Naughty Nurse

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Nadine pulls into the parking lot praying that she would not be late for work again. Even though she was a night-owl, she could not get accustomed to the night shift. She only decided to try it when the Director of Nursing asked her. It would not only be a less hectic, but she could spend more time with her family.

She looked at the schedule in her locker again to make sure she was working on the non-surgical floor again. When she walked off the elevator she met Evelyn the second shift nurse. “Looks like you got you a quiet night, Nadine, there are only 4 patients on the whole floor,” she said.

“Good, maybe I can direct my care to satisfying more than just bumps and bruises,” she thought to herself. When she worked days, she was always on the go and had to wear the regulation uniform and do everything according to a duty list or, Nurse Smith, her supervisor, would have her head on a silver platter.

Nadine wore her dress uniform tonight. The dress buttoned up the front and accentuated her long sexy legs underneath. She wore her lace bra and panty set with a half slip. She dressed this way when she felt like a sexy naughty nurse.

When she sat down to hear the previous shift report, her mind wondered to Bob in room 344, she licked her lips. “He’s such a handsome well-hung hunk that’s for sure, she whispered to herself.

Yesterday she could not take her eyes off him when she admitted him for observation. At age 55, his six foot two figure was still lean and muscular. The oval shape of his face, deep cleft in his angular chin, and piercing deep blue eyes, took her breath away. He had a flat almost non-existing buttocks, long slender legs, and a good eight inch long cock when soft, it would make any woman drool. Nurse Nadine felt halkalı escort her pussy get moist and her nipples become hard, she could imagined his cock slowly fucking her.

Nadine made her rounds, making sure everyone was comfortable; Bob’s room was the last one she would check. She planned to spend more time in his room doing more then just make him comfortable. “Hello, I will be your nurse again tonight. Why are you still awake, are you hurting?” She asked.

“I’m OK, it only hurts when I laugh,” Bob chuckled. He was running his fingers over the nasty bump on his head, hoping Nurse Nadine wouldn’t notice the bulge under the sheets.

She reached for his wrist gently palpating with her fingers to check his pulse, and placed a thermometer under his tongue. “Ok, I wont be long, I just need to take your vitals, then I’ll be on my way. I know you need your sleep,” she said.

Nadine did not say anything as she noticed the bugle under his sheet. She felt her breasts swell and her nipples harden, then bent over to listen to Bob‘s chest. She brushed her right breast against Bob’s chest on purpose. “Oops sorry, I hope I did not hurt you,” she said.

“Oh you didn’t. If you don’t mind me saying it, honey, you have beautiful breasts.” His hand casually brushed her left breast the electricity surged between them making then both jump. “Oh sorry nurse, I–I did not mean to do that!” he said.

“That’s Ok,” she relied, letting her eyes glare at the growing bulge under the sheets. In her mind she was running her hand down this shaft grasping his cock in her fingers. She wanted strip and straddle him so he could drive that cock deep inside her pussy.

She spoke softly, “The other patients are taksim escort asleep and it looks like you need my full attention Bob.

I will just have to check you over ompletely and see what’s wrong with you.” Nurse Nadine then walked over and locked the door and walked toward his bed with a seductive smile on her face.

Bob winked at her then stated, “Please nurse see what’s wrong with me, I need your help,please!” He pulled Nadine close, kissing her firmly on the lips as his free hand started to caress her body.

“Honey, unbutton your uniform. I want to see that beautiful body of yours, especially those delicious breasts.”

Nadine slowly unbuttoned her uniform, then removed her bra, slip and panties and let them fall slowly to the floor. She stood there slowly caressing her naked body, then whispered softly,

“Baby do you mean these breasts? Do you like what you see?” She ran her finger around her protruding nipples thru the lace bra then pinched them hard.

Bob gasped, then said, “Oh God, yes! Oh fuck, Nurse Nadine, you’re so sexy, you’re making my cock throb!”

Nadine walked over to the bed and pulled back the sheet and shivered. He was naked and his sexy body beckoned her. She leaned over and Bob ran his tongue over her nipples letting out a soft moan.

“Oooh Bob this nurse needs you. I want your cock deep inside me! Damn baby, we need to fuck!” She placed her fingers around his cock and stroked it slowly, “Shall I continue love, and I do not want to hurt you?”

“Oh don’t stop it! It feels so fucking good,” he told her. He kissed her passionately. His fingers moved slowly up her leg making her tingle with desire. He slid a finger deep in her pussy.

“Oh my God, I need you, şişli escort I want to shove my cock deep into your pussy, Oh baby can I–Please?” he added with a shaky voice.

“Oh yes,” Nadine whispered. She climbed onto the bed straddling his hard cock and guiding it gently into her pussy, “Fuck, oooh Damn, God, you’re huge! Yes, oh mmm yes,” she moaned, pushing downward on his cock. “Baby, oh yes, that’s the way, Ahhh just like that. Fuck me Bob–fuck me hard!”

Bob grabbed her hips and thrust his cock deep into her pussy feeling his head hit bottom, “Oh Nurse Nadine, I need your help, make me cum!” He ran his finger around her clit then rubbed it hard as she rocked back and forth on his cock.

“Oooooh baby I love the way you fuck! Ride me hard–Ahhh yes like that baby, oooh dam I am going to cum soon!” he uttered.

Nadine rode his cock with slow deliberate motions then began to shake on the verge of climax.

“Pinch my clit Bob,” she uttered, holding back the urge to yell, “Fuck me!”

Bob did as she commanded feeling her vaginal muscles milk his throbbing cock. He grabbed her hips harder and thrust his cock deep inside her pussy. “Oh fuck, can I cum inside you Nurse Nadine?” He asked.

“Bob, aaaaaah–yesssss–harder–oh fuck, I am going to cum, oh baby–I am ccumminnnggg! “Bob, fill me with your sweet cum, come on baby–cum for me! “

Bob could not hold back, holding her firmly on his cock, hoping the other patients would not hear him yell, “Yesssssss–ahhhhhh–Nurse—I am cumming,” his cum exploding with such force it made him lose his breath and nearly pass out.

Nurse Nadine leaned forward and kissed him passionately. “Feel better now Bob?” she whispered. All he could do was nod yes, with a huge satisfied smile on his face. She quietly dressed, blew him a kiss and walked from his room towards the nursing station.

Nadine left the room feeling that the naughty nurse had been satisfied and her patient Bob would now sleep through the night, thanks to her good Bed-side care.

“The End”

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