Private School

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“I think she is kind of cute.” The girl sat on the stone rail of the low brick border of the circular fountain which fronted the main entrance of Warren College for Girls.

She was wearing a light blue cotton dress with sandals. She sat there with her right leg pulled up, one foot on the rail, her arms wrapped around her leg. Her other foot dangled there a few inches off the ground. A glimpse of her panties available to anyone interested but it was an all-girl institution and modesty was the first moral gladly sacrificed by most students.

She was Chloe Hill and starting her sophomore year. Her hair was short, curly and light brown with blonde highlights. She was tall with an athletic build, not that she put any effort at all into sports and little more into exercise in general. She was gifted with very good inherited genes.

“Who?” The girl setting next to her was Carla Hicks, equally good looking and rich enough not to really care. “Show me.” She said. “Point her out.” She nudged Chloe in the side.

Chloe casino şirketleri pointed to a girl crossing the plaza heading toward the dorm building. As she walked away, she was showing off a highly practiced swish. Her skirt was much shorter than most students would wear to class and it was about four inches above her knees. “A nice ass I bet.”

“Sure looks like it.” Carla replied. A carillon somewhere on campus chimed. Not bad as class bells go. “Fuck.” Carla said as she jumped up, gathering her books. “My next class is on the other side of the campus, got to run.”

Chloe watched Carla disappear and stood up. She looked around, shrugged and headed for art class.

When she entered the classroom, Ms. Harper, the instructor was already discussing the principals of tint vs. hue. She took her seat as Ms. Harper managed to continue her presentation and give Chloe a bit of a scowl at the same time.

The class managed to get interesting enough that Chloe was surprised when the bell rang and everyone scurried casino firmaları on to other places. Chloe was free next hour and was in no hurry to get anywhere. She watched as Ms. Harper straightened her desk. Finally she looked at Chloe and then turned and moved toward the door. “I’ll be in my office.” She said looking back at Chloe. She hesitated. “If you have any questions.” She left.

Chloe waited and then stood and went down the hall to the door labeled “Jane Harper — Art Department” She opened the door to see Jane setting at a small desk in a small room you could barely call an office.

She placed her books on a chair, turned and looked at Jane and slowly moved around the deck until she was standing beside her. She waited.

Jane finally pushed her chair back away from the desk. Chloe slowly moved between Jane with her back to the desk. She placed her hands on the top, either side of her and lifted. She slid up onto the top of the desk. She waited and Jane watched her. Chloe raised her right leg güvenilir casino and placed her foot on the arm of Jane’s chair. She eased her leg to the side knowing her panties were clearly visible to Jane. Jane was looking between Chloe’s legs. Chloe raised her left leg and placed her other foot on the other chair arm.

Jane was starting to squirm in her chair. Chloe used both hands to slowly slide her skirt up to her waist. She watched Jane. She ran the fingers of her right hand over her abdomen. She slid her fingers into the elastic around her leg. Jane could see Chloe’s fingers rubbing along her labia inside her panties.

Chloe smiled at Jane and held out her hand. Jane reached for it. “Come forward.” Chloe whispered. Jane obeyed. Chloe guided Jane’s fingers to her silk covered sex. When Jane’s fingers touched her pussy, Chloe lay back onto the desk easing her legs wide apart. “I have a class in thirty minutes.” She whispered.

Chloe felt Jane pull the crotch of her panties to the side. The air was cool on her sex. When Jane’s lips kissed the fleshy hood covering her clitoris, she sucked in air. She loved having her pussy eaten, especially when it was one of her instructors. Jane was not Chloe’s only lover. Chloe was quite friendly with many of them.

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