Pamper Spa Ch. 01

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Keri, Stephanie, Jamala, Adannna, Brianna and I decided to treat ourselves to an evening of beauty. We had signed up for the grand opening of Pleasure Garden. We had left the boys, our husbands, all at home watching the subway series. For baseball fans it is like the all-in-all, the reason for being.

Anyhow, we arrived at 7:30 pm just as the owner, Vera, was playing some New Age music, designed to soothe our weary bodies. Having husbands and careers can really take a toll on you. It is like you have TWO jobs, one in the office and one at home. Cooking, cleaning, managing the bills, food shopping, budgeting, not to mention laundry twice a week along with ironing. And let’s not forget picking up the dry cleaning, making household repairs, maintaining the lawn and garden as well as trying to keep a healthy and active sex life.

I’ve always wanted to know what the touch of a woman felt like and maybe tonight I would get a chance. Vera offered a full body NUDE massage session and us girls definitely wanted to try it. I imagined a woman’s touch would be gentle and soft. I feel my pussy already dripping in anticipation.

Vera has closed the Spa down for our session as we had reserved the Spa for the whole evening. She has us remove our clothes and lay on our backs on the towel lined massage tables that she has already prepared for us, in our individual massage rooms.

Vera explains that our own individual massage therapists will be placing sliced cucumbers over our closed eyes, to help soothe and relax them. Then the massage therapists will be drizzling our breasts with almond oil and massaging them as well.

My massage therapist has tiny smooth hands that she uses to massage my breasts casino şirketleri in a circular motion. When she is done she then massages my areolas and nipples with her fingers. I feel my nipples start to harden under her touch.

“Ooooh. I see you are wet.” she states, as I feel myself blush, furiously. I forgot that I was totally nakes and my therapist sees the evident moisture collected between my thighs.

“Do not worry. It is a natural reaction.” she says as she spreads my thighs and starts to rub my clit with her almond oil covered fingers.

“That feels so good. Don’t stop.” I tell her.

She continues to rub my clit and then she places her mouth on my neatly trimmed pussy mound and starts munching and rubbing her face on my mound.

“I like that too.” I reveal to her as I reach my hands down and guide her silken head with my hands so that she is licking my clit. She makes tiny circles with the tip of her tongue on my clit, bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

“Wait, not yet. Oscar is here.” she says.

“Oscar?” I ask incredulously.

“Yes, Oscar the make up artist. He will be giving you girls a make over.

Vera instructs us to get up and get dressed as Oscar is setting up in the next room with his make up kit.

I found myself wishing that Oscar would definitely hurry up as I wanted the female touch again to make me come.

In less than thirty minutes, Oscar had transformed all us girls from ordinary to spectacular with dramatic make up of smoky eyes, glittery faces, highly definted cheeks with contour and Bing Cherry Red lips.

After Oscar left, my massage therapist followed me back into the massage room, so I could retrieve my casino firmaları purse. She came over to me and she kissed my red lips.

She continued kissing me and this time she stuck her tongue into my mouth. I opened up wider and I entwined my tongue with hers. She tasted like a honeydew melon.

“Wow, you really turn me on.” I told her, surprising myself as the words came out of my mouth.

“You have a beautiful body and mouth.” she commented.

“When can we be together again?” I asked her.

“Tonight is fine by me.” she said.

“Oh. I’m married. My husband will be expecting me home.” I replied.

“O.k. I will come along. I’d love to watch your husband stick his cock in your lovely pussy.” she said, surprising me.

“Oh.” was all I said, as I felt myself blush once again.

“What’s the matter? Does your husband not LIKE the idea of two women together?” she asked me.

“No, it is not that. He totally loves that idea of two women together. I should let him know that I am bringing a guest home tonight.” I answered.

“Oh, I thought you had already been with a woman before, maybe one of your friends.” she commented.

“No. I want to be discrete about it. But I have thought about it a lot and even dreamed about it too.” I responded, honestly.

“Good. What are we waiting for. Let’s go then. she said.

“I just have to say good bye to my friends and thank them for going to the spa tonight. I will be back in a few minutes.” I told her while I went to see about my friends.

The girls looked absolutely fabulous with their dramatic make overs. No one was bothered that they had their breasts massaged with oil and that they were naked. The güvenilir casino girls seem relaxed and ready to go back home for the evening. I promised to call each one of them next week to plan another evening out.

I returned back to the therapist and I asked her for her name. I mean since we were intimate I should know her name.

“Chynna.” she replied.

“Hi, Chynna. I’m Kylie.” I responded as I extended my hand out to her.

“Come here.” she said as she reached out for me, bringing my face close to hers as she once again kissed my freshly painted lips.

When she pulled away, I was breathless, both in anticipation of bringing her home with me and also with the realization that I could love both her AND my husband. That thought totally blew me away. I always thought I would HAVE to make a choice. But, I don’t have to. I’m bicurious and I can “explore” my other cravings for a woman’s touch.

I had called up my husband on my cellular phone when I got in my car and I explained that I was bringing a very sexy guest home with me.

Chynna seemed very pleased to meet my husband. I had explained to him earlier that I wanted to treat him to his favorite fantasy . . . me with another woman. Boy, was he enthused! He literally could not keep his hands off of me, kissing me deeply as he opened the door.

“Ummmm.” He said after he tasted Chynna’s honeydew flavor off my tongue.

“I want to see you stick your cock in her pussy.” Chynna said to Sven, my husband.

“Then I want to lick your cum out of her pussy after you cum in her.” Chynna continued.

Sven’s eyes got bigger and he started stripping the shirt off his back and unbuckling and unzipping his pants so fast, I thought I got whiplash watching him. He scooped me up so fast and carried me into the bedroom with Chynna in tow.

* * * * *

What a delicious beginning to some bisexual fun. More in store for Kylie, Sven and Chynna in part II.

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