Revenge for Joan

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Revenge. Could it ever really be a motivation for sleeping with someone? Joan never really believed it. However, when she looked back on what happened on a work trip to Liverpool she knew there was just a small element of it involved for her. She had recently split with Phil and taken up the offer of staying with a mutual old university friend, Ben. It all seemed so simple and innocent. Ben still lived at home with his parents. He had a long term girlfriend and the offer of a guide in an unfamiliar city was very convenient.

The work presentation had gone very well and the sight of a friendly face at the lecture theatre was a welcome conclusion to a good afternoon. The crowd of students quickly emptied from the room and Ben walked forward to greet her with a hug and kiss on her forehead. She looked up and met the eyes of the handsome accountant in his suit and shiny shoes. Inwardly she laughed thinking to herself how Ben had loved the life of a student but now seemed to be accepting conventionality. In a moment the thought was gone as he squeezed her backside cheekily and stepped back to avoid retribution.

“Oh you haven’t changed O’Leary!” Joan mocked.

“Nor have you Joany, that nice arse is just wrapped in silkier tights!”

“Stocking’s, if you don’t mind young man.”

Joan replied quickly twirling to show him her shapely figure.

They hugged again and walked off towards the failing Liverpool light.

“Are you sure it’s okay to stay at your place tonight Ben?” Joan asked.

“No problem.” Ben shot back. “Mum and Dad are away for a few days and our Ronny won’t be in until late.”

In any other situation Joan would have thought this was the response of a bloke setting up some illicit meeting and clearing the pathway. Instead she just smiled and looked forward to the opportunity to talk about old times. It was also a chance to see a bit of Liverpool at night. Ben was certainly doing well for himself. The smell of leather seats in the car affirmed this and they sped off to explore what was to her an unknown but mystical city. Once the sightseeing was over,Ben took her to an impressive Italian restaurant, mood lighting and all. The night was enhanced by several bottles of champagne and delicious food. The conversation flew backwards and forwards from times they had shared as students to their present situations, including current partners.

Ben tactfully avoided the subject of Phil’s infidelity and the reasons for their split. Joan seemed more interested in moving on.

She knew that sincan escort bayan Ben had always been one of the ‘boys’. Although Phil didn’t tell her everything, she also knew he had always been very popular with the girls. She recalled that one night at a friends 21st he had even stolen a kiss and squeeze as they passed on the stairs. Yes, Joan certainly had Ben booked as an opportunist because even on that night she knew he was on the way back to be with his own girlfriend just across the dance floor! Despite recognising this daring element in him, Joan always liked Ben.

It was no real surprise then when as they ate he referred back to her earlier comment about ‘stockings’.

“Are you wearing suspenders?” He cheekily asked.

“Of course, they would fall down otherwise!” Joan wisecracked, without looking at him.

A minute went by before Ben asked another question. “Joan, I’ve slipped off my shoe. Can you let me feel them under the table?”

Joan, almost choked on her food but before she could answer felt his toes probing up towards her thigh. Skillfully he found the nub of her garter belt and briefly toyed with it before dropping his foot back down to rest against her foot on the floor.

Surprise was her first reaction. Joan felt her heart leap. He was doing this under the table in a crowded restaurant! Gathering her composure, her response was to mock him.

She smiled wickedly as she said,

“Ben I always thought your toes were bigger than that!”

Both laughed and pressed on with the task of finishing the drinks in front of them.

For Joan, the night had now altered somewhat. She enjoyed the risky contact they had shared.

The possibilities of the evening had also changed and she looked forward to driving back to his family home more that she would have originally anticipated. As they left the restaurant he placed a hand on her shoulder and briefly ran his fingers down the back of her neck. This sent an excited shimmer down her spine and she wondered how far his home was from here. As he helped her into the car he stole a brief kiss on her lips. Before she could say anything he placed two fingers across her mouth to prevent any words from escaping. Off they drove into the cool Liverpool night, sexy possibilities going through both their minds without words to define them. This made the atmosphere even more charged than Joan thought possible.

As they entered the empty semi-detached house Ben guided her to the darkened lounge at the end of a short hall. He pushed eryaman escort through the door and as she followed him in, he spun around to face her. Quickly he reached forward to grasp her on each shoulder. Her sheer blouse felt inadequate protection on her upper arms as he let his fingers hook onto her thin black bra strap. One hand fell down lower to the front of her thigh which was gently squeezed by her familiar host. Joan took a deep breath but said nothing. Clearly words were not needed at this point. Actions were the perfect medium for the occasion and she lent up to seek out his lips. The warmth of this contact surprised her but she allowed herself to kiss him passionately. Ben gently pushed her back against the door leaning forward to slip a hand inside her gaping blouse. Two buttons quickly revealed the curve of her breast and this he began to kiss. Two more buttons revealed her bra fully and his mouth found it’s way down onto her dark nipple. This he gently sucked before opening her blouse fully and exposing her other breast to the cool lounge air. Standing back he admired what were delicious full breasts. She pulled him back to her suddenly feeling exposed and vulnerable. A thought crossed her mind whether he had ever fantasised about her her. Here they were friends for years and he had just viewed her breasts for the first time. The thought passed as she ran her hand down his leg. This was so strange. She was doing familiar things with a good friend of Phil’s. She now felt Ben push his straining crouch toward her hand. Smiling inwardly she decided to enjoy the moment and pushed back tracing her touch across his growing, restrained erection. She quickly found his zip and expertly began to ease out what was a monster! Wrapping her fingers around his rod was difficult in itself. She gave it several leisurely strokes before looking up at him and saying,

“I often wondered about you O’Leary. Now I have a chance now to find out!”

Surprisingly no feelings of guilt ran through her mind, only the urge to enjoy the moment. Ben now took the initiative and pushed her down toward the floor. His hands were everywhere. He eased her backside out of her panties before she knew it. Her black suspender belt tracing a fine line down her pale thighs. Without warning he lowered his mouth onto her pussy using his tongue to open her coral lips which were now juicy and ready. As they lay parallel on the floor she moved her mouth onto his large pulsing cock. It was uncircumcised and she rolled back the skin slowly to reveal etimesgut bayan escort a huge purple knob. Her tongue slipped along the length of his dick before encasing it with her full lips. Looking back he could see it disappearing into her mouth.

Ben said, “Joan I often wondered what it would be like with you.”

Joan knew that Phil had often teased Ben with the story of the threesome at university. Ben had been told what had happened but never got the chance to make it happen for himself. He now had a chance to find out just how accomodating she was.

Ben reached to bring a cushion down onto the floor and place it under her backside. Joan looked up at him and smiled before pulling him toward her. He lowered himself between her spread thighs. As if to help she guided his cock toward her warm fanny. Ben pushed himself into the wet, ready orifice. Eagerly she brought him to her feeling his cock enter her fully. Here she was in this unfamiliar place being screwed by someone all too familiar. It was delicious and rude. After a while she motioned for him to stop and climbed up on top of him bringing down her warm pussy on his cock before starting to screw him once again. A lewd squelching sound could be heard every downstroke of her pussy on his cock. He was loving the spectacle of her swaying breasts and the wet sound of his cock filling her fanny.

After what seemed like ages Ben breathlessly asked,

“Is it alright to cum?”

Joan smiled and said,

“In my fanny or in my mouth?”

This choice itself almost brought him off there and then. Not to seem predictable he suddenly rolled her off of him and placed her across the lounge chair arm. Without missing a beat he entered her from behind slapping her arse as he did so. He increased his beat towards a frenzy now. Joan felt her fanny being filled fully, his fingers helping her cum as he spurted his spunk inside her. Her mind flashed through a series of rude images to be stored for future mental referral. She regretted nothing. Phil could one day hear about this night and he might even consider her actions to be some sort of revenge. She did not care.

Finished they lay on the floor in each others arms. Joan ran her gaze over the body of her long time friend. His cock still seemed immense even as it rested on his thigh. Ben’s was definately the largest she had ever had. She hoped he could still be discrete because she hoped to have it fuck her again one day. Ben looked at her and smiled in a way that said that their secret would be safe. Indeed no one knew of their night togther until several years later. Joan let it slip to Phil that she had slept with one of his friends while they were apart. This admission in itself led Joan to more exciting encounters but then that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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