Spring Break Pt. 02

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My name is Austin. For Spring Break two of my fraternity brothers, Slick and Lumberjack, and I went to my aunt and uncle’s condo in ski country in northern Vermont. On the first day there it turned out that three college women were using the unit immediately next door. The six of us became immediate friends and that night Jamie, Kayla, and Lindsey joined us in our hot tub. Afterwards Lindsey and I returned to the hot tub for some even hotter sex.

The next morning Lumberjack and Kayla linked up as did Jamie and Slick for a day on the slopes. Lindsey and I were planning to go to Starbucks for coffee and that’s where this story begins. The original plan was for Lindsey and me to do some basic cross-country skiing because that was something that she always wanted to try. For me it was not a problem because I enjoy both downhill and cross-country and consider myself nearly expert in each.

Slick and Lumberjack had already left for the mountain when there came a knock at the door. I knew it was Lindsey, but when I opened it my jaw dropped as I viewed the most attractive ski bunny imaginable. From the powder blue leggings paired with fur-trimmed Sorel boots to the silvery gray parka, Lindsey was just as sexy dressed as she was naked.

“Somebody is ready for coffee?” I noted.

“I am. It’s a gorgeous day. The sun is out, the air is crisp, and we had an awesome snowfall last night. The additional six inches are just what we needed,” she said.

“Let me just get a pair of boots and my parka,” I said. “There’s a Starbucks downtown. It’s only about a 10 minute walk.” In the meantime I couldn’t get the comment about the six inches out of my head. Hopefully, last night was not going to be the only time that Lindsey enjoyed mine.

The previous evening we had been so focused on our very enjoyable carnal activity that we hardly spent time getting to know one another. As it turns out she was studying landscape architecture and planned to join her father’s architecture practice upon graduation. Once at Starbucks we each ordered: she a double caramel skim milk latte with a currant scone, while I had a double Americano and a blueberry muffin.

“You’re so sweet volunteering to take me cross-country skiing especially when the others are off doing downhill today. I did see that the ski shop has cross-country rentals.”

“I won’t need the rentals because I brought both downhill and cross-country. When we get done here we’ll swing by and see what they have.”

We slowly walked back to the ski shop and once there found a nice pair of waxless Fischer skis that were kaçak bahis siteleri just the right length for Lindsey as a beginner. Since this is a story on Literotica there is really no reason to delve into my cross-country ski instruction methods and our morning adventure. Instead, we’ll pick up the action after we returned and had changed back to apres-ski books and the walk back to the condo.

“That was great. Thanks for being a patient teacher. I now feel really confident with trekking,” Lindsey said just as we reached the condos.

“Why don’t we see if my aunt and uncle have any good booze that we could sip so we could warm up a bit,” I said ogling Lindsey’s extraordinary perfect butt as I followed her inside.

“Good idea, I could use something to take the chill off,” she said taking off her parka and revealing the amazingly fitting hot pink turtleneck sweater that showed every one of her incredible curves, but especially those luscious boobs. Ah, yes, those boobs that I did get to suck on last night!

I went searching in the liquor cabinet in the hopes of finding something that Lindsey might like. I decided on some Crown Royal for myself but continued searching. “How about Bailey’s?” I asked.

“I love Bailey’s. Great!” So I found some glasses, added ice, and poured the drinks.

“To skiing,” I toasted.

“To good times,” she countered.

“I can agree with that. We sure had good times last night.”

“We did. You were amazing.”

“Me? You were beyond spectacular!” I exclaimed going over and kissing Lindsey on the back of the neck.

Lindsey turned and pressed her boobs into my chest, put her arms around my neck, and said, “You know that there could be more of where that came from.” And with that planted a wet passionate kiss on my lips the ended with a lot of tongue.

“I was hoping that you’d say that. There is no time like the present.”

“OK, but let’s first help me get these boots off,” asked Lindsey sitting down on the sofa and raising her left leg. I unlaced the boot and slipped it off her foot. Afterwards she lifted the right leg and the process was repeated.

“We’re not going to stop with just boots are we? What’s next?”

“That depends,” she said.

“That depends on what?”

“It depends on what you want to play with first.”

“I don’t have any preference. I guess we can sample everything eventually. Where do you want to start?”

“OK, I will,” she said reaching for my sweater and reaching underneath where she found one of my nipples and gave it a little tweak. “Guys have nipples canlı bahis siteleri that are just as sensitive as mine,”

It turns out that she was right because I swear my organ twitched when she did that.

“So what is good for the goose is good for the gander,” I said reaching under her turtleneck and winding my hand up under the cup holding her right boob.

“You know, it’s an awful lot of work getting up under all these layers so why don’t we just move to your bedroom and I’ll take these off.”

I needed no second invitation so I got up retrieved our drinks and followed Lindsey to the bedroom. She didn’t waste any time in shedding both turtleneck and brassiere. While I saw her boobs the previous night the light was pretty low. Now I got to drink in the awesome view of her boobs and the inviting cleavage between them. Lindsey laid down on the bed and I wasted no time snuggling my face between her tits. If there comes a day when I have to die, I want to suffocate between tits just like these.

Lindsey started laughing explaining the my beard was tickling her titties. Then she reached for my crotch, took down my zipper and went hunting around for the exit where she could liberate my stiff erection. After a minute or two of fumbling she found her prey, took it out, and immediately put her lips around it. She had this sucking routine down to an art form and I wasn’t sure if I would lose my mind or cum first. If the latter, being the gentleman that I am, I would need to give fair warning, however.

Soon that feeling got intense. “Lindsey, I’m going to cum. Look out.”

Lindsey took my organ out of her mouth just as I let loose and she caught part of it in the face and the other on her bare chest. What a mess!

“Thanks for the warning. I might have choked to death on all that,” she said now laughing. “There’s only one place where that much cum should be,” she continued as she now peeled off her leggings and then her thong.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“What does it look like? I’m getting undressed.”

“I can see that. But why?”

“The only thing that you need to do is lie down. I’ll take care of everything else.”

I did what I was told but still somewhat puzzled. That is until Lindsey got on the bed and kneeled over my neck. Her pussy was right in front of my face and it smelled great. It smelled like an excited woman.

“Well, this is nice!” I exclaimed.

“I just figured that turnabout was fair play. If I got to savor your cum you would probably like savoring mine,” she said with a little girlish giggle.

As yasal bahis siteleri a matter of fact she was dead right. I began by licking her pussy its length and then teased her clit with my tongue. Lindsey let out a low moan as I did so and immediately I sensed that she was getting wetter by the second. “Oh, please don’t stop what you’re doing!” she begged.

I thrust my tongue into her vagina and was rewarded with that delicious savory flavor that only one thing on this planet can produce. I sucked in all I could and swallowed—at least as a guy I love swallowing a girl’s pussy juice. In the meantime Lindsey drifted from one orgasm to the next with the result that perhaps with a little bit of exaggeration I was just about ready to drown. But if I have to go, this should be a second way!

She got up off of my neck, scooched down and found my erect organ. After taking a moment to survey its stiffness and position it at the entrance to her vagina she slowly lowered herself impaling her now incredibly moist pussy. She let it slide all the way in—it was in so far that I swear I could feel her cervix with the tip of my penis.

“Oh, fill me. I’m ready. Fill me now. I want as much as you gave me last night in the hot tub,” she begged.

All the while she was moving her pelvis up and down trying to coax my penis to give up its hot thick seed.

It might have taken a couple of minutes of her intense action, but eventually she got what she wanted. When the first spurt happened Lindsey lowered herself as far as she could knowing that I would ejaculate into her as deep as possible. Spurt after spurt I injected yet more of my cum into her. I wasn’t even sure where it was all coming from, but it kept cumming.

Eventually all good things come to an end as the spurts had deposited all that they could. Lindsey collapsed on my chest, my organ still deeply imbedded in her vagina. After several minutes I could feel it losing its erection and a few minutes after than it slipped out of her wonderfully warm, tight hiding place. As it slipped out, gravity started doing its thing and my cum commenced dripping out onto me—no, it was not dripping, but with the copious amount of cum that I had shot, it was literally flowing out of Lindsey and onto me. It gave new meaning to the word “messy.”

“I’ve had fuckings and then I’ve had one from you. That was awesome!” she exclaimed. I wasn’t sure that my pussy could hold all of it.”

“I wasn’t sure either and by the looks of things I’m not sure it did hold it all.”

“Still, that was awesome.”

Why don’t we get dressed and go for a short ski run so we can cool down from all of this passion. Then we can come back and have a couple of drinks with the others who should be back from skiing by then?”

“That sounds like a plan,” but let me go to the bathroom to clean up.”

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