My First Time

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I worked with Michelle at Busch Gardens. She had a tomboy look. Short, brown hair. A tight little body and a perverse mind. She came from a weird family. I won’t go into much detail but years later she told me that she had a live-in girlfriend for three years. They broke up and the girl moved in with Michelle’s brother.

“Sloppy seconds!” She said laughing. When I told her she should’ve told me she liked pussy back then she asked me, “Well, does your wife mind if we fuck you together now?”

Michelle always told me that her sister was ac/dc. “Not me though! Never me! I don’t swing that way!”

Girls always had this impression of me that I was a prototypical church boy. I’d preach to them about their sins or some shit like that.

I’d always encourage girls to become more than some guy’s appendage. To study. Improve themselves, etc. I cared about them as people not as objects.

She came from New York where she and her sister had been strippers. In my mind I saw the truth: Michelle’s first lesbian experience was with her older sister. Which made me want to meet her sister!

We flirted at work but Michelle had a live-in boyfriend. And you know what? I was a jerk at that time and I didn’t give two shits. I wanted to fuck her and then see him picking her up for lunch and knowing, “Yeah, I nailed your woman!”

I had a dream that I was fucking Michelle in my shower. I told her about it in front of all the girls. Their eyes widened at my boldness. Michelle blushed and after I left the room she told the girls, “Fuck, I could use a good affair!”

What I loved about Michelle was that she was an easy whore. She had a tattoo of a teddy bear near her pubic area that she told me about one day outside the parking lot. She said, “Maybe I’ll show it to you real soon.”

“I’d love to see whatever you’d want to show me.” I said. And I meant it. She was dressed in a short cut shirt showing her stomach and belly rings. With tight jeans on. I kept imagining her bouncing on my cock.

I had a girlfriend at the time. Her name bursa escort was Christa. Actually, Christa was married and had another boyfriend. I hadn’t fucked Christa but she felt that she owned me. And at the office there was a game going on: Who can fuck Nick first?

Michelle loved knowing that Christa got mad at her bending over the passenger window and talking about her teddy bear.

“What the fuck did she want?” Christa asked.

“Oh nothing. You know how Michelle is.” I said.

“Yeah, she’s fucking lowlife whore.” Christa said.

“Fucking trailer trash.” She added.

I took Christa out that night. We made out and I felt her tits. But I stopped. Christa bothered me. She was so superior to everyone. Michelle was a trailer trash whore but she wasn’t married and cheating on both her husband and her boyfriend.

Christa was the greater whore but she was too intellectual to think that of herself.

I thought about Michelle. She had left her jacket in my car when I drove her to the video store to rent a film for the office party.

“Hey, you left your jacket in my car. If you want it you have to come over to my place.” I said.

She grinned. She knew what I meant. She asked me for directions.

That night I got a little drunk. I was excited. Every woman is a new experience and truth be told…I was a virgin!

I’d learned everything about fucking from porn. I was analytical. I didn’t want Michelle to know I was a virgin. I wanted to give her an experience she’d never forget.

After all, I was known in the office as the hottest guy who fucked any girl at any time. And in reality I was a guy who was intimidated by women and felt that my cock was too small. After all, it was only a little bit bigger than the porn guys and those guys were average.

Michelle came over that night wearing an 80s rocker girl outfit and smoking a cigarette. That made her hotter in my eyes. She was a girl used to fucking and enjoying it. She was experienced. Could I fool her?

I laid her on my bed and massaged bursa escort bayan her. It made her feel more comfortable. Then I told her I need to do the other side. She flipped over and since she had already taken her top off I got a look at her tits for the first time. They were small but had large, dark nipples on a girl who was ghost white! I pinched and sucked them. They were the first nipples I’d had in my mouth.

I made out with her and she pulled her jeans off without me saying a word. And there she was…the most beautiful sight a man can see…a totally naked girl on his bed with her legs open and waiting for him to fuck her.

I laid by her side and made out with her all the while rubbing her pussy and inserting a finger. She was really wet and her pussy was letting out the “FUCK ME NOW!” pheromones.

I’d always wanted to eat pussy. But I was a little scared. How about if she tasted bad? I didn’t want to offend her.

I kissed down her neck. Her skin smelled good. She moaned as I traveled down slowly. I kissed down her stomach and as I got closer to her pubic area I could already smell her. And she smelled so fucking good! I licked her pussy in a circle. I looked at it closely…hairy on top but shaved by the hole. I made out with her and was pleasantly surprised to find that she not only didn’t avoid my kiss…she hungrily wanted to taste her pussy off my lips!

I went back down and she got more comfortable. She raised her left leg up and closed her eyes. I made out with her pussy. When she came my tongue was inside her hole and I could taste the difference in her cum flavor.

Then she pulled my jeans off and got slapped by my cock. She told me that her boyfriend was half that size. (The next day she told me that she could barely walk!)

What an ego boost! To be told my dick was bigger than he boyfriends and then her pussy was sore for days.

I put my hands behind my head and watched as I got a blowjob for the first time ever. She licked my balls and then licked all the way up my shaft ending at the escort bursa head and flicking it. All the while making eye contact.

She sucked and stroked. She could only take in half but having a girl have my cock in her mouth was a dream come true for me! It was porn made real.

I 69’d her and was thrilled to see that pussy on my face. She flipped and while I was on top I thrusted so hard she gagged!

Then she got on top of me and rubbed her pussy lips on my shaft. I made her stop to get a condom. I was on my knees and she put the condom on then licked the tip. She said, “Now fuck me!” in a seductive hoarse voice. She was on her back with her legs spread wide waiting for me to eat her.

I got on top of her but was unsure whether she would put it in or I should just grab my cock and put it in her. She got tired of waiting and firmly grabbed it and directed it into her hole.

Wow…so tight! She grunted like being punched. I came right away but I’d be damned if I’d let her know. So I pounded her and my cock was so sensitive that it hurt like fuck. But my pride said no!

Quickly I got back to my pre-cum state and just nailed her like she was a fuck toy. I had her sitting on my cock as I grabbed her shoulders and slammed her down. She was petite and light so I could make her slam down hard on it. I;d watch as my cock would go in and out of her. She was yelling, “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh my God! Oh my fucking God!”

She was sweating and red and had the look of, “Holy shit he’s gonna kill me!” Which me being the ass that I can be thought, “Great! Breaking that pussy in half!!”

For two hours I fucked her until finally I came inside her. Or rather, inside the condom. I remember her flinching because I kept pulsing. But I also remember that she came so many times that my balls were soaked.

Michelle had been fucked before but it was for the other man’s pleasure. I fucked her for her pleasure knowing that the more I pleasured her the more I was pleasured. Guys don’t get that. A woman is there for you to enjoy all of her. The more you get her to cum the more you become her ideal man and hero. And the more she’ll be willing to let you do things to her that you could only dream of. Because they trust you. They know you aren’t just using them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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