Meg’s pussy while enjoying her own orgasm.

Rachel continued devour Deb’s pussy through her orgasm then let her head drop back once she was certain that Deb had finished cumming. She gazed up at Deb’s hairless pussy while sucking the juices off of her finger. She had a pretty good idea what was still going on further down the couch but she couldn’t see beyond Deb’s big, dangling boobs. She could hear her roommate moaning though and, since Deb hadn’t moved, she had no doubt that Deb was eating Meg’s pussy. She had eaten both Deb’s and Meg’s pussies and they had both eaten hers but she was pretty sure that the night was just beginning. Meg was holding onto the back of the couch with one hand while the other rested on Deb’s head. She was leaning back slightly, attempting to give Deb better access to her pussy but Deb wasn’t having any trouble licking and sucking her clit. She’d been so fired up after eating her roommate’s pussy that Meg was already tensing up and sort of whimpering as she approached another orgasm.

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