My Sister, Kelly Ch. 05

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Anna Bell

Kelly felt her sister’s hot breath as Janice’s mouth descended on her cunt. She had always loved Janice’s lips and tongue giving her pleasure, but with John watching, the pleasure seemed to increase exponentially. She gasped and reached for his hand as Janice swiped her tongue from her perineum up through the crease of her pussy to her clitoris.

John’s fingers entwined hers, and Kelly studied him carefully as he gazed at Janice’s mouth working its magic on her pussy. He’s so handsome, she thought, and his body thrills me. A deep, nearly hairless chest, broad shoulders, small waist and a six-pack for a belly. And what a cock! Janice is simply going to love it! She watched him smile, a slightly crooked, boyish grin, and brush an errant lock of thick, dark-brown hair from his eyes. He swallowed nervously, and his sparkling eyes abruptly swung to hers. Lust and loved shined from them bathing her with near adoration. He bent and brushed his full lips with hers at the same instant Janice sucked her swollen clitoris into her mouth and lashed her tongue across the hard, excited nubbin. Kelly pulled her brother closer and the kiss became passionate. She reveled in the combined sensations of a tongue in her cunt and another in her mouth at the same time.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear when they broke the kiss, and his mouth moved slowly down across her neck, kissing and licking her hot skin, raising her perceived temperature even higher as he moved lower with each nip of his lips until his mouth pulled a nipple between his teeth and gently sucked. He pinched the other nipple with his fingers at the same moment Janice chose to insert a finger into her pussy, and a mini-orgasm struck her. She moved through it quickly, and Janice, familiar with her responses, continued without a pause to quickly build her excitement for an intense, more complex orgasm that would surely arrive later.

“I love you both,” Kelly said and gasped with joy. She reached and found her lover’s cock, surprised to find it fully erect. She stroked it as Janice licked and sucked and fingered her cunt.

“Fuck her, John,” Kelly entreated. “I’m dying to see you fuck her. She didn’t say so, but I’ve known she wanted your cock from the moment I described it for her. I want to see you push it into her, watch as it completely fills her loveable cunt.”

Janice lifted her head momentarily. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “Fuck me, Bro! Do me while I do our sister!”

Kelly watched as her brother moved around and knelt between her voluptuous sister’s legs. His hard cock stood tall and erect and waved as he moved. She found the sight so erotic it took her breath away for a second. She sucked in air as she watched him pull Janice’s hips up a little – she had been lying flat on her stomach while she licked Kelly’s pussy. Kelly couldn’t see the juncture of her sister’s cunt and her brother’s cock now, but deduced the view from the movement of his arms and torso. In her mind, she watched as John swiped the head of his cock through the crease of Janice’s wet pussy and swirled it around at the center to soak the head with her juices. He had used his the cock the same way the first time he had entered her, so she had a reference for her imagination. She wished she could see the shiny head of his cock, shiny with Janice’s juices, and decided it would be exciting to taste their combined liquids. She had so many wishes and wants, but she knew she only needed to be patient and all of them would be granted. The love of her life would make certain all of her wishes would come true, at least those he could do something about.

“The two of you are so beautiful together,” Kelly remarked as her heart beat faster. “I’m going to love watching the two people I love make love with each other.”

John set his cock at the opening of Janice’s cunt and gazed at Kelly. “Do you still want me to fuck her?” he asked softly.

Kelly gulped and croaked, “Yes.”

John pressed forward, and Kelly watched as his cock slowly disappeared into her sister’s pussy. Janice groaned into Kelly’s cunt; the sound vibrated over Kelly’s clit and pushed her arousal higher, but not as high as the sight of her lover’s long cock sliding out of sight into her other lover.

“Oh, God, Kelly,” Janice said lifting her mouth from Kelly’s pussy. “He’s so big! He’s filling me! Is he all the way inside me yet?”

Kelly raised her eyebrows, a silent question, and John shook his head.

“No, not quite,” Kelly responded. “Give her all you’ve got, John. She wants it all. Fill her up. Fuck her!”

John grabbed Janice’s hips and pulled her toward him as he thrust forward with force and grunted. Janice squealed with pleasure. Kelly sucked in air. In her mind, it was as if John had buried his long tool in her, not Janice.

“Now you’ve taken it all, Janice,” John stated and started to make short and slow but forceful thrusts. Kelly imagined his balls swinging with each thrust, striking her sister’s clitoris as his body slammed onto her thighs and round, pear-shaped ass. She knew Janice needed a lot of stimulation kağıthane escort to climax. She had complained to her before that a man’s cock inside her wasn’t usually enough to get her off. That’s one of the reasons Janice enjoyed sex with Kelly so much. Kelly always helped her achieve a lot of orgasms.

“Play with her clit while you fuck her, John,” Kelly said and watched as he reached under his sister with his hand. He’s in for a surprise, Kelly thought.

“Damn, Kelly,” John said. “She has the largest clit I’ve ever touched.”

“Yeah, I know. She’s fucked me with it. It’s like a baby cock. You have a big cock; she has a large clit; you’re made for each other.”

“And you have a large heart,” John said. “You’re made for love – and me.”

Kelly watched the muscles in her brother’s arm ripple as he rubbed Janice’s clit, and at the same time his strokes lengthened with each thrust.

“You have a tight, lively pussy, Janice,” John said between pants. “I love it. And, I love watching your tongue pleasuring Kelly.” He reached with his other hand to fondle one of Janice’s breasts, but without at least one hand on her hip, the rhythm he had established faltered. He returned his hand to her waist and soon reestablished the pace he wanted and Janice seemed to enjoy.

Janice’s lively tongue stabbed her sister’s cunt deeply, tasting its sweet nectar, but neglected her clitoris only momentarily. Again she shoved a long finger inside her sister as she sucked the nubbin and lashed it with her tongue. She added a second finger, and Kelly felt an orgasm building, creeping closer and closer to the edge. She loved the edge, and if she were alone with Kelly, she would try to stay on the precipice for as long as possible because the wait made her orgasms more intense. Janice sensed the pending climax and backed away from Kelly’s clitoris and licked first the outer lips and then the inner ones, finally sucking each of those in turn into her mouth.

“God, that’s sexy,” John said. “You’re right, Kelly. Our sister has a talented mouth.”

His strokes had lengthened, and he had quickened his pace. The muscles in his arm flexed so quickly they appeared to tremble. He must be lashing her clit with his fingers, Kelly thought. Janice moaned loudly, the sound reverberated off Kelly’s clit again, and Janice shoved her hips back to take as much of John’s long cock as possible. Janice started to pant into Kelly’s pussy, a sure sign she was approaching to a climax, and her shoulders and back had flushed to a rosy pink, another clue to the high state of her arousal. Kelly could only imagine the hue of her upper chest and neck and knew her sister’s climax was imminent. She looked up at John, and his face had turned into a concentrated grimace. He had quit thrusting and had started to pound his long, gorgeous shaft into his younger sister’s cunt. He no longer made love with her; he fucked her like an animal, grunting and almost violently throwing his cock at Janice’s cunt as fast and hard as he could.

“Fuck!” he shouted. “Fuck! I’m coming, Kelly! I’m coming, Janice! I’m coming!”

John’s plunging cock and his fingers at Janice’s clit took her over the edge, and her scream into Kelly’s cunt pushed Kelly into the abyss. Kelly grabbed her sister’s head and pulled her mouth tightly to her cunt. Janice’s tongue flattened against Kelly’s clit, and Kelly’s hips started to move hard and fast, plunging and reaching – concentrating on the sensations rolling through her body. Janice bit down on Kelly’s clit, creating additional tremors, and John’s fingers mashed Janice’s source of pleasure, which added contractions to Janice’s orgasm. Kelly screeched. Janice squealed, and John’s body stiffened as he roared, a grotesque sound, but fitting for the animal he had become. He forcefully pulled Janice’s hips to him as come blasted from the end of his cock into his sister’s convulsing cunt. He pulled back and rammed her again, and then again and again as each of his orgasmic contractions ejaculated semen deeply inside her. Kelly imagined the feel of John’s come jetting into her sister, soothing her battered cunt with its balm, and Kelly envied her momentarily, but she knew her turn would come soon that night. She knew Janice wanted to watch John fuck her as much as Kelly had wanted to see John fill Janice’s cunt with his massive organ. And afterwards when John couldn’t fuck for a while, Janice would go down on her again, lap John’s come from her pussy and relish every drop of his male liquor.

John collapsed first, falling to the side, and then Janice rolled away and crawled up to kiss and cuddle Kelly, who lay limply between the pair. The three of them shared tender touches, soft kisses and sweet words of love.

“My god, Kelly, to call John’s fucking ability passable is like calling the Titanic a row boat,” Janice commented after they had recovered a little.

“I knew you’d love his cock, Sis,” Kelly said.

“Will you teach me how to eat Kelly’s pussy like that?” John asked.

“I want to watch kartal escort you fuck Kelly,” Janice said.

“Give me a minute,” John begged.

“Do you want me to eat his come from your cunt while he recovers?” Kelly asked Janice.

“Oh, yes, please,” Janice replied.

The three of them made love late into the night. They tried various combinations, but many possibilities remained unexplored. The ladies never demonstrated a female sixty-nine. Maybe next time, Kelly thought. John fell asleep first, holding Kelly in his arms. Then Janice dropped off, and Kelly’s mind replayed the events of the day.

Had she been wise to bring Janice into her love affair with her brother? She knew she had loved the sex the three of them had just experienced. A tear rolled from her eye and down her cheek, but it was a happy tear. She felt so in love she wanted to shout it out to the world, but she loved her brother and her sister and such a proclamation would only bring grief to all of them. Deeply felt love, she knew, not only gave pleasure but also contained the potential for great pain, but when brother loved sister, when sister loved sister, the likelihood for pain expanded enormously.

She reached and brushed her lips across her sister’s soft cheek. “Goodnight, sweet sister, my first love.” She turned and kissed John’s closed eyes so softly he didn’t flinch. Then she kissed his adorable mouth, and whispered, “Goodnight, handsome brother, love of my life. No matter what happens I will always love you.” She sighed and relaxed and closed down her thoughts. Seconds later, she joined her lovers in tranquil, needed slumber.

John woke first the next morning. The three of them appeared so entwined, he didn’t’ know if he could extricate himself without waking them, but he had to try. He needed to pee, and his need was great. He glanced at the clock on the nightstand and groaned softly. 9:43 am. He didn’t know what time they had given up their bacchanalia, but it was in the wee hours – the reason they had all slept so late. He kissed Kelly’s forehead as he twisted from under her, and nibbled on one of Janice’s large nipples when he rolled over her without placing any weight on her sleeping body. He finally achieved his freedom and stood on wobbly legs. After urinating, he splashed water on his face and grinned at himself in the mirror.

I’ll surprise the ladies and prepare breakfast and serve it to them in bed, he thought as he brushed his teeth with the new toothbrush Kelly had given him yesterday morning. He rubbed his hand over the stubble on his face and debated whether to shower and shave first, but decided to at least start the coffee. Using Kelly’s hair brush he tried to put his crinkled hair in order, but had to wet it a little to gain any control at all.

Returning the to bedroom, he found his boxer shorts, slipped them on and padded toward the kitchen. He was happily humming an unnamed tune when he turned the corner into the kitchen and stopped so quickly his feet slipped on the floor.

His mother sat brooding at the kitchen table.

Sensing movement she turned her head toward him and anger flared in her tear-stained brown eyes. She stood and moved toward him.

John didn’t know what to do, what to say. Like yesterday, he felt like a fence post buried in the floor.

His mother didn’t speak, merely walked up to him, and slapped him with all the strength her small body could muster.

“You miserable, incestuous piece of shit!” she screamed and hit him again. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

She tried to hit him again, but John reached out and caught her hand, so she swung her other hand, catching him with her fingernails and raking his brow above his eye. “Piece of shit!” she screamed again and kicked out at him.

She had aimed the pointed toe of her shoe at his testicles, but John turned at the last second, and her foot slammed into his thigh. John grunted in pain and felt blood from his head wound sting his eyes. Her ferocious attack had surprised him. He had never seen his sweet, diminutive mother in a violent rage before. She acted like a dervish, and John decided his only defense would be retreat. He certainly had no urge to strike back.

As he turned to flee, Kelly came hurdling into the kitchen and pushed her mother, pushed her so hard the woman stumbled and fell awkwardly and unladylike onto the tiled floor. She cried out in pain, but rolled over and managed to pull herself back to her feet, rubbing her backside and then straightening her dress. Kelly stood naked between her mother and John like a tackle defending a quarterback.

“Back off, Mom. John won’t fight back, but I will.”

“Incestuous slut!”

“Yeah, you have me pegged, but John isn’t a piece of shit! He’s your son, your firstborn! Now get a fucking grip! Okay?”

“He’s no longer my son! I won’t have a son who fucks his sisters!”

“Fine, if that’s how you want it, but violence isn’t the answer. Sit down!”

Tears welled in the older woman’s eyes, and küçükçekmece escort she slumped back onto the chair she had occupied when John had entered the kitchen. John wanted to go to her and hold her, tell her everything would be all right, but knew if he tried to touch her she would attack again.

Kelly turned to him. “You’re bleeding!”

“I’m fine. She caught me with a fingernail.”

“Are you happy now, Mom? Have you drawn enough blood?”

“I’m sorry. I lost control,” Mother murmured, staring at the tabletop, refusing to look at either Kelly or John. John recognized all the fight had gone out of the woman. She sat sullen and dejected, without the energy to launch another attack.

Janice stood in the doorway wearing one of Kelly’s robes.

“Help John stop the bleeding, Janice. Put a Band-Aid or something on the cut. I’ll stay with Mother. Let me have the robe you’re wearing.”

Janice nodded, stripped off the robe and handed it to her sister. Naked, she took John’s arm and led him away. He limped.

“What’s wrong with your leg?” Janice asked after they were out of their mother’s sight.

“She kicked me.” Unaccountably, he chuckled. “I didn’t know Mom had that much violence in her.”

“Me, either. I guess the shit has hit the fan.”

“And according to Mom, I’m the piece of shit.”

“She’ll come around. I’ll bandage your cuts. We’ll get dressed, and the four of us will talk.”

“Three days ago, I led an uncomplicated life, loved by my parents, adored by my sisters, and competent in my chosen profession.” He chuckled again. “Of course, my job bored me; I was lonely, harbored a secret incestuous love for my sister, and spent my spare time collecting dirty pictures from the ‘net to use as jack off fodder. Then I discovered my secret love loved me, too, and it was as if my life had started afresh. I had never been so happy, and last night I experienced what most men can only dream about when I spent the night with the two most beautiful and sexy women I know. Also last night, because I was so fucking full of myself, I forgot to lock the doors and set the new alarm I insisted Kelly needed, thereby allowing my mother to waltz in this morning to check on her beloved daughters and promptly find them in bed with her son. To top it off, the gentle, tiny woman who raised me has a propensity for violence hitherto unrealized. Life’s a fucking kick, Sis.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Regardless, the shit has hit the fan.”

“Uh-huh. Big time.”

Ten minutes later, John and Janice joined Kelly and their mother in the kitchen. Kelly told them to sit. She had made coffee and poured a cup for each of them.

“Mother, would you like a cup of coffee, too?” Kelly asked.

“Yes, please.”

John wondered what the two women had talked about in his absence, so he asked, “What’s the situation? Have the two of you come to any conclusions?” He sipped the hot coffee, and his stomach rebelled against the acid in the coffee and created by the trauma and stress that morning.

“How’s your head,” his mother asked. “Did I hurt you seriously?”

“I’m fine, Mom.”

Her mouth twisted into a pseudo smile. “Too bad. I meant to maim you.”

Good, John thought. She has her sense of humor back. He laughed. “You damned near succeeded.”

“I refused to discuss anything with Mother until we could all sit down together,” Kelly announced and joined them at the table.

“We’re all present and accounted for,” John said. “Let’s talk.” He studied his mother briefly. Harriet Swain was forty-seven years young. Only twenty years old when she gave birth to John, she had maintained her youthful figure through the birth of three children. Her hair had turned gray before she was thirty, and a few years ago, she had stopped coloring it. Its natural color was stunning, and many believed an expensive salon had created the hue as well as the shiny, healthy look. The color complimented her olive complexion without aging her appearance. She had a soft feminine face, with laugh lines at her eyes, and a small mouth that smiled easily. John loved her and knew he was her favorite, although she tried mightily to never show it in the presence of her other children. Even after her violent attack, John wanted to hug her. Whenever he saw her, he had a compulsion to wrap her in his arms and hold her close. Usually, she wanted the same thing, but not this morning.

“Okay,” his mother said. “Let’s talk. What or who gave you the right to fuck your sisters?”

“Whoa! That’s like asking a man when he stopped beating his wife, Mom,” Janice said.

“No,” John said, “it’s a reasonable question, and its answer is the crutch of the matter. Kelly gave me the right to make love with her when she told me she was in love with me. That was the day before yesterday, Mom. I’ve been in love with her since I was a pup, and I found out a few days ago she felt the same way about me. For many years, neither of us did anything about how we felt because of the incest taboo, but…well, let’s just say we tossed the taboo out with the bath water and decided neither of us could ever be happy with anyone else. Janice told us yesterday morning that she knew Kelly and I had been in love with each other for a long time. She also mentioned you wouldn’t be surprised about how Kelly and I felt either. Was she wrong?”

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