Nightly Agenda

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As you open the front door for me I smile fiendishly and step over the threshold. I don’t even have to knock these days. You pour me a drink of water with ice before guiding me further into the room, with one hand on my buttock, towards the bed.

I drop my bag and kick off my shoes then turn and set the glass down on the desk. I walk over to you at the side of the bed and thread my arms around your waist; you lean over and kiss me deeply as your hand unhooks my bra through the t-shirt I’m wearing. You lift off my top with ease and slip my bra off my shoulders and toss it to the floor. You grab me by the hips and drive me back towards the very edge of the bed; forcefully you continue to throw me backwards onto the bed.

I shuffle backwards toward the pillow as you begin to stalk across the mattress until you bear down on me. I run my hands up underneath your shirt and pull it off over your head revealing the body that thrills me so. You tell me to go to my bag and show you what I’ve brought. Naturally it’s the standard kit; Handcuffs, rope, duct tape and lubricant. It’s your turn for condoms. I spot one resting on the bedside table and grin briefly. You secure one of my hands to the bed and start teasing me.

You lean over and begin to kiss me veraciously, sinking your tongue into my mouth, as I kiss you back I catch you bottom lip between my teeth and bite you playfully. You grin back at me and whisper mischievously, “We can’t have you with one hand still free.” You reach over to the other set of handcuffs and place it round my free wrist and fasten the other end onto the bed frame.

You kiss my lips, my cheek, my jaw, then down my neck and across my shoulder to my breast; You take my nipple into your mouth and bite gently into it, flicking your tongue over the hardening tip. At the same time you run your hand gently over my bare stomach to cup my other breast and lightly pinch at its nipple.

You continue a trail of kisses, down my navel to my trousers. You unbutton my jeans and tug them off me before running your hand up the inside of my leg anadolu yakası escort and part them roughly. Sitting on the bed you reach round to the ropes and holding me wide open you secure my legs firmly to each corner of the bed. I protest and struggle to your amusement, but you do know that I’m only playing up to get you hard. You then brush your lips on the inside of my thigh and run your fingertips lightly alongside your mouth; you then kiss gently up my thigh. That stops my struggles and my angry murmurs are replaced by a soft sigh.

Leaving your hand stroking my inner leg you bring your head up to level with my neck and softly kiss at my nape. Tenderly you trail your tongue along my neck until subtly you open your mouth wider and bite at my flesh. I can feel the excitement becoming stronger inside me, turning into a yearning ache; craving your touch. Alternately you bite and kiss at my neck as your hand on my leg gradually inch closer to my eager sex.

You begin to massage my clit through the ever dampening knickers that I’m still wearing. My attention is divided between the varying pleasure and pain at my neck and across my throat, and the growing bliss between my legs.

Unexpectedly you bite harder and viciously into my neck, I let out a little yelp followed quickly by a gasp of pleasure as you push aside my panties and drive two fingers deep into me. Rhythmically you proceed to plunge your fingers into me, occasionally curving into that recently discovered spot that forces quiet moans out of me. I’m not a noisy girl most of the time, but that one movement, almost as if your beckoning something, makes me gasp and utter all sorts of profanities. My hands strain against my bonds, I desperately want to touch you and run my hands over your body, through your hair and finish undressing you. Now you watch intently every tiny expression that flashes across my face and through my body as you continue fingering me in a rather enjoyable fashion.

I gaze up into your eyes and lift my head to yours; trying to kiss ataköy escort bayan you, each time you pull your head just out of reach and grin wickedly back at me. I look longingly up at you,

“Kiss me,” I beg. At this you suddenly push one last time into me, harder and further with your fingers then pull them away only to trace circles around my clit and the entrance to my pussy. “Please, let me kiss you,” I beg again. You shake your head, “Why not?” I plead,

“Because I love torturing you,” you beam, continuing to tease me, slowly lowering your head toward me and then pulling away abruptly, all the time with a glint in your eye. You pause momentarily as I gaze into your eyes, finally and to my relief you bring yourself closer to me and kiss me delicately. Soon you become more passionate and just as we reach the peak intensity you thrust your fingers deep into me once again causing me to moan into your kisses.

You bring me to the edge of climax before withdrawing from me and leaving me to pull against the handcuffs restricting me. I watch as you stand up and drop your trousers to the floor, I can see you swelling in your boxers; I tug again at my bonds, I feel the urge now to pull you on top of me, to have you fuck me.

You pull the last piece of my clothing off over my legs and throw it to the floor; you run your fingertips across my eyelids. “Keep them closed” you order, and I willingly obey. With anticipation I listen to the sound of you moving across the floor and over the bed. I feel the mattress dip as you kneel between my legs, and then again when you put your weight onto your wrist beside my waist. I feel the shock at the touch of ice coming into contact with my skin, as you trail it over my torso, across my breast, nipple, and toward my navel. You continue downward until finally you press it against my clit. Again I writhe against those handcuffs and gasp. You gently tease, replacing ice with your warm tongue, only to place the ice there again and again. I can’t take it anymore and ataşehir escort bayan I beg you to screw me. You answer me first by pushing the now melting ice into my pussy. I release a yelp as the cold bursts against my burning inner walls.

“Now, now. Patience is a virtue”, you’re turning away as you say that much hated phrase. Yes to many people patience is fantastic, not this woman. I’m pouting as you twist back round, complete with the duct tape in your hand. You cut a few strips off and carefully place them over my mouth, yes I can still breathe, and stand up admire your work. That’s it, I’m completely helpless and getting wetter under your gaze. The former ice-cube is dripping out of me, not helping me in my situation. Turning to the bag one last time you reach for the condom on the desk and prepare yourself. After lubing up you carefully insert yourself and allow me to become accustomed to the feeling, before you begin to thrust.

You continue thrusting into me, gradually getting deeper, harder, and faster. My eyes fly open as you suddenly stop, only to close again as you twitch and push against my walls with your penis. After teasing me for a while with that you start thrusting rapidly again. I can’t help myself but gasp and writhe in pleasure. You continue this stop start rhythm until now more than ever I want to free my hands; I twist and shake at the cuff around my left wrist. Eventually I open it enough to slip my hand out of it; I wrap my arm around your shoulders and pull you closer to me. You kiss the duct tape at my mouth, and I can taste the sour glue and plastic. I run my hand down your back and grab at your backside, then return my hand to stroke the small of your back. Every wave of pleasure sends me further into frenzy, without intention I dig my nails into your back. So sorry… I should have realised the sudden pain would have made you tip over the edge. I can feel the intensity building inside the both of us. You tighten and I gasp one last time as you release into the condom.

I feel muscles in my body spasm and the excitement in my body rolls into an orgasm. The feeling of you climaxing brings me to come soon after. Gently you tug the duct tape off my mouth and give me a soft kiss, before making a face at my sticky lips and smiling at me. I clutch at your hair with my free hand as you rest your head upon my breast; I can’t help but lean over and whisper into your ear,

“My turn now.”

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