Pool Fun Ch. 01

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As a typical 19 year old masturbation played a big part of my life, especially if you’re a man and it is summer!

I was lucky enough that my parents lived in a nice house with a swimming pool in a quiet Sussex village. I was also lucky that pools are quite rare in the UK and I had no shortage of young ladies asking for a swim in it.

One day when the sun had agreed to shine, another rarity in the UK, I was bored kicking around the house when my mum told me that her friend’s daughter was coming round for a swim, I had seen Annie a couple of times and was impressed with her figure and more importantly her gymnastic abilities which were her passion. I have to admit that I had a few sneaky wanks thinking about her but was never going to act on these feelings as Annie was 15, however, she had recently turned 18 and was now legal!

I am a little awkward around people I don’t know well and I take a bit of time to get into my flow when chatting, but Annie was so friendly and wonderfully innocent that I felt comfortable as soon as she arrived; she gave me such a lovely smile I relaxed immediately.

I had forgotten what a gorgeous girl she was, short, probably no more than 5’2′ but with tits like her mum, huge! Not big and floppy huge but big and stand up huge. She had olive skin and looked Italian like her Dad. What was striking about her was her short hair, not quite short back and sides but it wouldn’t have looked out of place on a man. That said she was very pretty, perfect teeth and flawless skin.

After a quick chat with my mum she asked if she could have a swim and mum readily agreed but said that she was going shopping and that I would have to keep her company, music to my ears.

She walked into the garden and confidently slipped her jean shorts off and t shirt. I had to be careful not to comment as all I wanted to say was “fuck me what a body” so I said nothing and just marvelled at her form.

I knew Annie was single and had not had a boyfriend as mum had told me. What I did not expect was for her to be so naive about doing gymnastics on the side of the pool in a wet costume without me jumping on her! After diving in she resurfaced, got out and then started doing all kinds of gym moves in an effort to limber up? Christ I was stunned by her body. She was wearing a one piece light blue costume that looked like it was sprayed on and was clearly a size too small as was demonstrated by the gorgeous amount of side boob on view at the sides.

We swan for ten minutes up and down and under water whilst making small talk. She was so innocent and yet so flirty it was painful. I had been trying to find ways of making innocent contact with her but she beat me to it asking me to hold her legs as she attempted a handstand dive into the pool. I casino şirketleri had been packing a rock hard cock since she had arrived and was struggling to hide it in my wet shorts. She instructed me to grab her ankles and steady her while she held the handstand. I tried not to look to keen but I am sure I broke into a light jog to get there quicker!

As her legs went up and into the air I grabbed my first touch of this beautiful pair of legs. Her skin was like silk and as I looked at her from this close I could barely stop myself from just licking her. Her wet costume was hugging her perfect ass and I was transfixed at the crease disappearing between her legs, I wanted to be on the other side of her to check out her vagina hugging costume and see if the crack was on show.

She toppled forward into the water and I gave her the applause she wanted. When she got out I asked her about her gymnastics and was hoping she would put on a show, she was clearly keen to show off her skills and immediately started to do forward summersaults and back flicks. As she performed her last back flip I caught site of her bulging vagina and a lip had crept out of her costume. I nearly blew my load there and then. She mentioned that she struggles a little with the crab position which again set my heart racing, “give it a try” I stammered thinking that if she does this and does not put her flap back into her costume then she is definitely trying to tease the hell out of me. “OK, I will try but can you be ready to hold my waist and take the weight if it hurts?” Well as you can imagine I was in position before she had finished asking!

Annie lay down on the hot patio floor and immediately assumed the crab position pushing forward her pelvis and thrusting it out. If this hadn’t happened to me in real life I would never believe this story but it did, I was staring straight at the most inviting vagina mound I had ever seen. It was clear that she had a smallish patch of pubic hair but her labia were clear and visible through the stretched material. Her left lip was all but out but just not so much that she couldn’t pretend she hadn’t noticed. Fuck this virgin was messing with me and I was like a helpless child, drooling and unable to speak properly. She stood up and slipped a bit of escaping boob back into place and said “Why don’t you try” I laughed and said that gym was never my thing and I am hopeless at it.

“I will help you,” she said enthusiastically and got me to lie down. As I lay there in wet shorts with the sun beating down on us I noticed for the first time her look at my cock bulge and she was not very subtle either, she seemed to be staring at it for a few seconds as she must have noticed that it was clearly rock hard and twitching. She smiled a sneaky smile and casino firmaları then put her hand under my back ready to aid my less than agile back up into the arched crab. I was now embarrassed as my cock was sticking out like a flag pole and I was in no position to hide it.

“I’m so sorry” I stuttered as by now she was just plain staring at it. “It’s the weather,” I said feebly as if that was going to help.

“Don’t worry about it, I am feeling hot too,” She laughed and I dropped back down to the ground after failing to produce a moment of gymnastic brilliance.

“Let’s cool off in the pool” she said and we both dived into the cooling water although I knew it would take more than chilled H2o to reduce the pressure on my aching cock.

We swam and flirted for another ten to fifteen minutes and then she said she would have to go. I was destroyed, I was hoping for so much more.

I pointed to the house and said she could change in there and she waved me away saying “you won’t look will you” With that she turned her back to me and started to peel the top of her costume down drying her now unfettered boobs. “Wow, you’re not shy are you? I said in amazement. “It’s only a human body, I have never been shy about mine” “So I see” came my reply. “Do you know what affect you are having on me looking at your body?”

“I do, and I love it,” she replied.

“Then if you are changing in front of me, I am going to change in front of you,” As I said this she span round to watch my shorts lower and my cock spring out!

“You are feeling horny aren’t you?”

“Just what you have been doing to me all afternoon” I said as she then peeled the costume down her body revealing the sweetest little vagina I had ever seen, perfect little patch of manicured pubes and a neat but slightly swollen pair of lips. “I’m sorry she said but I have always fancied you. I was so happy to hear that and I replied that the feeling was mutual but that I assumed she was innocent and would never have tried it on.

“I am a virgin, does it show,” she said almost apologetically. “Not at all darling, innocence is lovely,” i replied.

“I didn’t say I was innocent did I? I am a bad girl who craves naughty experiences but I just don’t want to have full sex yet, is that weird?”

“Not at all Annie, it’s good that you know what you want,” I said genuinely.

I asked her if I could feel her bobs and told her that I was inexperienced with girls to which she replied that I could if wanted but no intercourse. I walked over to her as she stood naked in my garden, small droplets of water rapidly drying on her skin and I cupped her right breast, kneading it and then rolling her dark brown nipple.

“You can touch me if you want” I said hopefully. She needed no güvenilir casino more encouragement and reached out and held my solid cock awkwardly in her hesitant hand. I told her that it was ok for her to touch ne as much as she wants and she said she had never touched one before. I was flattered to be her first and was almost ready to cum, had she been experienced she would have milked me dry by now.

I continued caressing her magnificent boobs and could tell she was excited.

“Can I have a look at your pussy” I asked and she immediately parted her legs a little so I could see more clearly. The thin jet black curls sitting above what was now a puffy pair of pussy lips. Her clit was starting to swell from its private hiding place and then I asked if I could kiss it? Annie was turned on that much was obvious but she was scared too. She told me that the only experience of sex she had had up to this point was teasing men when she was out and about. She said she liked to give little flashes of her body to strangers but only when she was safe and there was no danger of being made to go further.

Today was different though, she had made up her mind to let me go so far as she trusted me. When I had asked if I could kiss her pussy she happily agreed. I started to run mu tongue up and slightly into her crack, which was by now very juicy and starting to leak tiny beads of cum. Annie kept throwing her head back and moaning loudly which only encouraged me further. I got her to lay down so I could do the job properly and as soon as she was down and spread I tongued her like a hungry animal. I was mad with desire more than I had ever been because I could see that her arousal was all a new and exciting experience for her. She was even talking dirty to me which really surprised me, “Lick me deeper, lick me harder” she was like a crazy woman.

I could tell that she was having orgasms like never before and I was in need of one too. I knelt between her legs and told her I was about to cum. She asked if she could watch it come out and I about burst with happiness. I asked her to play with herself as I wanked and within a matter of seconds I was shooting very powerful gobs of cum over her pussy and stomach. I must have hit her with five jets of cum and I was so enjoying her watching me with such an enthusiastic sexual interest.

I very quickly lose my erotic feelings once I have cum and now all I could see in front of me was a young woman who had just allowed me to ravish her intimate parts laying back panting and looking pleased with herself but I just kept imagining my mum walking into this scene. I quickly toweled her off and told her to dress as neither of us could deal with the parents finding out.

Annie could not stop smiling and even when she left she was almost dancing down the path. As she said goodbye she whispered to me that we will have to do this again soon. I said that soon couldn’t come quickly enough and I will show her some more things next time…

Next time was something else!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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