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I can feel that my pussy is getting damp. I slouch down in the recliner that I am in, and I undo the belt on my jeans, open the button and slide the zipper down. I can get some access now to it, smooth and hairless. I am always in the mood for an orgasm it seems. I love to touch my own pussy.

I pop my boobs free from my bra over the top. I have to be able to cover up in case I hear someone coming. I am in the middle of the living room, on the leather recliner and while it is late at night, one can never tell who will wake and decide to come down for something, anything.

My nipples are hard little pebbles, begging for attention. I pull on one nipple gently at first then just a bit harder. I squeeze it while I pull and I am getting progressively rougher with my treatment of it. I like a little pain sometimes it makes my pussy drip. I feel bolts of electricity course through my body with each twist of that nipple, and they shoot through all the way to my pussy.

The other nipple wants some love and attention, and I begin treating it more roughly than I did the first. I spend some time pulling and twisting on them. I start to tug on both at the same time. Squeeze, twist, pull, tug harder, and repeat the steps over and over until I can smell my own arousal.

I pull my nipple up to my mouth. I suck hard on the nub, until I start to breath hard. I wish there was someone here to suck on my nubs; well I want two people so both can get attention at the same time. That would be lovely. I bring the other to my lips, treating it to equal attention. The moisture from my mouth as I switch casino şirketleri from one to the other causes them to feel cool makes them tighten even more and my nipples get impossibly harder still.

I slide my left hand into my jeans. I have my fingers resting on the outside of my panties and I stroke the lips of my pussy through my damp panties. I can feel my arousal seeping into the lace fabric of the boy shorts that I am wearing. I run a finger lightly over each side of my slit, over the lace fabric. I can feel little jolts as my fingers slide over the fabric. My bald pussy is very sensitive. Shaving completely bald heightens my sensations and my arousal. It makes me want to stroke and pet my own pussy knowing that it is silky smooth.

I am taking this slow; I want to come hard, and long tonight. I need this I need the release.

I am wishing there was someone with me to stroke my outer vulva, man or woman. I close my eyes and imagine my fingers belong to someone who only wants to pleasure me. I continue to rub, as I get lost in the fantasy. I have not assigned a gender to the person attached to the hand in my fantasy. I am just imagining that it belongs to someone else, someone who knows his or her way around a woman’s vulva.

Now my hand has worked its way inside my panties, stroking the silky smooth skin of my pussy lips. A finger gently parts them, feeling my excitement as it pools and gathers at the opening of my vagina. I lightly graze over my erect clit and I shudder with delight. I am now picturing that there is a tongue gently lapping, just barely touching my clit, casino firmaları the lightest, feathery touch, and I am just barely tickling it with a finger that I have wet in my own juices in an attempt to mimic what a tongue would do.

I can feel that my clit is getting harder, and bigger as I touch it. I am applying a bit more pressure to it as I rub; I mean I pretend that there is a tongue flicking over and around, up and down, side to side over it.

My feet are pulled back with my heels against my butt, legs splayed apart. I picture there is another pussy grinding against mine, rubbing clit to clit; lips to lips, wetness against wetness…or a hard hot throbbing cock spreading my wetness around as it rubs my juices around and rubs against my clit. I lift my ass up as I imagine this, as one would when they want to be fucked.

I am now rubbing my clit with some firm pressure, really enjoying the sensations. I am so far gone there is no stopping now. I have my other hand playing with my nipples, treating them a bit rough.

I put my nipple in my mouth again biting on them slightly, letting my teeth graze over the skin. I have my hips rocking as I grind the imaginary pussy or hump against the imaginary cock…it is either; I switch from one fantasy to another. I slide a finger to the entrance of my vagina and I tease it. At that moment I choose my fantasy to be a hard throbbing cock and I slide a finger into my wanting dripping hole. I begin to fuck my own finger as I realize one is not enough. I need two, no three fingers in my hole. I grind the heel of my hand against my clit as güvenilir casino I penetrate myself, reaching in to my g-spot and rubbing against it. I withdraw my fingers from my pussy and greedily stuff them in my mouth. I pretend I taste my female lover from my fantasies. I suck on one finger, pretending it is my male lover’s cock that I am sucking on. I guess that tonight I am having a three some in my mind.

My panties are drenched now. I can feel my wetness dripping down my crack, wetting my ass. I slide a finger in my knot, just the fingertip. I with draw it and tease my knot rubbing it slightly.

I enjoy the sensations, but I need to come now. I concentrate all my efforts on my clit; my pussy makes wet sounds as I rub myself. I feel waves of energy coursing through my body as I get closer, closer to the big finish. I continue to rub myself and I feel my pussy leaking more and more wetness. I know I am getting close now. I am breathing hard and I am almost there.

I have dropped all pretenses at fantasy now; I am just working on getting myself off now. I feel my thighs shaking and I know that the moment that I have been working for is here, I press down on my clit just a bit harder and I feel all the muscles in my pussy clench hard and release repeatedly. My vagina is clenching looking for something penetrating it that is not there. I am coming, wave after wave courses through me. All my muscles begin to relax. I press down on my clit again and enjoy an aftershock. I do this three more times each time I am rewarded with yet another milder aftershock. I with draw my hand from my panties and bring the recliner to a more upright position, straighten out my legs. I am still floating from the high.

Hope that everyone is celebrating National Masturbation Month as well as I have been. It is time for me to go to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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