Secrets Pt. 07

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Secrets, Part 7

(fetish, chastity, consensual, cross-dressing, feminization, group sex)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Synopsis: Dave with his own secret fetish, keeps falling for women who have their own secrets.

Read the previous chapters, first.

Kathy and Dave continue.

It was several weeks later, on a Saturday morning, when Kathy suggested they try another lesbian adventure. And this time she asks if they can have sex as two women would, after they spend their day, together.

Dave tried to back out. He knew he had agreed to try that game again, sometime, but after the last few weeks of happiness and ‘normal’ sex, he had forgotten all about that escapade. Evidently Kathy was still enamored with that fantasy.

He looked at her skeptically. “Again? Kathy, I love you and I have to admit I enjoyed that game, last time, but I’m not sure I want to do it again. I’m just not that into the whole cross-dressing thing.”

‘But Dave, we did have fun. I had a lot of fun. And you did pull it off, wonderfully. Please.”

He sighed. “I can’t refuse you anything. And I guess I did agree to try it again. So, all right, I’ll give it another try.”

“Great! I love you.” And she jumped onto his lap and kissed him excitedly.

“You’ll see. It will be great. And the sex will be fantastic.” She giggled as she pulled back.

Dave smiled, thinking about the great sex, to come, but then a thought struck him. “But I can’t wear the latex panties again. It was gross.”

“Yes,” she said, agreeing with him. “And they also screwed up my plans for sex, when we got home. So, I had another idea. I ordered you a girdle. It should flatten your bulge, and allow you to pee.”

Dave looked at her, surprised, and not exactly pleased. “A girdle? Like women wore in the 60s?”

“Well, yah. But some women still wear them. And the ones I ordered for you are special. You’ll see.”

“And you already ordered them? You knew I’d agree.” He said in mock anger.

“Well, you did promise, after our last session.” And she kissed him again.

Then she got up excitedly and literally skipped into the bedroom, returning a few minutes later with a pink bag.

She plopped down next to him on the couch and pulled out a skin-toned elastic garment. A long waisted, long legged, panty girdle.

Holding the thing up she explained that they would fit him snuggly, hiding the bulge of his cage, and that the crotch opened with a couple of snaps to allow access to his cock for peeing like a proper lady.

When he reached out to feel them, as they looked kind of bulky. She continued her description.

“They’re also wonderfully padded, to make your ass look a bit larger like a sexy woman’s, and your hips look larger too. With your corset, you’ll have a much nicer, feminine shape. They’re for guys who want to have a feminine figure.”

“Cross-dressers?” he asked.

“Yup, available on Amazon.”

“Isn’t everything?” He laughed, but then got serious.

“So, you want me to wear these?”

“Yes. I think you’ll really look lovely, and they’re much better than those old latex panties.”

Dave remained unenthused.

Seeing his hesitation, Kathy kissed him again.

“Come on, let’s get you dressed for our day.”

“Our day?”

“Well, my day, and your day too.” She laughed. And then pulled him off the couch and into the bedroom to get dressed.

“Now you just stand and cooperate, I’ll do everything.” And she began stripping him down until he was naked, save for his cage.

Kathy took her time and interspersed the removal with a lot of kisses and caresses. He enjoyed the entire process, and his cock showed just how much.

“You look nice,” she commented as she stood back and admired him. “I’m sure glad we got rid of all of that body hair, last time. It hasn’t been a problem, has it?”

“No.” he admitted, reluctantly.

“Good.” She said as she grabbed a pile of women’s things that had been stacked on a chair.

First, she fitted him with a bra, and filled the cups with breast forms, with realistic nipples.

“Nice B-cups,” she mumbled as she adjusted them, smiling happily.

She was obviously enjoying herself; much more than he was.

Next came the panty girdle, and it was a struggle. The thing was tight. “To help hold your shape and keep the pads where they belong.” She explained, as she tugged it into place.

He saw that it did flatten his front, and he was pleased that it had a flap over his crotch that would allow him to open it and pee.

Kathy saw him examining himself. “That opening should also big enough for me to unlock your cage and get to your cock.” She said happily.

“But izmir escort we could just slide the girdle off, for sex.”

“And spoil your feminine look? I don’t think so.” She replied with a giggle.

Next, she wrapped a corset around him, and started lacing it, behind him.

“Really?” he complained.

“Of course. We want you to be as shapely as possible. I don’t want a pudgy girlfriend. And you want everyone who sees you to appreciate your small waist. It’s all part of your disguise.”

And she kissed him, to encourage him. It helped, a little.

When she was done tightening the thing, he could defiantly feel how it was compressing his belly and pulling in his ribs. He could breathe, but not deeply, and when he tried to bend and twist at the waist, it definitely restricted his movements.

Then she had him sit on the bed and that was difficult too. He moaned, and shifted trying to make it work. And she scolded him for being a baby, telling him to relax and stop fighting it.

Deciding to pick his battles, he didn’t argue.

He did get a little thrill as she worked nylons up his legs and attached them to the corset’s garters. They felt nice and sexy.

As she was finishing, she giggled. “This is so much fun! It’s just like dressing a life-size dolly. I used to love this so much when I was little. And it was even more fun when I worked on my little sister.”

He had no comment worth making.

Finally, she slipped one of the tall heeled shoes they’d purchased for Daphne, while shopping the last time she’d dressed him.

“You don’t expect me to wear these all day, do you?” He asked plaintively. Hoping he could win this time.

“Well, we did buy them for you to wear, silly. They were expensive and they fit you just fine. So, yes. I expect you to wear them.”

“But they’ll kill my feet!”

“Oh, come now. Women wear them all of the time. I wear them all of the time, so you should be able to. Come on, man-up.” And she laughed at her joke.

She then helped him to his feet and he tried to get used to standing, practically on his toes.

“Walk around a bit while I get your dress,” she ordered and then ducked into her walk-in closet.

Sighing, he took a few tentative steps around the room, finding that he had to take tiny strides, and plant his feet, heel-to-toe, if he was to avoid falling over. And his feet and ankles and legs were already hurting!

Kathy returned with one of the dresses they’d purchased for Daphne and had him stand while she slipped it on over his head.

“Wow, we’re lucky it’s a knit, otherwise it would never fit over your new hips and ass. As it is, we’ll have to buy you new ones, while we’re out.”

When he stepped over and looked at himself in the mirror, he could see what she meant. It was too tight, and it also looked too short. The tops of his stockings showed beneath the hem.

“Kathy, it’s too short, everyone will see the bottoms of my girdle.”

“Yes, you’ll have to be very careful.” Was all she said.

“Now come-on, it’s time for make-up.” And she led him into her bathroom where she’d already positioned a chair.

As he sat quietly, allowing her to work on his face again, he tried to prepare himself for another day as Daphne. The last time had started out as terrifying, but it became endurable when he realized that no one noticed that he wasn’t a girl. And when they got back home, the sex was fantastic!

He concluded that as embarrassing as it was, he could accept it to please his lover, and for the great sex.

It took something like forty minutes before she was done, and Dave, now Daphne, had to agree that she looked good. Not exactly pretty, but acceptably feminine. Especially once the long blond wig was added to finish her off.

Next, Kathy dragged him to the kitchen table where she spent another half hour, gluing long false nails to his fingertips. Just like last time, although he thought they looked very sexy, he dreaded how cumbersome they made his hands; how difficult it would be to do anything.

“There, finished. You look fabulous. As soon as I can get myself ready, we can go and have some real fun!”

When he looked at the clock, he was shocked to see that she’d been working on him for two whole hours.

While Kathy changed, Daphne wandered back to the full-height mirror and examined herself.

It was surprising how much she looked like a well-dressed woman and fully made-up woman.

And somehow, he decided that he kind of liked it. Weird…

Just as with Daphne’s last time out on the town, the day started slowly, and timidly for her. Kathy though, was enthusiastic and happy, enjoying every minute.

“This is so much fun. It’s like I’m taking one of my dolls out for a stroll. Something I created, and love.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” Daphne said, puzzled.

“Well, my love, you are my creation. Daphne is, I mean. And she’s a wonderful doll. Like a life-size Barbie.” She said, as she reached out and held her hand.

“A izmir escort bayan walking, talking one?” Daphne said, chuckling at the crazy thought of Dave as a Barbie doll.

“Exactly. One that I love and cherish. I’m so proud of you!”

Daphne really enjoyed hearing that she was cherished by the woman she loved. It made her feel good, and a bit more comfortable with her existence.

“And I am certainly your creation.”

Kathy reached over and hugged her lover as they walked. “I hope Dave doesn’t mind.”

He had to think for a minute. Catering to Kathy’s fetish for creating a lesbian lover with a cock out of him was certainly over the top. He did love her, and he loved sex with her. And he had to admit that he also got pleasure out of her attention and pretending to be the woman of her dreams. The whole crossdressing game was not something he’d ever fantasized about. And being so feminized, even if it was by the woman he loved, was difficult to deal with. And, of course, his feet hurt.

But, when he looked at Kathy’s face, and her expression, he knew that he’d accept her games, for as long as he could. Perhaps even for the rest of his life. And that thought did scare him.

He forced a smile and resigned to his fate, kissed her. “Dave doesn’t mind doing it for you.”

She giggled like a teen-ager, excessively happy, and she stopped and hugged and kissed her girlfriend passionately, right there at the entrance to the shopping center, in front of all the other shoppers.

At first Daphne was embarrassed, as she imagined all of those people being scandalized by the display of love between two women. But then she relaxed and giggled. If they only knew.

Kathy wasn’t sure why Daphne giggled, but she was happy to assume that she was enjoying herself, almost as much as she was.

After that, the two of them had a fun and fulfilling day shopping, people watching and eating first lunch at a small sidewalk café, and later, dinner in a nice, family restaurant across the parking lot.

As they walked along, Daphne quickly became annoyed by her need to constantly pull the short skirt of her dress down so as not to show too much of her undergarments. It delighted Kathy, who laughed each time. And that added frustration to her humiliation.

Daphne was also concerned; each time Kathy stopped and took photos of her with her cell phone. When she requested that she stop. Kathy pouted. “Why? I want to document my wonderful day out with my lover.”

“But Kathy, it’s embarrassing.”

“What? Being out with me, for a wonderful day?”

Kathy was baiting her, and Daphne knew it.

“Oh, you know. If anyone ever saw those pics, and realized that it was me, Dave, in drag, I’d never live it down.”

Kathy smiled. “Not to worry. That will never happen.” And then she kissed her on the cheek, before adding, “as long as you’re a good girl.”

During their meals they discussed all of the things they’d purchased. Kathy was very pleased by their haul, and Daphne was happy that her lover was enjoying herself so.

Daphne’s main topic, while they sat and ate, was how much her feet and legs hurt, from walking in the high heels she was wearing.

“But they look so pretty and sexy,” was Kathy’s standard response, and she usually followed it up with. ‘Women can handle it. So, you can too.’ or ‘You’ll get used to it.’

The last time she added, “and your ass looks so good.” Which made Daphne blush.

A couple of times they had to make trips to the car to drop off clothes, makeup, lingerie and shoes purchased mainly for Daphne, but also a few things for Kathy. And those long walks only added to Daphne’s misery. But at least my ass looks good, she thought.

Throughout their shopping spree, Daphne did make sure that everything purchased for Kathy was sexy and revealing. More so than her normal pretty and sophisticated attire. And, of course, everything purchased for Daphne was very feminine and sexy, too.

Nothing they bought, for either of them was ‘casual’. There were no pants or jeans or even shorts purchased, and no shoes with less than three-inch heels, either.

Daphne did have a difficult time when Kathy walked her into a large cosmetics store and required her to sit while first one, and then a second cosmetician, tried different colors and types of make-up on her. Between the two girls and Kathy, they developed ‘looks’ for Daphne. Some for work, and many more for play.

Of course, Daphne had no idea why Kathy requested makeup for ‘work’, but didn’t dare ask in front of the sales girls. With all of the close-up attention, she was very much afraid of discovery, so she didn’t say much at all. Mainly, she remained quiet and nodded agreeably as the three women worked on her.

They eventually left the store with Kathy delighted with how good Daphne looked.

“And you got to perch on that chair and rest your poor feet for all that time, too.” She said, chuckling.

“True.” With a sigh.

It was dark when escort izmir they finally arrived home, and Daphne was exhausted. What kept her going was her dreams of the passionate sex that had been promised.

Kathy exacerbated her desires, and caused a serious ache in Daphne’s crotch, by constantly rubbing her thigh with her free hand, all the way home.

As soon as the door to Kathy’s condo, closed behind them, Daphne sighed, and sat down to take off her shoes.

“Oh, no you don’t” Kathy scolded her. “I intend to make love to Daphne and those sexy shoes are part of her wardrobe. Leave them on and come into the bedroom.”

Daphne whimpered, exasperated, and stood up. She was more than happy about the ‘making love’ part, but, disappointed to have to keep wearing the shoes, sexy though they might be.

It wasn’t long before she understood what Kathy had planned. She wanted Daphne to stay in full feminine attire. Although she stripped off her clothes, and looked fantastic, naked as could be.

“I want to make love to my lesbian lover. Daphne not Dave. And if we remove even one item from your beautiful body, it could spoil it for me.”

Again, Daphne loved most of what she was hearing, but not all of it. She certainly didn’t want to argue and possibly spoil the good times she had been looking forward to all day, so she cooperated completely and even enthusiastically with her lover’s requirements.

Kathy then steered Daphne to a sitting position, on the edge of the couch and knelt down in front of her, between her spread legs. Pushing her dress up to expose her girdle, Kathy opened its flap to expose her caged cock.

“I’ve been dreaming about this part of you all day, she said as she began kissing and licking the cage and the flesh now bulging out between its bars.

To Daphne it felt frustrating and wonderful, and painful too. Especially as her cock pushed out and the ring behind her balls stretched them away from her body.

As Kathy continued to lick her cock, she began playing with her firm balls with her fingers, and when she ran her long nails around them, Daphne changed from moans to groans. But she still loved it.

Daphne sighed when Kathy sat back onto her heels.

“I’d unlock you right this minute and either suck you off or take you into my very ready pussy, but I’m thinking that I don’t want this evening to end so soon, for you or for me.”

Daphne moaned, unable to form the words for a meaningful response.

“So, if you don’t mind, my love I think we should change positions and you can use your wonderful tongue on me for an orgasm, or two.” Then she giggled. “Or even more.”

Daphne understood and was excited enough to want to suck on her lover’s sweet sex. But when she began to shift position, Kathy stopped her.

“Wait, let me close you back up, first.” And she snapped the crotch of Daphne’s girdle closed again, squashing her sex in the process. Again, Daphne groaned in discomfort. This time at the added pressure on her hugely aroused cock and balls.

When she was done with that chore, Kathy stood up and moved to her favorite lounge chair, where she sat and leaned back with her legs spread invitingly. Her sex was on full display and Daphne could see that it was very wet.

She literally got down on her hands and knees, her wig draping down over her face and eyes as she slowly crawled over to her lover.

Kathy giggled at how good Daphne looked, with her wide hips and round ass. Thanks to the padding of her girdle. And her waist was nicely thin, due to the corset, too.

“You look so lovely, and shapely. My love.” She sighed, as Daphne arrived with her head aligned right at her sex.

Daphne crawled closer and immediately started kissing and licking, while she slowly moved on until she was keeling close between Kathy’s thighs. When she was able to rest her weight on her knees and feet, she brought her hands up to push Kathy’s thighs farther apart so she could reach up to massage her inner thighs, her tummy and even reach up to grab Kathy’s new and wonderfully large breasts.

Kathy was immediately in heaven. Daphne was really good with her mouth and she was more than ready to enjoy her girlfriend’s skilled tongue.

She leaned back in the chair and watched Daphne’s head bob and move as she felt her pussy begin to throb.

Kathy sighed, and moaned in pleasure. “I love this so much. Having a pretty girl make love to me with her togue. A girl I created, my love doll. God! I love you!”

Daphne heard her, and smiled as she applied herself to her lover’s pussy. She was happy to be loved, and to be giving her girlfriend so much happiness.

Kathy had first one, and then soon thereafter a second orgasm, squirming and moaning with the pleasure of it all.

After she’d recovered, a bit, she bent down and pulled Daphne up so that they could kiss for a while, before she mumbled, “again, please?” and then released her to slide back down between her legs.

Daphne was really tired, now, from her day of shopping as well as from her time here with her lover, and she was horny as hell and anxious to get her reward, but she found the will and the energy to get Kathy off one more time. Before she collapsed into a sitting position, on one hip, and draped herself over Kathy’s thighs.

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