My Life. Ch. 7…

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10 weeks later..

A lot had changed.

So I was still staying with Lyla. The plan was for me to move in with my mom, sister, and aunt over Christmas break, but that didn’t happen. I did go and visit for Christmas though, it was a decent trip. I finally got to talk to mom.. REALLY talk to mom.

We discussed US, however that makes it sound weird though. That makes it sound like we were in love or something, which we aren’t, we just share a… ‘hobby’. Lots of parents have hobbies with their kids; fishing, golf, RC Cars, stuff that they liked doing together. They’re things that brought them closer together and created a bond.. Ours was blow jobs. More appropriately, it was her giving me blow jobs. But it wasn’t just that, it was all manner of sexual education, making me a better lover for the various women in my life. And it worked for us, it definitely brought us closer together and it was something we liked doing, or at least we did.

Mom came out to the sofa one night, where I was sleeping while visiting at my aunt’s house. She woke me, told me to sit up, fished my prick out of the opening in my boxers, then sucked my cock like she was starving. It was perfect, the combination of mouth and hands moving in unison up and down my shaft was mine blowing. She had me cumming in her mouth in mere minutes, but after she sucked every drop out of me, she said that was the last one.

She was concerned about Lacy finding out, and how would she feel knowing that while her father had been raping her, in the next room her mother was blowing her brother! She would never understand, or forgive us. I knew my mom was right. Mom also blamed herself for what happened. She felt that she was distracted by the fun we were having, and didn’t see the signs that her husband was abusing their daughter. Or that if she had been more attentive to his needs then he wouldn’t have gone to Lacy. I told her that was a bunch of crap, she was riding the shit out of his cock every night, I could hear them! My dad was just a psycho who raped his daughter, and it was no one else’s fault.

Speaking of my father. The divorce is nearly complete. In lieu of alimony and child support, he signed over all his assets to my mom, which wasn’t anything huge. The house and his car, which were both paid off, as well as his 401k and savings, which totaled just over $600k. In return, we agreed not to make his situation worse by pressing for a harsher sentence, which paved the way for him to get a plea deal. He was able to get 2 years in prison with a possibility of parole after 9 months. Either way, we were never going to see him again, he was going to have a restraining order to stay away from us.

I asked my mom why she sent me to live with Lyla rather that come be with them here. She said it was a few reasons. She didn’t want to make me leave Danielle, whom I was still seeing. She also knew that I’d be getting my cock sucked regularly by Lyla, which I was, and since mom wasn’t going to do it anymore, she wanted me taken care of. She also wanted me there to be able to take care of the house, which just consisted of going over there every few weeks to check on the place and mow the yard. The good news for me was that this gave me the chance to go next door and have a quick fuck with Mariola and get granddaughter Kelly. How was I getting all the way over there you ask? My dad’s Chevy Tahoe, was now MY Chevy Tahoe.

Living with Lyla was ok I guess, it had its pluses and minuses. A plus was that Lyla is super hot, and she had replaced mom as my personal cock sucker.. A minus to that was that she had gone back to work, so I was only getting two blow jobs a day, in the morning and before bed. Another minus was her three kids, Shelby, Billy and Jacob.

Shelby was her daughter. She was a grade above me in school, and incredibly good looking like her mother. The problem was that she was a total bitch! Her bitchiness stemmed from a combination of being pretty, popular, and coming from an wealthy family. She even got a BMW when she turned 16.. Could she be any more of the ‘bitch’ stereotype?

Billy and Jacob were twins, fraternal, not identical. They were two grades below me, so about the same age as my sister. They could be funny, and They didn’t really mess with me because I was older and bigger, but they were already little douche bags. But They were handsome, athletic, popular, and the crap they thought was funny got old really quick. They even wore ‘Ed Hardy’ clothes already, I mean they were seriously douche bags!

Lyla was working again, she was a server at a nice restaurant and lounge. She went back to work mainly out of boredom, but I also think she was doing it to meet men. Apparently she had talked to the school district about going back to teaching, but the rumors of her fucking the students after she retired had made their way to the staff. So even though they couldn’t prove it, they weren’t going to take that chance. She threw a big fit and tried to fight it, even threatened to sue for defamation, but it was all a bluff, I mean what could she do? She really had screwed several male students after she left, many of them underage.

I was talking to my sister a lot now. It was mostly texting, which we did constantly. It was strange, because we never really talked or hung out that much before. She was younger and annoying, and I always wanted to be left alone (so I could jerk off in peace). But the events of the last year had matured us both I think. I was no longer so awkward and she definitely seemed more mature. We joked with each other, she said she only talked to me because she hadn’t made many new friends, and I told her that she was just better than hanging out with Lyla’s kids. I really just felt more protective of her now, and I liked to know how she was doing.

Danielle and I were still together, but living across town and going to different schools meant that we only got to see each other on the weekends. I spent all day on Saturdays with her. Partly because I missed her, and wanted to bang the shit out of her for the whole day. But it was also because Shelby and the twins were home all day on Saturdays. It was easier for us to have sex now that I had a car too. We even went over to my house one time, since it’s unoccupied at the moment, but Mariola came over and knocked on the door when she saw my truck in the driveway. It made things weird. When I answered the door she immediately started to ask why I hadn’t come over to her place to fuck her and Kelly, I had to cut her off because Danielle was nearby, so I decided not to use my place anymore. güvenilir bahis But the Tahoe was big enough for us to fool around in.

My sex life had really slowed down. This is obviously a relative term. I was still getting to cum in Lyla’s mouth every morning and night.. But I used to have my cock in my mom’s mouth 3 times a day, maybe 4 on weekends. I also used to tit Fuck Mariola about once a week; and while that has moved up to not only ass fucking her, but also banging her granddaughter Kelly, it’s now only happening once a month. And yes I was still getting a full day of fucking, with my girlfriend Danielle on Saturdays.. I used to Fuck her EVERY day after school. So yes it’s not that bad, but it’s not what I was used to.

This all changed one day. It was a Friday, and all day at school I was particularly horny. When I got out and went back to Lyla’s house I decided that I was going to go surprise Danielle. She lived almost an hour away, so we usually stuck to just Saturdays, but I wanted her. I had texted her and asked what she was going to do after school to make sure she didn’t have plans, she said that she was going to lay out in her backyard and get some sun. The weather had been really warm this week so she thought she’d do a little tanning. I figured that by the time I got there, we’d still have an hour until her patents got home.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Shelby asked me in her snooty tone.

“I’m going out.” I was walking to the front door.

“You’ll get into trouble, I’ll tell my mom that you went out without permission.” Lyla was actually a pretty tough parent. You couldn’t leave when she wasn’t home, Saturday was the only day she was ok with it, because she knew It was the only day I could go out.

“Of course you will.” I told her, “but I’ll take that chance. And I’ll be late so don’t wait up.” I said sarcastically, and walked out.

I pulled onto Danielle’s Street and parked. I didn’t want to park directly in front of the house and ruin the surprise. I walked up to her house and headed for the side gate. If She was in the backyard she would not hear me knocking. I went around back and to my disappointment, the law chairs were empty, I thought it would’ve been funny if I could’ve scared her. But I walked over the sliding glass door that led into her living room, it was open. I stepped up to it and froze.

You see, their couch has its back to the glass door, and I was looking at Danielle facing me. Her eyes were closed, and she was holding onto the back of the sofa bouncing up and down naked. I could see the back of a man’s head sticking up just past the back couch cushion that Danielle was holding on to. Whoever he was, he was sitting there while she rode him, bouncing up and down on his cock! I couldn’t believe she was cheating on me! I stood there in the open doorway, too shocked to move.

I just watched her. Her perky tits giggled with each bounce. She was breathing heavy, little squeaks escaping her each time she slammed back down. The man’s hands slid up her torso and cupped her breasts.

“Oh that’s it baby girl.” Said the man. Danielle looked down at him and opened her eyes.

“Ya daddy? Do like that? Do I fuck better than mom?” She said.

“Oh you know it!”

Holy crap! That was her stepdad?! She was cheating on me, and it was with her stepdad?! Danielle raised her head, her eyes still open and she locked on me standing right in front of her. Her eyes widened, her lips parted and she turned pale. She must’ve looked just like I did. We just stared at each other for what felt like hours. Her stepfather kept fucking her, unaware I was there. He held her by the waist, lifting and lowering her on to his dick.

“I’m gonna cum baby! Oh ya, I’m gonna cum in you baby girl!” He grunted out. She didn’t respond. “Oh God, aaaahhhh!”

I watched my beautiful girlfriend, my first love, as her stepfather blew his load inside her. Her eyes never broke contact with mine, even as they filled with tears. She never reacted to his orgasm, too shocked to notice perhaps. But as my eyes started to swell up I decided that it was time to go. There was nothing for me to do, this wasn’t rape, it was consensual, and this obviously wasn’t the first time. I just turned and walked away.

I sat in my car for several minutes, I could’ve stayed there for days and not noticed the difference. I didn’t know what else to do so I just went back to Lyla’s. The drive bask was one of those ones where you get home and park your car, then realize you have no memory of the drive. Your mind is busy, so your body goes into autopilot, doing familiar tasks and following familiar routes.

The scene just kept playing on a loop in my mind. Watching her riding her stepfather like that. I hated myself for thinking it, but I was jealous of him. Having a hot younger girl like Danielle living with him, letting him Fuck her whenever he wanted, then just acting like nothing happened and fucking her mother when she got home, without consequence.

I got out of the car and realized I had a boner… how fucked up is that shit!? I just saw my girlfriend fucking her stepdad, and it gave me wood!? Well this is bullshit, I was horny and wanted to get laid, and HE is the one who got to screw her!! I looked at my phone, I had 47 text messages from Danielle, just from the drive home. I didn’t even bother reading them, I just turned the phone off.

I went inside and walked upstairs towards the guest room I’ve been using. As I walked past Shelby’s room I heard a noise and stopped. It was the sound of slapping skin and grunting… It was the sound of sex. Shelby was popular, but single. She was dating the school quarterback (such a cliché) until he graduated last year and moved away, since then she’s been officially single, just went on dates here and there. So to my knowledge she wasn’t seeing anybody serious enough to bring them home to fuck and risk getting caught.

I was curious, but at the same time, I wasn’t the type to spy on someone… Then again, she was a bitch… and quite frankly, I didn’t care. I wasn’t being myself, I felt empty, like I was just moving without purpose… I was angry and she was going to be the girl I took it out on… this wasn’t going to be about spying to be a perv, I was going to blackmail her. I pulled out my phone and started recording and opened the door.

There on the bed was Shelby, on her hands and knees getting fucked from behind… but that’s not where it ended… standing at the foot of her bed, in front of her, holding her head was another guy stuffing his dick in Her türkçe bahis mouth. She was getting double stuffed by two men! My eyes shifted from her to the guys, I wondered if I would know them from school or something. I recognized them instantly but it took a second for me to process it… it was Billy and Jacob! I was witnessing the most stuck up bitch I knew, having a three way with her two younger brothers!

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!” I couldn’t hold back.

Billy and Jacob turned their heads and jumped back, yanking their dicks out of their respective holes. Shelby screamed and scrambled to cover herself with a sheet. The boys ran out of the room, squeezing past me to get out of the door, never making eye contact. They ran into their rooms.

“Adam!” Shelby started to talk.

“Shut up.” I said sharply.

The boys ran out of their rooms, now dressed, and sprinted down the stairs and out the front door.

“Adam, it’s not what it looks like!” She started up again.

“Really? Because it looks like you were playing a game of ‘golden gate bridge’ with your two younger brothers.”

“It just happened this once.”

“You know that’s a complete load of crap, nothing about that said ‘first time’, what would your mom and dad think?”

“No please, don’t tell them!”

“if you don’t want me to tell them, then here’s what’s going to happen… first you’re going to do is tell those two that its over, you’re not going to do ANYTHING with them as long as I’m still living here…”

“Yes of course!”

“I wasn’t finished…second, I find myself newly single, so from now on you are going to be my fuck-toy. If I want my dick sucked, you’ll get on your knees, if I want pussy, you’ll bend over, understand?”

“What?! No!?”

“Very well, I’ll talk to your mom when she gets home, and Monday at school, everyone will see this…” I pulled out my phone and played the video.

“Oh my God! You can’t!!”

“Then do we have a deal?” I stared at her as she thought a long while.

“Yes.” She conceded.

“Good, now stand up.” She stood up still holding the sheet around her. “Drop the sheet.” She did.

I just looked at her naked body. It was a younger version of Lyla. Her tits could’ve been fake too, they looked so perfect. And being a cheerleader had done wonders for her ass, it stuck out like a Kardashian’s. Danielle did have a great body, but she was tall and thin, whereas Shelby was shorter and curvier.

“Turn around and get on the bed, on your hands an knees… You know, the way you were while you brothers were fucking you.” I spit that line at her, really twisting the knife.

She did as she was told, she got on to her bed, on her hands and knees. Her feet were hanging off the side, her ass cheeks spread apart. I stepped directly behind her and undid my pants. I pulled them and my boxers down to my knees in one motion. My dick sprang up, a bit of precum oozed out. I grabbed her ass with my left hand, she flinched. I used my right hand to guide my cock to her pussy, then grabbed the other side of her ass and pulled her towards me, I sank into her.

She let out a gasp. There was no foreplay or anything, I immediately began fucking her full force. I looked down, watching my cock saw in and out of her. As I did, I noticed her butt hole puckering with each thrust. I was still cumming in Mariola’s ass when I went to check on the house about once a month, but as I watched Shelby’s I decided I wanted to cum in hers too.

I stopped fucking her and pulled my dick out. She turned back toward me, I told her to “turn back around, I’m not finished yet”. I took ahold of my dick again and aimed it at her ass hole.

“Wait, no, I’ve never done that!” She tried to interject, but I ignored her and shoved it inside. She screamed, and tried to pull away, but I held her hips tight.

“If at anytime you don’t fulfill your end of the arrangement, the deal is off!” I snapped at her and she settled down.

Normally I wouldn’t be this forceful, demanding or mean to a girl, but I was angry at Danielle, and Shelby was the one being punished for it.. It didn’t help that I didn’t like her much either. I began fucking her ass again. I would also have been happier with what was happening under normal circumstances, I mean Shelby really was a hottie, and I was taking her anal cherry, these are things that I would’ve appreciated more had I been in my right mind. But this wasn’t even about me enjoying what I was doing. This was pure hate-fucking.

I pounded her ass steadily for about 5 minutes before I came. I just grabbed her hips and thrust completely in, filling her bowels with sperm. When I was finished I popped my dick out and pulled my pants up. She just stayed in that position whimpering a bit.

“You should probably get cleaned up, your mom will be home soon, and you’ve had a lot of dicks in you today.” I threw one more insult at her. “And I don’t really want to see you anymore today, so why don’t you call a friend and ask to sleep over their tonight.” I said as I walked out.

I went into my room and undressed, wrapping a towel around me, I needed a shower. While I was in there I heard the front door open and close, Lyla must be home. I finished and went into my room to dress and unwind. I looked at my phone, almost 150 texts messages from Danielle. I scrolled through them..

“Adam text me back”
“I need to explain”
“You can’t tell anyone!”
“It was a one time thing, it was a mistake”
“I’m so sorry”
“You’re not going to tell anyone right?”

It just went on like that. I also had a text from Lacy.

“Hey, how was your day?”

I didn’t feel like answering, I just turned my phone off. I got dressed and walked downstairs to see about something to eat. Lyla was in the kitchen going through the mail.

“Hey you, how was your day?” She greeted me.

“Fine.” I really didn’t want to get into it right now.

“Well guess what? We have the place to ourselves tonight!” She told me excitedly “The boys called and asked if they could stay at a friend’s tonight” those little shits were afraid to come home in case I had told their mom what I saw, “and Shelby just left to stay at one of her friends, so its just us!”

“Oh cool” I pretended to be in a good mood.

“Here’s some money, I’m going to get cleaned up, why don’t you order a pizza and we’ll watch a movie?” She headed down the hall to her room.

I ordered a pizza, it arrived just as she was finished getting dressed. We ate and watched a funny movie. It made me laugh a little, but güvenilir bahis siteleri I wasn’t into it. When the movie ended, she turned to me.

“How about a blow job right here on the couch?” She asked playfully.

“Actually I’d rather fuck you.”

“Adam!” She scolded.

“Oh, sorry.” I just realized I said ‘fuck’, that was still a no-no even with her.

“Watch the language!” She paused a moment. “I thought you didn’t want to have sex with me because of your girlfriend?”

“That’s true.”

“So why the change?”

“Because I no longer have a girlfriend.” I said bluntly.

“Oh… I’m sorry.” She leaned over and gave me a hug, I hugged her back weakly. “Do you want to talk about it?” She offered.

“No, I want to fuck you.” She ignored my language this time.

She thought for a second, then without another word she got up and knelt in front of me. I just sat there quietly with my hands at my side while she unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. I wasn’t hard yet, but that didn’t stop her. She sucked on the head of cock, as I swelled up in her mouth.

She continued sucking my prick until I was fully hard, then stood up and walked out of the room. A couple minutes later she called out “well, are you coming?” I jumped to my feet and began walking towards her room, my dick still sticking out. As I walked down the hall to her room she yelled out, “you better be naked before you get in here.” I stopped and quickly stripped naked, leaving a trail of clothing down the hall.

I walked into her room, the lights were dimmed and a few candles were lit. There on the bed was Lyla, completely naked, on her hands and knees. I walked up behind her. Her ass was spread and her pussy was open for me. My cock lined up perfectly with her opening. I grabbed ahold of each upturned butt cheek and pulled her towards me. I inserted and withdrew my cock slowly a few times, coating it in her juices, sickening it up. Then I slammed into her. She shuddered with pleasure, throwing her head up, and groaned.

I then proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. I did her from behind for awhile, the same way I’d done her daughter earlier in the day. We changed positions several times, as we screwed all night..fucking, cumming, resting, then fucking some more. In the morning at the breakfast table, she insisted on giving me my morning BJ, in order to maintain our routine. I sat there completely naked, taking bites of bacon and toast as I watched the top of her head moving up and down in my lap. We got to have sex once more, this time she sat on the kitchen counter with her legs wrapped around me. We made sure we were dressed and presentable before her kids got home in the late morning.

The boys avoided me like the plague, and Shelby did a great job acting like nothing had happened. Lyla said that in addition to my two usual blow jobs, she would start fucking me whenever possible. But when she left to go to work that afternoon, I decided that I was going to go see Shelby again.

I walked into her room without knocking, she got upset at first, but grudgingly settled down when she saw it was me. She said that she had told her brothers that it was over and they agreed (as if they had a choice). She was sitting on her bed doing homework in a pair of boxer-type shorts and a tee shirt.

“Take off your clothes.” I told her.

“What, now? My brothers are home!”

“So? It’s nothing they haven’t seen before.” I could tell from her expression that one stung a little. She sat and thought for a moment, but ultimately stood and undressed. “Get on your knees.” I ordered, and once again she hesitated, but only for a second, before she knelt down.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my prick out through the opening. I was already hard, the power I felt was arousing. I didn’t have to tell her anything, she knew. Shelby gripped my shaft with both of her small hands and took the head into her mouth. It felt and looked great, but she was working quickly, trying to get it over with. I let her service me, thinking I would be done at any moment, but just before I felt I was at the point of no return, I stopped her and pulled her to her feet.

“Get on the bed… same as yesterday.” I ordered. She moved slowly. She crawled onto her bed and I stood behind her. I placed a hand on her ass and she flinched and tensed up. “… don’t worry, I’m not gonna put it in your ass again.” Her body relaxed a bit. “Sorry for that by the way…. I’m not that kind of guy… usually” I really did feel bad about it. I rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips and pulled her back towards me, I slid right in. She made a slight gasp, if I didn’t know any better I’d say she liked the way that felt. Actually, I was surprised how wet she was. I took a cheek in each hand and went at it, pulling her towards me with each thrust.

I stood behind her with my pants still on, slamming into her as she knelt on her bed. I built up a good rhythm, causing her bed to creak. We really wouldn’t be able to fuck like this when Lyla was home, who knows how she would react if she found out that I was fucking her AND her daughter. I saw a flash of movement to my left and turned my head. I had left the door half open, and Billy was peering around the corner. I looked him right in the eyes and slammed into Shelby extra hard. She let out a moan, Billy ran off, I heard his door slam shut. Shelby started breathing heavily.

“It’s ok to have an orgasm, you don’t have to hate this.” I know I came off sounding like a jerk, but I meant to sound nice.

She didn’t say anything, however she did start moving her body to meet my thrusts. She began moaning, and not a moment too soon, I felt my balls tense. She let out a load groan just as I made nearly the same exact sound. I continued thrusting as I sprayed cum inside her, I wanted to make sure she finished too. Her arms gave out on her and she let her upper body collapse onto the mattress, She was done. I stopped fucking and just stood there, enjoying the post – orgasm euphoria. I took my cock out of her once I felt it softening, and tucked it into my pants and zipped them up. She stayed how she was, head-down-ass-up on her bed, my cum began oozing out of her. I just walked out of the room, no words uttered, and closed the door behind me.

I really didn’t like change, I missed my sister, and I missed the way my life was before. Getting secret and amazing blow jobs from my mom several times a day, and fucking the first love of my life everyday after school. But staying with Lyla was beginning to turn around for me. Although I did miss Mariola and Kelly. Maybe I’ll go visit them next weekend and have a little grandmother-granddaughter tag team, I’m sure my front yard needs to be mowed anyways.

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