Rachna’s Island of Love Pt. 01

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In the midst of the solitary beach, with the sound of the waves creating a resonance, I looked at my side. Laying on the sands, glowing in the sun rays was a naked, African woman, Nyree. As the waves came and soaked our sun-kissed bodies, Nyree turned her beautiful black body towards me. Looking into my eyes she said, “For four months I was all alone in the island. Now that I have found you, I don’t want to let you go. You are mine baby.”

Her nude body came upon mine as she mounted me, our lips kissed, and our bodies cuddled in the sandy beach…

My name is Rachna and this story dates twenty years back in the year 2000. I was 21 years old and was doing my Masters in Geography from a reputed University. I was an orphan since my childhood and was brought up in an orphanage. After completing my Bachelor’s degree I lived in the university hostel to pursue my Masters.

During the month of June I was on a cruise to Thailand with my classmates. I was pretty much excited for the voyage as I have never been on a ship before. But alas, the journey didn’t go as expected and due to an accident the ship started to fill in with water and was sinking. We all rushed towards the lifeboats and I managed to get one and jumped into the sea with it. I was unconscious soon after that.

When I regained consciousness I found myself on this strange, deserted island. None of my friends or even any other person could be seen. It seemed I was the only living soul here. I was terrified and felt like crying. I had no idea where I was, and felt absolutely helpless. What was the point in my getting saved from the ship accident if I were to be in a deserted island, all alone?

Then came the next shocker of my life, a tall, dark ebony woman seemed to come out of nowhere. I almost felt that I had seen a ghost when she suddenly sprang up behind me and said, “Hey you have regained consciousness. I found you today morning on the beach, unconscious. You must have met with some terrible accident and were lucky to be washed away here. I washed your wounds and had just gone to bring you some water when you woke up.”

I looked towards the woman. She must be more than 40 years old, however she had quite a curvy and luscious figure. Her skin colour was jet black, as if she were carved out of a black rock. Her hair was curly and was reddish brown in colour. She was fully nude, not a single piece of clothing existed on her body. She just had a crown of flowers on her head.

Seeing me dumb-folded she smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid, I ain’t a ghost. My name is Nyree and I am from Nigeria. But let’s discuss that later. Have this water. Then let us go to the other side. There is a spring there where we find drinking water. I have also made a camp there.”

I followed the woman slowly, my body still aching, the hot sun rays making me tired. Nyree understood my situation and took me in her arms. She was apparently quite strong and I could feel it. And strangely as I wrapped my arms around her neck, I felt attracted towards this ebony woman. The hot sun rays were falling on her dark skin, and it was glistening due to the sweat on her body. Her naked body was inches away from me, she smelt of a little sweat, a little flowery and I liked it.

Nyree winked at me while walking and I blushed. The mature woman knew that I was staring at her, and the little wink was an indication of her approval. She said, ” Which country are you from? You seem to be Asian.”

I replied, “Yes, I am an Indian, a student of Geography. My name is Rachna.”

She smiled and said, ” Oh a student. That is why you looked so young. I am 45 years old. I must be double your age for sure.”

I partially felt ashamed that even at her age she was the one who was carrying me around, but also felt safe in her arms. I wrapped my arms tighter around her neck and drew myself closer to her. I could inhale her sweaty aroma better now.

“You may rest your head on my shoulders, if you like.” Nyree said.

Yes, I very much wanted to, I said to myself. I rested my head on the left shoulder, and closed my eyes. The gentle sea breeze blowing comforted us in the scorching heat. As she walked on the sand she sometimes found a few rough steps which shook my body. My face brushed on her skin in the process, I smelt her sweat and also tasted it once or twice. I was loving it, much to my surprise. I purposefully inhaled more of her body odour, every sniff was turning me on.

Soon we had reached the area she was talking about. She had set up a small camp there near the spring. The place had a few fruit bearing trees as well. I was literally starving at that moment, and when Nyree brought me some fruits I readily consumed them.

Nyree said, “You can take off your clothes now dear. There is nothing to be ashamed of before me, and no other person is here. Your clothes have become quite wet and dirty and they needed to be washed.”

I had never been naked before other than my ex-boyfriend, but I didn’t feel shy to be so before Nyree. I escort beşevler readily took off my clothes and became naked. I didn’t know why I trusted this woman so much, maybe because she was my only hope in this world.

After washing my clothes and leaving them to dry, Nyree applied some herbs on my wound. Her hands gently touching my skin felt so nice, it seemed that her touch was the most caring ever. I felt butterflies in my stomach when she caressed my belly while applying the herbs. Once her hand just touched the tip of my pussy and a soft moan escaped my lips. Nyree looked at me and smiled, and then said, “Your pain should subside soon.”

We lay down on the ground side by side. My wounds really felt less painful now, it was because of the herbs she had applied but I also firmly believed that it was her touch that cured me. I really liked this ebony woman, she was nothing less than a goddess for me.

As we talked Nyree learned more about me and I too decided to know about her. I asked her about herself. I was curious how she got here.

Nyree said, “I too met with a similar fate like you, four months back. I am an orphan just like you. I too met a ship accident, and I was separated from my girlfriend. I am a chef and I travel around the class giving cooking lessons under my company. She was a student in my cooking classes in Thailand. We found love in each other’s arms. This was our first voyage together. But alas, it was the last too.”

I could see tears rolling from Nyree’s eyes as she spoke. I felt like crying too, destiny had played a cruel game with both of us. As I saw her weep silently, I felt desires rising in my heart for her. I couldn’t keep myself away from her anymore. I rolled myself to her and wiped away her tears. She looked at me, and then catching hold my hand, she kissed it.

After a kiss she just kept on holding my hand and again looked towards me. I took her hand in my hands and kissed it too. Once again we stared into each other’s eyes, emotions rising in both of us. She started to come closer to me, her hot breath falling on my face, the smell of her body was intoxicating me. I closed my eyes as her pouty lips met mine.

We kissed, first it was typical smooches, and then with time the kiss deepened. We held onto each other and tilting our heads slightly started to kiss passionately. Our tongues met and the wet sounds of salivating lips could be heard. My hands roamed on her bare back while she did the exact same thing to me. As our passion rose under the hot sun, she began to perspire and I really liked the smell from her body.

Slowly I mounted her body while kissing, the growing breeze letting some dried leaves fall on our bodies. I kissed her neck, then ran my lips down from her shoulders to her finger tip, kissing every inch on the way. From the fingers I took a shortcut to her belly and kissed her there.

Nyree moaned softly as my lips and my nose simultaneously moved on her belly, with occasional actions of my tongue on her belly button. The smell of her body was strongly pungent, but I was loving every bit of it. She tasted salty, due to saline water of the sea and also her sweat. I kissed her entire belly, listening to her moans.

Just as I tried to move up towards her boobs, Nyree suddenly pushed me off. I was startled by her action, but the very next moment I understood what had happened. A snake, black in colour with white spots, was just a few feet away from us. We stood up and on Nyree’s instructions stepped aside from there. The serpent after some time moved towards a tree, a few feet away.

“That was highly poisonous. Probably it has it’s eggs nearby. We should move our camp from here. We shouldn’t disturb their habitat. Now let us quickly move, I want to continue the thing that was going on between us, the thing that was abruptly stopped.” Nyree said.

I smiled and said, “Yes, you are right. Let us move.”

We quickly moved away a few yards from there and set up our camp again. As soon as it was finished Nyree started to kiss me again. I could understand that being alone for four months had taken a toll on her sex life too, and after our initial session she madly needed to have sex. The intense passion in her kisses was showing it.

Her tongue was owning my mouth rapidly, saliva from our mouths getting mixed. Her body odour had maximised by now and it was making me crazy. The grip of our hands on each other tightened as we kissed each other in a squeezing embrace. She then broke the kiss and slithered her tongue in my left ear. The wet tongue tickled me, and I moaned as she licked my ear.

She whispered in my ear, “Baby how does it feel?”

I readily replied while breathing heavily, “Feels like heaven.”

The mature ebony woman giggled and kissed my lips again. Sand piled up on our skin as we rolled on the ground, keeping our kiss intact. My pussy was dripping, female fluids were accumulated there. We had been kissing for about twenty minutes now, and still escort balgat Nyree was showing no signs of any fatigue. She was literally eating me, my entire face was licked and sucked by her.

She then came down to my boobs, they were quite smaller as compared to Nyree’s. She held my entire left breast with one hand as she circled her lips around my right one. A few of her teeth then sank into my tits and my body arched in painful pleasure. She started to put more bite marks on my right breast while pressing the left one continuously. I was squeaking and moaning with my hands pressing Nyree’s head to get more of her. She continued her ‘love assault’ on both my boobs, making them red with bite marks and wet with her saliva.

The pain in my boobs was nothing compared to the pleasure I felt, my pussy was wet like never before. So, as soon as Nyree lay on her back, I dived into the black beauty of her body. I started with her feet, kissing them, tasting the salty taste of the sea water on them. I slithered my tongue in between the black toe fingers, licking and sucking them. At a point I took in my mouth all five of them and sucked them to my heart’s content.

While kissing her foot I looked towards Nyree once. She had her head raised from the ground, looking at me. As our eyes met she nodded and smiled in approval, making me understand that I was doing good. I licked from the toe to the soles of the foot, my tongue covering every inch. I licked below the foot as well, making sure I had it fully covered too. The dark mature woman had now closed her eyes and enjoying every bit of my foot worship.

I slowly started to move up those long, sinewy legs, my lips brushing on the dark skin. Nyree’s pussy was awaiting my arrival as I kissed on her knees and then onto her thighs. The smell of her body was now a part of me, it seemed that it would be with me forever. As I kissed her thighs Nyree spread her legs, unhiding the pussy which looked dripping wet, absolutely buttery and creamy, ready to be devoured. A thick hairy bush only added to it’s beauty.

It was a signal for me to plunge into the dripping hairy pussy of the mature woman, a woman more than twice my age, a woman from another part of the world, whom I didn’t even know before this morning, but now within a few hours of our meeting I was licking her pussy. I was never a sex pervert as it may had seemed then, but I was truly out of my control for the first time in my life.

My tongue met with the pussy, it had a hot musky odour of dripping juices. The taste was wonderful, I felt I could spend an entirety between her legs. I licked from top to bottom, my tongue touching her clit and then coming down licking all the way through. I then moved my tongue in small circles tasting the tangy, salty juices and making Nyree moan loudly.

“Put some nose in it too baby, inhale my pussy aroma” Nyree murmured.

I was more than happy to do it. I wiggled my nose on the hairy cunt while my tongue had reached the tip of her asshole. Nyree turned me over and sat on my face and started to rub her pussy, enveloping my mouth and nose in the process. I licked her while she rode my face, moaning loudly as she played with her own boobs. Soon she had bent down on my pussy too, making it the famous sixty-nine position.

My hands cupped her ass cheeks as I licked on Nyree’s pussy, while her tongue pleasured my dripping cunt as well. The orgasm came upon both of us at the same time, as we squirted our juices into each other’s grasping mouths. It was almost an hour since we started our lovemaking and at the end of it the energy of our bodies had emptied. We couldn’t move an inch from there. Nyree rested her head on my thighs and slept, while I fell asleep with my face in between Nyree’s thighs.

It was late afternoon when I got up from the slumber, Nyree had already lit a fire and was preparing some food, maybe some fish. As I got up she smiled and said, “Hi there! You must be starving. Have some fish.”

I actually was really hungry, so I sat by her side and as she prepared the fish, I kissed her body. She giggled as my lips roaming on her body tickled her once or twice, and she said, “Come on baby, the fish is the food, not me!”

I too giggled and said, “You are the most delicious and sweet smelling food in the world.”

Both of us ate the fish, it wasn’t the best I ate, but definitely worthy of eating in this state of hunger. We then went to the spring to have some water, both of us taking the water in our palms and feeding the other. We then sat down by the fire, as darkness slowly embraced the island.

I asked, “Don’t you know where this island is located? I mean couldn’t you figure it out? And in these four months, didn’t a single ship sail this way?”

Nyree replied, “To answer all your questions in one word, is no. A few sea-planes had flown over this island once or twice, but none of them caught my attention, I had tried to signal them by burning firewood, or waving my clothes on a stick. escort batıkent Not a single ship sailed this way. I have no idea where this island is located in the world map, but my guess is that it’s a route every ship avoids. God knows, maybe the island is yet to be discovered.”

She then took me in her arms and said, “Don’t worry even if nobody finds us, I will take care of you. Nothing will happen to you when I am around.”

I smiled and kissed her lips. I said, “That was never my concern babe.”

Nyree smiled too and we got engaged in deep French kissing. Darkness had fully prevailed on the island as two naked bodies mingled near the fireplace kissing each other in passion.

Nyree broke the kiss after some time and while slowly caressing my boobs said, “I am sorry if I had hurt you then with my bites, I was actually so sex starved since I have been on the island, that I couldn’t control the fire in me.”

I held the ebony lady’s face in my palms and said, “Not at all, your bite marks are my trophy, which I am proud to carry. It only ignited more passion in me. Frankly speaking, I had been with a guy before, I am not a virgin, but never have I been so passionate about anyone like you. I want you, Nyree, only you.”

Our lips met again, we kissed in the gloomy light of the burning fire. Our tongues danced against each other, as the sounds of wet kisses filled our ears. Nyree lay on the ground with me on top and we continued to kiss each other madly.

I suddenly stopped the kiss and asked Nyree, “Do you still miss your girlfriend? I mean were you thinking of her when we first made love?”

Nyree laughed and said, “So are you being jealous now? No babe, all the love all the passion was for you and only you, despite our twenty-plus years age difference, I think you are the person destined for me. Destiny had brought us here, to meet in this abandoned island. I need you, Rachna, only you.”

Hearing those words I kissed her madly with more passion, with more fire and steam. Nyree enjoyed the touch of my lips on her body, she was moaning and arching her body. I really loved the fragrance of her body, the sweat in her body being the primary cause. As I kissed the dark skin of her arms, I slowly found my lips moving to her armpit.

The armpit was hairy, and the large amount of perspiration had made it wet and sticky. I kissed it once and then inhaled a deep breath on it, sniffing the sweat aroma. Nyree let out a sigh and said, “You are a turn on from sweat smell my love, I had understood it long before. My armpits are all yours, enjoy them.”

I put my mouth on the hairy drenched armpit of Nyree, tasting the salty sweat with my tongue. As I moved my tongue up and down on the damp patch of hair on the dark armpit, Nyree let out a moan. I stopped and sniffed the smell again and again, my head going crazy with every sniff. My tongue moved on the armpit while one of my hands was busy fondling the big black tits of Nyree. Nyree’s moans increased with every movement of my tongue, sideways, in circles and vertically.

I changed the arm and licked the other armpit too, making sure I gave it an equal amount of attention. Nyree took one of hands and placed it on her pussy, it was dripping wet. I started to suck on the armpit hair now, while two of my fingers found a way in and out of Nyree’s wet pussy. The double attack was too much for the ebony woman and she couldn’t handle it for long. Her pussy walls clenched and with a loud moan Nyree came, all her cum being on my fingers. I took out my mouth from her armpit and licked my fingers, tasting her tangy juices.

Nyree after catching her breath said, “That was awesome baby, you did splendidly well. I actually perspire too much, and I felt it would turn people off. But you seemed to love my sweaty smell.”

I smiled at her and said, “Yes I do, babe.”

Nyree hugged me as we rolled on the ground near the fireplace. Sounds of a few night birds chirping, the flowing water of the spring and the waves of the sea could be heard. As night fell upon us, we hugged to a tight embrace and fell asleep. I dreamt of more days with Nyree, more were sure to come.

Next morning as I woke up, I found Nyree awake already. Since no toothpaste was available so Nyree handed me a tree twig which, when used with saline water created a similar effect as a toothpaste and brush. The twig was similar to the Neem tree Indians have been using as a ‘Dantmanjan’ since ancient times. I washed my mouth with it.

After I was done I ran up to Nyree and kissed her. She kissed me back and said, “Your clothes have dried. Want them?”

I replied, “I guess I don’t really need them anymore.”

Nyree broke into a laughter and then said, “Ok. So what will my princess have for breakfast?”

I smiled and said, “Just you.”

I started to kiss her madly, running my lips on her beautiful black body, lips, cheeks, neck, cleavage, boobs and belly. Nyree pushed my head further down as she was enjoying my kisses. As I reached her pussy I started to lick it vigorously, sucking at her clit and making her moan. Nyree crossed her legs on me, her thighs clenching my cheeks and making it impossible for my head to move. My tongue went on a joyous ride on the ebony goddess’ pussy, lapping up everything she had to offer.

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