On The Rebound Ch. 01

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If you haven’t read my stories before be warned, this is a love story that happens to have sex in it, rather than a quick hit wham bam thank you Ma’am! (Part 2 is a bit more spicy!)

As always, feedback gratefully received




‘I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get out of here, this place has really started to lose it’s appeal since Janet left’

‘I waited an hour for you to get ready, we’ve been here 20 minutes and now you want to leave?’

‘Yeah well, like I said since the bar changed hands it doesn’t seem the same.’

‘So where would you rather go? How about Jingles, or maybe that new place over on Church Street, I hear they’re selling cheap cocktails as an introductory offer.’

‘Nah, I think I’ll just go home.’

‘Do I at least have time to finish my drink?’

‘You don’t have to come with me you know, if you like this place so much you stay and enjoy yourself, I’m perfectly capable of entertaining myself you know!’

‘Jesus Debs, what’s got into you? You’ve been acting like a bear with a sore head for weeks, why won’t you talk to me about whatever it is babe?’

‘Oh for gods sake give it a rest, I’m sick of your whinging! I’m going home — ON MY OWN, you do what you like!’

And with that Kate watched her girlfriend down her gin and tonic, grab her jacket and head out of the door.

Kate and Debs had been together a little over 6 months but Kate was beginning to think they wouldn’t make it past the next 6 days.

She had agonised over what she’d said or done to prompt such a change, and whenever she thought about it she came to the same conclusions. Things had been good, no they had been better than good, up until about 2 weeks ago when Kate suggested that maybe they should move in together.

It was obvious from the start that Debs wasn’t keen, but she wouldn’t explain why, wouldn’t even discuss it. Hell, they spent all of their time together as it was, they rarely slept apart, it seemed silly for them both to be paying rent on poky little flats when they could pool their resources and get something much bigger while still reducing their combined spend.

Kate finished her drink and was about to leave the bar when she stopped.

‘fuck it! If Debs wants be an arsehole then let her, I’m also capable of looking after myself, and if I’m going to end up going home on my own then I might as well be drunk first!’

She headed back to the bar to get another drink, making small talk with a few of the people she knew along the way, but returned to her table alone where she sat sipping her drink and browsing through the local paper whilst trying to ignore her rising anger at the way Debs had acted toward her.

After a couple of minutes she got the feeling that she was being watched and looked up from her paper into the face of a girl sitting at the bar. It was obvious that she was watching her, although she couldn’t see her eyes through the dark sun glasses she was wearing.

She was tall and slim, with softly spiked short blonde hair and although she wasn’t exactly butch she was definitely tom-boy material; wearing a crisp white shirt, snug jeans and high top trainers she looked infinitely casual and comfortable and although Kate had never even spoken to her she couldn’t imagine her wearing anything more feminine. By god she looked fit though!

Kate smiled at her and returned to the paper but was soon interrupted by someone pulling a stool out from underneath the table and sitting down.

Once again she looked up from her paper into the same face, but this time the glasses were gone and she was staring straight into a pair of cobalt blue eyes that looked like ice on fire.

‘Do you mind?’ she asked, pushing a drink across the table toward Kate ‘I asked at the bar, they told me what you were drinking. I thought you might need another since I couldn’t help noticing that Debbie just walked out on you.’

Kate started to deny anything of the sort but stopped herself with a sigh. ‘Yeah, I think we may be about to break up, although she didn’t actually have the decency to say so.’

‘Yeah well, you’re not the first and I don’t suppose you’ll be the last’ she stated in a matter of fact manner that hinted at first hand knowledge

‘How do you and Debs know each other?

‘We went out for a while just after we left school. She was Debbie back then rather than Debs, and I think I was just convenient because she didn’t know any other dykes. I wasn’t girly enough for her — she likes her girlfriends to be a bit more feminine than me — just like you in fact.’

Kate was very aware of this woman giving her the once over; from the tanned legs, soft feminine curves under her cotton dress and finishing with her carefully made up face and styled hair.

‘Sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, I’m Alex but my friends call me Lex.’

Kate introduced herself and took a sip of the drink she’d been given. ‘Jesus Lex, how much vodka is in that glass? Are you trying casino şirketleri to get me drunk or help me drown my sorrows?’ she laughed as she tried not to cough.

‘Debbie has a habit of leaving people a bit broken and bruised, I thought you might need some fortification. You seem ok though — not even upset.’

‘We haven’t even split up yet, I guess I’ll do my sobbing when it happens. You still seem pretty bitter considering you split up a long time ago, she must have hurt you badly?’

‘Could say. It was the way she did it more than the act itself. She set it up so that I walked in on her and some new tart while they were in bed together. Saved her the hassle of actually having to dump me and make explanations, it wasn’t a pretty scene.

She has a history of breaking up with people without actually dumping them outright. On one occasion she just changed her phone numbers and avoided the girl until she got the hint, I think she’s a coward who uses people.’

Kate stared into her glass, mulling this information over and thinking about Debs’ behaviour over the last 2 weeks. It was as if she’d been going out of her way to deliberately piss Kate off. Taking twice as long as normal to get ready, changing her mind all of the time, picking arguments about the most stupid of things, insisting on watching programmes on TV that she new Kate didn’t like, even cooking meals that she knew Kate wouldn’t enjoy. She’d even become selfish in bed, whereas in previous times they’d enjoyed a very giving and fulfilling sex life.

‘Lex, I think I’ve just had an epiphany, thank you. I think Debs has been trying to force me to finish our relationship to save her the hassle — what a fucking coward! If she’d had enough she could have had the balls to say something rather than put me through 2 weeks of hell; I thought she was just having a rough time so rather than walk out on her I tried everything I could to accommodate her — what a bitch!’

The pent up anger that Kate had been feeling for the last 2 weeks suddenly came flooding to the surface and it was all she could do to hold the tears back as she ran for the toilet. She sat in the cubicle sobbing as it finally dawned on her that her relationship with Debs was over, and that it had never meant as much to her as it had to Kate. Or had it?

Had Debs really been lying on all the occasions she’d told Kate she loved her?

Had she just been stringing her along or had she genuinely felt as Kate did?

Had Kate just frightened her off by suggesting a level of commitment Debs didn’t feel capable of, and if so should Kate try to gently win her back and help her to conquer her fears?

The level of Kate’s confusion was building to an impossible degree and making her head spin until she was brought out of her reverie by a gentle tapping on the cubicle door.

‘Kate? Are you ok? I’m sorry, I was trying to help, I didn’t mean to upset you.’

Kate exited the cubicle and silently walked to the mirrors to assess the damage. Her eyes were puffy and she had streaks of mascara running down her cheeks so she slowly and carefully washed all of her make up off, leaving her face looking bare, scrubbed and clean. Her skin looked like she felt — bare and bereft.

Lex stood behind her and touched her shoulder gently, looking enquiringly into her eyes in the mirror, trying to gauge her emotions.

‘I have my car outside, can I give you a lift home?’

‘I’m not sure I want to go home. I’m not sure of much right now. I know you’re trying to help me Lex but is there any chance you’re wrong?’

‘There’s always a chance but I doubt I’m wrong; Debbie’s relationships tend to follow a pattern that end in disaster as soon as they start to look vaguely serious.’

‘That figures then, I asked her if we should move in together.’

‘That would do it.’

‘Thank you Lex, I’m glad someone had the decency to be honest with me, I just wish it had been Debs.’

They returned to their table in the bar, sipping their drinks in silence as the rest of the punters loudly enjoyed their Friday night.

‘I can only guess how you’re feeling right now, and I don’t want to impose but I wasn’t planning on staying here much longer. I can offer you a ride home, or you’re welcome to come with me if you want? I have a friend who’s just started working in some new place in town, Dusters I think it’s called, and I promised I’d go in tonight and give him some moral support.’

Kate initially declined both offers, pleading the need for solitude, however by the time she’d finished the stiff vodka and orange that Lex had got her she was feeling more defiant again and decided to go with her to Dusters — after all, she wanted to try the new bar, she’d only be miserable sat at home on her own and she was determined NOT to phone Debs and ask for an explanation. If Debs wanted a boring Friday night in then she could have it, and Kate was going to show her she could have fun without her.

On the short casino firmaları drive into town Kate deftly reapplied her make up; both of them laughing when Lex hit a pothole causing Kate to apply blusher to her ear and as she parked the Jeep Lex turned to Kate and pressed a business card into her hand.

‘Kate — you’re too good for Debbie you know. We all are. She sucks us in and spits us out when she thinks she’s going to have to give something back. Sometimes it’s good to be able to talk to someone who’s been there; my contact details are on the card, if you ever need me just call. Who knows, something good may come of all this — we might end up good friends.’ And she leant forward and gave Kate a very small, friendly peck on the cheek before climbing out of the car.

Kate had misgivings as soon as she entered the bar. It was hot and noisy and crowded and everyone seemed to be shouting just to make themselves heard over the DJ but she resolved to stay for at least 1 drink.

She grabbed Lex’s hand as they fought their way to the bar to stop them getting separated and took some comfort from the feeling of Lex’s fingers curled around hers.

Lex waved a brief hello to her friend behind the bar but it was instantly obvious that they wouldn’t have time to talk as the bar was way too busy, so Kate bought them a pitcher of cocktail to share and they wandered out across the dance floor looking for somewhere to sit down.

‘You want to dance?’ yelled Lex over a pounding house tune that had the dance floor jumping.

‘Not really, but don’t let me stop you.’ She yelled back, watching as Lex eased her way onto the packed dance floor and started moving with an assured and unselfconscious rhythm.

Kate watched her as she danced, and although plenty of people of both sexes sidled up to her and tried to dance with her, she was obviously happier dancing on her own; ignoring their advances as though she didn’t realise they were happening.

As the tune reached it’s crescendo Lex threw her head back, a huge grin on her face and her eyes tightly closed as her body described the beat in perfect synchronicity. Kate couldn’t help noticing that Lex had an awesome body; tall and lean and muscular with breasts that may not be large but were perfectly formed and legs to die for.

Kate couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have those legs wrapped around her and got caught staring as the music changed and Lex weaved her way through the crowd to rejoin her.

‘My god, you dance amazingly! You’re incredible to watch!’ enthused Kate.

Lex blushed a little but accepted the compliment by tipping her glass toward Kate’s in a silent “cheers”.

‘I like dancing, it’s my way of expressing myself freely and shutting the real world out for a while. I’m pretty hot now though, I think there’s a terrace out the back do you want to go get some fresh air?’

As they worked their way through the writhing crowd of people enjoying their Friday night, Kate started to relax into the easy going atmosphere and chill out. She was glad she hadn’t gone home to sulk on her own and was pleased that she’d made a new friend — Lex seemed like someone worth knowing.

Soon enough the hot and heavy air in the club was replaced with the cooling night air and they found themselves stood in a lovely beer terrace, tastefully decorated with tall potted palms, comfy wicker furniture and soft lighting.

It was still early & most people were inside dancing, so they had no problem finding a sofa where they could sit and listen to the music which was more subdued outside.

‘So you go into a bar, rescue a damsel in distress, whisk her away from her troubles and dance like it’s your religion. Is this your usual Friday night routine?’ asked Kate as she topped their glasses up.

Lex laughed as she turned to Kate to reply, picking her glass up and swirling the ice with a long finger as she pondered her response.

‘No, I have to say that this isn’t my usual Friday night. If I’m honest I went out tonight on the pull cos I’ve also recently split up with someone and figured it was time to stop moping and get back into the game, but when I saw you and Debbie have your spat in the bar I figured I might be able to help.’

‘Oh crap! Why didn’t you say something, having me in tow must be cramping your style and can’t be helping your chances much. You do know that there were several people trying to dance with you, don’t you? One of them was gorgeous too!’

‘Yeah I know but I wasn’t interested. I’ve only seen one person tonight who took my fancy but I think she may need some time before I make my thoughts known to her.’

‘Well go and talk to her woman! Listen, I can scoot off any time, you’ve really helped me tonight and I have a lot to think about, so why don’t I leave you to it and you can go and get to know her better?

I would like to meet up with you again though, maybe I could buy you dinner as a thanks for rescuing me tonight and you güvenilir casino can tell me how it went?’

Lex couldn’t help laughing to herself at Kate’s naiveté. She had only noticed Debs and Kate having an argument because she’d been eying Kate up in the pub & was quite annoyed when Debs returned from the bar & she realised they were together.

Still, she didn’t think tonight was the best time to make a play for Kate, the poor girl was only just coming to terms with her break up and Lex had to acknowledge that she could be wrong about the situation. For all she knew Kate might be about to go home and have great make up sex and be off the market again, so she decided to play it safe for now and hold her thoughts in check.

‘I don’t think I’m up for playing the field tonight now, how about I give you a lift home before I drink too much to drive and you can give me a call about dinner?’

It was only a short drive back to Kate’s flat and the 2 girls stayed mainly silent as they wrestled with their own thoughts. Lex kept having to fight off an urge to ask Kate on a date, while Kate was trying to form a plan as to how she was going to confront Debs.

Soon enough they arrived at Kate’s address and much as Lex wanted to accept the invitation for coffee she bit her tongue and said goodnight with a friendly kiss on the cheek.

When Kate entered her flat she walked straight to the phone hoping to see the red light blinking but there were no messages. Her mobile had also remained silent and she was strangely unsure of what to do next.

Should she just accept Lex’s explanation for Debs’ behaviour, or should she fight for their relationship? Maybe Debs had issues with commitment for a reason that Kate could help her overcome?

In the end she changed into some comfy shorts and a t shirt, poured a glass of wine and picked up the phone. She was going to have to speak to her at some point, it might as well be now.

There was no answer from her mobile or home number so she resorted to sending her a text asking Debs to call her asap. When she’d had no response by midnight she resolved to go to bed and start a fresh the next morning. She slept surprisingly well and had curious dreams about being watched by brilliant blue eyes.

The next morning she was up bright and early and did something she knew would piss Debs off — she phoned her home number before 8am, knowing there was a phone next to the bed that would wake her.

The answerphone kicked in, so she left another brief message asking Debs to phone her and saying that she’d call by later if she hadn’t heard from her.

She didn’t leave it long and arrived at Debs’ flat just after 9am & on getting no answer she let herself in with her key, entering the flat with some trepidation after hearing how Lex and Debs had split.

She called out to announce her presence but got no response, so she wandered around the empty flat picking up the few items that were hers, noticing the unused bed along the way and the message light blinking on the phone from her call earlier, and let herself out again.

When she hadn’t heard anything from her by early afternoon she was actually starting to worry. What if she’d been run over when she left the pub last night, what if she’d taken a short cut across the park and been attacked, what if she’d gone to the cash point and been mugged, what if, what if, what if……….

Eventually she resolved to try one more approach before she started ringing hospitals and walked down the road to a public phone box and dialled Debs’ mobile, knowing that she couldn’t link the number to her.

She answered on the 3rd ring with a jaunty ‘hello?’, well, she wasn’t dead then!

‘Hi It’s me, I’m guessing you’re avoiding me?’ said Kate with more confidence than she felt.

‘Oh hi, sorry I ended up having a late one last night and forgot to turn my phone on. What’s up?’

‘I was wondering if you fancied going out for something to eat tonight, my treat?’ Debs had a voracious appetite for restaurant food and never passed up the chance of a free meal.

‘I don’t think tonight’s a good idea. I had Jen and Josh round last night and we were watching a film until 3am this morning, I haven’t been up long and the living room is full of popcorn and beer bottles, so I think I might just do some housework and have an early night’

Kate knew this to be a lie, but decided to push a little further.

‘Oh ok, do you need some help?’ She NEVER turned down help with housework!

‘NO! I mean really, it’s my mess why should you have to clean it up.’

‘Ok then, I’ll catch you later.’ And as Kate put the phone down she was overcome with wracking sobs as the enormity of the lies her girlfriend (former girlfriend?) had spun her sunk in. She been to the flat and it was as immaculate as when her & Debs had left the previous evening, and she knew for certain that she hadn’t just got out of bed — well, not her own bed anyway!

Kate trudged home dejectedly and sank into her couch as the sobbing subsided and she caught her breath. She fished around in her handbag for a tissue but came up with a business card instead.

“Alexandra Turner, Motorcycle Instructor & Examiner for the CBT, Full and Advanced Tests”

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