Teasing Mom Ch. 2

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The following Tuesday came around very slowly. But I guess it’s always like that when you’re eager for something. I was expecting the two vagrants to arrive at three o’clock, and by two thirty I was ready for them. Underneath the short, silk red robe that I was wearing, I was naked except for a thin film of baby oil and a pair of five inch red stilettos.

During the previous week’s session with the old tramp, I made sure that today’s arrangement had been overheard by my son, Jason, who had been peeping through the hole in the wall that separates his bedroom from mine. But now, with just thirty minutes to go, I wondered whether he would make it. It would mean that he would have to skip college early and sneak into the house after I had welcomed the two men in, but he was quite capable of accomplishing both tasks. What worried me was that he might have lost interest in spying on me. I had become addicted to my son’s secret carnal leering every night as I played with myself, and although I was going to enjoy today’s sex session with the two vagrants whatever, my number one turn-on was knowing how much I was teasing my son. For weeks now, I had been parading around the house in the sexiest clothes and high heels that I had. I was permanently wet down below just thinking about the sly glances that Jason would keep giving me. To know that I am the object of my own son’s fantasies was what gave me back my self-confidence as a woman.

At two fifty I was almost too excited to contain myself. I peeked out of the window to see if I could see the two men coming down the street. But no, there was no one to be seen. Then, just before I turned away, something caught the corner of my eye. I looked more closely and realised that Jason’s motorcycle was parked up in its usual place. His father had bought it for him just before we divorced, and he rides it to college every day. If it was back now, then Jason must be lurking around outside somewhere, waiting for the right time to come in. My heart suddenly jumped at the knowledge that my son would be once again spying on me as I had sex.

At five after three, with my anxiety levels at an all time high, I heard a knock at the front door. I spied through the security glass to make sure it was the two men I was expecting; I certainly did not want to be opening the door to anyone else, dressed the way I was. In front was the old man who had used me last week. Behind him, and built like a tank, was the black man he had promised to bring with him. Both looked ragged and unkempt, and I guessed that the black guy was a bit younger then the white dosser, mid-fifties’ maybe.

There was nobody else outside, so I opened the door widely and showed myself fully to the two men. Both of them gave me a good, long look up and down. From their leering expressions I could tell that they were eager to get their hands on me. As they entered the living room behind me, the white guy said:

‘Hi lady. This is the black guy I told you about last week.’

The black man was not a shy person. He had already walked around back of me so that I was sandwiched between the two. The old man had towered over me last week, but now his black friend made him look small. The vulnerability I was feeling at being in the presence of two sexually charged men, was making my mouth water with anticipation. I turned my back on the old man, and stood looking up into the face of the black guy. He was unshaven too, and wore thick, cheap glasses, which made his eyes look huge and menacing. He was just as bald as the old man, and he ran his tongue over his big, fat lips as he looked down at me. His clothes were ragged and dirty and on his feet he wore a pair of old boots without socks.

I brought my hands slowly up to the silk cord that held my robe tied. I teased the knot apart. I let the two sides open up to reveal my charms underneath. I held the material over my breasts as I bared my shoulders. Both men had started to breathe more quickly now. I hesitated a second before allowing the robe to slide off my body completely and onto the floor.

For a moment they just stared in amazement at the naked figure between them. I looked at the clock on the mantelpiece.

‘Your hour has begun.’ I said, sexily.

This brought a sense of urgency to the two vagrants. With great haste, they each took one of my elbows, and frog-marched me down the corridor and into my bedroom. It was not easy in the heels I was wearing, and at one point I stumbled over. The two men didn’t stop. They just dragged me along until I finally got my footing again.

On entering the bedroom, I was thrown onto the bed, whilst they closed the door and began a frantic race to get undressed. They both tore at their clothes, but it was the old white guy who first made a move towards me, his dick almost pointing straight up. The black man reached out a huge hand and pulled the old man back.

‘I’m fucking her first.’ he boomed at the old man.

The old man looked at him in a way that I thought meant kartal escort bayan trouble. But the black man clenched a fist to his face that made him back down. I cannot suitably explain how excited I was at that point. To be regarded as an item, a piece of meat for the strongest animal to have his way with, without care or consideration, that’s when I felt more like a real woman than ever before.

I sat up on my elbows and watched, mesmerised, as the black guy removed his pants. The old man had been right. He was big in every way. Where the older man’s dick was covered in wiry, red pubic hairs, the black man’s was smooth and shiny. It was the biggest, fattest cock I had ever seen in my life. Not that I had seen that many. It was curved upwards like a huge black banana, massively veined and throbbing continuously. He walked towards the bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off his meat. It would surely hurt me, maybe even injure me, I thought. As he stood towering beside the bed, looking down at me, his helpless prey, something else flashed into my mind.

Noticed only by me, and only because I’m used to the various noises in the building, I heard the unmistakable sound of my son’s bedroom door being gently opened, then closed. Jason was peeping. I didn’t think it was possible to feel even more aroused than I already was, but with the knowledge that my son was looking at his mom being ravaged by these two street tramps, I almost came on the spot.

I offered my arms up to the big black man in mock surrender. He bent down, put his great hands under my arms and picked me up as though I weighed nothing. As he raised me above his head, the top of mine was touching the ceiling.

‘Man, you’re a keen little motherfucker, aren’t you?’ he growled at me.

I coyly bit my lower lip and nodded. He pushed me against the wall opposite the one my son was peeking through, and lowered me onto his awaiting phallus. As I felt the tip of his helmet against my pussy lips, I spread my legs as wide as possible and wrapped them tightly around his thick waist. I gasped as he entered me.

‘You ain’t felt nuthin’ yet, lady. Everythin’ you heard about black men is true.’

He lowered me further down onto his pole, and I thought, what would happen if he ripped my insides? I mean, would he stop and help me, or would he just carry on screwing me? More and more of him began to fill me up. I was grimacing in pain now, and tears were clouding my vision. My pussy felt like it was about to be torn apart as the walls expanded further than ever before. I began to fight for air. Surely he was all in by now. But I was still being lowered onto his poleaxe. Just as I felt as though I was going to pass out, I felt my ass cheeks come to a stop against his thick thighs.

‘All the way home, lady,’ the black man grinned, ‘Last stop.’

Then he was sliding his monster back out of me. It felt like I was giving birth to the thing. One of my high heels had come off in the struggle, and I had to fight to keep my legs wrapped around him as he began to get his hips going in a rhythm. For what seemed like hours, the black man kept pumping me with full strokes. I was too hurt to find any enjoyment in this type of sex. At last, after twenty minutes of sobbing my eyes out, I sensed he was about to come. Although his speed had increased, I knew I could put up with the pain for a while longer. He brought his fat lips down to mine and forced my lips apart. His wet tongue was made in the same proportions as the rest of his body, and it completely filled my mouth as he viciously pressed his mouth against mine. When he pulled his face away, he seemed to take all the air out of my lungs. As I fought to get my breath back again, the black man started to moan loudly.

‘Oh yes. Ohhhhh yesssss. I’m cumming you white trash bitch. I’m cummmmminggggg’.

I felt his hot spunk flood into my womb and down my vaginal walls. As he gave me his final few strokes to empty his balls, huge globs of his semen trickled over my pussy lips and dripped onto the carpet. At last, he pulled the beast out of me. I gasped in relief. He was still rock hard and very obviously wanted to go on. He wedged his prick in between our two sweaty bodies and began to rub it up and down over my belly, hoping that the friction might allow him to cum again. I looked down and saw that it came way past my navel and wondered how I had ever survived it in me.

I had almost forgotten the old man, but then I heard his voice for the first time since we came in. He had tried to grab hold of the black man and move him away from me, but had been rebuked in the process.

‘Come on, man,’ the old man pleaded, ‘fuck off and leave her to me. You’ve had her for half an hour.’

The black man took no notice. Not until the old white tramp took a knife from his jacket and held it to the black man’s back that is. Then he froze.

‘OK, OK, she’s all yours. I can wait.’ the black guy replied. Then he turned around and just threw me on the bed.

The escort maltepe white tramp fondled his unshaven chin, deep in contemplation at what he was about to do to me. He picked up the shoe that had fallen off my foot and ordered me to put it back on. After I had done so, he told me to get on the floor on all fours.

The old man parted my legs slightly and knelt in between them. I felt one of his dirty, long fingernails reach into my pussy. He rolled it around some and then withdrew it. Next thing I felt was his finger massaging my asshole. He was using the black guy’s spunk to lubricate it for easy penetration. When he had gotten my hole lubed up to his satisfaction, tested by inserting his forefinger as far as it would go, he positioned his dick ready to go. It was brutal to say the least. For the second time that day I winced as a man entered me. But I had taken it up the ass many times before with my ex, so once I got used to it after a few strokes, it was very pleasurable.

As my enjoyment increased, I realised that part of today’s excitement was from knowing that my son was watching through the hole in the wall. Although the first part had been very painful for me, I was sure that that would only have increased Jason’s arousal. How many sons get to see their mom being fucked up against a wall by a black man anyway? And now he’s looking at her being fucked up the ass as well. He’ll be pulling himself off for months thinking of today, I imagined.

I felt the old man’s talons gripping my hips as he rammed his cock up my anus. I was feeling randy again myself now, and met his incoming thrusts with my own rhythm. As he began to speed up, I sensed a climax approaching. My whole body started to tingle. I moaned and groaned as the waves of pleasure overtook my senses.

As my orgasm retreated, the old man’s grip on my hips tightened. He howled and barked like a dog as he pulled his dick out of my ass and rubbed it in between my butt cleavage until a spray of semen shot up my back. He flicked his cock a couple of times to empty it completely, before massaging my back with his muck. It mixed with the sweat and the baby oil, and made it look as though I had just stepped out of a shower. We both then collapsed on the floor.

It wasn’t too long before I heard the black man’s voice again.

‘Crawl over here, lady.’ it commanded.

I looked up. He was sitting on the chair, pulling his dick. I did as I was told and crawled on my hands and knees towards him.

‘Get down on this.’ he said, offering his weapon to my mouth.

I took hold of it with my right hand. My grip only reached around half its girth. I moved my face towards it and opened my mouth as wide as I could. I could just about get the knob in but certainly no more. It looked lovely though.. All hard, smooth, shiny and jet black. I bobbed my head up and down on it, and let my tongue and teeth lick and bite it along its full length. I looked up and saw that the black man’s head was lolling from side to side. He was liking this. I increased the speed of my hand action, and with the other, I began to fondle his big, heavy, hairless balls. I squeezed them hard. After about five minutes, I knew he was about to shoot his load. I took a good grip on his gonads as I pumped away on his shaft. The black man must have sensed that I was about to pull my head away as he came, because he took hold of it and held me firmly so that I could not let his dick out of my mouth. As his hips bucked, and a great roar escaped his mouth, he emptied another bucket load into me. It tasted and felt horrible, as I was forced to swallow it or choke.

After he was satisfied there was no more left to come out, the black man let me withdraw his dick from between my swollen lips. I lay on the floor exhausted. Just then the alarm clock rang.

‘Your hour’s up, gentlemen.’ I began. ‘Time for you to leave before my son gets home.’

The two vagrants had recovered their senses and were putting their clothes on.

I stood up unsteadily in my high heels.

‘You sure are a horny bitch.’ the black man expressed. ‘Maybe we can get together agin sometime.’

‘I don’t think so,’ I replied. ‘too many other fish to fry.’

I put on another short robe that I have, and showed them through the living room

and into the hallway. They left without saying another word. I picked up the red robe that had been left where I had removed it and went for a long soak.

After my bath, I decided to get dressed and see if Jason had appeared from his room yet. I wondered if he would have anything to say about what he’d seen through the hole in the wall. To carry on with my teasing, I chose a suitably provocative outfit. So, wearing a short yellow sundress and the same red stilettos I had been fucked in, I made my entrance into the living room. Jason was in the easy chair watching TV.

I said Hi and asked if he had been watching anything good.

‘Natural history,’ he began. ‘Mating habits pendik escort of wild dogs.’

‘Sounds interesting.’ I said inquisitively.

‘Yeah, it was. A female and her puppy had been abandoned by her mate. Thing was, she was still very much on heat. So to satisfy the bitch’s needs, she started to sniff around these two old mongrels from another pack.’

The innuendo and allegory was beginning to make me very excited. As I took my seat on the couch opposite Jason, I deliberately let one of the thin straps of my little dress fall provocatively off my shoulder. Pretending not to notice, I crossed my legs to expose all of my right thigh and let my raised stiletto dangle sensuously from my foot. My son, who normally took sneak looks at me, was now staring at my body in a much more open fashion. Teasing him like this was becoming almost better than sex itself. I asked him to carry on with his account of the dogs, feeling so very naughty.

‘Well, not much more to say really’, he continued. ‘I mean, the bitch just brought these two old dogs back with her to the den or whatever its called, and they mated with her.’

Oh, there was so much room to explore and to tease with that I just had to go on.

‘And where was the puppy while all this was going on?’ I asked.

‘Just watching his mom being mounted from the corner of the den.’ Jason said.

‘Did he seem upset by her actions.’ I probed.

‘Well, all the time the bitch was doing it, the puppy dog’s tail was wagging. So I guess not.’ Jason returned, now looking closely at my naked shoulders, having let the other strap of my dress fall down.

I was now very, very horny talking like this to my own son, and did not want our conversation to stop. So, I asked him why the bitch hadn’t gone looking for young dogs instead of the old mongrels. Surely younger dogs had better blood or something.

‘The only younger dog I saw was her own puppy,’ said Jason. ‘and I don’t think dogs do that kind of thing. Do they?’

The question had been put directly for me to answer. Up until now, I had been thrilled with the way I had been dick teasing my son. Excited by the thought of him fantasising over me, but never really expecting that anything would come of it. Now I had to give an answer that would tell him whether I wanted to go further. The air was pregnant for my reply. He was staring at my exposed legs and I could see his hand moving around in his pants’ pocket as he waited for me to answer. I could tell, even from this distance that both of us were breathing quickly. You could feel the sexual tension between us. At last, I spoke.

‘Dogs will do it with anyone.’ I heard myself reply, almost as if it was someone else speaking. ‘Maybe the puppy should start sniffing round his mom a bit more forcefully, if that was something that the puppy had wanted, that is.’ I put the ball firmly back into my son’s court.

‘Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next show.’ Jason replied, with an unsure voice.

‘When is that?’ I enquired. My own voice had become noticeably deeper as our conversation developed along even more teasing lines.

‘The bitch normally goes looking for the males once a week.’ My son began.

‘Next Tuesday seems the likely day to see how things develop. That’s when she goes to where she met the old mongrels. Maybe the puppy will follow his mother and put in his own claim for her affection.’

My mouth was dry, and my heart beating loudly, as I stood up and went over to the sideboard. I bent down from the waist, not the knees, knowing that from where Jason was sitting he could see right up my dress. I took a diary from the bottom drawer.

As I stood up, I turned to Jason and smiled seductively.

‘I’ll make a note of that date.’ I said. Then, excusing myself for the rest of the evening, I went straight to my bedroom to give Jason another idea of what might be in store for him. It looked as though I had made the decision to end my prick teasing ways by allowing myself to be seduced by my own son. Roll on Tuesday.

As I said earlier, I had already been wearing short skirts or dresses and high heels around the house, but from the day after that conversation with my son, I took to not wearing a bra. The succession of tight tops that I put on, and the extreme levels of excitement that I was feeling meant that my nipples usually stood out proud like two knobs on the front of an old fashioned TV set. I made myself hard to resist, but he managed to keep his hands off me; though not his eyes. Jason made no attempt now to turn his gaze when I caught him looking at me. He would even follow me out to the kitchen and stare at me whilst I prepared meals. I had never been much of a prick teaser, as my own mom had advised, but with the attention that I was getting from exposing myself to my son, I just couldn’t stop.

Monday night came, and Jason finally gave a hint to what his plans were for seducing me.

‘You going to the laundry tomorrow, mom?’ he asked innocently.

I realised at once what his strategy was and took the opportunity to exploit the question.

‘I’ll have to. I didn’t go last week and I’ve got almost nothing clean left to wear. In fact, the panties I’ve got on now are the last ones.’

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