Schoolgirls Pt. 02: Sarah

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But we didn’t.

Instead we slept.

Tangled together, belly to belly, warmed by each other’s breath, feeling together the luxuriant vulnerability of lying unconscious in each other’s arms.

Me and my student.

Around us the endless tapping of rain on windows.

Who hasn’t finished high school

Until the insistent squawking of my buzzer.

I wake, sex-and-sleep addled, unsure where I am and why.

“What?” I ask.

Lara, beside and half under me: “What time is it?”

I glance at the clock on my bedside table. “Ten,” I tell her. “Little after.”

“Shit,” Lara says. She pushes me off her and rolls out of bed. “It’s Sarah!”

“Huh?” I try to ask.

But she is already gone, running barefoot, bare-assed out of my bedroom toward the hallway.

I get up, try to find my underwear, which turn up eventually under my bed.

In the hallway, Lara: “Sarah, that you?”

” … First show got over at 9:30. Took a cab. Did you …”

” … Oh yeah, oh really yeah. He’s here, yeah. Come up, I’ll show you …”

I am hopping after her, one leg in my shorts.

While Lara buzzes and moments pass and she stands by our cracked open door; and then the door opens, closes and Sarah is here.

She is tall, pale, Germanic, Nordic something. Blonde hair darkened by rain. Soaking wet down jacket over a tiny black dress. Long legs rain-glistened.

Lara is naked.

I have my shorts half on, but hopelessly tangled. So I stand there, dick out, in front of another of my students.

“Well, hello, Will.” Sarah says innocently.

I give up, let go of my shorts. They fall and puddle at my feet.

“Hi, Sarah.”

Sarah to Lara: “So, did you?”


“All the way?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Oh, Lara! Yay!” she squeals. And they are hugging, naked girl and dressed girl while I stand, undressed, watching from just outside my bedroom.

Lara leading Sarah to the living room by a hand.

“Come on, come on!”

Right up to where I’m standing.

Sarah: “Hey, Will, you look pretty good naked.”

Me thinking: You can’t be saying this to your teacher. Can you?

Saying: “Thanks, I think.”

Lara’s hand in mine, dragging me and Sarah to my couch.

“Come on, guys. Let’s tell Sarah everything.”

And then we are sitting, me, naked, between Lara, ,naked and Sarah, who has somehow lost her coat. Lara’s bare legs hooking over my left leg. And, surprisingly, or not surprisingly at all, Sarah’s rain damp bare legs drape suddenly over my right.

Feel of their thighs on my thighs. The sight of their shins moving slightly in close proximity to my dick. Tentative beginning of a reaction.

Sarah: “Look, how cute! Will’s getting a hard-on!”

Lara moving a leg to rub lightly against my balls and the tip of my rising cock.

She holds a hand up and waggles three fingers at Sarah.

“Three?” Sarah asks, half to Lara, half to me. “Already?”

Lara shakes her head, pantomimes first two fingers and points toward herself, then one finger that encompasses the room.

Sarah looking at me, mock wide-eyed.

“Will, I never thought someone who taught poetry could ever be such a stud!”

Laughter. Her leg, like Lara’s, has found my balls.

I’m gone.

I’m nobody’s teacher anymore.

I relax and let my dick get hard.


Sarah: a casino şirketleri flirtation.

Catching up to me as I walk toward the subway on 94th Street, heading home at the end of a school day.

A month or two ago.

Sarah, who has been best friends with Lara since, I guess (they tell me), ninth grade.

“Hey, Will, wait up.”

Comes even with me, skipping beside me. For a girl who just turned eighteen and had been accepted at Vassar early admittance since the fall, she was being remarkably coltish. Today’s uniform: the plaid wrap-around skirt that is the only alternative at St. Kate’s to a narrow grey; white blouse, blue blazer. Practically fetishistic for a Catholic schoolgirl. Her long blonde hair glistens in the thin late winter sunlight.

“So dontcha wanna know?”

“Know what, Sarah?”

“Our blind date. Me and Lara. She told you, didn’t she? Two college guys? Fordham?”

“She may have mentioned it.”

“I know she did. She told me.”

“So how’d it go?”


“Good to know.”

“We went to this bar downtown and they took our id’s and everything.”

Amused. Vaguely titillated.


“My date was this guy named Todd, Will. He was a god. Todd the god!”

“Do tell.”

“Oh, I will, Will. So afterwards … we drank Margaritas by the way. You ever do Margarita’s?”

“Once or twice.”

We cross Lexington Avenue, heading east. Her hair whitened by sunlight from the west.

“With the salt?”

“Yeah with the salt.”

“Yeah, we got kinda shitfaced, y’know? Not totally blotto. I mean, I knew what I was doing the whole time. But still. They convinced us to come up to their room. They were roommates. Did I tell you that?”

“Not yet.”

“Well, they were. Which was convenient. ‘Coz we could keep an eye on each other. Make sure we were both didn’t do anything we didn’t want to.”

“That,” I said, “seems wise.”

“Oh, yeah. I mean, Lara and me, we’ve got rules. You wanna know what our guy-criteria rules are?”

“Not necessarily.”

“Sure you do.” Skipping. “How could you not? So, here it goes: Above the waist if I like you. Below the waist if I like you and you’re a god. I mean, just start kissing me and my shirt comes off. But you gotta earn the rest.”

“Okay, Sarah, that’s probably more than enough.”

“Oh you love it, Will.”

We’re mercifully at the subway entrance at Third.

“Enough,” I tell her with tattered authority.

“But don’t you wanna know the rules about what we’ll do for them?”

“No,” I tell her. “Unbelievably not.” And escape down the stairs to the squealing chaos of the station under the street.

“Okay,” Sarah calling to me as I disappear, or flee, or something. “I’ll tell you tomorrow…”


“It’s okay, old man,” Sarah tells me. “You don’t have to do much. Just lay there and let us girls talk.”

I am lying on my back in my bed. Lara, beside me, one hand moving across my chest, the other tangled in my hair.

Sarah, holding, stroking, releasing my third serious erection of the night.

She reaches behind her back, unzips the tiny dress, shrugs out of it. She has small breasts, held by white fabric. Lifts and twists herself, pulling the dress down her legs. Her panties plain and pink, not as elaborately sexy as Lara’s, but equally lovely against her pale skin.

She reaches down, casino firmaları ministers to me again, then reaches back to unhook her bra and down to slip her pink panties away. Her breasts are nubbins, but with long nipples. Her hair below is coarse blonde: luxuriant, but like the long strands that fall to her shoulders, determinedly not curly.

“Above and below,” I observe. “Does this mean I’m a god?”

Sarah laughs, remembering.

“I dunno.” She tells me. “Is he a god, Lara?”

Lara shrugs.

Sarah: “Well, we don’t know yet. But what we do now is you’re gonna be one very, very lucky English teacher tonight.”

Her hand back on me. She leans down, dangles one small breast above my mouth.

I lift my head, and, for the second time tonight, put one of my student’s nipples between my teeth.

“Oooh,” Sarah says contentedly. “Good boy, Will.” Cocks her head toward Lara.

“So tell me everything, you two.”

And Lara does.

As she talks, I find her and rub the inside of her thigh with my thumb. Let my hand drift deeper until my moving thumb moves against her still-swollen lips.

Close my eyes.


That it did not hurt … much (Sarah’s hand moving languorously at the base of my penis, where the shaft of me meets my balls.)

That I was gentle (my thumb on Lara’s lips, inside, where she is damp again. Already.)

And came outside her, puddling on her belly (My other hand finding Sarah’s belly, softer, looser than Lara’s, drifting down over her hair…)

Everything she imagined, she was glad that it was me… (finding with two fingers her interior dampness)

Sarah’s hand covering mine, directing it toward the small hard thing at the top of her cleft. Squirming, pulling her vastly distended nipple from my lips, and making a contended, breathy, vocalization as my fingers find and drift across her clitoris.

I am naked. These are my students. I am naked with my students. My hands are stroking the cunts of two of my students. Sarah holds my penis in her hands.

And moves her fingers around and up and down me. Rubbing the nerve-raw end of me until I think simultaneously that I can’t possibly come again and that I am inevitably going to come again under the knowing movement of this pale girl’s hand.

Her hand on mine, moving more insistently. I flow with her, guided, now using two fingers to bracket her clit, to slide with her along the slick wet corridor between her labia.

Beside me, Lara getting up to kneel on fours above me, straddling me to find Sarah’s mouth and kiss her. From below, I watch their tongues entwine, the glisten of saliva on each girl’s lips. Sarah’s hand still moving along the underside of my penis, which, spent as it is, still quivers and extends into her touch.

Lara’s breasts hanging, just beyond reach, above my face.

I am in the most luxurious moment of my life.

Lara, to me, as she and Sarah break apart to breathe: “Will, what’d’you think Sr. Phoebe would say if she saw us now?”

“She’d kill me. With her bare hands.”

“She’d probably strangle you. You know some people do that for sex? It’s supposed to enhance your, you know, orgasm.”

“Where in the hell did you learn that?”

“The Joy of Sex. That book has all kinds of stuff in it. But they say don’t do that one. It’s too dangerous. You could die.”

Sarah: “Yeah, you could like come and go at the same güvenilir casino time.”

The girls breaking into schoolgirl laughter.

Me, below: “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Thinking: Teacher, teacher, teacher, teacher.

Lara asking, “How lucky is he gonna be?”

“Oh, really, lucky.”

And now Lara curls down beside me. Her face next to mine. Hand to my cheek, soft, mothering. Her warm breath moving over me as she breathes, talks:

“Don’t worry, Will. We won’t tell anyone. Ever.”

Sarah letting go of me and shifting so she straddles my legs. She is sitting on the jointure of my dick and balls. Moves slowly, the wet inside of her lips sliding along me. Up. Down. Fucking ecstasy.

“Yeah, our parents would kill us. And then the nuns would burn our bodies or something. Besides, we wanna do this again, don’t we. little sister?’

Lara: “Oh, we do.”

And to me: “You know we made up our minds to do this last year.”

“You did?” I ask, through teeth clenched from sensation.

“Yeah, we talked about it, said, as soon as we were both eighteen.”

Sarah, leaning downward, her long hear brushing against my chest as she moves harder, grinding herself along me, saying, “Yeah, we didn’t want you to go to jail, Will. Oh fuck, this feels great!”

Lara planting a gentle, almost sisterly kiss on my cheek. One of her hands is moving, palm out, along Sarah’s leg and hip, caressing her as her movements grow harsher and intentional.

“Oh, baby.” Sarah says, grimacing with pleasure. “Like, you know that double date I told you about?”

I nod, not wanting to talk. My world is narrowing down to the nerves between my legs.

“Well those guys totally wanted to fuck us. But Lara was, like, no. I want it to be Will.”

“And it was,” Lara whispers at me.

Sarah now folds over and down and falls on me, her sharp, almost breastless nipples squashing into my chest. The bottom of her pressuring with fierce intensity against me. Moving, moving, and with each push, grunting. Looks down at me. “Sorry, Will, I couldn’t wait. I gave it up to Fordham.”

“Not a problem,” I tell her, half laughing through the mental fog of almost coming. I want to move my hips with hers, but she is pushing down on me too hard.

And now, Lara’s mouth is on mine, and again our tongues, wet, warm, entwine.

And Sarah, lifting, has me in her hand.

Says: “Come on in, Will.”

And squats, and I am enveloped in her. Her cunt, relaxed, as Lara’s hadn’t been, embraces me and she pushes down and forward on my shaft. And just like that her inside self contracts around me, squeezes me over and over as she pitches against me, those long, long nipples of hers bending like hard erasers against my chest. She has one hand in Lara’s, and she is half weeping, half yelling, “Oh!” again and again and I am building, my body is pushing up into hers, it is my third time in hours, it seems impossible, it almost hurts, and Sarah, braced now on one arm above me, whispers down at me. “It’s okay, come in me, Will. It’s okay, I’m on the pill. Go ‘head and come.”

And I burst and do.

I am so spent, it is less intense than it had been with Lara.

I come almost quietly, subsiding upward into Sarah’s body, as the urgency flows out of me with whatever amount of ejaculate I’m producing in there. And, done, we lay together, Sarah and I, our lower halves quivering against each other. While Lara, who, I had not noticed, had been fingering herself beside us as we fucked, now finishes, also quietly, her body, like mine, tired of coming, and rolls against and into us, sweat-slicked, sighing:

“Ohmigod, Will. Best. Birthday. Ever.”

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