No Turning Back

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It was Christmas and my family was all together having a few drinks and telling stories. It was pretty standard, but last year was quite different. Too different…

Ever since i was young I had a fetish for everything nylon. Whether we are talking about stockings, fishnets, pantyhose, tights, bodysuits, or even leggings it doesnt matter, I simply can’t take my eyes off a beautiful woman in nylon. With that being said I was placed in a position where my love for the fabric got me in a strange situation…with my cousin.

I’m not blind to the fact that my cousin, Kira, is a beautiful woman. She was 22 years old and I was 27 at the time. She was petite with long skinny legs that had been toned up by her excessive use of heels. She is Hispanic with gorgeous tanned skin, long brown hair, and a face that could melt your heart with a smile. She is awesome…

Well last Christmas Kira and my other cousins came over for the family get together and to go to church and what not. Since I have never really been big on Church I never join them when they go out. Last year was different because Kira stayed at my aunts house with me. Which would seem like no big deal. However, when she arrived she wore tall zip up heels, a black and gold dress that fit her figure wonderfully and was cut a bit on the short side…like we’re talking mid thigh, and a pair of suntan pantyhose. Which was extremely rare. She looked like a star.

Throughout the night we had minor chit chat and a few drinks. After our family left we sat on the couch and watched some TV while having a few extra drinks and just kickin it like normal. I would shamefully glance at her legs as they were curled up on the couch.

It was difficult not to stare at such a marvel. I noticed she was still wearing her zip up heels and asked, “Why are you still wearing your heels? Take them off and relax dude.” It was a simple request that would eventually lead to much more.

“I don’t really know. I guess I’m just used to wearing them all the time. So I never really think to take them off until bed.” She replied glancing at her feet.

“They don’t hurt your feet? I would think your feet would be throbbing right now.”

“They are honestly, but if it bothers you so much have at it!” She said as she readjusted her position to where her feet were on my lap. Without much warning I was now playing out a scenario that I have had with many of my sexual encounters. First I remove şirinevler escort their shoes, followed by light toe sucking as I work my way up the leg. However, this was my cousin so I had to try and not be too weird about it.

Slowly unzipping her heels was torture. I could smell her hosed feet almost immediately and I began to feel more and more aroused. The scent of her hosiery filled my nostrils and it took everything I had to not start sucking them. So I did the next best thing…I started massaging them. “OoOoOoO that feels amazing! Keep going!”

“You have been wearing those heels all day so I’ll hook you up.” Kira gave no complaint so I continued to gently massage her small hosed feet. I realized that her nails were painted a bright red that really complimented Kiras perfect skin and every now and then she would wiggle her toes or make an adjustment which would result in my now thick/growing cock to palpitate a bit. I was so afraid she would notice and then make me stop, but i guess she was more focused on either the TV or her phone.

After awhile of rubbing I scooted closer to her and began on her calves. This was such a stupidly obvious ploy by me to feel more of her nylon clad legs, but since she had no knowledge of my fetish she was oblivious to my actions. Plus we were cousins so there was no need to worry right? Not long after I worked on her calves, to her satisfaction, she stretched her legs out to where her thighs were laying on my lap. So i kept massaging her calves a bit, but then made my way up to her knee caps, then her thighs…

A few drinks in and her body began to…move. I kept massaging Kiras legs and her body was getting more and more…sensual? My hands were now placed near her upper thighs and her dress was barley covering her pelvis. I looked at her and she gave me a look which made me unsure of how to proceed. Our eyes stayed locked and I slowly moved my hand along the side of her thigh until it touched the beginning of her dress.

Kira gave no resistance, so i continued, and before I realized her dress was completely exposing a pair of black satin panties underneath. Her breathing grew heavy and our eyes were still locked as we both felt each other sway our hips back and forth. I leaned over slowly and tried to kiss her, but she pulled away, so i did too. However, our hips began to grind together and she let out a slight moan. My cock was now throbbing şişli escort at full mast as I pressed into her small plump bottom. Suddenly, she began to moan more frequently and I felt her hand touch my shoulder as her other hand gripped her dress, pulling it up for me. Now she had me staring at ALL of her. I took my time examining how she looked in her hosiery. I stroked my hand across her pelvis as if I needed to ensure that the fabric was actually there. Her stomach began to pulsate faster and faster each time I made a pass with my hand across her nylon covered panties. It was fun watching Kiras body react to my touch. She was my cousin, which made it all the more fascinating to see her so…naked.

I teased her a bit more as I explored every damn thread on her legs. Then I leaned in to kiss her pelvis and caught the scent of her lust, radiating through the satin and nylon fabrics. Such a delicious scent forced me off the couch and to my knees, where I lifted both of her legs over my shoulders and buried my face into her crotch. Kira moaned as she rubbed her crotch all over my face. I was now covered in the juices that seeped through her undergarments and her scent lingered in my nostrils.

Finally, I picked her up from her laying position and sit her on my lap. We finally share a quick kiss, that was followed by her mounting me on the couch. Kira grinded on my erect cock through my pants, but she was extremely nervous and a bit shaky. So, I try to slow things down by kissing her neck and controlling the movement of her hips. She calmed down a bit as I place subtle kisses around her neck and collar bone. Picking her up, I positioned her in a doggy style position on the couch, quickly remove my pants, while leaving my knee high dress socks on. Positioning myself behind her makes her shake again. Feeling my throbbing cock pressing into her nylon ass made her a bit nervous, but I was already beyond thinking. Unzipping her dress revealed her dark skinned body.

I pressed myself against her and kissed her neck from behind while still making the presence of my cock known to her rear end. Kira moved her ass up and down my bare cock which gave me shiver and caused me to grip her waist and press into her with force. A light moan comes from her followed by her hands rolling down her pantyhose and black satin underwear revealing her purest form.

I took a moment to soak it all in as I watched her offer taksim escort her ass to me with her panties around her moist thighs. I thought about everything that led up to this point. From taking off a shoe to having my cousin begging for my cock while her pantyhose sit around her thighs. My cock is close enough to her pussy that i can feel the heat radiating from it and I’m stuck thinking about a damn shoe. I chuckled to myself and placed both hands on her hips. “No turning back now I guess.”

I push my steel into her as softly as I can. Easing my way inside inch by inch until my cock is fully encased in her tight pussy. We stayed there frozen in time as I felt her warmth and she feels my girth. Kira, leaned back for me to embrace her tight body. So I wrap my forearm across her small breasts while my other hand ventures down near her clit. We share kisses before I push her away and begin to pump steel into her.

Kiras small plump ass makes a wave every time thrusted into her, so naturally I grab her hips tighter and fuck her as hard and a loud as I can. Watching as her ass seems to bounce off my waist only to suck my cock back up. Her moans could be heard through out the entire house along with the sound of loud pops and smacks.

Kira, now soaking wet, begins to drip on her black panties and hosiery. I find this extremely arousing so I pull my cock out of her momentarily and had her stand up. I pushed her against the nearest wall and pulled her satin panties back up. My cock finds its way back inside of her as I took hold of her soft wet underwear and continue to thrust.

I remember seeing her calves flex every time I pumped my cock into her. So I watched this happen over and over again until the sensation of her moist panties, hosiery, and gate became too much for me to bare. So, I gave her several final thrusts before pulling out and using her black panties as a cum rag.

My climax, however, was far too much for the fabric to hold and it began dripping into her hosiery. It didn’t seem to bother her though, as she simply pulled up her hosiery over her cum filled panties. This gesture was amazing to watch and I couldn’t stop pressing my cock in between her ass cheeks. Unfortunately, we were running out of time to get cleaned up, so with a final smack on her wet bottom I sent her to the restroom.

Kira rinsed her undergarments and quickly threw them in the dryer while I was forced to wash her lovely scent off of my body and face. Once I was finished we sat back down on the couch and laughed. Her naked feet explored my body with more emphasis on my crouch. “That was crazy! What were we thinking?” She blushed. I only replied back with smile and one long final kiss.

Here’s to hoping for round two this year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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